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The Unladylike Lounge Podcast is a Globally Ranked Podcast that has seemingly reached overnight success with over 2.1 Million downloads. Jumping from #194 to #7 on the Global Charts within 14 hours, and making it’s way to #2 within a matter of days, and #1 in under 1 year, it seems there is no stopping this raw, untamed, uncensored and for the most part, unedited podcast from dominating the podcast scene and consistently reaching an international audience spanning 45+ countries!


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The Unladylike Lounge Podcast is a Globally Ranked Podcast that has seemingly reached overnight success with over 2.1 Million downloads. Jumping from #194 to #7 on the Global Charts within 14 hours, and making it’s way to #2 within a matter of days, and #1 in under 1 year, it seems there is no stopping this raw, untamed, uncensored and for the most part, unedited podcast from dominating the podcast scene and consistently reaching an international audience spanning 45+ countries!




The Art of Seduction

Magda Kay is an intimacy expert, certified Tantra teacher, speaker, and author on a mission to help individuals around the world experience more love, pleasure, and intimacy. For almost a decade, her advice on relationship dynamics has helped countless singles and couples alike live more fulfilling and authentic lives in and outside of the bedroom. Magda embarked on a journey of sexual healing that led her to Bali, Nepal, India, and Thailand. She studied Tantra, conscious sexuality, yoga, bodywork, and energy healing, and today she helps to spread these vital Tantric teachings around the world. With a degree and background in business, Magda has a natural gift for translating esoteric concepts into practical, easy-to-understand ideas so that everyone can enjoy the fulfilling intimate life they deserve. Magda is the founder of the School of Intimacy, an online academy that teaches people essential skills for building happy, passionate relationships with others and themselves. This year, she published her first book, No more Faking It, a guide for women to living a more fulfilled life. She also works one-on-one with individual clients both online and in person. To keep up with Magda: To keep up with Auntie: Support the show


Amor De La Lucha

The inspiring biography of Rick Koenig. A person whose life journey has been filled with diverse experiences, challenges, and personal growth. Rick Koenig embarked on a remarkable journey at the early age of 4 when he began his martial arts training. Growing up in New Jersey, Rick had a unique upbringing, as their father owned pizzerias, where they actively participated in running and working. In later years, Rick transitioned into the world of security, working at nightclubs in both Philadelphia and New Jersey. During this time, Rick had the opportunity to cross paths with notable figures like Paul Wight II, and he also provided security for legendary individuals such as Mike Tyson and Dennis Rodman. However, life took a challenging turn as Rick found himself entangled in "mob connections," leading him down a troubling path that ultimately resulted in imprisonment alongside his father in the maximum-state security prisons of the Department of Corrections in New Jersy. Upon Rick's release, Rick exhibited resilience and determination by purchasing and owning MMA facilities while pursuing a career as a professional fighter in the late 1980's. In 2009, Rick decided to relocate to Branson, Missouri and he opened his own MMA school. In the world of martial arts, Rick played a significant role as they trained law enforcement personnel and even became a member of the 1% Biker's Club, showcasing his commitment to the craft. Life dealt Rick further challenges as he faced separation and the heart-wrenching disappearance of his oldest son for two years. Although his son was eventually found, his son's passing under suspicious circumstances cast a shadow of doubt and conspiracy theories. Rick courageously confronted his own struggles with alcohol addiction, triumphing over this formidable adversary. Today, Rick has transitioned into his full-time role at his gym, dedicating his energy to training others, serving as an inspiration, leader, and mentor. His journey is a testament to resilience, personal growth, and the unwavering pursuit of a better future. To keep up with Rick: To keep up with Auntie: Support the show


Sex, Drugs & Cancer: Living The Party Hard Life, At The End of Your Life

Newly published author of Cancer, Musical Theatre, & Other Chronic Illnesses, Edward is celebrating his 10 year cancer free anniversary of a rare, aggressive Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. You know what's not talked about in the cancer conversation? What happens to your life during and after treatment. Relationships, career, wants, needs... what happens to YOU. You can't go back, so you gotta forge forward; the ultimate transformation. Through his own personal story of insanity and indecencies, Edward talks about all things survival, and getting back on the horse - even if its a different horse. Among other things, Edward is an actor, a singer, songwriter, writer, and producer. To keep up with Edward: To keep up with Auntie: Support the show



At the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains sits the small farm towns of Rockwell, Sugar Loaf and Liledoun, North Carolina. A large family struggles to survive the chaotic nature of the family head: their mother, a blend of rage, disappointment, and religious command. Her husband follows sheepishly behind, a monster of his own kind. And then there’s young Jesse: unwanted from conception but kept as a pawn for her mother’s bidding. Her life is a tale of growing up with no one to count on but herself. A story of southern hills, a mother’s neglect, fireflies, kidnapping, birth, death, and the taste of sweet mulberries ripened by the sun. Jesse is a girl, hidden, who becomes a woman, discovered. To keep up with Jesse: To keep up with Auntie: Support the show


Out of Your Vulnerabilities Will Come Your Strength

"I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina; following my curiosity, I was encouraged to explore my abilities in different fields – from competitive sports to education and art-related practices. This allowed me a unique adaptability to combine different environments and faculties. However, I now wish to reveal a deeper narrative—the story beneath the surface. In our current capitalist world, we often experience stimuli on one side and battle with symptoms on the other. This hidden periphery became my obsession after years trapped in a cycle of repeating symptoms, like a never-ending nightmare. The root lay in the over-stimuli and with my inability to connect deeply with my inner self. I struggled to handle my emotions in a healthy way and got stuck in toxic and harmful patterns. Desperately, I looked for temporary relief by filling myself with poisons, attempting to numb the pain that haunted me. This turbulent phase initiated when I made the difficult decision to step away from my career as a professional field hockey player in Argentina. Field hockey had been my life's dedication since the young age of ten. Yet, after two years into my professional sports journey, I made a change to pursue education. This shift marked the start of my struggle –I suddenly found myself completely lost, without purpose, and with no passion for pursuing. I was trapped by an overwhelming emptiness. Consequently, I embarked on the wrong path of addictions and compulsions– seeking comfort in drugs, food, adrenaline, partying, sex– I desperately sought ways to fill the void and momentarily experience a sense of well-being. For years, I was simply filling, not truly feeling. I was incapable of processing emotions in a healthy way, and it all manifested in chaos around my life. Whenever I felt sad, I turned to binging on food, spiraling into an ongoing battle with eating disorders. Throughout these years, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, delving into mindset and personal development to pave my way toward health and longevity. Therapy was my initial step, but it wasn't until I discovered Coaching that I truly found peace within my body, mind, and spirit. I learned how to navigate this default, unhealthy world and decided to become a health navigator myself, assisting others in EMBRACING LIFESTYLE CHANGES FOR THEIR OVERALL WELL-BEING. My mission is to uncover the dysfunctions within the system and help others awaken, liberate themselves from the chains that bind them, embrace their authentic selves without judgment, connect with their vulnerability, and rewrite their life stories." To keep up with Roberta: To keep up with Auntie: Support the show


Reforming The American Healthcare System: What, How, Who & Why

With over 40 years of leadership roles and experience in improving health and health care, Greg Vigdor is uniquely positioned to offer up practical ideas for how America can fix its broken health care system. Greg has served in a variety of health leadership roles, including as President and CEO of both the Washington Health Foundation and the Arizona Hospital & Healthcare Association. Now, he is an author, sharing his insights about the system and how to change it for the better. He is doing this as the now volunteer President of the not-for-profit Washington Health Foundation and the author of The Irv Tinsley Health Policy Detective series. His recently released novel The Covid Murders received a Book Excellence Award for Medical Thrillers from Artisan Book Reviews and a Top New Release badge from Amazon. To keep up with Greg: To keep up with Auntie: Support the show


Men Are Human Too

I sit down with Nico Lagan to discuss gender roles, the yin and yang of masculine and feminine energy and the fact that empowering one gender doesn't mean diminishing the other. To keep up with Nico: To keep up with Auntie Cubana: Support the show


Saying NO to Narcissistic Abuse

Dana S Diaz stops by The Lounge to talk Narcissistic Abuse: What it means, the reality, the myth, the painful truths, and the scary what if's. We cover everything from the trendiness of terms such as narcissist, codependent, gaslighting, etc, to how and when is best to leave. If you or someone you know is potentially dealing with Narcissistic abuse, or any other forms of abuse, just know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND IT IS NEVER YOUR FAULT! To keep up with Dana: To keep up with Auntie Cubana: Support the show


I Don't Care What You Think! Wow...That sounds horrible

Marc Paisant is a Certified Personal Trainer and the creator/host of the Relatively Normal podcast. He is also the host of the podcast. In his show, he shares his experiences with ADHD, anxiety and depression. He shows that no one is alone and there is always someone willing to listen and assist when it comes to coping and managing all kinds of stress. He is an advocate for therapy and counseling and talks about his years of therapy that he has used to manage his mental health. As a former collegiate athlete, Marc uses physical fitness to assist with his mental health. He has learned that both can be combined and used to help work through any life issue. His goal is to inspire others to ask for help and to end the stigma when it comes to mental health and awareness. He drops by The Unladylike Lounge to discuss how a simple change in perception can make all the difference when it comes to mental health, and how not all mental health is negative! To keep up with Marc: To keep up with Auntie Cubana: Support the show


An Unladylike Guide to Healing with Theodora

Theodora Izzard drops by The Lounge to give an unladylike take on spiritual healing, growth, and energy clearing! To keep up with Theo: To keep up with Auntie Cubana and The Unladylike Lounge: Support the show


Love Language Linguistics with Paul Zolman

Paul Zolman stops by The Unladylike Lounge to diPascuss Paul Zolman stops by The Unladylike Lounge to discuss the Five Love Languages, how to give and receive them in a healthy manner and how he came to be the true Love Language Linguist! Role Of Love Dice (@roleoflovedice) • Instagram photos and videos Paul Zolman | Author (@paul_zolman) • Instagram photos and videos Role of Love Dice (@roleoflovedice) / X ( To Follow Auntie Cubana or to watch live episodes: Support the show


Not So Happy Holidays

When the holidays aren't so happy, festive or jolly. Maybe it's your first without that special someone. A friend, lover, parent or child. Maybe it's your first in a new space away from home. Whatever the circumstances may be, it's okay not to be okay this holiday season. It's okay not to be cheery and bright. Hell, it's okay to be a grinch. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Support the show


Rollin In The Deep

Q&A from the FANMILY inbox with Auntie Cubana. No questions to deep or too personal. RUN IT Support the show


Tailor Made With Taylor Jordan

Taylor Jordan, The Unladylike Lounge's newest co-host drops in to formally introduce himself by loungin in the very hot seat he will be interviewing guests in! Will he be able to take the heat? Tune in to find out! Support the show


The Unladylike Lounge Presents: DGE Ft. FGE

King Nikos, Queen B, and more of the DGE Crew drop by the Lounge to discuss all things Dingee Gvng & the Upcoming Montana of 300 Shows. Support the show


Sins of the Father

Some of you may know, most of you don't, I accidentally learned my father is in fact not my biological father, through AncestryDNA. In this episode, I sit down with Organic Vibes CEO Taylor Jordan, to discuss my journey thus far and where I plan to go from here. Tune in to find out how I've been dealing with the most shocking news of my entire life. Support the show



Musicians and makeup entrepreneur Skwynts and MVNDI drop by to discuss their latest video, upcoming projects and MVNDI's latest and greatest ventures in the makeup industry. When I tell yall, I am MINDBLOWN by her products...they are beyond pigmented, little to no fallout, INSANE colors you don't see anywhere else, cruelty free and vegan, won't break out your skin, and did I forget to mention her insane aloe based GLITTERS?!?!?! THEY DO NOT BUDGE?! If you haven't taken the time to WATCH this episode yet to see her swatch these amazing products...HURRY YOUR ASS ON OVER TO YOUTUBE AND CHECK IT OUT!!! I sure did just place my order!!! TikTok: Mvndimvkevp and badgalMvndi IG @mvndi_mvkevp. @badgalmvndi YouTube: skwynts & BadGalMVNDI SPOTIFY: MVNDI MVNDI Support the show


End Of Watch: Killed Off Duty

Susan Snow describes the horror of the day she received the news that her father, off duty LAPD officer was assassinated by a perpetrator he was testifying against. She dives into the lack of mental health care offered in the beginning of her grief process, and the PTSD that followed her witnessing the crime scene, and her path to forgiveness. Support the show


Reinvent With Intent

Therapist and women's coach Lauren Balterman drops by The Lounge to discuss mental health, self sabotage, imposter syndrome, eliminating perfectionism and the importance of self care. IG: LaurenNicoleBalterman FB: Support the show


Kiss & Tell

Breezy & D'arcy drop by to spill ALL the tea on their hookup horror stories, ridiculous romps, and wtf moments. Everything from suckin toes, to getting busy on stage at a bar! Support the show