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Everyday we are bombarded with stories in our newspapers, on television and on the radio that make it seem as though society is spiraling out of control. But just when everything in the world seems insane, Dr. Carole Lieberman creates a sanctuary for sanity. Call or log in to get help making sense of these turbulent times or just for advice from a soothing voice. “Dr. Carole’s Couch” broadcasts each Tuesday at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern) on the VoiceAmerica begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting Channel.


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Everyday we are bombarded with stories in our newspapers, on television and on the radio that make it seem as though society is spiraling out of control. But just when everything in the world seems insane, Dr. Carole Lieberman creates a sanctuary for sanity. Call or log in to get help making sense of these turbulent times or just for advice from a soothing voice. “Dr. Carole’s Couch” broadcasts each Tuesday at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern) on the VoiceAmerica begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting Channel.






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Why Do School Administrators Want to Kill Our Kids?

There is no question that schools are upside down these days - from what kids are being taught to why school administrators prefer to protect dangerous kids rather than their victims. This is happening in schools all over America. Today's guest, Jarred Weisfeld, tells you of his own personal experiences with his child's school - from how a classmate who brought a boxcutter to school (the same weapon the 9/11 hijackers used) was kept in class even after he assaulted a child --- to what happened when he offered to donate money to help fund a pilot program that would empower teachers to use an app to quickly summon police when there was an active shooter. Now what could be wrong with that? But, administrators said, No! and blamed it on Equity - whatever that is.... Mr. Weisfeld is the CEO of Objective Entertainment, a full-service literary agency, the President of Start Publishing, and the head of a publishing empire. His stellar credits also include TV, music, and film. Hear about how dangerous schools have become, and why the danger is increasing. Something has got to be done!


Times Up for President Biden! Impeach or Invoke 25th Amendment?

Most people of both parties agree - Biden has reached his 'sell by' date long ago! We must help him out of the White House before he gets us into World War III! Whether to impeach or invoke the 25the Amendment is the question. Today's guest, Bradlee Dean, is a nationally syndicated radio show host of Sons of Liberty Radio and a weekly columnist for WorldNet Daily and over 35 others. He will speak about the scandals that Hunter and Joe Biden are in, having taken millions - if not billions - from foreign countries, including our enemies -- and will answer the question: Does Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy have a legitimate impeachment case against President Joe Biden? Dr. Carole, a forensic psychiatrist who has been warning people about Biden's encroaching dementia since he first ran for president from his basement, will explain his cognitive issues and why they are so dangerous.



Each 9/11 Anniversary, some politicians try to make us forget what happened on September 11, 2001 - the worst terror attack on American soil. Although Ilhan Omar would like us to think of this date as, “Some people did something,” we had better know which people did what or we will be at an even greater risk of it happening again. The ‘people' were 19 Radical Islamist Al Qaeda terrorists, led by Osama bin Laden. The ‘something' was hijacking 4 planes that crashed into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and, thanks to brave passengers, into a Pennsylvania field instead of Washington, D.C. Today, Dr. Carole aka The Terrorist Therapist® will tell you about the dark forces trying to erase 9/11 from our memory. This year, the 22nd Anniversary of 9/11, the Obama/Biden White House has gone even further to try to erase 9/11 from our minds and our Anniversary commemorations - with slaps in the face of victims, heroes and all Americans. But wait, there's more.......


Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Climate Change? Hopefully Not YOU!

Everything gets blamed on climate change these days in an effort to create mass hysteria! This is because people don't know history - where climate change is just a natural thing that happens in cycles, and because there are those who have an agenda - where they benefit financially and politically from making us buy electric cars and sort our garbage. These are the people who are now turning to Public Schools to churn out a Generation of Greta Thunbergs to push their Radical Climate Agenda. Today's guest, Thea Shoemake, is very passionate about warning parents of what kids are learning in school. She's a homeschool advocate and founder of homeschoolreadyornot.com, a comprehensive online guide that helps shepherd parents through the new and unfamiliar adventure of homeschooling. Not only has she warned of CRT and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), she's now taking on the new subject that is beginning to invade our schools: climate justice!?! States like New Jersey, California, Connecticut, New York, and others, are advancing legislation to require climate change lessons in every K-12 subject – including foreign languages, math and physical education. This blatant attempt to cultivate an entire generation of Greta Thunbergs at a time when proficiency levels are abysmal should incite outrage among parents, teachers, and students. While climate change deserves some discussion in science classes, other important subjects should not be used as a vehicle to push a political agenda. According to the New Jersey Department of Education, all curricula must approach climate change and climate solutions from a climate justice perspective. What this looks like in practice is an unabashed indoctrination effort.


Lost in Trans Nation: Insanity Preying on Our Children

Today's guest, Miriam Grossmn, M.D.,author of Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist's Guide Out of the Madness, says, Throughout our country, atrocities are taking place in doctor’s offices and hospital operating rooms. Physically healthy children and adolescents are being permanently disfigured and sometimes sterilized. Those youth say they’re transgender, and we—their parents, teachers, therapists, and doctors—are supposed to agree with their self-diagnosis and take a back seat as they make the most consequential decision of their lives: to alter their bodies in order to, we are told, 'align' them with their minds. Medical, educational, and government authorities advise us to support the 'gender journeys' of still developing kids, including medical interventions with poor evidence of long-term improvement. This would not be acceptable in any other field of medicine. Indeed, the treatments our medical authorities and Washington call 'crucial' and 'life-saving' have been banned in progressive Sweden, Finland, and Britain. Dr. Miriam Grossman is a child and adolescent psychiatrist whose practice consists of trans-identified youth and their families. In Lost in Trans Nation, she implores parents to reject the advice of gender experts and politicians and trust their guts—their parental instincts—in the face of an onslaught of ideologically driven misinformation that steers them and their children toward risky decisions they may end up mourning for the rest of their lives.



Due to current events where the Democrats' narrative of Jan. 6 and any questioning of the validity of the 2020 election are being used as a weapon to put Trump and his supporters in jail... this episode is worth repeating. The events of January 6th, the 'trespassing' of the Capitol to protest a fraudulent election, has been the banner cry of Biden supporters and Trump haters - but they have been telling you LIES from the beginning - and continue to perpetuate these lies with the Congressional January 6th committee hearings. This is a desperate attempt to turn half the country against the other half, and to hide election fraud so that they can continue to perpetuate it at mid-terms and future elections. They are stealing democracy and freedom away from Americans! Fortunately, two bold men - today's guests - have created a film to tell the REAL story. It is shocking that this could happen in America, but you won't have any doubts once you see it. Meanwhile, you can hear what Director Chris Burgard and Producer Nick Searcy have to say, on this episode of Dr. Carole's Couch.


Did Democratic Party Vice-President Nominee Kamala Harris Sleep Her Way to the Top?

Kamala Harris wasn't really a household name throughout most of America until she was nominated by the Democratic Party for Vice-President. Yet it is especially important for everyone to get to know who she is because Joe Biden, the Democratic Party's Presidential nominee is not fit enough-mentally or physically-to last four years. This means whoever is VP would likely shoulder much of the responsibilities and take over at some point during the term. So, who is Kamala Harris? Today's guest, Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, PhD (aka Dr. Chaps), a former State Representative (R-CO) and author, takes us back to Kamala's earliest days in politics and how she traded sex for a political head start. Her first move was to have an extra-marital affair with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, who not only gave her two six-figure political appointments, but escorted her on his arm to hobnob at political events, introducing her to key figures who would later finance her political aspirations.


Not just Virginia's problem-coming to a school near you, too! Would you believe that an ad - banned by network television stations in Virginia - because it is unlawful to show such sexually explicit materials - is the current reading material provided to Virginia's students? Several local TV stations refused to air Independent Women’s Voice’s ad: “Worth 1,000 Words”, depicting sexually explicit materials available in VA public schools. Federal communications law prohibits televisions from showing adults such materials, even when the same materials have been available to kids in Virginia public schools. IWV accordingly created a modified version of its 30-second ad, which shows a blurred version of what kids see, to conform with that law. But today, stations again refused to air the ad, claiming it still is ostensibly not suitable for late night adult viewing. Today's guests, Kelsey Bolar and Julie Gunlock, are Senior Policy Analysts at Independent Women's Voice, an organization located in Washington, D.C. Both the first uncensored ad and the second with censored images may be viewed at ToxicSchools.org. Parents can also take action at the website and make their voices heard. Federal law prohibits TV stations from airing obscene, indecent or profane content, marketers must follow text message industry S.H.A.F.T regulations, and social media companies have similar rules in place that make it impossible to actually show the public the explicit content. Yet, when it comes to Virginia public school students, these protections are thrown out the window. In 2016, then-Governor McAuliffe vetoed a bill that would have allowed parents to block sexually explicit books in school, and in 2021 he stated that he didn’t think parents should have a say about what is imposed on their children.This is despite the specific protections Virginia law gives the rights of parents. Again, don't think this is only a problem for Virginia-it's coming to a school near you, too!


Will The REAL RFK Jr. Please Stand Up!

RFK Jr. is in the news more than ever these days, ever since he tossed his hat in the ring to become the Democrat’s nominee for President. It is looking ever more likely that Biden may not be the nominee - whether because of his encroaching dementia or because Hunter’s laptop opened a Pandora’s box of suspicion that the ‘Big Guy’ was in on taking bribes that put national security in jeopardy. RFK Jr. is an environmental attorney, politician, writer, and activist for what he believes is right. Fortunately, today’s guest, Dick Russell, has just released a blockbuster book, The Real RFK Jr.: Trials of a Truth Warrior. Bobby Kennedy is the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy and son of Robert F. Kennedy, a former U.S. attorney general and senator, both of whom were assassinated when he was young. But, he has courageously refused to let fear hold him back from speaking out about what he thinks is best for America, from the importance of protecting wildlife to the importance of stringent testing for vaccines. RFK Jr. has had his own demons to overcome, notably alcohol addiction, and he has come out of this struggle a better man and an inspiration. Dick Russell has also written a memoir entitled, My Mysterious Son: A Life-Changing Passage Between Schizophrenia and Shamanism. We discuss this personal and fascinating story, as well.



America is at a breaking point, but fortunately today’s guests can fix it - each in their own way. Richard Lyons, author of The DNA of Democracy and Shadows of the Acropolis, examines democracy from its historical roots to the modern day, constructing a blueprint of what defines tyranny or democracy. He documents the struggle for power between tyrants and heroes across time and place.


NO BOUNDARY-Not in Kansas Anymore-nor Norman Rockwell's America!

We're crossing boundaries and falling down the rabbit hole! We're lost in an existential. post-Covid19, post-lockdown society where nothing is as it seems! We've crossed too many boundaries: sex, gender, race, law, ethics, money, medicine, work, etc. - too many once held values have been trampled. Are we happier? Absolutely not! Norman Rockwell, the famous painter, whose paintings appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post for years, painted heartwarming scenes of families - at dinner, fishing, getting ice-cream, playing sports - all the traditional things we held dear. They gave us warmth and stability and now wonderful memories. But, the Obama-Biden White House took down the Rockwell paintings - a symbol of how they want to change America's fabric. They don't want us to remember those good times - they are trying to turn America into Orwell's 1984 - and will succeed if we don't stop them! Today, Dr. Carole looks at items in the news and points out how mind-bending they are in order to bring back some sanity.



Why are we sitting back and allowing our country to be dissed and destroyed by haters? Growing divisiveness in this country has never been as shockingly displayed as on this past July 4th weekend, when individuals and institutions - from NPR to NYT to PBS to National Geographic to a Congresswoman - trashed American symbols and America, itself! This was very demoralizing, depressing and distressing to the majority of Americans and to the troops watching and listening to the weekend festivities celebrating America’s Birthday. But, even worse is what it says about the boundless attack on traditional values. Dr. Carole describes examples of these attacks and what impact they are having on our nation. She also quotes excerpts from Aaron Lewis’ new song, “Am I The Only One,” which describes his despair and hope for America to be saved. (This is an encore show from from July 2021 and 2022.)



Do you believe love conquers all? When you hear today's guest, retired Air Force pilot Col. and former POW, Lee Ellis, talk about his book, Captured By Love, you will. As we near the 50th Anniversary of the End of the Vietnam War and return of the POWs, it is particularly poignant to hear these inspiring romance and love stories. POWs who returned from the Vietnam War, after years of incarceration and mistreatment in the infamous Hanoi Hilton prison system, you will be amazed at the power of love to provide hope and strength under unimaginable conditions. Captured by Love, provides a rare glimpse into the resilient and enduring love and romance that emerged from such a challenging and heartbreaking situation. Lee Ellis wrote this book to, not only show that love overcomes all, but to also honor the men and women who sacrifice for our nation. Early in his career, Lee served as an Air Force fighter pilot flying fifty-three combat missions over North Vietnam. In 1967, he was shot down and held as a POW for more than five years in Hanoi and surrounding camps. For his wartime service, he was awarded two Silver Stars, the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star with Valor device, the Purple Heart, and POW Medal. Lee resumed his Air Force career, serving in leadership roles of increasing responsibility including command of a flying squadron and leadership development organizations before retiring as a colonel.



Bryan Kohberger finally has a woman who isn't rejecting him. Indeed, Brittney Hislope declares that she is lovesick for him and sends him love letters and sexy photos. But, Bryan wasn't her first prison romance. Her first love was Cody Hall, in prison in Kentucky, after being convicted of a deadly 2017 shooting and machete attack. Brittney was just as lovesick for Cody as she now claims to be for Bryan. She sent Cody love letters and visited him until Cody realized that she was too over the top, even for a man facing 23 lonely years in prison. Today's guest, Donna Hubbard, Cody's mom, courageously steps forward to tell the true story of Brittney's obsession with her son. Donna wrote, My son was convicted of murder, something I’m not proud of, but it is what it is. She became obsessed with him. Showed up at his court hearings, went to the jail, put money on his books. He was gonna play her along for commissary, again not proud, but she showed up for a visit one day and told him she loved him more than she loved her own child. That was finally when my son said enough. She would not stop. I finally recorded a video of him telling her he wanted nothing to do with her because when I told her she said I was a liar. After watching the video, she claimed the jail and me made him record it. She definitely has mental health issues and extreme narcissism.” Donna is a strong mental health advocate and states that the system failed her son. If they hadn't let him fall through the cracks, he wouldn't be in prison today. Dr. Carole wrote an open-letter to Brittney, after being asked by Newsweek to address her obsession with Bryan Kohberger. Dr. Carole's bestselling award-winning book, Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live with Them and When to Leave Them, has a chapter on The Lethal Lover, which explains the phenomenon of women falling in love with men in prison.


Government Kidnapping Kids from Parents-Huxley's BRAVE NEW WORLD!

It isn't enough for Big Brother that some teachers - under orders from the Obama/Biden White House - are turning kids into any gender other than the one they were born as - behind their parents' back; now the government is enacting laws to punish parents for 'Misgendering Children'!?! Parents can't misgender kids - It's biology (and God) who determines their gender when they are in the womb! But, now they are wresting control away from parents even further by proposing an amendment to a bill that would brand parents who refuse to 'affirm' their child's gender as 'abusive' - and this could result in loss of custody. As a forensic psychiatrist/expert witness who has testified in countless custody and Child Protective Services cases, I have witnessed the government 'kidnapping' kids and putting them in foster care - which means they are now under government control! It's like Aldous Huxley's Brave New World! Fortunately, there are people like today's guest, Karen England, President/Executive Director of California-based Capitol Resource Institute, Founder and Director of Nevada Family Alliance and Capitol Resource Institute of Tennessee. These non-profit organizations were created to advocate for traditional family values. A recent poll shows a drastic revelation: 82% of respondents disagree with this statement: “A person loses their parental rights when a child enters public school.” Parents are meant to work in tandem with the school district. Public schools are certainly not meant to be a secret society for our youth to confide in and Californians agree, said Karen England, President of Capitol Resource Institute. “There is no reason teachers and administrators should hold higher authority over children's well-being or mental health. In fact, Californians do not believe educators should hold ANY authority over their children.” This leads to the next set of questions where 88% of respondents support schools notifying parents if their child has a change in mental conditions, like showing symptoms of depression or suicidal thoughts. 69% of surveyors support schools notifying parents if their child identifies or requests to be identified or treated as a gender that doesn’t align with their biological sex. And likewise, another question exposed that 68% of participants oppose teachers and school administrators keeping information about a child’s gender identity secret from the parents. That is a huge majority. These questions directly juxtaposes educators attempting to vilify parents who have already come forward about the school district keeping gender transition secrets for their children. These polling numbers make it clear that most California parents strongly wish to be directly involved with their children's mental health and well-being during and after school hours.


Gays Against Groomers: A Sane Voice Amidst Shouting Over LGBTQ+

The controversy over LGBTQ+ has been getting louder and louder - especially now that Pride Month is upon us. You've undoubtedly heard news about Budweiser, Target and Disney and the backlash they've received for indulging in LGBTQ+ marketing. Unfortunately, the voices have gotten so loud that no one is listening to each other anymore. Today's guest, Chris Barrett, is the Co-Director of Chapters, Gays Against Groomers and Missouri Chapter Lead. Gays Against Groomers is a 501(c)4 organization of gay people who oppose the recent trend of indoctrinating, sexualizing and medicalizing children under the guise of “LGBTQIA+” It is one of the few sane voices in this heated irrational debate. Gays Against Groomers has existed for over a year now and it has chapters all over America and internationally. They describe their reason for existing as: Our community that once preached love and acceptance of others has been hijacked by radical activists who are now pushing extreme concepts onto society, specifically targeting children in recent years. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Carole is very concerned about the propaganda being fed to children to convince them that they are some other sex than they were born as. She says that it is one thing for a child to authentically come to the realization that they are gay or some other identity of sex or gender. But, to be convinced by teachers or activists that they should be something else, before they are old enough to understand what that even means, is child abuse. Kids are lost these days - after the lockdowns took them away from their peers - and with the world at large being an existential mess. So, they are vulnerable to people who tell them that if they become trans, or anything other than their biological sex, they will feel like they belong and life will be rosy. But, when they go along with this - and get hormones and surgeries - they sadly discover that the grass isn't greener and their life isn't happier, after all. Chris Barrett will also speak about The Detrans Care Initiative. During the month of June, 50% of all donations to Gays Against Groomers will go towards detransitioners that were medicalized as youth to assist with the care and healing they need.


Secrets of Michelle Obama in '24? The Lady Doth Protest Too Much!

Biden and Robert Kennedy Jr. have already thrown their hat into the ring to be the Democratic nominee for President in 2024... but, should we count Michelle Obama out or will she throw her hat in the ring, too? Michelle Obama has repeatedly denied that she would run for President. But, doth the lady protest too much? Today's guest, Joel Gilbert, says, Yes! He is the author of Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Story and Plan for Power, and the director of the documentary Michelle Obama 2024. His deep dive into who she really is reveals that she's NOT who she pretends to be. She has pulled the wool over our eyes for years - but not any longer when you hear what he has discovered! If she wins in 2024, Gilbert predicts Michelle will take orders from global elites...and chaos and the destruction of America will follow. So, hopefully, his book and documentary will stop her Presidential aspirations in their tracks. Be one of the first to know!


Would You Like to be the Smartest One in the Room? Hear How!

Would You Like to be the Smartest One in the Room? Today's guest, Jim Karol, will tell you how! Jim wasn't always the Smartest One in the Room - or at least he didn't know he was. His story - from humble beginnings to The World's Greatest Mentalist - will have you mesmerized and realizing that you, too, can unleash your 'super powers'! In his new book, Ultimate Memory Magic, Jim shares his cutting-edge Cogmental Intelligence program for improving memory and other aspects of mental function, at any age. And he will share highlights of this with you today. Mentalist Jim Karol is living proof that radical life transformation happens when we sharpen our thinking and regain our mental edge. Using daily memory-improvement techniques coupled with lifestyle changes, Jim grew from an unmotivated Pennsylvania steel worker to a “memory phenom” demonstrating his gifts on national media, including The Tonight Show, Ellen, Today, and The Howard Stern Show, among many others. Here are some Fun Facts About Jim Karol: -In 1990, Karol correctly predicted the Pennsylvania lottery which cost the state over 12 million dollars, that soon afterwards, changed lottery laws across the nation. -Jim also made headlines by predicting the outcome of the “Final Four” on a national radio show, BEFORE the tournament began. -Some of Jim’s abilities include knowing over 80,000 zip codes, thousands of digits of Pi, the Scrabble dictionary, sports almanacs, MEDICAL journals, and thousands of other facts. -Jim can tell you the day of the week for EVERY date all the way back to 1AD and memorize a shuffled deck of cards in less than a minute!


FENTANYL: Will you recognize it before it kills you or your kids?

You've heard we're in a FENTANYL CRISIS - but do you really know what this is and how you can escape dying from it? It's not just about avoiding strange men on street corners who are drug pushers - it's everywhere. Even people who don't take legal or illegal drugs are at risk. It's been coming across the border in droves and no neighborhood is immune! Today's guest, James Fishback, knows firsthand just how serious this crisis is. He's the founder and executive director of Incubate Debate, which serves thousands of middle and high school students, teaching them that open debate and free speech are essential. This school year, James has visited high schools across Florida and spoken with thousands of students about lethal fentanyl through Incubate's Not Even Once initiative. He has seen firsthand how little students know about fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that represents 80% of all fatal teen overdoses. He views the teen fentanyl crisis as a massive supply side issue and an education issue, both of which must be solved in order to save young men and women from this deadly poison. At a time when many schools insist on hosting drag queen story hour, there appears to be no time, effort, or urgency to discuss fentanyl with young people, who are peddled fentanyl via social media in the form of counterfeit pills made to look like FDA-approved drugs, Percocet, Oxycontin, Adderall. He will tell you what kids really think!


The Woking Dead: How Society's Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture

Everywhere you look, there are more signs of wokeness devouring American culture bit by bit. Today's guest will help you fight back. It's A.J. Rice, the author of the new bestseller, The Woking Dead: How Society's Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture. It is a book that should be required reading for all high school and college students, and encouraged for everyone else. It may be the only thing that stands between American freedom drowning in a sea of woke cancel culture and becoming a totalitarian Marxist state. Americans are asleep at the switch - too dazed or to afraid to open our eyes to the insidious destruction of all our institutions and everything that made America great. It is a life raft that explains what has been engulfing our country and we need to grab onto it while there's any shred of hope to be had. It tells it like it is - and we need to hear it!