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The Nightly Music Soundscape

The Nightly Music Soundscape


Eagle, PA




The Nightly Music Soundscape




Echoes Podcast: Erik Wøllo & Michael Stearns

Erik Wøllo & Michael Stearns


Echoes Podcast: Rival Consoles

Rival Consoles


Echoes Podcast: Gracie and Rachel Interview

Gracie and Rachel


Echoes Podcast: CGT, Hiroki Okano, Silver Apples

CGT, Hiroki Okano, Simeon Coxe


Echoes Podcast: Dave Bessell Interview

Echoes Podcast: Electronic Artist Dave Bessell of Node and Reality Engine In the Echoes Podcast, Dave Bessell. Dave Bessell is an electronic musician from England who is probably one of the few Doctors of Music we play on the show. He’s done session work on albums by Killing Joke and Suede, is a member of…


Echoes Podcast: Ben Blackett & Jim Ottaway

Echoes Podcast: Interviews with Electronic Artists Ben Blackett & Jim Ottaway Its an all-electronic Echoes Podcast with interviews featuring Ben Blackett and Jim Ottaway. From 1990s grunge rock engineer in Seattle to electronic soundscapes composer, Ben Blackett has had a long music career. He plugs in computers instead of guitars and creates dance floor trances…


Echoes Podcast: Interview with YPPAH

Echoes Podcast: YPPAH's Psychedelic Dance: The Echoes Interview YPPAH is happy spelled backwards and it’s the name of an ambiently inclined post rock group headed up by Joe Corrales. He’s gone through heavy metal, drum and bass, hip-hop and Turkish psychedelic music to arrive at a joyful sound in the orbit of artists like Tycho,…


Echoes Podcast: Llynks Interview aka Sara Kendall

The Metamorphosis of Llynks in Echoes Podcast In the Echoes Podcast, an interview with Llynks. She graduated from the Berklee School of Music, tried working as a model, started a music career with her birth name, Sara Kendall, then metamorphosed into Llynks, a dark, soul-revealing electronic pop project. She’s just released her debut album, Become the…


Echoes Podcast: Moby’s Techno Return and Techno Paranoia

Echoes Podcast: The Moby Interview Moby talks about his presciently timely new album, All Visible Objects. Written mostly in 2019, its themes of revolution, isolation and contemplation seem to fit right in with these pandemic and protesting times. All Visible Objects harkens back to his dance and DJ days in the 1990s and also goes…


Echoes Podcast: Four from The Best of Echoes 2020, So Far

Four Albums from The Best of Echoes 2020, So Far by Austra, YPPAH, Grimes and Darshan AmbientThis past week we released The Best of Echoes So Far list, pausing at the midway point of an insane year to contemplate some of the music that has come out in the first six months. We picked 25…


Echoes Podcast: Tangerine Dream Documentary

Tangerine Dream-50 Years of Electronic Meditations: The Echoes Documentary In the Echoes Podcast, the Tangerine Dream Documentary 50 years ago Tangerine Dream began recording their electronic music in what was then West Berlin. Founded by Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream has epitomized the electronic age of music, recording over 150 albums of synthesized compositions. Their film…


Echoes Podcast: Taimane’s World Fusion Ukulele

Taimane's Ukulele Fury in Echoes Podcast In the Echoes Podcast, it’s a new generation of Ukulele player when we talk with Taimane. She’s a Hawaiian musician who studied with Jake Shimabukuro and is creating her own ukulele fusion that takes the instrument out of the luau and into the world on albums like Elemental and…


Echoes Podcast: Emancipator & Jade Warrior

Emancipator's Electronic Folk and Jade Warrior-World Fusion Innovators in Echoes Podcast In the Echoes Podcast Emancipator and Jade Warrior Emancipator is an electronic musician who mixes synthesizers, sampled sounds and folk instruments into a hallucinatory sound. John Diliberto talks to Emancipator’s Douglas Appling about his father who made dulcimers and spun Orbital and how that…


Echoes Podcast: Michael Whalen’s Synthesizer Fantasy

Michael Whalen's Syntheszier Fantasy: The Echoes Podcast Interview In the Echoes Podcast, Composer Michael Whalen talks about his April CD of the Month, Sacred Spaces. It’s a return for Whalen to his progressive rock roots as he turns a classical composition into a synthesized fantasy. Sacred Spaces is an electronic symphony full of strikingly original…


Echoes Podcast: Kevin Braheny Fortune

Echoes Podcast: Kevin Braheny Fortune Talks to the Spirits In the Echoes Podcast it’s the return of a New Age pioneer when we talk with Kevin Braheny Fortune. He went 22 years without a new album, but now he has four releases of ambient music including his Dreamwalker Meditation Music trilogy. In the 1980s his…