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Comics Watchtower is a fortnightly podcast that lets Australian authors express their views about the comics that made them who they are today.


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Comics Watchtower is a fortnightly podcast that lets Australian authors express their views about the comics that made them who they are today.




Forgive the Sniffles

Nine months worth of back reading to catch up - Jeremy talks up some books he's read, some movies and TV he's watched, and then talks about some stuff that isn't comics in the new segment "Yer Not Comics".


17 - Batman Is Just A Weaksauce Phantom - Paul F. Verhoeven

Don't worry, Watchtower Watchers, we're back! Jeremy chats with Paul F. Verhoeven about his new book 'Loose Units', looking up to comics characters as heroes, how the Phantom is better than Batman (don't @ us, you know it's true), why comics should have happy endings, and a quick round of Name Your Favourite Robin. When we mention the cover of 'Loose Units', you can check it out here - > You can find Paul's podcasts here (for...


End of Volume One

Don't worry, we're not going anywhere! As 2017 closes, Jeremy looks back on what he read and watched, and the authors he talked to during the year. Not only that, but there's a look at the year ahead and what's in store for Comics Watchtower. And you get to hear Jeremy's Korg impression. **Because I'm a dope, I kept saying the Instagram account has an 'x' in it - it doesn't. It's here Facebook - Twitter -...


#16 - Comic Books Fans Don't Like Superman - Justin Woolley

Don't worry - Justin likes Superman! This episode has the interview with Justin Woolley (A Town Called Dust trilogy) and we delve into Australia's apocalyptic landscape, being inspired by Terry Pratchett, following Brian Michael Bendis, writing for the trade paperback, animating Sex Criminals, playing with the conventions of comics, and the worst superpower imaginable. Justin can be found here - >


#15 - Not Dark But Serious - Gillian Polack

Episode 15 has us talking with historian Gillian Polack about reading aloud the backs of cereal boxes, complaining about Arrow, what superheroes can be, never reading Captain America again, Superman as a golem, catching up on the French comics industry, and real life kryptonite! Gillian Polack - The History Girls -


#14 - Pun Absolutely Intended - Tom Dullemond

Oooo spooky Halloween episode! We chat with Tom Dullemond on the joy of shared worlds, H.P. Lovecraft, graphic novels over monthly series, European comics, Pinocchio the vampire slayer, collaborating on comics, animating Blacksad and the scariest horror monsters! You can find Tom here -> and here ->


#13 - Meditation Leads To Superpowers - Tristan Bancks

Awesome episode with Tristan Bancks (The Fall, Two Wolves)! We cover inspiration through work experience, the influence of Stephen King, the resurgence of Ginger Meggs, feuding with teachers, authentic Australian YA, and the balance between words and pictures in books for adults and children. Tristan's website - >


#12 - Crazy Frenchmen With Superpowers - James Foley

Our interview with James Foley (Brobot, Dungzilla!) was fantastic! We talked about Asterix as a comics gateway drug and tasting wild boar, the dad jokes of Chew, Ubby's Underdogs, Hellboy, Deadpool babysitting, more flaws in Iron Fist, more Hellboy, a great book called One Soul, and the distinct flavours of Batman. You can find out more about James here! -


#11 - By Night Veronica, By Day Betty - Mary van Reyk

We get to talk with debut author and friend of the podcast Mary van Reyk (The Surf Riders Club)! We cover Archie as a big bowl of ice cream, really old Riverdale spoilers, the surreal nature of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, not getting on board team Angel, Shakespeare for kids, and retelling the story of Ganesh. You can find Mary here! - >


#10 - No Character Is Safe - Daniel Findlay

Wooo episode 10!! We talk with debut author Daniel Findlay (Year of the Orphan) about the Paper Girls series, optimistic post-apocalypse, reading comics NOT for fun, Luke Cage meets Star Wars, and leeching off Bruce Wayne's wifi.


#9 - Storyboards Are Basically Comics - Dominica Malcolm

Episode nine! Nearly double digits! We chat with Dominica Malcolm (Adrift) about pirate Deadpool, Saga, autistic characters in comics, crossovers and completism, the best of Benids, and re-inventing mermaid mythology. You can find Dominica's website here - >


#8 - The Vengeful Three - Damon Young

An episode to make you go sit down and think deeply about some stuff. We cover growing up on Asterix, accepting the death of Jason Todd, the many faces of the Punisher, the ethics and politics of vengeance in society today, hating on Iron Fist but trusting Legion, Free Comic Book day, and characters as a force of nature. You can find Damon's website here -


#7 - Human Tardigrades - Charlotte Rose Hamlyn

In episode seven, we chat with Charlotte Rose Hamlyn (Opposite Land) about Neil Gaiman's soothing voice, the power of greyscale, the Bugalugs Bum Thief, committing to Sandman, bingeing Rick and Morty, and the voice of Fairy Codmother. Charlotte's website can be found here - We also mention Evolving the Alien ( by Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen (although the title in Australia...


#6 - There Aren't Any Happy Endings In Gotham - Ryan O'Neill

Episode 6 has some audio issues, but is still awesome! While speaking with Ryan O'Neill (Twitter handle @kanganoulipo1), we cover zombie franchises, sending letters to Marv Wolfman, the positivity of Batman, and we play a great game called 'Two Villians and a Hero'.


#5 - Too Many Crises To Count - Narrelle M Harris

In episode five, we talk with Narrelle M Harris about the significance of hair in Elfquest, how woke is Riverdale, and the Lucifer-Miranda crossover fanfic we all want (even if we didn't know it).


#4 - Dystopias and Dredd - Jules Faber

Our fourth episode features author/illustrator Jules Faber. We talk about Mister Squiggle, Judge Dredd, and some great dystopian literature.


#3 - The Dorky Clark Kent and the Majestically Powerful Superman - Michael Pryor

We talk to Michael Pryor (The Laws of Magic, The Quentaris Chronicles) about the Silver Age of Comics and the appeal of Superman.


#2 - Batgirl and Bad Art - Tansy Rayner Roberts

In our second episode we talk with Tansy Rayne Roberts about diversity in comics and superhero toys, Batgirl, awesome YA superhero prose and more. Tansy Rayner Roberts is an Australian SFF author. Her most recent superhero story is Kid Dark Against the Machine. The sequel, Girl Reporter, will be published by The Book Smugglers later in 2017. She's also currently blogging an epic reread of Justice League International. Tansy's own podcasts include the Hugo Award-winning Galactic...


#1 - Really Bad Doctor Who Fanfic - George Ivanoff

The first podcast is away! We speak with George Ivanoff, author of the 'You Choose' series.