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Canada’s favourite radio show is The Roz & Mocha Show. It’s your go-to show for entertainment and pop culture exclusives. If you don’t hear it on The Roz & Mocha Show, you won’t hear it anywhere else.


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Canada’s favourite radio show is The Roz & Mocha Show. It’s your go-to show for entertainment and pop culture exclusives. If you don’t hear it on The Roz & Mocha Show, you won’t hear it anywhere else.




738 - Shem's November Recap Song, Roz Is Trolled At Santa Parade & Taylor Swift Course At Harvard!

New York subway riders feast on Thanksgiving food on the train. Maurie trolls Roz from the Santa Claus parade. Shem is back with his November recap song. There is a Taylor Swift course being offered at Harvard.


737 - 'Squid Game' Drama, AI Sex Coach & Mike ‘The Situation’ Opens up!

Drama with the cast of ‘Squid Game’. An AI sex coach can help your love life. 25% of us have not started our Christmas shopping yet. Tiffany Haddish arrested again. Mike ‘The Situation’ talks about the $500,000 in drugs he did. What is the word of the year? Plus, can money buy happiness?


736 - Doppelgangers, Haircut Cost & Have We Been Lost?

Who is each of our doppelganger? What is the most we’ve paid for a haircut? Are people still hitting on Shem now that he’s taken? What is the longest we’ve been lost?


735 - Flossing, French Toast & Holiday Appetizers!

How often do we floss? French toast or Pancakes? Do we have a food-item guilty pleasure? Best appetizers for the holidays ?


734 - Inside The Montreal Alouettes Locker Room, Robbie Amell At The F1 Race In Vegas & Roz's New Glasses!

We’re inside the dressing room with the Montreal Alouettes right after they won the 100th Grey Cup! Robbie Amell from the F1 Las Vegas race. Mocha doesn’t like Roz’s new glasses. Plus, Snoop Dogg is not quitting smoking after all.


733 - ‘The Roz & Mocha Retro Show’ – Caillou, Watermelon & Bachelor Party!

‘The Roz & Mocha Retro Show’ – one of the first times we talked about Caillou on the show. The time Damnit Maurie crushed a watermelon with his thighs! Plus, we revisit Mocha’s bachelor party in Vegas!


732 - Broken nose, Sleeping in & Brother-In-Law Issues!

Roz & Mocha FML’s this week include someone who struggles with waking up on time, a man who with Brother-In-Law issues & a woman who broke her boyfriends nose by mistake!


731 - The Damnits Christmas Tree, Donovan Bailey On His New Book & ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ Contestants!

The Damnits put up their Christmas tree and we have the audio. We chat with Donovan Bailey about his new book. We chat Christmas with Raptors greats Scottie Barnes & Chris Boucher. Maurie chats with some contestants of the new ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ show.


730 - Becky Lynch Fails On ‘Jeopardy', ‘Suits’ Reunion & Andrew 3000's All-Flute Album!

Andrew 3000 releases all-flute album. WWE superstar Becky Lynch fails on ‘Jeopardy’. Max Verstappen wins F1 Las Vegas. Martha Stewart is still interested in finding love at 81. A bottle of Scotch goes for $2.7 million. There will be a ‘Suits’ reunion in 2024. Joe Biden confuses Taylor Swift and Britney Spears.


729 - Mocha's Breakfast, Jury Duty & Shem's Teeth!

What does Mocha eat for breakfast? Have any of us ever been selected for jury duty? Has Roz listened to his audio book? Are Shem’s teeth fake?


728 - Date With Shem, Re-connecting With Our Spouse & Maurie’s Wheeze!

How can people get a date with Shem? How do we and your spouse re-connect when life gets busy with work? Roz & Mocha try Maurie’s wheeze laugh!


727 - TikTok Red Nails Theory, Maria Chats With Dua Lipa & A Taylor Swift Cruise!

Maria Chats with Dua Lipa! Info on an upcoming Taylor Swift cruise. Kim Kardashian on who’s the smartest Kardashian. Maurie chats with some UFC fighters. What is the TikTok Red Nails theory? Sabrina with a Roz & Mocha Helluva Story about singing to her Hinge matches. Plus. We revisit ‘The Office’ Diwali scene.


726 - ‘The Roz & Mocha Retro Show’ - Nude Selfie, The Moon & Jeans!

‘The Roz & Mocha Retro Show’ - We re-love the time Roz took a naked selfie while on vacation. The time his daughter Roxy got mad at the moon. Plus, the time Roz wanted to create 'Deep V Jeans".


725 - Wedding Food, Driving Friends & Love For Your Job!

Roz & Mocha FML’s this week include someone needing help with friends who constantly require drives. Wedding Food ideas. An update on a boyfriend who doesn’t show affection, plus, what do you do when the passion for your job disappears?


724 - We're Eating Our Peas Wrong, Pamela Anderson On Going Make Up Free & Robbie Amell On The End Of The Strike!

An etiquette expert says we’re eating peas wrong. We chat with Pamela Anderson about going makeup free at Paris Fashion Week. We’ve found the worst Christmas song of all time. Robbie Amell joins us to chat about his 3 new projects. Plus, who would survive a Zombie Apocalpyse on the show?


723 - Adam Driver Goes OFF, John Legend Breaks Down & Will Smith Rumours!

Adam Driver goes OFF on someone at a Q&A. NSYNC’s Joey Fatone gives an update on his fat removal procedure. Carol Alt is on OnlyFans now. Will Smith’s best friend with some wild allegations about his sexuality. The ‘Baby Shark’ movie trailer is out. John Legend breaks down in tears during a performance on ‘The Voice’. Plus, the 2023 Door Dash hottest food trends and most expensive order of the year.


722 - Singing In The Shower, In Laws & Who's The First To Arrive?

Do we sing in the shower, and if so what? Who is the first person to arrive for the show? Do we get along with our in laws?


721 - Shem's List Of Older Ladies & Meals On The Go!

What do we feel the most passionate about aside from our work and our families? Who else is on Shem’s list of older attractive women and what is your go-to choice of breakfast for when you’re on the go!


720 - Greek Last Names, Damnit Maurie Goes Back To School & Patrick Dempsey Is The Sexiest Man Alive!

We try saying really hard Greek last names. Damnit Maurie goes back to high school to fulfill a dream of doing the school announcements. A Helluva Story about a haunted doll. Patrick Dempsey is People Magazines sexiest Man Alive.


719 - ‘The Roz & Mocha Retro Show’ - WWE Quiz, Roz Is Sexiest Man & Apple Cider Vinegar!

‘The Roz & Mocha Retro Show’ - Roz does his best in a WWE quiz, Roz on his 'Sexiest Man' win & Apple Cider Vinegar on your feet?!