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Laugh & Learn with the award winning Brain Candy Podcast, hosted by Susie Meister PhD, & Sarah Rice MFT from MTV's The Challenge. These ladies discuss interesting topics, articles and pop culture news on every subject imaginable. Science, psychology, books, trivia, & documentaries. Over 600 hours of educational hilarity!


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Laugh & Learn with the award winning Brain Candy Podcast, hosted by Susie Meister PhD, & Sarah Rice MFT from MTV's The Challenge. These ladies discuss interesting topics, articles and pop culture news on every subject imaginable. Science, psychology, books, trivia, & documentaries. Over 600 hours of educational hilarity!




EP684: Psychic Friends, Amber Alerts, & Tunnel of Hate

Susie informs us about some big changes in the bowling world that bowling alley owners are thrilled about, but professional bowlers think is a real gutter ball. And Sarah claims Eli almost went pro in bowling. We discuss the documentary about Miss Cleo, the "Jamaican" psychic who convinced white people she had the magical ability to answer hundreds of phone calls at once. We learn about the fallout since the Hillsong docuseries came out, and why there's "a lot of money to be made off of...


EP683: Mutant Plants, Metal Coke, & Manly Cars

Today we find out about a type of plant that knows how to count (???), but its plant cousin is a dummy that doesn't know how (so Susie thinks it's going to be a goner). Hear about a documentary that Sarah participated in, but she ended up on the cutting room floor. We discuss ways that humans recover from shame, embarrassment, and, well, being human. Sarah explains why McDonald's Coca-Cola tastes better than other Coke. We learn about a study that determined whether men with smaller penises...


EP682: Cougars, Conmen, & the Curse of Chippendales

Susie can't quit thinking about the Bernie Madoff docuseries and his $65 BILLION (with a B!) scam that he ran for 40 years. She thinks we can learn a lot about non-violent sociopaths from his example. She also can't quit thinking about Chippendales (not to be confused with Chip and Dale. And Chip and Dale are not to be confused with Alvin and the Chipmunks) exotic male dancers. She watched the Curse of Chippendales, and apparently those guys have really been through the wringer. You'd never...


EP681: Whale Poop, Superhero Accessories, & Gendered Living

Sarah brought a whole lot of poo content, and we are learning so much! We hear why whale poo is basically saving the world, and whales aren't getting enough credit. We loved Free Willy before, but now we love it even more (especially the soundtrack, come on!). We hear why dragonfly ladies have created the perfect way to avoid the annoying male dragonflies that won't take a hint. It's very relatable. Dude dragonflies, she's just not that into you! Hear why Tasmanian Devil moms are savage,...


EP680: Muslim Art, Ric Flair's Wild Life, & People Are Not OK

We have to make a correction about the poop lottery story, and, boy, are we disappointed. We report the results of our poop survey (what's worse: the smell or the sound). We were both sort of shocked by the outcome. We discuss farts for far too long, and we are deeply sorry for so much flatulence content lately. Susie talks about a documentary about Ric Flair, legendary wrestler, and how, even though she doesn't like wrestling, this film is a must-see. That guy lives a wild life and has...


EP679: Robot Lawyers, Sneaky Sneakers, & Safe Danger

Hear why Sarah has betrayed the Curly Girl community and she has "hair dysmorphia." We learn about the Don't Pick Up the Phone documentary where a man would pose as a cop on the phone and trick fast food managers into doing strip searches and more to their innocent employees. The "hoax" (nightmare! crime!) went on for years and no one has really paid the price for it besides the victims. We discuss the use of artificial intelligence to make robot attorneys and we are optimistic (uh oh!)...


EP678: Death, Fever Dreams, & Craziness

It starts out doom and gloomy as we discuss injuries of football players and other public figures. We suggest football should become gentler and involve far fewer items of know, for safety. Susie's mom is having health challenges, but that doesn't mean she won't make fun of her, so that's fun. But these conversations were a perfect appeteaser to our larger discussion on aging, happiness, and health. Since it's January and that's what's on everybody's mind, we discuss how to...


EP677: Gendered Boomers, Celine Dion Conspiracy, & Toilet Talk

Today we discuss how Susie has some Boomer opinions about certain progressive opinions of the language police. We discuss the Rolling Stone list of the best singers and get worked up about their Celine Dion omission. Susie reveals why her mom questioned her Celine fandom after learning a conspiracy theory on YouTube. We learn behind-the-scenes scoop about Shania Twain and her Man! I Feel Like a Woman video. Then we move into our favorite topic with a huge debate about the worst part of...


EP676: Lottery Revenge, Vanity Plates, and Personality Tests

We check in with each other about 2023 goals and resolutions, and it turns out, Susie and Sarah's goals are in complete conflict with each other. So this oughtta be one heckuva year! Susie kicks things off with a poop story for the ages! A woman won $3M and decided to get revenge on someone who mistreated her, and it was really something. We then get some old gossip about Hitler that explains A LOT about his insecurities, but is shocking that most people don't know. We discuss that big ass...


EP675: Global Dreams, Metal Bats, & Streaking

Susie wants to know why streaking was popular for like two minutes, and we would like to bring it back in 2023. Let's do this, people! Sarah explains why public toilets use horseshoe-shaped toilet seats instead of ovals, but we're still confused. This sounds like a man designed a weird toilet seat and everyone just went along with it. We learn about dreams around the world, and how the nightmares we're having are not the same as people in other places. Turns out, our teeth falling out is a...


EP674: Strange Names, Liver King, and The Year of Rest

Susie is psyched out of her mind about the Strange Names documentary that features people with unusual, disturbing, or celebrity names. It's so good! We discuss some of the crazy names, why parents name their kids names that will get them bullied, and how a name can determine so much of your life. We also discuss why we mock certain names that certain cultures tend to use (like all the white lady influencers), and what's behind our disdain. We talk about the Harry and Meghan docuseries and...


EP673: Nose Armies, B-Hole Evolution, & Produce Production

Breaking news in the science world with an explanation for why we get sick in the winter, and it's not what we thought all along. We've been living a viral lie. Hear why your nose is indoorsy and it's making you sick. We learn the evolution of the b-hole, and we are very thankful that our bodies had the good sense to improve our entrance and exit scenario. Sarah is happy she found someone who lets her groom him like an ape. It's beautiful. Sarah explains why brussel sprouts had a real...


EP672: New Therapy, Killer Nurses, & Casey Anthony

Today we hear about a documentary exploring a different approach to therapy, and Susie wants to know why therapists insist on distancing themselves from their clients. Sarah shares why it actually benefits the client to work through their issues without being given the answers. We hear about a nurse who was killing his patients and we theorize why women tend to use the weapon of poison when they kill. We debate the activists who throw stuff on famous works of art and consider whether that is...


EP671: Mandatory Fun, Monks on Meth, & Popcorn Puke

Sarah salutes a good Samaritan Amazon worker and then she confesses to her secret love of Amazon (despite her previous boycott of the company). We learn about a man who was fired for not having enough fun at work. He sued the company for wrongful termination after they claimed he was a big party pooper. We discuss how we hate required fun and team-building exercises. Sarah tells us about a monastery in Thailand that was raided by the police because they were all hopped up on meth. We...


EP670: Pepsi Lawsuit, Compulsive Liars, & the Quiet Zone

Susie is singing the praises of the Pepsi, Where's My Jet documentary about a boy who got enough Pepsi points to earn a jet, but Pepsi claimed they were just joking about the jet. Hear what happened when he sued the company and why we're mad about it. We discuss Phil Spector's incredible career in music producing dozens of hits in the 60s and 70s and innovating the way songs are made, but how he ended up in jail for murder. Sarah is more fascinated by his wigs than his music or the murder...


EP669: Sneeze Injury, Leslie Jordan, & Hearing People Are the Worst

Susie wants to know when Sarah realized she was uncensored, but we're pretty sure Susie is just as weird about oversharing. We discuss a woman who didn't want to sit near a crying baby at a fancy restaurant, and we are totally on her side. Kids are not meant for fine dining. We learn about the trans woman who won a beauty pageant and why she is making some TERFs uncomfortable. We hear a cautionary tale about holding in your sneezes, and Susie is pissed about women who pretend to have...


EP668: Brain Buckets, Doppelgänger DNA, & Lucy Laughter

Susie watched the Barney (as in the purple dinosaur) documentary and it was a shockingly sad story. We discuss the backlash towards the wholesome content and the effect it all had on its creator and her family. We discuss the science behind when you officially become an adult and the reasons why it's not simply biology, but rather a combination of life experiences and brain development. Hear why music gives us the chills. Susie offers some "old gossip" about Lucy and Desi and their hit show,...


EP667: Chicken Binge, Miracle Mermaids, & Persuasion

Hear why Susie's "powder room" is very funny and Sarah's is NSFW. We discuss the implosion of Twitter and the weird devotion of Elon Musk's "musketeers." We need a new assessment of Nick Cannon because that man is not ok. Sarah offers some exciting news about young inventors and shares the amazing things young girls are developing in STEM. Sarah is very annoyed about a man who ate a rotisserie chicken every day for 40 days, and her reasoning is that it's not that hard to eat that much...


EP666: Satanic Panic, Falwell's Fall, & Stuttering

Today is finally our demonic episode featuring the number of the beast 666! We are so excited to discuss the evils of the Satanic Panic. We learn where the panic started, why Sarah's parents were into all the devilishness, and why Susie now can't listen to Pink Floyd as a result. We hear about Anton LaVey, who started the Church of Satan and the allegations lodged at innocent people about rituals and occult affiliation. We also learn how the panic never really ended, but just morphed into...


EP665: Childlore, Toilet Destruction, & Penis Preoccupation

We're fresh off our reunion in Chicago, so we discuss our trip, the fun we had with our Brainiacs, and the comedy show in which Susie performed. Sarah is getting us all nostalgic about our childhood by discussing the games kids play, their enduring appeal generation after generation, and what makes them so fun. We learn how the games kids play and things that interest them are consistent, catchy, and kid-created. We learn why men are constantly touching their junk, and we debate whether it's...