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Everything you need to know about electric vehicles, presented by CarEdge Electric.



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EVs Are Dead, Long Live the Hybrid! The Shocking Consumer Shift | Episode 175

Shifts in Consumer Preferences and the Rise of Used EV Sales | CarEdge Electric Unplugged Episode 106 Description: In Episode 106 of CarEdge Electric Unplugged, hosts Justise, Ray, and Phil explore whether the hype around electric vehicles is starting to fade. As more consumers lean towards hybrids and the market for used EVs rises, we delve into the factors influencing these trends


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EV Charging Crisis: Infrastructure Falling Behind Demand | Episode 174

Justise, Ray, and Phil dive into the pressing issue of electric car charging infrastructure lagging behind the rapid increase in EV sales. As more Americans switch to electric vehicles, the lack of sufficient public charging stations is becoming a significant hurdle


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Is this the End of the Road for EVs? | Episode 173

In this episode, we explore three major articles that could signal significant challenges for the electric vehicle industry: 1. Copper Can’t Be Mined Fast Enough to Electrify the US (University of Michigan): • The critical role of copper in EV production and the mining challenges that could slow down the EV revolution. 2. 2024 Path to EV Adoption Study Summary (Cox Automotive): • Key findings and barriers to EV adoption, along with strategies to boost consumer acceptance and infrastructure. 3. Tesla to Lay Off an Additional 601 Employees in California (U.S. News): • The implications of Tesla’s layoffs on the EV industry and the broader market impacts.


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Can You Really Road Trip in an ID.4? David Langel's Surprising Journey! | Episode 172

Join us on a thrilling episode of "CarEdge Electric Unplugged" as we dive into special guest, David Langel’s unique road trip adventure from Coral Springs to Key West in his Volkswagen ID.4. Did this electric vehicle stand up to the test of a long journey filled with unexpected challenges? David shares his firsthand experiences of packing the car to the brim with two Wiener Dogs, his partner, and cousin—detailing everything from the ID.4’s performance to the reliance on charging stations along the scenic route. From maintaining comfort with constant air conditioning and ventilated seats to managing without a spare tire, discover how the ID.4 tackled the tropical terrains of Florida. Tune in to find out if David’s journey was a breeze or if he encountered electric hiccups along the way. Don’t miss this episode to get the real scoop on EV road tripping!


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Breaking Up with Tesla? My Life-Altering Lucid Air Adventure! | Episode 171

Join Justise, Ray & Phil on a thrilling episode of "CarEdge Electric Unplugged" as we explore the potential end of Justise's relationship with Tesla. Dive into a firsthand account of his transformative experience with the Lucid Air. Is this sleek new competitor enough to dethrone Tesla from Justise's garage? Discover the highs and lows of Lucid Air's performance, its cutting-edge technology, and how it stacks up against Tesla’s self-driving features. Tune in to uncover whether a new EV love is in the air, and if it's time for a major switch. Don't miss this episode—it could just change the way you think about electric vehicles forever!


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The Great Electric Betrayal: How Your EV Loses Value Faster Than You Think! | Episode 170

In this electrifying episode of "CarEdge Electric Unplugged," Justise, Ray, and Phil delve deep into the unsettling trend shaking the electric vehicle market: plummeting resale values. As BMW celebrates its millionth electric vehicle, the darker side of the EV boom emerges, revealing a rapid depreciation that could blindside unsuspecting owners. Join us as we explore how major industry moves, including aggressive pricing strategies by leading manufacturers, are reshaping the economic landscape of EV ownership. With special guests and expert insights, we debate whether the electric dream is turning into a financial nightmare for early adopters. Don’t miss this critical discussion on the hidden costs of going green—tune in and discover if your investment might be at risk in "The Great Electric Betrayal." + What's for Rays lunch?


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Get ready to supercharge your day with the electrifying 100th episode of "CarEdge Electric Unplugged"! 🎉⚡ Join your favorite trio, Justise, Ray, and Phil, as they gear up to celebrate this milestone moment in true EV style. For this special centennial episode, they're bringing in some high-voltage special guests from the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution.


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The End of the EV days are Here! Elon 66:15-16 | Episode 168

In this electrifying episode Justise, Ray, and special guest Phil venture into the storm center of the electric vehicle (EV) industry's latest upheavals. With the startling bankruptcy of Fisker, the Mustang Mach-E's lease valuation shocker, Tesla Model 3's unexpected depreciation dive, and Hyundai's shocking switch to hybrid production plans in Kentucky, we're at a pivotal crossroads. Is the electric dream dimming, or are we merely witnessing the growing pains of a transformative revolution? Join us as we dissect the financial whirlwinds, technological tremors, and market maneuvers shaping the EV world's destiny. Tune in and electrify your perspective on whether we're headed for an EV apocalypse or the dawn of an electrifying renaissance.


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Chevy Killed the Affordable EV | Episode 167

Join Ray, Phil, and Justise as we delve into the shocking discontinuation of the Chevy Bolt, once America's beacon for affordable electric vehicles. We'll also uncover the future promises of the EV market, including Aptera's innovative solar vehicle and BYD's introduction of the affordable Dolphin EV to North America. Discover what these dramatic shifts mean for consumers and the broader automotive landscape. For an in-depth look, check out our discussions based on insights from CarEdge.


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If This Is the Future of EVs, I'm Out! | Episode 166

Dive into a high-voltage episode as we unravel the electrifying truths behind the EV market's hits and misses. This week, we're putting the spotlight on the best and worst-selling electric vehicles, dissecting what makes them soar or sink in today's competitive landscape. Join us as we navigate through the murky waters of EV affordability, uncovering the hidden gems and the not-so-shiny deals. But that's not all—we've got a shocking revelation up our sleeve that might just make you rethink the future of electric mobility. If you thought you knew everything about the EV world, think again. This episode promises to spark debates, question norms, and maybe, just maybe, reveal a secret that could change the game forever. Fasten your seatbelts; it's going to be a bumpy, electrifying ride!


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Chilling Reality: Navigating EV Range in the Icebox | Episode 165

Join us on CarEdge Electric Unplugged as we explore the chilling effects of extreme cold on electric vehicles' performance. From the science behind battery efficiency dips to real-world experiences and strategies to combat the cold, we'll cover everything you need to know about EV range in winter. Plus, don't miss a special segment with our mystery guest sharing their non-Tesla EV cold-weather journey. Tune in to uncover how to keep your EV running smoothly, even when the mercury plummets.


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Charging Conversations: The Art of Civil Discourse | Episode 164

In this special episode of CarEdge Electric Unplugged, we shift gears to explore the crucial skill of civil discourse. As we delve into the principles of engaging in respectful yet passionate discussions, our focus is on fostering a climate of understanding and constructive dialogue. This episode serves as a guide on how to agree to disagree with grace and respect, crucial in any area, from personal conversations to global debates. Join us as we navigate the art of exchanging diverse opinions in a way that enriches understanding and bridges divides.


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This episode of CarEdge Electric Unplugged centers on Hyundai's robust initiatives in the electric vehicle (EV) market. We'll explore Hyundai's strategic approach to electrification, their commitment to customer-focused solutions in EV technology, and how they are navigating the challenges of a fluctuating market. The episode also highlights groundbreaking advancements in ultra-fast EV charging, showcasing the potential to revolutionize EV usability and accessibility.


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Reversing the Charge: Hertz's Shift Away from EVs and the U.S. Electric Car Market | Episode 162

In this episode of CarEdge Electric Unplugged, we examine Hertz recent decision to sell 20,000 electric vehicles and reinvest in gasoline-powered cars. This strategic pivot raises questions about the current state and future of the U.S. electric vehicle market. We'll analyze the reasons behind the move, its impact on the automotive industry, and what it signals about consumer preferences and market trends in the electric vehicle sector.


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The Great EV Deception: EV's Shocking Reliability Revealed! | Episode 161

Strap in for a sizzling episode of 'CarEdge Electric Unplugged' as we tear down the facade of The Great EV Deception: EV's Shocking Reliability Revealed! Join Justise, Phil, Ray, and Justin as we ignite a fiery discussion on the startling revelations from Consumer Reports about EV reliability. Have the promises of electric mobility gone up in smoke? Are we charging headfirst into a dead end? We'll dissect the burning questions surrounding EV dependability, the trade-offs of cutting-edge tech, and what this means for your electric aspirations. It's time to confront the sparks of truth in the EV industry – don't miss it!


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Cybertruck: Man-Made Marvel or Grok Alien Tech? Find Out Today... | Episode 160

Join Ray, Justise, Phil and special guest Farzad as we delve into Tesla's high-stakes roll-out of the Cybertruck. With Tesla hinting at a pivot towards a low-cost car, what does this mean for the highly anticipated truck? We'll also dissect Tesla's recent backtrack on reseller litigation and the buzz around the upcoming delivery event. Plus, we're decoding Elon Musk's vision for Grok AI’s integration in Tesla vehicles—is this the dawn of an AI revolution or a flashy distraction? Tune in for an episode charged with speculation and insights!


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EV Revolution: Surge of Innovation or Losing It's Charge? | Episode 159

Charge into the fray with Ray, Justise, and Phil on this electrifying episode of 'CarEdge Electric Unplugged.' Today's high-voltage debate: 'EV Revolution: Surge of Innovation or Losing Its Charge?' We're dissecting the latest buzz from the EV world – from Biden's bold infrastructure push to the market's twists and turns that could signal a slowdown. Are EVs still the hot ticket to a green future, or is the industry hitting speed bumps? Plug in as we analyze the currents of change electrifying the streets and the policies driving them. It's a charged conversation you don't want to miss


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EVs vs. The Forces of Darkness: The Battle for Earth’s Survival! | Episode 158

Join us in an epic showdown: 'EVs vs. The Forces of Darkness: The Battle for Earth’s Survival!' Dive into a monumental discussion where EVs stand as the world’s last beacon of hope against the looming apocalypse of traditional ICE vehicles. With the planet hanging in the balance, our panel, featuring the return of Justin, with Phil, Ray, and Justise, unveils shocking truths and the ultimate path to salvation through the world of electric vehicles. Are EVs the supercharged saviors we’ve been waiting for? Tune in, as we unleash the revolutionary forces that could rescue our planet from the brink of extinction!


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The Great EV Swindle: Are We All Being Taken for a Ride? | Episode 157

Dive deep with our panel, featuring the insightful Farzad from Youtube "@farzyness", as we unravel shocking revelations from industry giants like Toyota and Hertz. With billions invested and dreams sold, is the Electric Vehicle dream facing a dead-end? Secrets exposed, myths debunked, and some heated debates you won't want to miss. If you thought you knew the EV landscape... think again. Buckle up and join us for a ride through the electrifying truth!


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EV Bubble Has Burst: Tesla Plunges as Electric Dreams Shatter | Episode 156

Tesla's stock is in freefall after profits plunged nearly 50% last quarter. Is this the end of the EV bubble? On today's episode, we discuss Tesla's dismal earnings and what it means for the future of electric vehicles as the industry's dreams shatter. With demand declining despite price cuts, is Tesla just the first domino to fall in an EV market that analysts have warned is oversaturated? Tune in as our hosts debate whether sky-high valuations and rosy projections for EV startups will soon crash back down to reality. They'll also cover the latest EV news and incentives. This is one episode you don't want to miss if you care about the fate of EVs