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America's funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners all over the country, and crack wise while they diagnose Dodges and dismiss Diahatsus. You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.

America's funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners all over the country, and crack wise while they diagnose Dodges and dismiss Diahatsus. You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.


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America's funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners all over the country, and crack wise while they diagnose Dodges and dismiss Diahatsus. You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.






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#2158: Donna Drives a Datsun?

Back 'in the day' Click and Clack observed that there were many species of peculiar drivers around their 'fair city'. Older men wearing hats were feared only slightly less than young women named Donna who zipped along in their Firebirds or Camaros without a care or a turn signal. Today the boys meet a conscientious, Datsun-driving ,Philadelphian Donna who is pretty sure that her mechanic is soaking her for a second round of major engine work. Can they talk her into junking this car in favor...


#2157: Stop in the Name of Love

Suzanne from San Diego always downshifts when coming to a traffic stop. Her husband David coasts in neutral with his foot on the brake. Will Tom and Ray declare one of them to be right and thus doom this marriage? Listen to today's show and find out.


#2156: Son of Oinga Boinga Boinga

On a recent show, the boys had to figure out what could possibly be the source of a car noise that went 'Oinga, Boinga, Boinga'. No sooner do listeners leap to their aid with the answer than they are then confronted once again with an odd and perplexing car noise courteousy of Karen fr CO. They also help Dayton fr AZ and Matt fr AL realize that speedometers and temperature gauges are helpful but hardly necessary auto accoutrements


#2155: Shake Rattle and Roll

As the boys near the date for their '3rd Annual Car Talk Sock Hop' Tamsen calls in from California with a VW Superbeetle that Shakes, Rattles and Rolls down the highway. Robin has a rotten exhaust, Debbie's Peugeot won't go, and Kirk wonders if the $19 alignments he's been getting regularly will eventually solve his Dodge's habit of heading for the ditch. All this and a new puzzler on today's show!


#2154: Being Right vs Being Married

After several wives, Tommy came to the realization that within the spousal universe you can either be right or you can stay married. So when Warren fr IL called looking for help in settling a disagreement between him and his wife, the advice about the car was secondary to keeping the relationship in proper tune. That high-wire act, more calls and a new puzzler all on today's show.


#2153: Save the Skeets Foundation

Somewhere between 'Save the Whales' and 'Save Our Planet' Click and Clack took up the cause of the endangered North American Skeet. Contrary to popular opinion, it was the desperate plight of these poor creatures who are bred in captivity for the sole purpose of blowing them to smithereens with shotguns that 'pulled' at Tom and Ray's heartstrings: Not the money-making potential to fleece unwitting listeners out of a few bucks. No, it definitely wasn't that. But just in case the SEC was...


#2152: Oinga Boinga Boinga

Today's show starts out with a listener communique from the future spelling out Click and Clack's fate, and it ends with the boys repeating the words, 'Oinga, Boinga, Boinga' like some lost explorers in an old B movie. In between, our time travelers help Dan with his foggy windshield, Nancy with her squeaky brakes and Rita with her soon to be ex' questionable car advice. And of course, a new puzzler!


#2151: Mothbalderdash

Jim from Oklahoma was driving with his buddy through a torrential rain when his Nissan pickup stalled due to water in the fuel tank. Buddy walked off in the rain to the general store and came back with a miracle cure right off the shelf. Did it fix the problem? Or was the fix all-wet like Buddy? This and more on today's show!


#2150: Hark, I Hear a Cannon!

At the end of the New Puzzler each week Tommy has one line of exactly three words that he's responsible for, yet somehow it's too much for him sometimes. This was one of those weeks. Together, the boys have better luck with Clayton's Jaguar noise, E.G.'s self-steering Jeep and Ira's Acura.


#2149: Bugsy is Moonlighting

On today's show our long-time technical editor John 'Bugsy' Lawlor is found to be providing a new definition for the term 'moonlighting'. After that revelation the boys get down to the main business at hand and try to help John figure out if he really needs to use his clutch, if Buck's Chrysler needs a 'turbectomy' and then Tommy surprises us with one of the show's more memorable puzzlers.


#2148: Whoop Whoop Whoop Goes the Pickup

Whoop Whoop Whoop Goes the Pickup... pretty sure that's a nursery school rhyme but it's also what Gail's truck sounds like. The boys also try their hand with Dan's quieter pickup(won't start), Libby's Dodge Dartre and Lisa fr TX who has to visit the auto repair section of her local bed&bath store to try out Tommy's suggested repair. All this and the puzzler!


#2147: Diogenes Auto Repair

Jeff, who has just moved to Pittsburgh, has a problem with his Toyota and Tom and Ray want him to make like the ancient Philosopher Diogenes and use the opportunity to test the honesty of the local mechanics. Shorter, but no less noble automotive quests have Kay hoping to preserve her Nissan's turbo and Richard attempting to unstick his Corvette's clutch. Will they all achieve auto-enlightenment? Check it out.


#2146: The Clink and Clunk Compendium of Car Noises

You would think that two guys named after noises would know their rattles and shimmies pretty well, but Click and Clack spend much of this week's show consulting the Ford Motor Company Official List of Car Noises whenever they're stumped. Will this help Greg and his Dodge Pickup or Erin from Colorado get better diagnoses? Find out on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.


#2145: To Form a More Imperfect Union

Nothing succeeds like secession! Or at least that's the thinking as Tom and Ray plan for Car Talk Plaza's imminent secession(from what exactly, we're not sure). But the crazy car problems will of course emigrate to wherever they land. This week's beleagured citizens of Car-Talk-istan include John and his Chevy's 'woobie', Robin's stuck Rabbit and Mazz with her chirping transmission. All this and the new puzzler!


#2144: What Transmission Trouble?

In today's show Click and Clack are confronted with two callers whose car's transmissions are in really bad shape but the boys tell them to do NOTHING! Now, why would they risk their good standing in the local mechanic's yachting club by turning down such potentially lucrative repairs? Could Ellen's starting problem or Tom's electrical issues be more labor-intensive goldmines? Doubt it. All this and a new puzzler, too!


#2143: Have You Lived a Good, Clean Life?

Broadcasting again this time from their new think tank -The Bushings Institute, Tom and Ray advise Cynthia that the fate of her beloved 1980 Chevy Citation is inextricably linked up with her personal life choices. Jim's shaking VW, Eileen's Nissan and Dave's Subaru get more conventional- but equally entertaining- diagnoses.


#2142: Weekend at Dougie's

When the producer is away, our cats will play. The boys figured out where producer Doug Berman hides his spare housekey and spend this week's showtime raiding Dougie's fridge and torturing his cat inbetween calls. Shelly and her misbehaving clutch, Jennifer with her 'possessed' dashboard and Larry with his noisy Mercedes are all accomplices.


#2141: Greetings from the Bushings Institute

The important think tanks tackle global peace, poverty and the really deep problems facing humanity. Tom and Ray's 'Bushings Institute' set their sites a bit lower: Where is Stacey's oil leak coming from?.. When is the right time to sell your Saab?.. and how can the boys settle the $100 bet between Sarah and her friend fairly and still take their standard 50% commission?


#2140: When Yugos Roamed the Earth

This week's show starts a new/old chapter for Car Talk as we go back to the show's beginnings to try and figure out where such a simple concept -giving nice listeners useful car advice- went so horribly wrong. Turns out we can't blame this on the internet, but enjoy the laughs as the boys try to help Andy with his fair-weather Nissan and Nancy with her grounded T bird and Ellen attempts to 'out jalopy' Tommy in her search for a $2000 car. All this and a classic puzzler!


#2139: Thirty Four Years of Wasting Perfectly Good Hours

This week on Car Talk, we wrap up our 34th Anniversary celebration/apology, with our all-time favorite laughs. We've got the infamous electric brakes call and the philosophical breakthrough it inspired. Also, Tom's misadventures in the US Army; the ultimate Puzzler faux pas; an appearance by Tom and Ray's dear mother, Elizabeth; a tale that epitomizes Magliozzi brotherly devotion; and the saga of Richard, his goats, and Doris. All of this, plus some entries from the listener noises Hall of...