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Bringing The Kingdom Of God Through An Automotive Platform




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Where Does God Go On Vacation/ Don’t Get Stuck In The Mud

This week I was just climbing up in the Father’s Lap every morning in prayer, as my friend Dr. James Banks, (Of ‘Encouraging Prayer) had instructed and just hang out with God no agenda. I was just enjoying His company Friday morning and a question popped into my mind, and […]


May I Help You? – Confessions Of An Ancient Car Salesman

In order to be rescued you have to want to be rescued and the level of distress appears to be critical to the amount of want. It was once explained to me that if your arm is chopped off and you are in the emergency room to get stitched up, […]


King Of The Road

What a contrast in Kingdoms I witnessed over the last couple weeks, I went on a Mission trip to Jamaica with Teen Challenge 2 weeks ago, then took my family to Disney world the following week and to quote my ex-Biker friend Ricky Corn, “I’ve seen some things” , I […]


High Speed Pursuit

In the 23rd Psalm you may recall the last line “Surely Goodness and Mercy will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” The word “follow”, David used, in Hebrew is “radaph” meaning to pursue or run after.. are […]


Consider Yourself One Of Us

No doubt Charles Dickens encapsulated the Orphan Spirit in Oliver Twist. All alone no one really cares, if its going to get done, its up to me. That’s how I always felt when I prayed, that was up until Monday morning. My normal morning I hope to be up by […]


You: ARE The Champion Of Your Mother’s Heart

God sent more then one comforter into your life and I hope like me you had a mom who was that, but even if you didn’t I promise God sent someone for you that in their case you were, “The Champion of their heart”. Here is a sound byte of […]


Making It Work : The Last Shall Be First

What does that really mean, “The Last Shall Be First”? All Week God has had me on the lesson plan of “Work” with Jesus Parable of the Day Laborers or as some say The Workers in the Vineyard. It’s just not fair is it? Here is the Parable Matthew 20:1-16 […]


The Answer IS Blowing In The Wind

God knows Eagles better than anyone, and when God Spoke through Moses in Deuteronomy 32:11 saying that He, like an Eagle stirred Israel’s nest; God was providing some deep understanding on life’s storms and trials. I learned this week from Matt Willis the author of “Learning to Soar”, that baby […]