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Cary Hall is a unique American with a strong desire to empower his fellow Americans. Cary cancels the noise and confusion in the US healthcare system by bringing a robust array of healthcare providers, experts, practitioners, authors, inventors, as well as business and industry leaders to you each week. Cary's goal is to enable you to become the expert for your own healthcare management, saving you time, money, and effort. The majority of people, when faced with medical or healthcare decisions, are often in for an uphill battle of complexity and discernment around the options available to them. Cary is also a trusted source for expert-level information and advice around the nuances of health insurance. The real value that is Cary Hall? He's the expert, the mentor, the guide, and the advocate every American needs to make their best educated decisions around personal healthcare.


Overland Park, KS


Cary Hall is a unique American with a strong desire to empower his fellow Americans. Cary cancels the noise and confusion in the US healthcare system by bringing a robust array of healthcare providers, experts, practitioners, authors, inventors, as well as business and industry leaders to you each week. Cary's goal is to enable you to become the expert for your own healthcare management, saving you time, money, and effort. The majority of people, when faced with medical or healthcare decisions, are often in for an uphill battle of complexity and discernment around the options available to them. Cary is also a trusted source for expert-level information and advice around the nuances of health insurance. The real value that is Cary Hall? He's the expert, the mentor, the guide, and the advocate every American needs to make their best educated decisions around personal healthcare.




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How to access Medicare Advantage plans and determine which one will fit your needs

My guests are Medicare and Medicare Advantage experts! Joining me from RPS Benefits by Design are Carolee Steele, who is the Director of Medicare, and Maria Ahlers, Chief Operating Officer, Employee Benefits at RPS Benefits By Design. Together, they offer Medicare Advantage plans from every carrier out there that has a Medicare Advantage plan: Blue Cross, Aetna, Humana, United… they all have zero premium plans. Hear how they can help ensure you find the right plan that fits your needs with allowances for dental, vision, hearing and even transportation via a debit card that are built into the Medicare Advantage plans. Did you know, the “extra benefits” that are built into the Medicare Advantage plans is how the carriers compete with each other? That’s important and they tell us why. And, most people start with comparing prescription benefits. Find out why that matters. Ep 2006 Terms used in this episode: Simply Blue plan the Blue Cross of Kansas City RPS Benefits by Design: 877-385-2224 Primary Care: Spira Care: Primary Care: CenterWell Medicare Part B Medicare Part D Medicare Advantage Plans I'm Cary Hall. Contact me if I can help you:


Why is Value Based Primary Care so much better for the patient than Volume Based Primary Care?

They say that 40 cents of every $1 that’s paid for Primary Care services goes to the relationship between the Insurance company and the Doctor. So we're going to talk about a different model of primary care today. It's an alternative. It's something different, and I'm intrigued by it. And I think you will be, too. It's a model that obviously is working well because they continue to expand the number of clinics they have here in the KC Metro, and you'll find similar value based primary care throughout the USA. My experts this episode are Troy A. Burns, MD, a pioneer in healthcare reform. He was among the first to adopt the new Direct Primary Care model that fixes many of the problems with our broken healthcare system. Dr. Burns is joined by Angela Prato, M.D., who joined ProPartners Healthcare in 2018. Learn more about ProPartners Health Care: or call 913-451-4776 Have an idea, or an issue you need help with? Send me a note or submit a topic here: This is S20 Ep 4 and I'm Cary Hall, America's Healthcare Advocate.


The Dr Is In - CenterWell's Dr Ikeme with A Better Way to Experience Primary Care

Today we visit with CenterWell Market President Drew Hare and back for a second visit is Dr. Stephanie Ikeme. I am a fan of the CenterWell model for Senior Primary Care and I think you will find this to be a fascinating episode as we investigate what makes CenterWell so amazing. CenterWell Senior Primary Care features a care team approach that helps each patient live a healthier, happier life by supporting the mind, body and spirit. As a result, our patients frequently mention how they don't feel rushed when they come in for an appointment. They feel like they can be heard. Our returning guest, Dr. Stephanie Ikeme, is the regional medical director for CenterWell Senior Primary care. If you are a senior or if you are the care giver to a parent or relative who is, this episode is for you! While we discuss the Kansas City market specifically, the information is for all seniors in the US who are seeking a better level of primary care. For those outside of Kansas City, CenterWell is in 26 states currently and it is well worth it to see if they operate near you. Learn more about CenterWell by calling 816-640-8522 or visit Do you have a problem I can I help you with? Let me know by sending an email: Thank you! -Cary Hall


The Dr is In - The Challenges Seniors Face with Healthcare-How CenterWell Senior Primary Care Helps

Our topic today is a different primary care model that is centered on Seniors. CenterWell Senior Primary Care features a care team approach that helps each patient live a healthier, happier life by supporting the mind, body and spirit. Or, as our guest Dr. V says: “One of the things patients frequently mention to me is they don't feel rushed here. They feel like they can be heard. I think that's important because when you feel like you can't express yourself, you're not going to bring things that are of concern to you to the forefront.” Our goal with this episode is to help you feel happier and healthier everyday and my expert guest: Vinod Naidu Velakaturi, MD from CenterWell Senior Primary Care in the Kansas City Metro. --- Are You Someone's Care Giver: CenterWell can make a big difference? Not only do they provide transportation, but there are other things that might be something for mom, or dad or for a grandmother or grandfather. Learn More about CenterWell: (816) 640-8522 America’s Healthcare Advocate, Season 20, Episode 02 --- Other contact information: RPS Benefits by Design, Carolee Steele and Maria Ahlers: (877) 385-2224 Need help or have something to share? Contact Cary Hall: Senior Care Consulting, Steve Kuker 913 945 2800


2024 Winter Multi-Topic Show: Nobel Vaccine, RSV Surge, 3rd Rail Entitlements, Loneliness Death Rate

The America's Healthcare Advocate Winter Multi-Topic Show has fascinating details, takes and closer looks at -The mRNA Breakthrough, Nobel Peace Prize and "Unprecedented Vaccine Development" -RSV's Winter Surge -How Loneliness is Tied to Death Rate -Nikki's "The 3rd Rail" of Healthcare Entitlements: Medicare Advantage -Regular Exercise Mitigates the Effects of COVID 19 Ep 1940 I'm Cary Hall. Join me for part one of our Winter Multi-Topic Series! If you have a topic or a problem that I can help with:


Woman Admits Pregnancy and Loses Her Healthcare Coverage on

Claire Benson’s health insurance was abruptly cancelled when she tried to update her information in her account. Claire bought her insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace and after the policy was in place, she was asked in an email from to update her account to reflect her married name and provide documents. She needed help logging in and called the 1-800 number for help. The navigator on the other end of the phone reviewed her policy, and encouraged her to update pregnancy information, too. So, Claire clicked “yes” and revealed her pregnancy. As first reported by KCTV5 Investigative Reported Angie Ricono: “I was just following instructions,” said Benson, “speaking to the person who answered the phone at Marketplace, trusting that she would tell me what I needed to know and guide me in the right direction.” Benson’s health insurance was immediately terminated. Angie offered Claire several ways to deal with this including getting me on the case to advocate for her. In this episode, Claire and I discuss her terrifying journey and offers this story to anyone finding themselves in this situation. Ep 1941 Have an issue? Send me a message and let’s talk:


There are 10,000 people Turning 65 Every Day! Here is Everything You Need To Know About Senior Care

With so many people Turning 65 Every Day, we check in with America's leading Senior Care Consultant and give you everything you need to know about senior care for your spouse, your parent, a grandparent or sibling... anyone needing help finding care. Whether it be an assisted care living facility, nursing home or care in the home, Steve Kuker knows it all. How to choose a facility and the pitfalls of using a "Free" placement service, finding safety and abuse records on every facility as well as help with home care scenarios and how to make the best decision. Excerpt from this episode. Our expert guest, Steve Kuker: “In the first step when I meet with someone is to conduct a geriatric care assessment. It's a proprietary geriatric care assessment to answer all of the big questions. • What level of care do we need? • What type of care • Our payment method • Location parameters, and • personal preferences and needs "So those are the big five. We also uncover other issues or needs as well during this consultation. But that's our starting point. And now I know exactly what that person needs. Then I research the entire market and identify our top options. The next step is we actually go out and tour those facilities together and I conduct a performance audit at each place. --I've been an administrator of nursing homes and assisted living facilities and I look at this differently, I think, than most people”. AHA Ep: 1939 Background: Steve Kuker, Senior Housing Expert, Senior Care Expert, Franchisor, Radio Broadcaster ------------------------------------------------- Plus, in our 3rd segment, Steve discusses how you can start a Senior Care Consulting franchise yourself using his same model and tried and true practices. To learn more about becoming a franchise partner: OFFER from Steve: A free home care provider screening tool and it's a list of 30 or 35 questions. It's a really good list and I'll just send it out free of charge. Just call or send me an email and I'll reply sending it to you for free. Senior Care Consulting 913-945-2800 Learn more: Need help or have a question? Contact me, Cary Hall:


RSV, COVID Booster, Flu Shot: Drs Explain Who Should Take The Vaccines and Who Is At Greatest Risk

Stop reading fiction on the internet and listen to these 2 doctors explain who should take these vaccines and who is a greater risk, like seniors and toddlers. Our experts will get you ahead of the curve, so that you know going into cold and flu season what your risks are and what you should be doing, whether you've got infants, toddlers, children that are teenagers, or whether you're a seasoned citizen and someone at greater risk. My guests are Dr Tracy Stevens M.D., a board-certified cardiologist with Saint Luke’s Cardiovascular Consultants and is on staff at Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Missouri, and Dr Sarah Boyd, MD, who is board certified in Infectious Diseases, Member of IDSA, SHEA, HIV medicine association and has practiced at Saint Luke's North Hospital since 2007. Dr. Stevens is the Julia Irene Kauffman Endowed Chair for Women’s Cardiovascular Health, the Ben D. McCallister, MD, Community Ambassador, and a professor of medicine at the University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Medicine. Read more about these doctors: and Can I help? Contact me here: Contact Cary Hall, America’s Healthcare Advocate:


Help a Local Family with Toys & Food for Christmas

My guests are John Massey, President, Mak Booher, VP and Danny Spencer, Treasurer and their 501(3)(c) nonprofit "ZuZu's Petals". This extraordinary charity organization brings the spirit of Christmas to underprivileged communities by providing festive decorations, food and gifts. Find out how they started, what they have accomplished and how you can help right now. We offer this episode nationally, even though Zuzu's Petals is local to the Kansas City metro, because they are a stellar example of transparency in the operation of a charitable organization, and I encourage you to find this kind of transparency in any charity you support that is local to you. Look into Zuzu's award-winning transparency: Click here to donate:


ACA Obamacare Open Enrollment - How to find the Best Policy and Pay Less on Your Health Insurance

It's open enrollment for ACA, which starts in the month of November. On our BlueKC ACA Show we're going to talk about all the plans and we've got some really great information to share with you in the show! November 1st is going to be the start of open enrollment for ACA. It is going to end on January 15th, maybe (we will explain). My ACA Experts Ryan Roth and Sheri Blankenship from BlueKC join me on this episode to get you the information you need if you are looking for an ACA healthcare policy. They can help you find subsidies based on income projections that can significantly lower your cost and will examine how an ACA policy can include Spira Care, and hear about BlueKC networks like, Blue Select Network, Blue Select Plus Network and Preferred Care Blue Network, and what could be available to you. You can go to and try and figure this out on the marketplace portal, but please listen to this episode first. While this information covers the Kansas City Metro, this episode of America's Healthcare Advocate has information and resources you can apply throughout the USA. Ep 1933 BlueKC ACA Show Topics include: BlueKC reduction of ACA Healthcare rates by 4.3% in Missouri and 10.1 in Kansas, ACA, Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, BCBS, Spira Care, In Network, Blue Select Network, Blue Select Plus Network, Preferred Care Blue Network, Children's Mercy, income projection, subsidy, HSA, Co-pay, Telehealth, virtual care, Open Enrollment, individual or family insurance, Blue 365, Mindful by Blue KC, behavioral health, Livongo, diabetes management, glucose meter, lancets, test strips Learn More Find this episode podcast here: Have an issue, concern or question? Contact me, your host and Healthcare Advocate, Cary Hall:


Health Insurance Costs Highest in Years-“will wallop businesses and their workers in 2024”

My guest for Ep 1932 is Mr. Gavin Quinnies, Chairman and CEO of US Health Center. Gavin is trained in engineering and management systems and started his career developing artificial intelligence, automated process planning, and intelligent networks in the aerospace industry where he developed industry-leading health, safety, IT, quality, sales, and productivity management systems. • He implemented his first incentive-based wellness program in 1992 resulting in a 4:1 ROI. Before co-founding US HealthCenter, Show Excerpt: Cary Hall: “So the headline here is Employers Health Plan Costs to Swell. Health Insurance costs are climbing at the steepest rate in years, some with some projecting the biggest increase in more than a decade will wallop businesses and their workers in 2024. Costs for employer coverage is expected to surge 6.5% for 2024. Such a boost could add sickness economy to the price tag for employer sponsored plans that already average more than $14,600 a year for each employee. Employers worry the hike will signal a new trajectory, with health costs resuming their rapid upward march through the 2000s. All right. So there have been multiple articles in the Wall Street Journal and other newspapers and other publications about this. That's why I have Gavin Quinnies is on here today.. So, Gavin, let's just start with an overview of U.S. health and the program. Now, you know, I've been on your website, spend a fair amount of time up there. Just talk about your company and what you consider your mission and how you it how you came to put all this together. Gavin Quinnies: “Well, our mission is easy to start with. It's to reduce health care costs and improve quality of life through the deployment of science technology and as with any significant problem, you can't just solve it with a single answer. So technology is a piece of advocacy, meaning individuals working with other individuals. And of course, the science is what helps us know who and how and where and why to deploy the technology. And in the advocacy, my experience in coming out of aerospace engineering with a risk minded philosophy approach to problem solving and and then having to run my own businesses and in the early nineties we started bringing to our manufacturing facilities that that I was that I was running as a as a operations person in charge of safety and quality and, and technology and, and production”. This is a very special, informative and hopeful episode that I think you will enjoy. If you would like to connect with Gavin Quinnes about your company health insurance, visit or call 877-322-7398. I’m your host Cary Hall, America’s Healthcare Advocate and my goal is to enable you to become the expert for your own healthcare management, saving you time, money, and effort and you can message me at


Its Open Enrollment Season for Medicare Advantage-We Detail all the Options for 2024 Medicare Plans

Understand all the Options from United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna and Humana. Ep 1929 Reviews all the plans, plan changes and some amazing new Coverage Options for 2024. Medicare Open Enrollment is October 15th through December 7th, 2023 for the 2024 coverage season. Our Certified Medicare Experts receive at least 40 hours of training to achieve AHIP Medicare Certification. Today joining us are Carolee Steele, Director of Medicare and Consumer Services at RPS Benefits By Design and Maria Ahlers, PHR, who has more than 19 years of experience in benefits administration. Episode Excerpts: Cary Hall: “Each year it is so important to review your Medicare health and drug coverage to make sure it's still fits your needs and finances, and this is a time if you want to make a change.I can't emphasize that enough because we're going to give you some specific examples of changes that have been made, some of them good, some of them not so good to all the providers coverage for 2024 that you that you're going to want to know about. That’s the reason that Carolee says you need that review is to see if, hey, you know, what you've got is great, everything's fine”.“So let's just start with comparing original Medicare to Medicare Advantage or original Medicare to Medicare Supplement. Let's just talk about that because you hear this all the time, ‘Well, I've got Medicare. I don't need to do anything else’".Carolee Steel: “Oh, yes, you do”. Cary Hall: “And why is that?” Carolee Steel: “Medicare A and B and B only covers about 80% of all services. So, if you have $100,000 medical occurrence, you're kind of on the hook for that $20,000. And there is no out-of-pocket on that, which is really a scary thing”. So that's what we're going to do today. We're going to talk about that and we're going to bring that information to you so you can make a decision”.RPS Benefits by Design can advise you nationwide for Medicare Enrollment, do a policy review and handle all insurance needs at 913-385-2224 & or I’m your host Cary Hall, America’s Healthcare Advocate and my goal is to enable you to become the expert for your own healthcare management, saving you time, money, and effort and you can message me at:


Medicare Advantage Kickoff Show. Change your plan! We have the new plan designs from BCBS of KC

My BlueKC Medicare Advantage Kickoff Show with 3 experts on hand to explain the new plans available to you and tell you whether it makes sense for you or not. This show is important to you because you want to make sure they have the best coverage possible with the most benefits possible. The first plan we discuss is the HMO plan Blue KC Secure with $0 premium, $0 deductible, $0 PCP co-pay. We also will tell you about the Blue Benefits Bundle, The Valor plan for Veterans that allows keeping VA prescription benefits yet with a Medicare Advantage plan. We also discuss the Spira Care centers: Learn more at and by calling 833 957-7720 Ep 1930 Our experts today are Barron Roberts, Manager of Medicare and Individual Sales at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City; Angie Sutton, Blue KC Broker Development and Engagement Leader and Barb Bins, Broker Development and Engagement Manager at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City Contact me, Cary Hall, America's Healthcare Advocate:


Would You Be Willing to Loose Weight If Coached by an NFL Player?

Ep: 1929: In this episode my guest is Russ Allen, Volunteer Director of the NFL Alumni Association campaign. Russ shares some truly amazing weight loss knowledge and how his website is where you can join wellness experts in an online, season long campaign that will include the NFL Alumni Association members directly coaching you in zoom conferences and a "Playbook" of key insights on how to maintain your weight and how to loose it and will be presented in 12 sequential programs. I'm doing it! You should join us! The campaign in its 4th year and has evolved from the "Huddle Up Let’s Talk Obesity" Public Service Announcement, which was a Sabre Winning campaign in year 1 and featured notable NFL Alumni (NFLA) encouraging the public along with the NFLA membership to begin the process of gaining control of their obesity and getting comfortable speaking about it. "Obesity is a medical condition, not a character flaw" is the mantra of the campaign. In years two and three the initiative transformed into the NFL Alumni Wellness Challenge and during that time 16 of their members lost an average of 35 Lbs! This year will enable graduates of the Wellness Challenge (go to for details) who've been trained to be coaches and public speakers on the topic. After listening to this podcast, I invite you to join us and loose some weight. Start Here: Additional info: Russ Allen Russ Allen is the CEO of and operates a network of wellness services under the Optimal brand including,, Optimal,, and Optimal Each Optimal service line provides specific wellness optimizations treatment, diagnostics, and care by expert providers. Russ previously owned a concierge medical facility in Manhattan and a 12,000 sq ft medical facility in Astoria, Queens, NY.


Why do hospitals charge private insurance carriers 250% more than Medicare for the same procedures?

This week our guest Terri Raimondi joins host Cary Hall for a revealing look into the high cost of health insurance and why its so high. Our experts tell all and you're going to learn where is the money going (and guess who pays for it)? Cary Hall: "You know, they always say, follow the money. We're going to help you follow the money. And we're going to have that discussion about national health care and how it works. And why is it the Europeans spend less on health care and than we do. We're going to talk about all those things today with this national expert Terri Raimondi here in the AHA studio with me". We will explain Self-Funded Health Insurance Programs, Employer Self-Funded Health Insurance Plans and tell you what BUCA plans are and what a Third Party Administrator does. Episode 1928 Lean more, contact Terri Raimondi: Got a show idea? Contact Cary Hall:


How Medicaid recipients who are losing coverage can obtain an ACA policy and Cover the Premium

Ep 1925: Join me the week as my guests from Blue K.C. Barron Roberts and Ryan Roth discuss how Medicaid recipients who are losing coverage can obtain an ACA policy with a Subsidy that Could Cover All Or Most Of The Premium. It's important information for anyone losing coverage in 2024 We also discuss upcoming broker events regarding Medicare Advantage, ACA, and Group health offerings by Blue K.C. Barron Roberts is Manager of Medicare and Individual Sales at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City and Ryan Roth is Sales Director at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City While this episode provides information specific to the Kansas City metro, we feel there’s important information for all of the U.S. and BCBS of KC Learn More: Visit or call 833-264-1596 Got an idea for a show? Send me a message:


How to take the guesswork out of Managing Diabetes

Ep 1926: Diabetes is an Epidemic in the US with 1.6 Million Adults & 283,000 Child Diabetics. A study out that says that's going to increase by 65% over the next four decades. So think about that. If you're already at 1.6 million and you're going to increase that by 65%, now you're doubling it, okay, to 3,000,003 and a half million. In this episode, our expert guests are from Medtronic: Ron Hoyler is a diabetes nurse. He's an educator and he's a nurse clinician. He has a master's in business administration, health care administration, a master's of science in nursing, a bachelor of arts degree in personnel administration, associate applied Science in Nursing degree as well, and he is a certified diabetes technician, a certified diabetes care and education specialist, a certified insulin pump trainer, a 2022 Medtronic Core Training MVP, and he was patient experience champion for Children's Mercy Hospital. Ed Clasby has been with Medtronic for 21 years, so he certainly knows his way around the medical equipment business. But the purpose of this show is to educate you about diabetes and the two products that can make a big difference in your life. Contact: Medtronics Phone number 888-882-8602.


Agent Orange Update, 9 Distinct Benefits of Zinc & Ending Short-Term Healthcare in 2024-Multi-Topic

We discuss the supplement ZINC and what are the 9 Distinctive Health Benefits of taking it, we update Vets on Agent Orange from the VA Agent Orange Newsletter and new health issues developing. Plus, the new law "No Smoking in New Zealand", Anywhere! I will also reveal how the administration is Ending Short-Term Health Policies in January of 2024 and the real Impact that will have and lastly, National Healthcare in the UK: How’s that going? It's a fascinating, multi-topic, cornucopia of health-related information from Cary Hall, America's Healthcare Advocate. Ep 1924 U-Tapao Royal Thai Navy Airfield Phù Cát Air Base Vietnam Nakhon Phanom monoclonal gammapathy (MGUS) Agent Orange 20 Suit Wavi brain Scan


How BlueKC Ranks #1 for Member Satisfaction by JD Power and Why Its So Important

Recently Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) has been ranked #1 in Member Satisfaction by J.D. Power even while industry averages have declined since 2022. Find out why Blue KC’s score increased by 17 points and hear Gratia Carver, the VP and Chief Experience Officer at BlueKC explain how they meaningfully focus on prioritizing their members. Plus, we'll discuss the six JD Power examining factors and how BlueKC ranked #1 across all 6! Ryan Roth, the Sales Director at BlueKC joins us as we dive into how they achieved this honor. The J.D. Power U.S. Commercial Member Health Plan Study™, now in its 17th year, measures satisfaction among members of 147 health plans in 22 regions throughout the United States by examining six factors. You can read more about the BlueKC JD Power award here: This episode is relevant to the Kansas City Midwest Region of the country, but we feel it has information that's useful to listeners across the US. Contact me, Cary Hall: Contact Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City: or call 816 395 3858


Compassionate Primary Care focused on Seniors that gives you MORE than 7½ Minutes with your Doctor!

Joining me for this episode is Dr. Stephanie Ikeme, the regional medical director for CenterWell Senior Primary Care. And here's why this is different. CenterWell is a unique practice and very unique in the way they deliver health care. And their results are significantly different. 15 minutes is the average the average time spent with the your primary care doctor and in reality, seven and a half minutes is what you get. Contrast that with the Dr. spending 45 minutes to an hour with the patient when they come in to sit down. Dr Ikeme: “Because we want to treat the whole person. Health is not only just the disease and the medication. There's lots of factors we need to know, how they're living, who's taking care of them, what resources do they have? Are there barriers to how they can take care of their health? That takes time. That takes getting to know the patient. And you can't do that in seven and a half minutes. Our job is to get to know the patient in every aspect of their lives, to make sure that we give them the most success, to have better outcomes for their health.” This is radically different than the fee for service model with the average physician or primary care model of a hospital or a large primary care practice with a patient load of 1000 patients or more typically. Join me for this fascinating episode (Ep 1922). Contact Cary Hall: Learn more about CenterWell Senior Primary Care 913 914 8202 Stephanie A Ikeme, DO CenterWell Market President Andrew Hare