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Global business news, with live guests and contributions from Asia and the USA.




Turkey and Syria devastated by earthquakes

It is still too early to gauge the full impact of the two massive earthquakes that shook Turkey in the early hours of Monday morning. What is known so far is that the damage stretched widely beyond the epicentre in the city of Gaziantep - with buildings collapsing and mass casualties across the border in northern Syria. At least 3,800 people are confirmed to have died. (Photo: Severely cracked and lifted concrete footpath. Picture Credit: Getty Images)


Elon Musk wins lawsuit over Tesla $420 take-private tweets

CEO of electric-vehicle maker Tesla Elon Musk, has defeated a shareholder legal case alleging that tweets claiming he had the “funding secured” to take Tesla private cost investors billions of dollars in losses. Despite all the gloom about a pending recession in the US, the US jobs market surged January, adding more than half a million new jobs. And we talk gaming as 33-thousand people from 110 countries link up this weekend to develop video games from start to finish in just 48 hours....


Tech giants Apple, Amazon and Alphabet announce earnings

Three of the world's biggest and richest tech giants, Apple, Amazon and Google parent Alphabet have released their latest earning figures. It's good news for Amazon as sales rose. However for Apple and Alphabet it was doom and gloom, we head to Silicone Valley to hear what's next for these companies. While oil and gas companies report record profits such as Shell, we head to Nigeria where there are fuel shortages. We hear how fuel costs have increased over the last few months and prices on...


US Federal Reserve to raise interest rates

The US Federal reserve are taking a measured approach to the US inflation as they raised interest rates by 0.25 percentage points. This marks the smallest increase since last March, after a series of aggressive rate hikes last year. The United States and its allies have imposed further sanctions on Myanmar’s military rulers amid deepening conflict two years since the military seized power in a coup. We hear how this is affecting the country. And how do you like your coffee in the morning? We...


China's Sichuan lifts birth restrictions

The Chinese province makes the decision to allow couples to have as many children as they want as the country faces a decline in population. We find out the impact this will have on families and the economy. Boeing has produced its last 747 jumbo jet in the United States. The 'Queen of the Skies' first appeared in nineteen-seventy. We look back at the history of the emblematic aircraft. The International Monetary Fund has updated its World Economic Outlook for 2023. We explore the figures...


Goldman Sachs boss gets big pay cut

The CEO of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, arguably America's best-known investment bank, has seen his pay cut by some 30% for 2022. In announcing the news, Goldman’s board said the pay-cut reflected “the firm’s 2022 performance, relative to peer results.” That was despite the bank suffering a 22% drop in annual profits. (Picture: A Goldman Sachs logo is displayed on a smartphone with stock market percentages on the background. Picture Credit: Getty Images)


A hacking group called Hive has been hacked by the US authorities

The hackers have been hacked - a prolific international ransomware operation has been shut down by US, German and Dutch officials. The criminal network, Hive, is said to have targeted over 1,500 victims worldwide in the past 18 months and extorted over $100 million. FBI director Christopher Wray said the operation had recovered over 1,300 decryption keys for victims since July 2022 and had prevented $130 million in ransomware payments. (Photo: Cropped hand of computer hacker typing on...


Trump to be allowed back on Facebook and Instagram

Donald Trump will be allowed back on to Facebook and Instagram, after Meta announced it would be ending its two-year suspension of his accounts. The then-US president was indefinitely suspended from Facebook and Instagram after the Capitol riot in 2021. Nick Clegg, Meta's president of global affairs, said a review found that Mr Trump's accounts no longer represented a serious risk to public safety. (Picture: TOPSHOT - Former US President Donald Trump speaks at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm...


The US government sues Google

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) and eight US states have filed a case against Google alleging it has too much power over the online ad market. Online advertising accounts for the lion's share of Google's multibillion dollar revenue. Google is the market leader, but its slice of total US digital ad income has fallen from 36.7% in 2016 to 28.8% in 2022, according to market research firm Insider Intelligence. (Picture: In this photo illustration a Google logo seen displayed on a smartphone....


Why is Microsoft putting billions of dollars into an Artificial Intelligence chatbot?

Microsoft has announced a multi-year, multibillion dollar investment in artificial intelligence (AI) as it extends its partnership with OpenAI. OpenAI is the creator of popular image generation tool Dall-E and the chatbot ChatGPT. The Windows and Xbox maker plans up to 10,000 redundancies, but said it would still hire in key strategic areas. (Picture: OpenAI logo displayed on a laptop screen and Microsoft logo displayed on a phone screen are seen in this illustration photo taken in Krakow,...


China: Will the Lunar New Year boost the economy?

It's the biggest single one-time movement of people on Earth, as Chinese citizens travel across the country to celebrate the Lunar New Year with friends and family. As the FTX trial continues we find out what it means for those who have lost their money and if there's any chance they could get it back. Roger Hearing discusses this and more business news with Stephanie Hare, researcher of technology and politics in London and Peter Lewis, Director of the Australia Institute’s Centre for...


US: Can the debt ceiling be raised?

The US Treasury says it's taking "extraordinary measures" after the federal government reached its borrowing limit of $31.4 trillion to pay its debts. Also in the programme, Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin is to be charged with involuntary manslaughter over the fatal shooting of a cinematographer on a film set in 2021. And as Shakira and Miley Cyrus release songs to get back at their exes, we find out why we love revenge tracks so much.


Microsoft job cuts: an end to a pandemic boom?

One of the world's biggest tech companies Microsoft joined a list of others who have announced plans to shed part of its total work force. It is also a tricky time for workers over 45 who no longer find it easy to get jobs. In France, a widespread disruption is expected today as nationwide strikes take place in response to the government’s planned major reform to France’s pension system. (Microsoft boss says layoffs were a response to macroeconomic conditions and changing customer...


China's falling population: A dent to the economy?

On today's programme, China sees a historic fall in birth rate with consequences for its economy and the world. The Bank of Japan will decide on its latest course of monetary policy, we discuss what it might mean. Rahul Tandon is joined throughout the programme by Betsey Stevenson, professor of public policy and economics at the University of Michigan and Isin Elicin, a freelance journalist based in Istanbul in Turkey. (Picture: A nurse takes care of a newborn baby in a maternity hospital in...


US and China: Whose economy is bigger?

We discuss chips and tariffs as well, and ask whether China will overtake the US economically in the next 50 years. Rahul Tandon talks to Stephen Roach, former Chief Economist at Morgan Stanley, Dr Henry Huiyao Wang is Founder and President of the Centre for China and Globalisation in Beijing and Lulu Chen, Bloomberg's Asia Investing Team Leader in Hong Kong. (Picture: Flags of China and the USA. Isolated on a white background. Credit; Getty Images)


US banks reveal earnings

US institutions appear to perform - but is it enough to get them through a recession? We hear about a 'new direction' for Saudi Arabia's ruling regime, in the form of entertainment investment. Also, detectorists are causing headaches for the Dutch police in a new hunt for buried Nazi gold. (Picture: US dollars at a bank. Credit: Getty Images.)


Price rises slow in the US

New figures show that inflation in the US – the world’s largest economy – is on the way down. The latest figures showed a slight fall to 6.5%, down from 7.5% the previous month. But will it be enough to stave off further interest rate hikes? Also on the programme, how to love where you work: new figures show an interesting shift in employee satisfaction at some of the world's best-known firms. (Picture: A customer in a supermarket in New York City. Credit: Getty Images.)


Some Japanese workers promised inflation-busting pay rises

Last week Japan's prime minister called on firms to put up wages to help people struggling with rising prices. It comes as salaries in the country remain flat even as inflation is going up at its fastest rate in decades. In response, the Japanese clothes retailer, Uniqlo, has announced it will give its employees a huge pay rise. Meanwhile, a lawyer for the failed cryptocurrency firm, FTX, says his team has salvaged more than five billion dollars in assets following the company’s spectacular...


Global economy risks a second recession

The global economy is "perilously close to falling into recession", according to the latest forecast from the World Bank, as the impacts of the Ukraine war and Covid pandemic continue to be felt across the world. In fact, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are already struggling to keep their heads above water. Leaders in politics and economics share their thoughts with us on the economic challenges facing those countries. Meanwhile Publisher Transworld has said Prince Harry’s memoir Spare has sold...


Brazil: A big challenge for the new president

About 1,500 people have been held in Brazil after supporters of ex-President Jair Bolsonaro stormed Congress, the presidential palace and the Supreme Court in the capital Brasília. The rioting came a week after President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was sworn in. Pakistan is hosting an event in Geneva on Monday with the United Nations as it seeks international assistance to cover around half of a total $16.3bn recovery bill. It has been a busy day for the economy as Pakistan has also asked the...