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Goldman Sachs leaders and analysts break down the key issues moving markets in this weekly podcast.


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Goldman Sachs leaders and analysts break down the key issues moving markets in this weekly podcast.




Can tech continue to power equities to new highs?

Tech stocks are once again in focus, boosted by optimism over artificial intelligence. In the latest episode of The Markets, Goldman Sachs Research’s David Kostin, chief US equity strategist, looks at whether this rally can continue.


Hedge Fund Outlook for 2024

What do hedge funds tell us about 2023 and the year ahead? Freddie Parker, co-head of Prime Insights and Analytics in Global Banking & Markets, discusses hedge fund performance last year and how a higher rate environment might benefit their portfolios in 2024.


Regional banks back in focus on real estate concerns

Regional banks are back in the news, driven in part by their exposure to commercial and residential real estate. Ryan Nash, managing director in the Financials Group within Goldman Sachs Research, discusses what this means for investors.


How geopolitical instability is affecting markets

As tensions in the Middle East continue to rise, what does this mean for markets and the global economy? Jared Cohen, president of Global Affairs and co-head of the Office of Applied Innovation at Goldman Sachs, and Sam Morgan, global head of fixed income currencies and commodities sales in Goldman Sachs’ Global Banking and Markets business, discuss the economic impacts of rising geopolitical instability.


Can tech continue to dominate the markets?

Tech stocks in the “Magnificent Seven” are continuing to drive S&P valuations higher. But are investors starting to consider small and mid-cap tech stocks as well in 2024? Sung Cho, co-head of Tech Investing for Fundamental Equity in Goldman Sachs Asset Management, discusses what he believes to see in tech this year.


Market takeaways from 2024’s World Economic Forum

What economic issues were top of mind for world leaders as they gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this week? Luke Barrs, global head of client portfolio management in Fundamental Equity within Goldman Sachs Asset & Wealth Management, discusses the key takeaways from Davos, as well as how investors are approaching today’s geopolitical landscape.


What the latest inflation data means for markets, the Fed, and investors’ portfolios

A pickup in US inflation may push out the timing of the Federal Reserve’s rate cuts, according to Alexandra Wilson-Elizondo, co-chief investment officer of Multi-Asset Solutions in Goldman Sachs Asset Management.


What's ahead for tech stock valuations?

The megacap tech sector surged in value in 2023. So what are the market opportunities in 2024? Eric Sheridan, Internet sector specialist in Goldman Sachs Research, discusses the drivers behind recent stock market performance.


As the Fed stays put, markets bet on timing of rate cuts

Has the Fed officially achieved a soft landing? Josh Schiffrin, global head of trading strategy in Goldman Sachs Global Banking & Markets, discusses the takeaways from the latest Fed meeting and what’s next for markets in 2024.


Why markets will be living in a strong US dollar world

Against a backdrop of falling rates and resilient global growth, the US dollar typically declines. Goldman Sachs Research’s Kamakshya Trivedi explains why he expects that decline to happen only “slowly and bumpily.”


How are investors approaching today’s market strength?

The S&P is trading near the high of the year, cash is earning historic highs, and bonds are more attractive than ever. Ashish Shah, chief investment officer of public investing in Goldman Sachs Asset Management, breaks down the implications for investors’ portfolios.


What are retail earnings and CPI telling us about the US consumer?

As the holiday season approaches and CPI numbers show cooling inflation, what does that mean for US consumer spending? Goldman Sachs' Scott Feiler, a consumer sector specialist in Global Banking & Markets, discusses the outlook for the retail sector.


Are emerging markets due for a comeback?

While rates are in focus in US markets, how are investors approaching emerging markets? Caesar Maasry, who leads the Emerging Markets Cross Asset Strategy team in Goldman Sachs Research, discusses the long period of underperformance in emerging markets and what their trajectory looks like into 2024.


What the BoJ’s latest move means for global yields

This week saw major decisions from some of the world's largest central banks, a continued focus on the relationship between the labor market and inflation, and the latest round of corporate earnings. Gurpreet Gill, a macro strategist on the Fixed Income team in Asset & Wealth Management, discusses the implications for markets and investors.


What big tech's earnings can tell us about AI, rates and future volatility

The largest companies in both tech and overall market cap are reporting earnings this week and next. Peter Callahan, our US technology, media, and telecommunications sector specialist in Global Banking & Markets, breaks down what this tells us about the tech sector and health of the US economy.


What the volatile bond market means for investors

Amid increasing geopolitical uncertainty and a volatile bond market, the US economy continues to surprise to the upside. Ben Snider, senior strategist on the US portfolio strategy macro team in Goldman Sachs Research, explains the implications and why foreign buyers are flocking to US stocks.


The market’s rate expectations

This week saw a reversal in the US bond market, which has been marked by declining prices and rising yields. Josh Schiffrin, co head of Global and US Interest Rate Products in Global Banking and Markets at Goldman Sachs, discusses what this means for investors.


A more ‘disciplined’ IPO market

How are large investors thinking about equity capital markets and the trajectory for the overall economy? Lizzie Reed, global head of the equity syndicate desk in Goldman Sachs Global Banking & Markets, dives into the findings of the team’s survey.


The fixed-income selloff: A new supply-demand dynamic?

10-year treasury yields hit a high not seen in fifteen years. Paula Hendrickson on Goldman Sachs Global Banking & Markets’ Interest Rate Product Sales team joins to discuss what this means for markets.


The impact of rising oil prices

OPEC production cuts and record demand have driven the price of oil sharply higher. Daan Struyven, head of oil research in Goldman Sachs Research, breaks down the drivers and implications for the broader economy.