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Episode 377: From Dog Walks to Dreams. The Unleashed Success Story of Randa Clark

Ever dream of diving into the pet business ocean but don't know if you're diving into calm waters or a whirlwind? In the ever-evolving and competitive landscape of the pet industry, understanding the journey to success through firsthand experiences can be incredibly enlightening. This week on "Bella in Your Business," we have an episode that you simply cannot afford to skip, especially if elevating your pet business is at the forefront of your goals. This week I am joined by Randa Clark, a veteran in the pet industry with over 20 years of experience. Randa’s narrative from initiating a dog training venture to diversifying into pet care services is nothing short of inspiring. We unpack the layers behind Randa’s strategic decisions. The pivotal moments (including an accidental email that led to a substantial business opportunity), and the challenges faced in enlarging a business foundation. If you are thinking about franchising or want to expand your business, these tips are for you. Randa’s got the lowdown on picking the best growth routes, nailing your branding, and making your clients feel special. If you’re after tips on how to grow your business smoothly, this episode is like a GPS for success.


Episode 376: The Differences in Selling Your Pet Services To Different Generations

Imagine cracking the code to selling pet services effortlessly to any client, regardless of their age—from the enthusiastic generation of Gen Z to the seasoned Baby Boomers. It's not just a dream; it's this week's reality! The Times Are Changing, and So Are Your Clients… In an era where personal connection battles with digital dominance, understanding the unique preferences of each generation can significantly amplify your pet business's success. Why This Episode Is a Must-Listen: Demystifying Generational Preferences: Discover why Baby Boomers may favor a handshake over an email, or why a millennial might choose your service based on an Instagram story. ?? Revolutionizing Your Sales Strategy: Get the first look at a transformative sales approach tailored to bridge the generational gaps, ensuring no client feels left behind. The Art of Modern Marketing: Learn the tactics that resonate, from showcasing the power of personal stories to leveraging the latest tech trends for an unforgettable service experience. Inclusivity and Ethics in Action: Understand why the generation of Gen Z values not just what you offer but also how you stand within the community, making ethics and inclusivity your strongest assets. So, are you ready to transform the way you connect with clients of all generations? Let this episode be the key that unlocks new doors of opportunity and growth for your pet business. Dive in with me on Episode 376 of "Bella in Your Business," and let's navigate the generational maze together. Your next big breakthrough is just a play button away - I can't wait to embark on this journey with you.


Episode 375: The Mindset It Takes to Buy Multiple Pet Businesses with Beau Bibeau

Are you feeling stuck in your pet business journey? Teetering on the edge of expansion but haunted by the echoes of doubt? This week on "Bella in Your Business," we're slicing through the fog of fear. We are lighting the path to growth with an extraordinary guest, Beau, the mastermind behind Top Dog Walk’s multi-location success story. Beau opens up about evolving from an employee to an empire builder. Revealing how understanding his "why" propelled him from maintaining a single location to spearheading a cross-state dog-walking dynasty. With Bella's guidance, Beau refined his ambition. Transforming it into a blueprint for relentless growth, grounded in service and personal development. Despite the challenges of managing businesses from a distance, Beau shares his golden rules for staying connected to his team and mission. Discover his top picks for books and podcasts that keep him inspired. Along with how a commitment to ethical business practices and a laser focus on systems and delegation have been crucial to his expansion. Ever wondered how to conquer the gnawing fear of stepping into the unknown within your business? Beau and Bella dive deep into the mindset shifts necessary for overcoming self-doubt. And how to embrace leadership, with practical examples from their own experiences. For those dreaming of buying and selling pet businesses or wishing to scale new heights, this episode is a trove of actionable insights. Remember, the only person holding you back is YOU. Tune in to this week’s episode for your dose of courage, wisdom, and perhaps the nudge you need to take your pet business where you've only dared to dream. Join us and transform your business fears into your most powerful fuel yet. Let's jump in!


Episode 374: Why Blogging Isn’t as Important As You Think It Is & What You Can Do For Results

Are you effectively leveraging the power of SEO for your pet business, or is it an untapped goldmine waiting for your attention? Is Blogging as important as you think when it comes to SEO? This week on 'Bella in Your Business', we bring back the digital marketing maven, Bobby Machado from Sign Marketing, for a riveting fourth round of insights. Dive into the depths of digital marketing where Bobby discusses why knowledge of analytics isn't just important – it's crucial. Especially given his track record of handling over $300K in Google ad spend. Unravel the mystery of blogging as we tackle the big question. Is it a mere online diary or a powerhouse for lead generation and establishing authority? Bobby breaks down the mixed signals in the blogging realm, cutting through the noise to reveal how the strategic use of transactional keywords can transform your visibility and drive incoming leads. We're also revisiting a classic success story. Marcus Sheridan's blogging prowess that saved his company during the 2008 financial crisis — reinforces why hitting the digital books can mean serious business growth. Plus, get an exclusive scoop on local SEO audits tailored to your pet business for a strategy that barks up the right tree. If you're eager to see your business unleashed on the first page of Google and master SEO to provide unmatched value, you won't want to miss this episode of Bella in Your Business!


Episode 373: 4 Myths About What Blogging Will Do For Your Pet Company

Imagine you've just found the ultimate map to the blogging maze – well, consider this your personal guide to the treasures hidden within! I am back with digital marketing maestro Bobby Machado, from Signa Marketing to tackle the tallest tales in the blogosphere. Together, we're going to debunk those pervasive myths and set realistic expectations for your content's role in lead generation. Forget the old "post and pray" method; we're talking strategy that works as hard as you do. We'll dive deep and unearth the truth about SEO and the real impact of fresh content, tearing down the illusion that more is always better. It’s about crafting posts that speak directly to your audience, with long-tail keywords that act like a whistle for your target market – they'll come running! And for those of you who’ve been led to believe that overnight success is just one blog post away, we're about to adjust that narrative. Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint, and we're here to pace you to victory. Plus, because every elite pet business owner deserves a head start, Bobby is offering an exclusive, complimentary local SEO audit to listeners – but act swiftly; this bone won't bury itself! Prepare to walk away from this episode of Bella in Your Business, equipped with the wisdom to elevate your pet business's digital footprint beyond the bark. Are you ready to step up, stand out, and create a blog that benefits your business in ways you’ve only dreamed of?


Episode 372: Dangers of Hiring an SEO Company For Your Pet Business

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, are you positioning your pet business not just to compete, but to lead the pack? Dive into this episode of "Bella in Your Business," where we explore the intricacies of SEO for pet businesses and the potential pitfalls of hiring an SEO company without a leash on reality. This week, I’m back with Bobby, CEO and head strategist at Signa Marketing. Together, we’re setting the record straight: Can SEO companies truly deliver on their promises, or are they leading business owners on a wild goose chase? We tackle the tough questions, debunking myths about guaranteed first-page rankings and spotlighting the red flags you should be sniffing out. Are you missing out on the bountiful leads a fine-tuned website can offer? It's time to uncover if your website is a hidden gem awaiting discovery. Bobby shares insights on establishing a comprehensive keyword strategy that aligns with your business goals, ensuring search engines and potential clients can find you easily. Visit for a complementary strategy meeting to align your SEO efforts with your business aspirations. Arm yourself with the knowledge to lead your business forward, starting with this episode of Bella in Your Business!


Episode 371: 2 Inbound Lead Generation Channels Your Website Can’t Live Without

Are your digital marketing efforts fetching the results your pet business deserves? Is your SEO strategy falling short of the results you want? Join me with special guest Bobby Machado for the first of a 4 part series. Together, we dive nose-first into the transformative world of inbound lead generation channels that promise not just to sniff out leads, but to deliver them straight to your digital doggy door. Mastering the Google local pack is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity. Bobby shares tips on SEO strategy for reaching the pinnacle of those coveted top spots. But how do you engage the 70% of pet parents who trust organic results over paid ads? We touch upon a strategy that ensures your presence is felt across both territories. Discover why conversion tracking isn't just tech talk—it's the heartbeat of your growth strategy. And, to give you a glimpse into the holistic audit that could revolutionize your approach, Bobby has a treat in store that's sure to get tails wagging. With a free local SEO audit on offer to listeners and actionable insights into optimizing your lead capture, we ensure that your pet business stands out in the digital pack. Lastly, we'll separate fact from fiction in pet business marketing, framing a partnership built on trust and a clear-eyed SEO strategy. This is an episode of Bella in Your Business you do not want to miss! And if you have questions get on my calendar and let's chat!


Episode 370: Thoughtful Tactics to Build Your Dog Walking Company Culture

Have you ever wondered why some pet businesses absolutely thrived in 2023 while others merely survived? Discover the secret in this invigorating episode of Bella in Your Business. Hint: It has everything to do with company culture and community. This episode I am continuing on the topic of isolation, and tying in how building company culture brings people together in your business. I unravel the secret sauce it takes to foster a positive and collaborative work environment for your team. Imagine a business filled with ecstatic clients and a team that's bursting with job satisfaction. How can you make this a reality for your pet business? I also delve into the transformative power of open communication. How community brings people together to not only work well but be the best versions of themselves. This episode is an integral navigation tool for pet businesses striving towards remarkable success in 2024 and building better company culture. Prepared to unlock a bright future deserving of your pet business? Invite valuable knowledge into your journey by tuning into this episode. The transformative insights you seek may be just one listen away. If you haven't make it a goal to jump on my calendar for 2024!


Episode 369: It Takes a Village, Cultivating Connections on Your Pet Business Journey

Have you ever felt like you were struggling alone in your pet business? Do you wish you had more of a "village" to rely on? I've been there too. In this week's empowering episode, I share my reflections on the power of community and why having the right support network is critical not just in business but in life. What if I told you that surrounding yourself with positivity could unlock more success than working alone behind closed doors ever could? I dive into the science and psychology on why community shapes our mindset, performance, and even our brain itself. You'll hear inspiring research on village living and how our ancestors collaborated within tribal support circles rather than isolating themselves. I share my thoughts on how the physical architecture in modern neighborhoods discourages human connection despite our innate need for community. Want to know the single most important thing you can do today to grow your pet business? I'll reveal it in this game-changing talk. You won't believe how a simple shift in mindset can attract new opportunities practically overnight. I'll also get candid on how I personally overcame dark times by tapping into community and why I owe so much to the power of shared experiences. Join me for a thoughtful, uplifting discussion on why we thrive when we support others without losing our sense of self. Make sure you check out this episode of Bella In Your Business!


Episode 368: How to Perfect Your Interview Questions When Hiring Dog Walkers

Have you ever fumbled your way through an interview with an undesirable pet sitter or dog walker? Have you ever wondered how to hire the perfect pet sitter or dog walker? Where do you even start with crafting the right interview questions? In my latest podcast episode, I spill all my secrets on crafting the perfect interview questions to find the most qualified candidates. I emphasize nailing down a candidate's schedule and lifestyle early on. As small business owners, we can't afford unreliable employees, especially when it comes to caring for precious pets! My top tip? Get straight to the point with direct questions. Delve more deeply into problem-solving abilities by sharing realistic scenarios. Their responses reveal crucial glimpses into their expertise, judgment, and compassion under pressure. As we stride into 2024, now is the perfect chance for pet owners to level up their interview skills and set higher standards. By investing in a selective hiring process, we propel our businesses into a more profitable and harmonious new year! Reach out anytime for a free 20 minute call with me to help guide you in the right direction.


Episode 367: Breaking Free from Isolation, Strategies for Pet Industry Entrepreneurs

Ever found yourself surrounded by wagging tails and soothing purrs, yet feeling a bit like a lone wolf in the world of pet entrepreneurship? It's like being in a room filled with adorable companions, yet the business journey can be surprisingly solitary. In this episode of "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast," we continue our discussion on isolation and its impact on business owners. Today, I want to share with you some practical tips and personal insights that can help you combat isolation and thrive in your entrepreneurial journey. First and foremost, it's crucial to prioritize personal growth. As business owners, we often get caught up in the day-to-day operations and forget to invest in ourselves. But by taking the time to learn and develop new skills, we can break free from old patterns and beliefs that may be holding us back. So, if you're a business owner feeling isolated, I highly recommend giving this podcast episode a listen. It's packed with valuable insights and practical tips to help you overcome isolation and thrive in both your personal and professional life.


Episode 366: Overcoming Isolation, Real Stories of Hope and Resilience with Kathy and Tracy

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by the hustle and bustle of your business, yet felt an undeniable sense of isolation? As business owners, we often paint a picture of success, but behind the scenes, many of us wrestle with a profound and sometimes lonely journey. In this episode of "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast," we have a really important topic to discuss - the feeling of isolation among business owners. It's something that many of us have experienced at some point, and it can be really tough. Our guests today, Tracy and Kathy , are here to share their personal experiences with feeling stuck and alone in their businesses. They know firsthand how challenging it can be to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship without a support system. Tracy and Kathy found solace in joining a mastermind group and community. They talk about how connecting with like-minded individuals who understood their struggles made a huge difference in their lives. It gave them a sense of belonging and support that they had been missing. One of the key takeaways from this episode is the importance of reaching out to others. It's so easy to get caught up in our own negative thoughts and feelings of isolation, but by opening up and connecting with others, we can challenge those thoughts and find a renewed sense of purpose. Practicing gratitude is another powerful tool that Tracy and Kathy discuss. By focusing on the positive aspects of their businesses and lives, they were able to shift their mindset and find joy in their work again. So, if you've been feeling isolated in your business, know that you're not alone. There are people out there who understand what you're going through and are ready to support you. Take that first step and reach out - you never know how it might change your life.


Episode 365: What It Takes To Hire 50+ Employees In Your Pet Business with Tiffany Lewis

Hey Jumpers! In the business world, few things are as simultaneously crucial and daunting as hiring new talent. If you've ever been in a position where you had to recruit and onboard new employees, you're likely familiar with the mixed emotions of this responsibility. The mere thought of hiring new talent can send shivers down the spine of even the most experienced business owners. But, here's the twist. What if we told you that hiring might not be the colossal, nerve-wracking endeavor it's often made out to be? In this episode of "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast," I am thrilled to welcome back Tiffany Lewis. She is the amazing owner of Pet and Home Care. Today, we dive into Tiffany’s incredible journey, starting from being a dog walker to running a business with over 50 employees. It's truly inspiring to see her build her empire and find success in hiring new talent. Tiffany opened up about the challenges she faced when transitioning from independent contractors to having a full-fledged team of employees. She also highlights the significance of having a formalized hiring process and how it has made a huge difference in her business. Oh, and let's remember the perks she offers her employees - they're a game-changer. If you're a pet business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, this episode is a goldmine of valuable insights on hiring new talent. Tiffany's journey and her tips on managing a team effectively are definitely worth listening to. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this one!


Episode 364: How to Get 150 Applicants a Week For Your Dog Walking Business With Becky Lea

Hey Jumpers! If you're a business owner in the pet industry or any industry for that matter, you know that finding the right team members can be a real challenge. But today, we've got a treat for you. We're about to dive into the world of the hiring process, employee retention, and creating a thriving company culture. Welcome to another episode of "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast," Today, we have a special guest, Becky Lea, the owner of Paws Around Motown. Becky is here to share her experience and insights on improving the hiring process for her business. Becky starts off by sharing her initial struggles with hiring. Like many business owners, she found it challenging to find the right candidates and wasted a lot of time on the wrong ones. But she didn't let that discourage her. Instead, she decided to revamp her hiring process and make it more efficient. Becky managed to reduce her hiring time from a whopping 10-14 days to just five days. She explains that implementing a thorough hiring process was key to this success. By carefully screening candidates and conducting multiple interviews, she was able to find the perfect fit for her team in a shorter amount of time. Becky's story is a great reminder that continuous improvement is crucial for any business. She encourages fellow entrepreneurs to always be on the lookout for ways to refine their hiring process and create a better experience for both the business and the employees.


Episode 363: How to Embrace Efficient Marketing with Less Time and More Results

Feeling Overwhelmed by Marketing? Here's How to Get Back on Track In this week's info-packed episode, I am talking about one of the biggest pain points for pet business owners: marketing. Endless hours fiddling in Canva, constantly second-guessing your messaging and visuals, trying to learn new skills that keep changing - it's frustrating and exhausting! If you feel like you're just tossing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, you're not alone. I am here to tell you how you can succeed, jump on over to Better Marketing With Bella to see everything I am talking about. Drawing from my personal experience and the success stories of past clients, I break down exactly why DIY marketing often falls short and how to create an effective strategy. Don't believe me? Give the stories a listen and see how you can be a success too.


Episode 362: The Importance of Consistency in Your Pet Business Brand

Imagine this: a pet owner is searching for a reliable service for their beloved canine companion, and they stumble upon your business's website, social media, or storefront. What sets your brand apart? What impression do you leave on their minds? Are you tired of feeling like your pet business is just blending in with the crowd? Do you want to stand out and make a lasting impression on your customers? If so, then consistency in branding is the key! In this episode of "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast," I want to talk about something super important for all you pet business owners out there: consistency in branding. Trust me, it's a game-changer! Doors for Better Marketing With Bella are currently open if you're looking for more guidance and support in your marketing journey. And remember, consistency is key! So, let's get out there and make our pet businesses shine.


Episode 361: The Dangers of Using AI to Market Your Pet Business

Is your pet business considering the leap into the world of AI-driven marketing? While it may seem like an enticing prospect, promising enhanced customer engagement and increased profitability, have you ever paused to wonder about the hidden dangers that could be lurking beneath the surface? In the realm of promoting pet-related services and products, using artificial intelligence can be a bit like walking a tightrope. In this episode of "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast," we will explore the rising trend of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing. AI presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses. It's not a one-size-fits-all solution, and understanding its nuances is essential. Introducing Magai, an affordable AI tool suitable for small pet businesses looking to harness AI's power. AI isn't a magic fix; it requires quality content input. While it excels at data analysis and predictions, it can't create compelling content on its own. Training the software to align with your brand and audience is vital. Customize it with your brand voice and values. However, remember not to rely exclusively on AI-generated content. Human touch is crucial for customer engagement. Use it as a supplementary tool, not a replacement. Consider outsourcing marketing tasks to experts to balance your workload. Embrace it's potential while staying true to your brand and maintaining personal connections with your customers.


Episode 360: Ditch Creating in Canva and Create Engagement Instead Like Leia from Wonder Pup’s

Have you ever scrolled through your social media profiles, basking in the glory of the numerous likes and comments your posts have garnered? It's an exhilarating feeling, isn't it? The digital world showers us with instant gratification, making it easy to assume that we've got this whole social media marketing thing down pat. But, here's a question: Are those likes and comments truly indicative of your marketing prowess, or could they be misleading you into a false sense of accomplishment? I understand the challenges that pet business owners and marketers face in the digital realm. That's why my program goes beyond vanity metrics and dives deep into the heart of effective social media marketing. Better Marketing with Bella. In this episode of "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast," I welcome Leia Johnson, owner of Wonder Pup's Pet Care, to discuss her ongoing marketing struggles and journey toward success with Better Marketing With Bella. Leia initially invested significant time in Canva for graphics and believed high social media engagement was vital for marketing. However, she soon realized the need for a better approach. After listening to one of our podcast episodes, Leia decided to take a recommended class on social media content creation, which is paying off. She's implementing what she learns and witnessing remarkable improvements in her feed. But she doesn't stop there. Leia decided to give Better Marketing With Bella a shot, and she's glad she did! It not only saves her time but also generates more income for her business. In our conversation, we stressed the importance of building relationships through marketing and emphasized that patience is key. Listen in to here her real-life success with using the program! Doors to enroll are currently open and will not be open again until March! Check out her before and after photos from using Better Marketing with Bella BEFORE: AFTER:


Episode 359: Bouncing Back Unleashing the Power of Resilience

Hey Jumpers! Have you ever wondered what sets apart those who crumble under life's pressures from those who seem to effortlessly bounce back, stronger than ever? In a world filled with unpredictable twists and turns, where challenges and setbacks often seem to be lurking around every corner, one thing becomes abundantly clear: resilience is the secret sauce to success. In today’s episode of "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast," we will discuss the importance of resilience. Life throws tough challenges, but resilience is about bouncing back. Surrounding yourself with positive influences and a support system can make all the difference. Facing fears head-on and taking responsibility for your actions are crucial. Conquering fears is empowering, and personal growth comes from owning up to mistakes. I also want to remind you about "Better Marketing with Bella," designed to help small businesses improve their marketing and customer base. As a special offer for our listeners, there's a discount on the program. If you need marketing help, let's connect for a 20-minute call to discuss your goals and how I can assist you. Always remember that resilience is key. Surround yourself with positivity, confront your fears, take responsibility, and make small changes for big transformations. You've got this!


Episode 358: Facing Fear How Conquering Your Inner Critic Can Grow Your Business

Do you remember the last time fear held you back from pursuing your dreams? Was it that brilliant business idea you were too scared to launch, or that game-changing decision you hesitated to make? We've all been there, paralyzed by the relentless whispers of our inner critic. But what if I told you that facing fear head-on could be the key to unlocking unprecedented growth in your business? In today’s episode of "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast," I'm excited to share a profound discussion about fear and its impact on our potential. It is a universal experience that can hinder us with self-doubt and uncertainty. It's essential to recognize that it is merely an illusion, not a reality. In this episode, I will share personal stories and experiences from listeners like yourself who have confronted and conquered their fears, emerging stronger. We'll delve into the psychological effects of fear on relationships and personal growth, and I'll offer practical strategies to overcome it. We will discuss calming techniques, breathing exercises, and the importance of confronting fears head-on. Additionally, we'll explore the incredible power of visualization and manifestation, teaching you how to shape the life you truly desire through the mind's potential. But here's the most exciting part—I want to hear from you. Share your current fears and challenges with me, and together, we'll tackle them.