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The How to Succeed Podcast teaches the success principles and interpersonal communication skills needed to get to the top and stay there. We are dedicated to empowering life-long learners and ambitious entrepreneurs with options for growth they didn't know they had. Through our reinforcement training, we provide advanced communication techniques needed to excel, provide accountability in implementing behavior, and help nurture the attitudes necessary to reach the highest levels of success. Visit for more information.


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The How to Succeed Podcast teaches the success principles and interpersonal communication skills needed to get to the top and stay there. We are dedicated to empowering life-long learners and ambitious entrepreneurs with options for growth they didn't know they had. Through our reinforcement training, we provide advanced communication techniques needed to excel, provide accountability in implementing behavior, and help nurture the attitudes necessary to reach the highest levels of success. Visit for more information.




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How to Succeed at Collaborative Learning with Lisa Ellis

Let’s dive into the world of collaborative learning and modern adult education. Discover the secrets to boosting memory retention, the importance of energy balance in learning, and the shift from knowledge accumulation to skill development. Find out how to measure success beyond the numbers. Learn why perfectionism can be a roadblock to progress. Get ready to revolutionize your approach to learning and growth! Timestamps: 0:00:00 Collaborative learning in sales training. 0:02:03 Modern adult learning concepts and techniques. 0:07:42 Sales training and information retention. 0:12:37 Sales techniques and collaborative learning. 0:16:01 Sales training and collaborative learning. 0:20:55 Sales development, growth, and collaboration. Key highlights: Collaborative learning, where learners actively engage with each other and facilitators, is essential for effective adult education. Modern adult learning focuses on experiential learning, application in real-world contexts, and active engagement with the material. Engagement, humor, and excitement in learning environments can trigger better memory retention and make the learning process more effective. Sometimes, a single impactful lesson or insight can be worth more than a comprehensive program. Sales is ultimately a conversation between adults to uncover the truth. Honest and open communication is fundamental to successful sales. Learning should focus on acquiring and applying skills, not just accumulating knowledge. Maintaining an appropriate balance of energy in learning sessions is crucial. ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed at Using Sandler Tactics Skillfully

Let’s explore the intricacies of mastering Sandler tactics skillfully and understanding the tactics triangle with the seasoned Sandler trainer, Jim Dunn, hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. Discover tactics that are not just tools, but rather a philosophy that hinges on authentic communication, mutual understanding, and empathic engagement. Join us, we will show you how to approach sales with empathy, authenticity, and a genuine desire to understand the unique needs of each prospect. Timestamps: 0:00:20 How to use sailor tactics skillfully. 0:03:32 How to ask good questions? 0:08:42 If you think it or feel it say it. 0:16:03 Reversing the curiosity curve. 0:20:47 When to use the softening statement and the question. 0:26:06 How do you define success? 0:29:01 The negative reverse sell concept and how it can be applied to sales. Key highlights: The foundation of effective sales communication lies in genuine curiosity and active listening. The curiosity curve is a powerful tool for keeping cengaged. Negative reverse selling helps you challenge the prospect's assumptions or expectations in a non-confrontational manner. Self-awareness helps you gauge when to deploy specific tactics and maintain a genuine connection. Successful sales conversations are not scripted monologues but dynamic dialogues. The tactics triangle emphasizes building relationships based on trust and understanding. The more you seek to understand, the better equipped you are to offer tailored solutions. ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed at Collaborative Learning

Are you ready to revolutionize your approach to sales training? Lisa Ellis, the Head of Product at Sandler, joins the podcast to explore the transformative power of collaborative learning in modern education and sales training. Lisa is a powerhouse of knowledge, sharing her insights on learner autonomy and how to create a learning environment that values and utilizes what each individual brings to the table. She brings to light the importance of different contexts for learning and how giving people choices shapes their learning journey. We also dive into how Sandler's Sales Development Series has been reimagined to incorporate these concepts for the best possible learning outcomes for our clients. Moving from the theoretical to the practical, we talk about how these principles apply to sales training. We break down the benefits of engaging content and the power of role-play in enhancing information retention. With Lisa's expert guidance, we explore engagement ideas for virtual instructor-led sessions and discover the innovative 'trap exercises,' pattern interrupts, and other education best practices she and her team have built into the new Sales Development Series. We explore the role of collaboration within the sales team, with the managers and leaders, and with your Sandler coach to get the best results and return on investment, so tune in and join us in relaunching the classic Sandler sales training through the lens of collaborative learning.


How to Succeed as a Woman in Business with Holly Hunt

In today’s episode, it is our greatest privilege to have a very special guest, Holly Hunt, who has spent over 17 years in the telecom and tech industries. Holly has not only garnered numerous accolades but has also broken barriers as a woman in business and sales. With her wealth of experience, she's here to share her insights on how she has thrived as a woman in a male-dominated industry. Join us as we realize the importance of resilience, empowerment, and fostering a sense of belonging in the professional sphere to drive success. Timestamps: 0:00:16 Introduction to this episode. 0:01:53 What she loves about her career. 0:06:38 Advice for young women in business. 0:12:11 What successful business women do that men don't. 0:18:06 How to know when to let the balls drop. 0:22:28 Recognize and stay in tune with yourself. 0:26:53 How do you define success for yourself? Key highlights: Embrace authenticity and gain confidence to excel in any role, regardless of stereotypes or expectations. Seek out role models and mentors to guide your journey. Create safe spaces and support networks, fostering a community where women can share experiences and learn from one another. Focus on leaving a positive impact on others and making a lasting difference, both personally and professionally. Face obstacles with resilience and determination, using setbacks as stepping stones toward success. Success has different seasons, and it's essential to manage your energy and time effectively. Engage with support groups, mentors, and colleagues to combat isolation and build a strong sense of community. Foster a culture of open communication, where individuals can express their needs and challenges without fear. Trust in your abilities and don't hesitate to contribute your ideas and insights. Sharing experiences and knowledge accelerates personal and professional growth while creating a culture of mutual support. Measure success by the positive impact you make on others and the legacy you leave behind. ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed at Motivating Prospects

Discover the art of sales motivation in this captivating How to Succeed podcast episode with Jason Stevens, a Sandler trainer with extensive experience in the sales industry. Learn how to ask the right questions and create tension to motivate prospects towards making informed decisions. Explore the importance of clarity and curiosity in your attitude as a sales professional and how to foster genuine connections with your prospects. Uncover the secrets of controlling conversations, avoiding tangents, and maintaining focus to drive prospects towards a favorable decision. Tune in now to revolutionize your sales approach and propel your career to new heights! Don't miss this exclusive interview with Jason Stevens, a leading expert in sales, management, and customer service training, and take your sales game to the next level! Timestamps: 0:00:16 How to get prospects to move forward 0:01:38 The difference between practical and conceptual questions 0:04:34 rust the system and trust the buyer 0:07:16 Conceptual vs technical sales is a problem for a lot of salespeople 0:09:32 The importance of knowing the root cause 0:11:54 How to figure out your technique in a conversation 0:14:12 How to be more strategic about tracking 0:19:04 Controlling conversation over spread 0:21:35 How to define success for yourself Key highlights: Understanding that big questions motivate people, and sales professionals need to focus on the key questions that will drive prospects towards a decision. Recognizing the difference between conceptual and technical problems and tailoring the sales approach accordingly to address the prospect's specific needs. Developing an adaptive mindset that is open to new possibilities and nuance, leading to more successful sales interactions. Fostering trust and breaking the stereotype of salespeople to create genuine human interactions and connections with prospects. Effectively dealing with prospects who seem disengaged by asking direct questions and seeking clarity about their level of interest. ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed at Revisiting Pain

To succeed at revisiting pain, take a "doctor" mindset and use the pain funnel to uncover the buyer's issues. Move from superficial problems to root causes and business impact. Reinforce this process throughout sales conversations and coaching. Be authentic, not scripted. Revisiting pain is an ongoing process, especially with multiple stakeholders. Continuously discover new pain points. Use the funnel internally too, helping your team set goals to address their pain points. Coach them after setbacks when receptive. Overall, master the pain funnel with empathy and authenticity to help buyers solve problems and drive sales success. Watch this video to learn how to succeed at repeatedly uncovering your buyers' pain points by adopting the doctor mindset and mastering the pain funnel process. Timestamps: 00:02:34 Understanding the forgetting curve. 00:04:10 The power of reinforcement. 00:08:09 The importance of pain. 00:13:17 Gain in the future. 00:17:27 Pain with multiple decision makers. 00:19:31 Pain discovery and aligning. 00:24:58 Salesperson's drive and potential. 00:28:49 The importance of the journey. 00:31:44 Sports and Sales Lessons. 00:34:36 Overcoming challenges in running Key highlights: Revisiting pain is an important aspect of the sales process. Understanding the pain of the buyer is crucial for success in sales. The forgetting curve suggests that 90% of information is forgotten within 30 days if not reinforced or put into practice. The concept of revisiting pain is similar to the approach taken by doctors when diagnosing and treating patients. A pain funnel is a tool used to uncover and understand the buyer's pain points. Salespeople need to take a doctor's approach and become trusted advisors to their buyers. ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed at Unlocking Your Full Potential

#sandler #sandlerworldwide One common misconception about AI coaching is that people prefer human coaches over chatbots. However, research shows that many individuals prefer talking to a chatbot when it comes to mental health issues. According to studies conducted by Oracle and independent researchers, three out of four people would rather speak to a chatbot about their mental health than their manager, and two out of three would prefer a chatbot over their general physician. tune in to this episode to discover the benefits of AI coaching in unlocking your full potential. Find out how AI can provide guidance and support in your personal and professional growth. Timestamps: Key highlights: Research shows that people are often more comfortable talking to a chatbot about mental health issues than to a manager or physician. AI coaching can help individuals get out of a stressed state and reconnect with their thinking and creativity. Success is defined by a combination of curiosity and contentment. ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed with Intentional Inclusion

#sandler #sandlerworldwide How can you be intentional? Educate yourself, and focus on impact and equity to create real change! In this episode, Dr. Nika White talks about intentional inclusion in the workplace. He believes that intentional inclusion means being proactive and strategic to create an inclusive environment, not just passively waiting for it to happen. The conversation goes on by emphasizing that inclusion does not happen organically, organizations need to be intentional through policies, systems, and accountability. Dr Nika states that belonging is the outcome of diversity and inclusion efforts. When people feel a sense of belonging, they perform better Join us for a must-hear episode with Dr. Nika White, discussing the keys to achieving intentional inclusion! Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity. Timestamps: Key highlights: Intentional inclusion requires being proactive, strategic, and calculated. Passively waiting for it to happen is not enough. Belonging, the outcome of diversity and inclusion efforts is important because it allows people to perform better and contribute more. Common mistakes include performative actions, lack of diverse leadership, and not measuring inclusion efforts properly. Simple things organizations can do include shifting mindsets to see inclusion as everyone's responsibility and educating themselves. Organizations should measure equity, not just equality, to drive sustainable change in policies, systems, and procedures ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed at Inspiring Others to Achieve Their Dreams

#sandler #sandlerworldwide In this episode, Tom Albert, founder, and CEO of Measured Risk, discusses how understanding supply chain risk can be relevant in these fields. In addition, he also delves into the importance of inspiring others in leadership and sales. Tom emphasizes the importance of seeking other perspectives and ideas to increase the potential for success and generate more innovative solutions. To achieve this, he suggests creating a brain trust of thinkers who can facilitate a room where ideas can be shared and discussed. The video also touches upon the importance of mentoring and being around people with high-performing thinking and kindness at their heart! Don't miss this episode with Tom Albert, founder and CEO of Measured Risk, as he shares insights on supply chain risk and how to inspire others to achieve their dreams and actions Timestamps Key highlights The importance of thinking nonlinearly and having a differentiated thinking style in business relationships. Using technology and data to inspire and motivate teams without overwhelming them. The relevance of supply chain risk management to sales pipeline management and leadership. The mindset required to step out of the corporate world and become a business owner and entrepreneur. The importance of mental agility, attitude, and curiosity in achieving success as a team. Achieving goals through measured risk and taking little steps towards achieving one's goals. ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed at Driving Faster Decisions

Are you looking to drive faster in decision-making in sales? In this episode, Sandler coach Brian Jackson discusses how to succeed at driving faster decisions in sales. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the difference between false, self-serving deadlines and real deadlines that prospects have a personal and emotional investment in. Jackson suggests letting go of personal ego and asking clients when they need to make a decision and why that date is important to them. He also highlights the damaging effects of conditioning prospects to expect discounts and incentives at the end of the quarter. Take action now to understand the importance of real deadlines and let go of personal ego in order to drive faster decisions in sales Timestamps: Key highlights: ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed at Email Marketing with Jay Schwedelson

#sandler #sandlerworldwide Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses and individuals to create genuine connections, drive engagement, and achieve their marketing goals. Today, we are diving into the world of email marketing with a true expert,Jay Schwedelson, creator of and has been a pioneer in the field of email marketing for over two decades. We'll be uncovering some of the latest insights, strategies, and techniques that can help you succeed in the dynamic landscape of email marketing. Dive in and understand your audience's behaviors, preferences, and needs, and tailoring your emails to address those aspects. Timestamps: 0:00:16 How to succeed in email marketing 0:03:02 The importance of a good subject line. 0:09:27 How much of a boost should you expect from email marketing? 0:15:21 Where do you land on timing in your pitch? 0:17:35 Email tips for sales emails. 0:22:26 The importance of reposting your content. 0:27:10 Hurdles to overcome. 0:29:20 How to plan out the agenda ahead of time. Key highlights: Prioritizing subject lines as an integral part of their strategy. Addressing recipients by their role or interests instantly grabs their attention. Sending emails at unconventional times can help emails stand out in a recipient's inbox. Tailoring approach based on the actions recipients have taken. Importance of compelling PS line and Logo placement for enhanced engagement. Effectiveness of Benefit-focused phrases for your email buttons. Consistently collect email addresses as an email list and leverage the power of email marketing remains a core lesson. Failures are opportunities for growth and learning. Value in building connections and engaging with industry experts. ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed at Creating More Playful Adult Learning

In this episode, David Thomas and Lisa Lattuca, who wrote a book called "Professors at Play: Playbook Real-World Techniques for More Playful Higher Education Classroom." share the importance of creating a more playful learning environment and the benefits of taking a playful approach. They also talk about how the current education system is under-optimized and how play can help fix it. In addition, they explore how play can stimulate creativity, innovation, motivation, and engagement, and how it can be incorporated into the classroom and the workplace. If you're looking to gain valuable insights into creating an engaging learning environment and motivated, creative workplace culture, this conversation offers practical advice worth listening to in full. Timestamps: Key highlights The way we do education today is, let's just say, under-optimized." Without play, it's hard to mitigate some of that stress and burnout." Play does create the flexibility of mind and energy, of heart, a connection to others that does allow you to become more creative, to innovate and deploy new concepts, to be motivated to do stuff, but also to engage in them. Play is like this superpower that we have taught ourselves to be afraid of. Success is finding what you're passionate about and directing your energy there. Play is necessary for survival, but when you're trying to survive, play is the first thing you let go of. ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed in the New Age of Customer Education

Customer education is increasingly important for attracting and retaining customers in the modern era. As consumers have more options and information readily available, businesses must focus on educating customers about their products and services in order to build loyalty and meet their needs. Personalization and tailoring content to individual customer requirements is crucial for effective customer education. Blanket, one-size-fits-all approaches will not resonate in today's marketplace. AI and automation can help streamline some aspects of customer education, freeing up time for businesses to provide more personalized interactions. The text provides insights into best practices for customer education - when and how to use it most effectively to create value. Tips are also shared for creating engaging and impactful educational content tailored specifically for target customer segments. To gain further insights and expertise on how to develop and execute a successful customer education program that attracts, engages, and retains customers, be sure to watch this informative video. By dedicating time to learn from proven thought leaders in the field of customer education, you will be better equipped to create personalized educational content and select optimal formats and channels. Timestamps: 0:01:46 The new age of customer education and its importance 0:03:01 Common misconceptions about customer education 0:06:40 The importance of educating sellers in an AI world 0:09:13 The value of AI in personalization and customer engagement 0:11:20 Strategies for implementing customer education 0:14:58 The importance of personalized learning paths 0:16:47 The different formats and techniques for customer education 0:20:30 The benefits and goals of customer education 0:25:28 Advice for attending Inbound conference 0:26:01 Courtney's definition of success and lessons learned 0:29:03 Courtney's favorite quote and mantra 0:30:26 What to expect from Courtney's Inbound talk 0:31:11 Tips for attending Inbound conference Key highlights:: Customer education plays a crucial role in attracting, engaging, and delighting customers. Personalization is key in customer education to meet the unique needs and preferences of learners. AI can automate certain tasks in customer education, such as content creation and localization, freeing up time for more personalized interactions. Different formats of customer education, such as videos, podcasts, and on-demand learning, should be used based on the desired learning outcomes and the preferences of the target audience. Customer education should be integrated throughout the customer journey, from onboarding to retention, to ensure continuous learning and growth. ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed at Owning a Franchise

In this episode, Tom Scarda, franchise coach and advisor at the Franchise Academy, shares his insights on how to succeed at owning a franchise. He debunks common misconceptions about franchises and emphasizes the importance of evaluating oneself before evaluating business models. Tom also discusses the ideal attitudes and mindsets of successful franchise business owners and shares tips for overcoming fear and taking action. If you're serious about becoming a franchise business owner and want insights from an industry expert on how to evaluate opportunities and set yourself up for success, this episode offers valuable advice worth listening to in its entirety. Timestamps: Key Highlights: Conduct an honest self-assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, values, vision, risk tolerance, and goals. Choose a franchise that leverages your strengths and aligns with your priorities. Evaluate various franchises, franchisors, and requirements to find the best opportunity. Look beyond fads and hype to options with a proven business model and dedicated support system. Partner with an expert franchise coach who can provide guidance based on years of experience. They help in assessing franchises, negotiating contracts, and avoiding costly mistakes. While self-evaluation and research are critical, taking action is ultimately required to achieve your goal. Move forward with confidence based on the preparation you’ve done, accept some uncertainty, and commit to overcoming obstacles. ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed at Recruiting Top Sales Performers

#sandler #sandlerworldwide In this episode, we will be talking about how to find and hire the best talent. The successful hiring of top sales talent heavily depends on understanding the differences between a candidate's mindset and skillset. Recognizing the factors that contribute to a potential team member's success is essential in identifying those who have the right attributes to excel in their positions. Employers must be aware of a candidate's mindset, commitment levels, and optimism, as these inner qualities are crucial in making them thrive in the business environment. Jamie Crosbie discussed the importance of concentrating on the will to succeed, especially when focusing on candidates in the middle level of the sales talent spectrum. She suggested that development should be emphasized from both a skillset and a mindset perspective. By doing so, sales managers can ensure that team members are motivated and dedicated, resulting in increased performance and a more successful sales team overall. Timestamps: Key Highlights: ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed at Selling SAAS

​#sandler #sandlerworldwide In this episode, Ryan Staley provides insights on how to succeed at selling SaaS. He believes that salespeople need to understand the misconceptions and ideal attitudes for selling SaaS to succeed. Selling software as a service (SaaS) is a unique challenge that requires a specific set of skills and strategies. Ryan Staley, the CEO of Whale Boss and host of the Scale Up show, has spent years helping SaaS companies scale their sales teams and revenue. In this episode, we'll explore some of the key themes including the ideal attitudes and beliefs for selling SaaS, common misconceptions, the importance of quantifying results, building emotional alignment with customers, and the importance of work-life balance. ​ Timestamps: Key Highlights: ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed at Selling to the Person not the Persona

#sandler #sandlerworldwide Are you looking to up your sales game? In this episode, Collin Mitchell, VP of Sales at Lithium and host of the Sales Transformation Podcast, joins the show to talk about the power of selling to the person and not the persona. In today's tech-driven world, it's easy to get lost in a sea of AI and tech tools. But Colin reminds us that the key to success is tailoring the sales process to the individual customer based on their personality and what they care about. He shares valuable insights on how to build a connection with customers, from prospecting to negotiating and closing. So if you're ready to take your sales game to the next level, make sure to join this episode! Timestamps: Key Highlights: Human salespeople are most valuable in tailoring the sales process to the individual customer, not just a general persona. Technology should be leveraged at different stages of the sales process, depending on the specific use case. This can include early prospecting, marketing automation, conversational intelligence, and follow-up and closing tactics. Use technology to enhance the sales process, not replace it entirely. AI can be used to read scripts, but human judgment is still valuable in sales. ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed in Commercial Construction

#sandler #sandlerworldwide Do you want to establish lasting connections with clients and boost your sales success? As a construction business owner, you need a solid sales strategy that enables you to cultivate enduring relationships with your customers. In this episode, I'll reveal the key solution to achieving sustained success in your sales efforts - fostering long-term client partnerships. In today's rapidly shifting business environment, contractors face challenges such as embracing new technology and improving communication within their organizations. Being adaptable and open to change is essential for commercial construction businesses to thrive and remain competitive. Customized sales training tailored to an organization's specific requirements is critical, enabling businesses to develop a customized system that works best for their needs and circumstances. Timestamps: Key Highlights: ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed at Scaling Up

In this episode, Herb Cogliano, an experienced executive business coach who has helped numerous midmarket businesses achieve exponential growth shares his insights and strategies on how to scale up your business to the next level. From identifying the key factors that can inhibit growth, to unlocking the potential of your people and your company, Herb provides practical tips and advice that you can start implementing right away. Whether you're a small business owner looking to take your company to the next level, or a midmarket business owner facing growth challenges, this episode is for you. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced business coaches in the industry. So, tune in now and get ready to take your business to new heights! Timestamps: Key Highlights: ========================================= SUBSCRIBE: Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a comment! ========================================= Follow Us: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: =========================================


How to Succeed with Intentional Inclusion with Dr. Nika White

Discover the transformational power of intentional inclusion in our enlightening conversation with Dr. Nika White, founder of Nika White Consulting and author of "Inclusion Uncomplicated." Learn how being proactive, strategic, and possessing foresight can pave the way for creating inclusive environments where everyone can excel and feel a genuine sense of belonging. We also debunk common misconceptions around inclusion, emphasizing that it isn't a zero-sum game, but rather requires a harmonious blend of diversity, equity, and inclusion for people to truly feel accepted and validated. In the latter half of our discussion, we tackle the challenge of fostering belonging within organizations without labeling it as a DEI event. Dr. White underscores the significance of measuring and monitoring the work's impact instead of just the activity itself. The key lies in having the voices of those with lived experience at the table, ensuring that decisions cater to the needs of diverse individuals. Don't miss out on this insightful episode with Dr. Nika White and learn how to excel through intentional inclusion. (0:00:05) - How to Succeed With Intentional Inclusion (12 Minutes) We explore what it means to be intentional about inclusion and the power behind the word intentional. I explain how being intentional requires us to be proactive, strategic, and have the foresight to create inclusive environments. We also discuss the common misconceptions around inclusion and the importance of intentionally creating a sense of belonging. I emphasize that inclusion is not a zero-sum game and that it requires a combination of diversity, equity, and inclusion for people to feel accepted and validated truly. (0:12:22) - DEI Implementation and Measurement (14 Minutes) How can we create a sense of belonging within organizations without explicitly making it a DEI event? It's not just about what we call the work, it's about doing the work, and the mindset shift needed to make a difference. We need to measure and monitor the impact of the work, rather than just the activity. Having the voices of those with lived experience at the table is essential to ensure that decisions impact the needs of those who look different.