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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.






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(December 7, 2023) Overcoming False Beliefs: The Key to Financial Freedom

Al Gordon addresses how we unknowingly allow false beliefs to hinder our growth and potential. From our personal to financial lives, understand why examining our belief system is pivotal to overcoming obstacles and achieving our desired lifestyle. Click to Listen Now


(December 7, 2023) Why Now Is the Time to Invest in Real Estate: How to Mitigate Risk

Del Walmsley shares insights on investing in real estate, discussing risk mitigation and the importance of learning from history. Understand why now is a prime opportunity to invest, even in the face of higher interest rates. Click to Listen Now


(December 6, 2023) How to Break Free From the Impact of Inflation

Al Gordon addresses the root issue of most financial problems: income. Even though wages may rise, inflation is always lurking, decreasing purchasing power and increasing expenses. Al has found a solution and shares his insights on how to break free from the clutches of inflation. Click to Listen Now


(December 6, 2023) Navigating Real Estate Investments

Del Walmsley shares insights on the opportunities in the current real estate market. He also answers a listener’s email regarding investment strategies for both new and seasoned investors. Click to Listen Now


(December 5, 2023) Risky 401(k)s: Why a Former CTO Turned To Real Estate

Al Gordon interviews Ron, a former Chief Technology Officer turned Multifamily investor. Despite being "positioned" for retirement, Ron recognized the risk of relying on his 401(k), sharing why he chose to move his nest egg into real estate and the remarkable results he achieved. Click to Listen Now


(December 5, 2023) Tell Del Tuesday: Serial Entrepreneur Finds Lasting Success in Real Estate

Del Walmsley interviews Ron B., a successful entrepreneur who discusses his journey from multiple attempted retirements to becoming a real estate investor with 4,200 units; enabling him to truly retire and enjoy life. Click to Listen Now


(December 4, 2023) The Anatomy of Real Estate Syndications: All You Need to Know

Mike Harrison discusses real estate syndications, including investing in Multifamily apartment communities, the process from start to finish, and the advantages of passive real estate investments. Click to Listen Now


(December 1, 2023) Unraveling Fears and Misconceptions in Real Estate

Andy Webb challenges our perception of risk in real estate investing. Perceived risk can be driven by fear or bad information and may not reflect the actual risk at all. Learn how to separate fact from fiction and make informed decisions. Click to Listen Now


(December 1, 2023) The “Family Office” Method to Build Intergenerational Wealth

Del Walmsley brings Curtis Haines on the show to introduce the concept of a “family office.” Instead of working hard for your assets, let your assets work hard for you! Listen to learn this legacy-changing method for creating intergenerational wealth, tailor-made for real estate investing. Click to Listen Now


(November 30, 2023) Choosing the Right Investment Property

Al Gordon discusses how to determine the best property to purchase for your portfolio. He examines 11 different properties and offers a methodical strategy for making educated investment choices. Click to Listen Now


(November 30, 2023) The Ins and Outs of Real Estate Ownership

Del Walmsley discusses the various ways of owning and operating real estate; zeroing in on the differences between owning small or large Multifamily apartment communities and how it varies depending on whether it’s operated independently or with professional management. Click to Listen Now


(November 29, 2023) Identifying Solid Real Estate Markets

Al Gordon debunks the media myth that all real estate markets are struggling. He shares the key indicators he uses to identify markets that are maintaining their value, using Kansas City as a prime example. Click to Listen Now


(November 29, 2023) Why Success in Real Estate Is Driven by Individual Motivation

Del Walmsley discusses the factors that drive some individuals toward success while others struggle. He also provides insights to a listener on how to turn $300k in home equity into a profitable real estate investment and advises another on cashing out their 401(k). Click to Listen Now


(November 28, 2023) Retiring Without Worry: Building a Sustainable Income Stream

Al Gordon discusses the retirement problem in America and how many people are finding it impossible to stay retired. He shares a solution that can build real estate assets and provide recurring passive income to fund your lifestyle. Click to Listen Now


(November 28, 2023) Tell Del Tuesday – Retiring at 40 and Buying Back Your Time

Matt and Candida had successful careers and fulfilling lives but their hefty tax bills were driving them nuts! When a friend pointed them toward Lifestyles Unlimited, their lives forever and today tell Del Walmsley how in just 11 months, Matt RETIRED from corporate America at 40 years young! Now they own more than 3,500 units and are Lead Investors™ in Matt’s hometown, where real estate has become a full family affair. Click to Listen Now


(November 27, 2023) Real Estate: The Ultimate Side Hustle

Mike Harrison explores the growing trend of side hustles. According to Bank Rate, 43% of people admit to having a side hustle. But are they simply taking on another job or is there more to it? Discover how to break the cycle of trading time for money.Click to Listen Now


(November 24, 2023) The Importance of Building a Financial Buffer

Andy Webb discusses the age-old question of when is enough, enough? He explains the importance of building in a margin for error and other variables, especially in unpredictable times. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to strike a balance between ambition and contentment. Click to Listen Now


(November 24, 2023) What Real Estate Investing Pays by the Hour

Calculating the time and money put into each, Del Walmsley compares realistic returns from a college degree, rental house, apartment complex, and an apartment run by a management company, to see how much each of these methods will pay per hour invested. The results will shock you! Click to Listen Now


(November 23, 2023) The Veteran’s Journey to Financial Freedom

Al Gordon, a husband, father, and veteran, shares his journey from struggling with his retirement income to providing an amazing life for his family. His inspiring story highlights the power of perseverance and the transformative impact of taking control of your financial future. Click to Listen Now


(November 23, 2023) Create Your Own Path to Freedom

Del Walmsley provides insights on developing a personalized financial freedom program to live the life you desire. Achieve the quality of life you desire by doing what you want, whenever you want, and with whom you want. Click to Listen Now