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Beautifully read and written audio stories for kids. The original stories podcast, founded in 2005.


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Beautifully read and written audio stories for kids. The original stories podcast, founded in 2005.






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Katie and the Cat Teacher

Katie is learning Latin - the language of the ancient Romans - at school. What's the point of this deadbeat language? Her mother says there is every point to learning Latin, especially if you are a witch who needs to understand magic. And as Katie is not making much progress, her mother finds her a Latin Tutor - a highly unusual one as it turns out. Read by Natasha. Written by Bertie.


The Chinese Year of the Dragon 2024

Happy Chinese Year of Dragon 2024! All over the world, including London’s Chinatown, you can see Chinese processions with banging drums, clashing symbols and a dragon dance performance. This story celebrates the rain-making qualities of Chinese Dragons


Stories, Science and Secrets Interview

We talk to our friends Matthew and Elaine Sweetapple, the Creators of Lost on Infinity by Rockford's Rock Opera, and we play the first episode of their story which now features in their Stories, Science and Secrets Podcast. The musical story of a dog called Rockford who travels to an island of extinct animals has been on our website for many years and is very popular. The new podcast reveals the science secrets behind the story.


The Dutch Hotel - The Mischievous Ghost

A ghost is playing pranks on the hotel - some of them are funny but the trouble is, they are getting the hotel a bad name. Who is the mischievous ghost? Parents might like our story of Cleopatra (for 16+)


Christmas in the Jungle

Happy Christmas! We celebrate with a story from the Jungle where Christmas is coming to the animals. Our tricky Monkey friend goes up the Big Mountain and meets a Christmas Elf. All the best to you from Storynory! What we want for Christmas? Leave us a nice comment somewhere please!


Birdy's Christmas Puzzles

Jake is hoping to go to Lapland for Christmas to see Santa, but it all depends on some precarious family finances. The answer lies in a series of puzzles. Can Jake's best friend Birdy, a smart crow, help him and his family to go on this special treat?


Birdy and the Dinosaurs

This is a story about an old friend of ours. His name is Birdy. He’s a crow who has lived for hundreds of years and known all sorts of important people, including kings and queens. In this story Birdy tells Jake that dinosaurs are not necessarily extinct. Birds, for example, are closely related to dinosaurs, and it's just possible that he and his sister might meet one or two.... Also, check out Kids Stories, Science and Secrets by Rockford's Rock Opera.


The Blue Jackal

A story from India's Panchatantra about a hungry Jackal who is dipped in blue dye. The animals in the jungle think that he is a god... and he takes full advantage of the situation. Also look out for our friends' podcast, Kids' Stories, Science and Secrets!w


The Enchanted Deer

A deer transforms into a beautiful girl and visits the village in search of a husband. A Hausa story from Nigeria. Visit for our full archive. Also catch us on YouTube.


Halloween Writing Competition

Here are your stories! The fantastic spooky results of our Halloween Writing Competition. And send us your Magical Holiday stories before Christmas for our next competition


Halloween Chants

Some Halloween Shakespeare! The witches chants Macbeth. Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble! Our entire archive going back to 2005 is on And our more grown-up stories are at This is slightly different version from the chants we uploaded to YouTube with some animations. We will be shortly reading out the winning entries from our Halloween writing competition.


The Dutch Hotel: The Ghost Writer

Get in the mood for Halloween with a story from our spooky series, the Dutch Hotel. Every autumn, the renowned historical novelist Angus MacPeabody works on his latest creation in Room 13, drawing inspiration from an old typewriter.... and perhaps from the ghosts of the hotel's past.


The Miracles of St Francis

Of all the saints, St. Francis of Assisi stands out for his deep love for animals and nature. His day is celebrated on the 4th of October, and it's a time when people around the world remember his teachings of peace and kindness towards all creatures. St Francis was born in the Italian city of Assisi in 1181. His father was a wealthy Silk merchant. He went against his parents’ wishes, gave up all his wealth, and became a travelling monk known as a friar. In this episode, I will tell you about a few of the miracles of St Francis, including ones involving birds, a fish, and a wolf. Read by Jana Written for Storynory by Bertie


Halloween Writing Competition

Halloween is on the way, so hurry up and get writing! Send us your spooky story by midnight London Time on October 20,2023. See for details.


Katie and the Invisible Umbrella

Katie is an ordinary girl, but there is one thing that is rather unusual about her. She’s a witch and can do magic spells. Her grandmother is a witch too, and she has a beautiful and very unusual umbrella. When Katie takes it to school, it is confiscated by Miss Vile. Then some unfortunate things start to happen. Story by Bertie. Read by Natasha More classic Katie stories at


The Clever Parrot and the Laid-Back Cat

A vigilant parrot and a carefree cat are friends with very different personalities. When their lives change all of a sudden, how will they both fare in their new environment? See and our sister podcast,


Damsel The Elephant

Damsel is the King's favourite elephant until one day she starts keeping bad company. A Jatarka fable from ancient India. See for text, and check out our sister podcast, https://, for relaxing stories of a spiritual nature.


The Enchanted Tea Kettle

The Classic story of a tea kettle that comes alive and performs circus tricks!


Master Snotty Nose

An old Woodcutter donates his logs to the River Dragon. In return, he receives a boy to look after - the boy has a constantly running nose, and is called Master Snotty Nose. Will he be a blessing or a nuisance to the old man? Full text at


The Kind Old Woman

Another Hausa story from Northern Nigeria. A kind old woman helps a sick bull and shows everyone that being nice is the best magic of all. But watch out! Gizo the tricky spider is always up to something.