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Join Andy Peck for The Leadership Show, featuring conversations with Christian leaders about their experiences of leadership.

Join Andy Peck for The Leadership Show, featuring conversations with Christian leaders about their experiences of leadership.


London, United Kingdom


Join Andy Peck for The Leadership Show, featuring conversations with Christian leaders about their experiences of leadership.




Christian Police Association (CPA) - Brian McCarthy

Andy Peck’s talks to Brian McCarthy, the Executive Director of the Christian Police Association (CPA) about the work of the CPA, special measures and what it takes to serve as a Christian police officer


Business, faith and ministering - Ivan Filby

Andy Peck chats with Ivan Filby about business, the faith, and ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit. Ivan chaired the business department at Greenville University, Illinois., served as dean of business at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California before returning to Greenville to serve seven years as president of Greenville University. He now lives in Northern Ireland, serving as a pastor of Tower view Church in Bangor and is author of “Livestream: Learning how to...


Using your influence - Andy Flannagan

Andy Flannagan from Christians in Politics returns to the show this week. He talks about the brand new Influence Course and how all of us can be having an influence in our communities


Worship for Everyone - Nick and Becky Drake

Andy Peck talks to Nick and Becky Drake who launched the ministry ‘Worship for Everyone’ in 2010 in order to unite all ages in worship. They serve at Gas Street Church in Birmingham, Nick as Associate vicar and Becky running ‘Worship for Everyone’ in the church and further afield. They talk about how to transform the ‘all-age’ service from something ‘no-one enjoys’, to a service that blesses all ages.


Supernatural Lifestyle - Lauren Crook

Andy Peck chats with Lauren Crook, the senior leader of Kingdom Living Ministries about living a supernatural lifestyle guided by the power of the Holy Spirit. Lauren explains why she believes local churches can see Jesus work today as he did in his earthly ministry.


Preparing students - Viki Seithel

Andy Peck talks with Viki Seithel, who is the Communications Developer of Fusion, the Student mission movement, about how churches can prepare students to leave for uni and how churches in university areas can best welcome those who come to them. How can we ensure that they really are the best years of their life in a spiritual sense?


Theology and Leadership: Friends or foes? - Rev Alister McGrath

Andy Peck’s talks to Rev Alister McGrath, Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University. about his book: ‘What’s the Point of Theology: wisdom well-being and wonder (PCK) and how this relates to the challenges of Christians in leadership.


Technology and your soul - Sara Schumacher

Andy Peck talks to Sara Schumacher about her book 'Reimagining the Spiritual Disciplines for a Digital Age' (Grove Books) They discuss how the practices of 'solitude', 'simplicity' and 'sabbath' can combat the less positive aspects of the digital age and how you can nurture your soul as a leader.


Reaching parents - Anna Hawken

Andy Peck talks to The Parenting for Faith Ministry Lead, Anna Hawken about ministry to under 5s and their parents and how this can be a growth area for your local church.


We are all believers! Glen Scrivener

Andy Peck talks to Speak Life founder, Glen Scrivener about his book, The Air We Breathe’ which suggests that many of the values that western civilisation holds dear are founded upon Christianity. They talk about the impact this has on a Christian leader's outlook and communication


When eating isn’t easy - Hope Virgo

Andy Peck chats to Hope Virgo the author a new book, ‘You are Free (even if you don’t feel like it)’: mental health, faith and finding your way. Hope battled an eating disorder through her teens and now campaigns for better understanding of and support for eating disorders and mental health. She discusses how Christians in leadership can support those affected.


Communicating for a Change - Lane Jones

Lane is a co-author of a book, with Andy Stanley that unpacks a radical approach to preaching. It’s called Communicating for a Change and includes principles and approaches that will improve any leader’s communication. The conversation outlines the approach and links it with leadership principles.


Grace all the way - Andrew Farley

Andy Peck chats to Texas based pastor Andrew Farley about his book, ‘The Grace Message: Is the Gospel really this good?’ Andrew had discovered that his zeal for doing the right things as a Christian, was exhausting. God showed him that he really hadn’t understood grace. The show unpacks the practical implications of this for your walk with God.


The Building Programme that nearly went wrong - Rev. Peter Baker

Andy Peck talks to Rev. Peter Baker, senior pastor of Lansdowne Church, Bournemouth about a building project with significant challenges. Plans to transform a Victorian Baptist Church into a 21st century auditorium went seriously awry and the plan was mothballed for 18 months - Covid-19 was both a challenge and a help. Andy finds out what Peter learned as a leader from the experience?


Leading your Church in a Rapidly Changing World - Glenn Packiam

Andy Peck talks to Glenn Packiam, the lead pastor of New Life Downtown Colorado Springs to talk about his new book, The Resilient Pastor: Leading your Church in a Rapidly Changing World. The book reflects on research by the Barna Group and gives insight into the leadership mood among pastors as they navigate life in challenging days.


Reaching your destiny - Jen Baker

Andy Peck talks with Jen Baker who moved from Michigan in the USA to the UK in an Abraham style call where she knew very little of God’s intentions. She and now helps Christians live without fear, through a writing and teaching ministry that takes her all over the world. They talk about her latest book Unwavering: The Power of Choice and find out what holds people back from making progress in what God has called them to do.


24/7 Prayer movement - Pete Greig

Andy Peck talks with Pete Greig, The founder of 24/7 Prayer movement. Pete has written a book entitled ‘How to hear God: a simple guide for normal people' where he explores the many ways the Bible says we might hear from God. Pete explains his own journey into hearing God and how specifically each of us can learn to listen according to how God has made us.


To tithe or not to tithe? - John Truscott

Andy Peck talks to John Truscott, church consultant and trainer about the stewardship of finances. With many churches taking a financial hit post-pandemic, and many having abandoned the offering plate, how can we encourage people to give to God’s work and is tithing our income the answer?


Home for the hurting - Kelleigh Wooderson-Hudson

Andy Peck chats with Kelleigh Wooderson-Hudson about her journey to founding Life Essence Housing and Support which provides a haven for those who have survived trauma and their children. How has God turned around bad times in her own past to be a blessing to others?


The Room Where It Happens - Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin

Uniting the C of E Andy Peck talks with Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin about her book, ‘The Room Where It Happens’, which is based on themes from the stage show, Hamilton. They also talk about how it feels to be the first black woman bishop in the Church of England, what encourages her in her work as Bishop of Dover, and why she believes the Church can stay ‘united’.