Groundwork: Biblical Foundations for Life

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Groundwork is a half-hour conversation that digs deeply into Scripture, the foundation for our lives. Each week, pastors Dave Bast (president of Words of Hope) and Scott Hoezee (director of CEP at Calvin Seminary) cultivate our understanding of God's Word by unpacking the richness of the Bible and applying it with insight to today's world.


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Groundwork is a half-hour conversation that digs deeply into Scripture, the foundation for our lives. Each week, pastors Dave Bast (president of Words of Hope) and Scott Hoezee (director of CEP at Calvin Seminary) cultivate our understanding of God's Word by unpacking the richness of the Bible and applying it with insight to today's world.




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Stay Faithful to God, Serve the Lord

Joshua was a successful and God-fearing leader. He led the Israelites in following and obeying God, and under his leadership, they experienced God’s provision and the fulfillment of his promises. We long to hear the advice of successful leaders like Joshua and learn from the secrets of their success. The book of Joshua concludes with Joshua’s farewell speech to the Israelites. In it, he recalls that all his strength, all his victories, and all his successful leadership is God’s doing and he...


God is in Control

The Bible is clear that God is always providing for and preparing the way for us. However, it can be easy in times of trouble to question that truth, and in times of prosperity, to think too highly of our own strength or skill. These temptations can be a slippery slope for our faith, however, the stories in Joshua that retell the final victories in Israel’s conquest of the Promised Land can help remind us of God’s providence and care. Just like the Israelites needed to trust God to provide...


God's Unconventional Ways

As God led the Israelites into the Promised Land, all they needed to do was obey him. As we study the fall of Jericho in Joshua, we learn that obedience is not always easy or even logical to us. But trusting God’s unconventional ways will always honor him, and when we obey, he provides for us better than we could ever provide for ourselves. After the fall of Jericho, the story about Achan demonstrates the risk we take when we depend on ourselves instead of God, and the impact our choices can...


Look at What God Has Done

Change and transitions are unavoidable parts of life. We all experience seasons of transition as we grow and simply get older. Sometimes we choose to make changes in our lives and other times changes feel thrust upon us. Regardless of whether changes are welcome or unwelcome, they are often emotionally and spiritually challenging. During these seasons, studying the transition of the Israelites from slaves to wanderers to soldiers in Joshua can help us find assurance of God’s presence with us...


God is Still Working

Sometimes the circumstances of our life can feel overwhelming and impossible to navigate. Is there something from your past that causes you to feel trapped or unlovable? Or does a current trial seem insurmountable and make you feel like you don’t belong? During life’s difficult seasons, it can feel like God has given up on you. But at times like these, the story of Rahab and the Israelite spies can encourage and challenge our faith. This story reminds us that God is not limited by our past,...


God Keeps His Promises and Offers Us Rest

No matter how many times we make mistakes or fail, God stays true to his Word and keeps his promises. As the book of Joshua opens, we witness God acting to keep his promises to Abraham and his descendants, the Israelites. As we study God’s work in Joshua, we’ll consider what promises he’s working to keep in our own time and lives. We’ll examine how God works through his people and the importance of community. Joshua prefigures the work of Jesus Christ, the keeper of God’s promise of...


Jesus, Shepherds, and Angels: A Savior is Born

Nativity scenes are iconic throughout the Christmas season. The story of baby Jesus is wonderfully familiar. But slowing down to read and study it again brings comfort and renewed hope. Join us as we reflect on the good news of Jesus Christ’s birth and the magnificent message the angels delivered to the shepherds. Together, we’ll discuss the important message Luke communicates in his account of Jesus’ birth and what we learn about how God works in our lives from the intentional and specific...


Joseph: The Virgin Birth and Prophecies Fulfilled

It isn’t until Joseph receives angelic confirmation that he believes in the miracle of Jesus’ divine conception. Studying Joseph’s experience reveals the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies and gives us the confidence to trust God’s continued presence and faithfulness in our lives. Joseph’s story also provides us clarity about God’s understanding of righteousness and the importance of our obedience. Through Joseph, we receive the opportunity to align our understanding of what it means to...


Mary: The Angel Gabriel Foretells Jesus' Birth

Advent is a time to reflect on and ponder the miracle of Jesus’ virgin birth. And this story begins with the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary and announcing Jesus’ coming birth, an event the Church calls the Annunciation. Studying Mary’s role and response to Gabriel offers us valuable reminders for our faith and helps us better understand our place in God’s story. As we continue to prepare our hearts for Christmas let’s learn from Mary’s strong example of faith—what it means to wholly trust...


Zechariah, Elizabeth, and John the Baptist: Preparing the Way for Jesus

Every year many of us spend the weeks leading up to Christmas preparing. We put up festive decorations, plan menus, buy presents, and orchestrate schedules. Many occasions in life, from big to small, require preparation for what’s to come. And just like we set aside time to prepare for life’s events, God set aside time and sent people ahead to prepare the world for salvation. Join Groundwork as we continue our way through the Christmas story by studying the story of Zechariah’s encounter...


The Magi: A Reminder that Jesus Came for All Nations

Studying the Magi may seem like an odd place to start reflecting on the Christmas story. It’s true, the Magi weren’t even present at the birth of Jesus—even though they are commonly included in most nativity displays and church Christmas pageants. But the inclusion of the Magi in the Gospel of Matthew is no mistake. In fact, it’s strategic and intentional. Looking at the story of the Magi reveals a valuable theme in the Gospel of Matthew: that Jesus Christ came to be Savior for all....


Dry Bones and God's Promises of Restoration

Have you ever felt so hopeless that the idea of experiencing or attaining anything remotely good seemed impossible and out of reach? It’s during similar moments of hopelessness in the book of Ezekiel that God interrupts his messages of judgment with powerful images of restoration. In Ezekiel, God famously depicts Israel’s sinful condition as a valley of dry bones. But in this vision, the bones amazingly do not stay dead. Slowly, death is reversed and beyond all reason and logic, the dry,...


Understanding God's Judgment

Judgment and consequences can feel unfair. They can even feel mean, especially when we don’t understand why they’re occurring. The prophet Ezekiel received many messages of judgment for Israel—so many that, at times, when reading the book of Ezekiel it can feel like God’s judgment is relentless. But by studying these judgments, we can learn about the character of God and better understand where God’s judgment comes from, what it means, why it’s necessary, and why it’s also a source of...


God's Presence with His People

God delights in dwelling among his people, but in a vision, God shows Ezekiel one of the most painful consequences of Israel’s unholy ways: God’s glory must depart from Israel’s midst. Studying this vision gives us the opportunity to reflect on the relationship between our behavior and God’s reputation. It also reminds us that God does not leave us without hope. Even as God grieved and gave Ezekiel a painful message about consequences, he promised his glory would one day return and dwell...


Dramatic Messages from God

One defining characteristic of Ezekiel’s prophetic ministry is the visual nature of the messages he received from God. In the book of Ezekiel, God repeatedly gives his prophet both a verbal message and instructions on how to also convey that message visually. God goes to these lengths because he wants his people to see the consequences of sin and rebellion and to help the people understand why exile was necessary. Through Ezekiel’s prophetic ministry, we witness God’s heartbreak and grief....


Called to be God's Prophet

It can be hard, even shocking to follow God’s call on our lives. Join Groundwork as we study the story of Ezekiel’s call to ministry as a prophet of God. We’ll see Ezekiel wrestle with his calling and listen as God warns of the difficulty Ezekiel will face speaking truth to an audience of people that don’t want to hear his message. Together, we can learn from Ezekiel’s experience and discuss what it means to be called, to be a prophet, and to speak truth in a hostile context. All while we’ll...


God is Faithful, Consistent, and Keeps His Promises

It can be really hard to trust in God’s provision especially when we seem to repeatedly “lose” and when we so desperately need something to go our way. Sometimes, life’s difficult circumstances are the result of our failure, but sometimes we’ve done nothing wrong and life’s circumstances are simply beyond our control. No matter the reason for our suffering, the Bible urges us to remember God’s character. In story after story, Scripture reminds us that God is faithful, even when we are not;...


God's Perfect Peace

Do you long for peace? There’s no doubt that this world lacks the peace that so many of us crave. In our personal lives, we deal with all kinds of uncertainty: maybe you’re awaiting the results of medical tests, or in the midst of a chaotic divorce, or experiencing the instability of a job change or move. Maybe your personal life is good at the moment, but you still long for peace in a world torn apart by polarization and injustice. At times like this, how do we find the strength to declare...


God Always Cares and Never Leaves

Whether life’s changes are good or bad, not knowing outcomes and not yet having answers can lead us to question God. We might feel lonely, uncertain, and anxious and even wonder if God cares or hears our cries. Yet, turning to Scripture in the storms of life can provide the comfort and reassurance we long for. Join Groundwork as we study passages in both the Old and New Testaments that remind us and give us examples of just how much God cares about us and the details of our lives. Discover...


Jesus Teaches about Entering God's Kingdom, False Prophets, and Strong Foundations

Matthew’s record of the Sermon on the Mount concludes with three crucial warnings. Jesus cautions his followers to enter through the narrow gate, to watch out for false prophets, and to be like a wise man who builds his house on a rock. Through each of these teachings, Jesus offers his followers valuable wisdom for staying focused and rooted in God’s grace. He reminds us that there is only one way into God’s kingdom, he gives us the resources we need to protect our gift of faith, and he...