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Life is challenging for Christian singles. How do you balance work and personal life? How do you own your faith? How can you date with a purpose? And prepare for marriage? All while honoring God through it all? Hit up The Boundless Show, a Christian podcast for young adults, for some good, honest conversation. The young adult years are full of possibility and choices that shape who you become. Join host Lisa Anderson to discuss the highs and lows, lean on each other, and trust God in this important season of adulthood.


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Life is challenging for Christian singles. How do you balance work and personal life? How do you own your faith? How can you date with a purpose? And prepare for marriage? All while honoring God through it all? Hit up The Boundless Show, a Christian podcast for young adults, for some good, honest conversation. The young adult years are full of possibility and choices that shape who you become. Join host Lisa Anderson to discuss the highs and lows, lean on each other, and trust God in this important season of adulthood.




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Women and Friendship: Episode 801

What girls need in a friend, plus Laurie Polich Short on trusting God’s timing, and tips for those struggling in their first job out of college. Featured musical artist: Covenant Worship Roundtable: What Women Need From Friendships Friendships are essential for emotional and relational health; without them, our lives can easily become self-centered and empty. But what exactly do men and women need from their friends, and what should we be willing to give? This week, a group of ladies discuss friendship from a female perspective. They share what makes a friendship meaningful, how to go deeper in friendship, what to do when a relationship fizzles, and more. (Next week: the men!) Leave us a Voicemail Hear Laurie’s Story of Waiting for Marriage! Culture: Trusting God’s Timing What do you do when God says, “Wait”? Or maybe you’re wondering if He’s saying anything at all. Trusting God’s timing and plan is no easy feat. Laurie Polich Short has relied on God during several seasons of waiting, including years of being single (she got married for the first time at age 49). Laurie will share strategies for waiting well, how to listen to God in what seems like silence, and why letting God call the shots is always worth it. Faith, Doubt and God’s Mysterious Timing: 30 Biblical Insights About the Way God Works Hear Laurie’s Story of Waiting for Marriage! Watch Laurie’s Video Series Inbox: Launching a Career She’s struggling with her first job out of college. Is there a way to get a jump-start and make progress when you’re new to the workforce? HR expert Marshonda Dixon weighs in.


Happy 800th!: Episode 800

Reflecting on 800 episodes, plus more with Dr. Greg Smalley on preparing for a great marriage, and is church membership biblical? Featured musical artist: David Baloche Roundtable: Celebrating #800 Thanks to you, our listeners, we’ve reached our 800th episode! To mix things up, show producer John Peardon and audio engineer Alex Seeley take a turn hosting the roundtable — with Lisa Anderson as their guest. They ask her to reflect on hosting 800 episodes, plus everything from which Bible character she’d want to trade places with for a day, to things she wants Christians to stop doing, and skills she’s used from previous jobs in her current role. Leave us a Voicemail Culture: Preparing for Your Future Marriage (Part 2) Many singles dream of finding a spouse. But after that comes…marriage. Marriage is fantastic, but not easy. Are there things to learn before marriage that will set you up for better success in marriage? To help frame our perspective on what makes marriage work, Dr. Greg Smalley instructs us how to think about love from a godly perspective. In part two, he’ll address how love needs time to grow, plus why true love embraces and endures. Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage Podcast Marriage Assessment Inbox: Should You Join a Church? Most Christians would agree that being part of a local church is important; but is it necessary to be a member rather than just attend? Is that biblical? Lisa Anderson weighs in. Is Church Membership Important?


Independence While Dating: Episode 799

Dating without losing yourself, plus Dr. Greg Smalley on preparing for a great marriage, and when does a relationship reach the “serious” stage? Featured musical artist: Stu Garrard Roundtable: Don’t Lose Yourself in Dating It happens all the time: Two people fall in love — then go MIA. You don’t see them except when they’re together (if that). But it’s not healthy to lose yourself in another person at any stage, so how can we encourage a healthier approach to dating? What are appropriate boundaries and rhythms to keep in mind? Our guests have walked the dating journey with ups and downs in this area, and they’ll offer ideas for enjoying and getting to know another person without losing your independence. Culture: Preparing for Your Future Marriage (Part 1) Many singles dream of finding a spouse. But after that comes…marriage. Marriage is fantastic, but not easy. Are there things to learn before marriage that will set you up for better success in marriage? To help frame our perspective on what makes marriage work, Dr. Greg Smalley instructs us how to think about love from a godly perspective. In part one of our conversation, he’ll address the principles of commitment, seeking God, and honoring your significant other. Receive the book Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage: 12 Secrets for a Lifelong Romance for your donation of any amount! Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage Podcast Inbox: When Does a Relationship Become “Serious”? He’s not been in a serious dating relationship before, but recently started chatting with a girl who lives 1,300 miles away. He’s planning to visit her soon and sees her as someone he could date. But he’s wondering: When does a relationship reach the “serious” stage, and what does he need to know in light of that? Lisa Anderson weighs in. Boundless Guides to Marrying Well


Christians and Alcohol: Episode 798

Finding joy amid depression, plus Jonathan Pokluda on Christians and alcohol, and should high-schoolers date? Featured musical artist: Hollyn Roundtable: Finding Joy When It Feels Impossible Christians are called to live joyful lives; after all, joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit. But how do you find joy when your entire world feels dark and hopeless? Our guests know the deep valleys of depression and anxiety; they have fought for joy in the trenches and have seen God show up. They’ll share their personal journeys as well as insight and encouragement for those struggling to trust God’s goodness from under the heaviness of life’s burdens. Paul’s Book: Beauty in the Browns: Walking With Christ in the Darkness of Depression Link to Counseling Services Culture: What Does the Bible Say About Booze? For Christians, consuming alcohol is a divisive subject. Wherever you are on the “is it OK?” spectrum, there is biblical wisdom around the issue that everyone should consider. Pastor Jonathan Pokluda shares his own relationship, past and present, with drinking, and he and Lisa discuss current cultural cues around alcohol that could benefit from a healthier, God-honoring perspective. Link to Article: The Latest Buzz Around Christians and Alcohol Inbox: Dating in High School Are high-schoolers too young to date? Why or why not? Counselor Geremy Keeton weighs in.


Social Media Rehab: Episode 797

Detoxing from social media addiction, plus more with JP Pokluda on killing bad habits, and is it wrong to date if you aren’t ready for marriage? Featured musical artist: Je’kob Roundtable: How to Detox From Social Media You intend to “just check” your social media accounts, but a few minutes turn into an hour or more of mindless scrolling. You’ve tried to stop before, but the lure of the screen and its endless notifications are too much. You promise to do something about it…tomorrow. If this sounds like you, it may be time for a detox. To help motivate you, our guests describe what has helped them control the time spent on their phones, specifically with social media. They’ll also talk about the life gains they’ve seen as a result, and share ideas for replacing screen time with real relationships. Culture: JP Pokluda on Breaking Bad Habits (Part 2) Why Do I Do What I Don’t Want to Do? Replace Deadly Vices With Life-Giving Virtues Inbox: Dating Without Marriage in Mind Is it wrong to date if you aren’t ready to get married? Counselor Kari Aho weighs in. In Romans 7, the Apostle Paul is candid about his struggle with sin: “Why do I do what I don’t want to do?” Pastor Jonathan Pokluda asks the same question in his latest book (titled exactly that!). We can all relate, but what do we do about it? Is it possible to replace vices with virtues and bad habits with good ones? Is it possible to not let sin have mastery over us? In part two of our conversation, JP will tackle three battles we all face: perception management vs. authenticity, busyness vs. rest, and cynicism vs. optimism.


Replacing Vices With Virtues: Episode 796

Evaluating your morning routine, plus JP Pokluda on killing bad habits, and advice for a virgin considering marriage to someone who isn’t. Featured musical artist: Darlene Zschech Roundtable: The Importance of Morning Routines How you start your day is incredibly important to your productivity and overall well-being — but what works for you may not work for someone else. Our guests share what they like best about their morning routines, what they’d like to change, and the gains they’ve seen from structuring their mornings (even a little bit). If you’re looking to craft a better start to your day, you’ll definitely want to tune in. Culture: JP Pokluda on Breaking Bad Habits (Part 1) In Romans 7, the Apostle Paul is candid about his struggle with sin: “Why do I do what I don’t want to do?” Pastor Jonathan Pokluda asks the same question in his latest book (titled exactly that!). We can all relate, but what do we do about it? Is it possible to replace vices with virtues and bad habits with good ones? Is it possible to not let sin have mastery over us? In part one of our conversation, JP will share how Christians drift into sin, and tackles two of the book’s main themes: replacing pride with humility, and choosing self-control over lust. Why Do I Do What I Don’t Want to Do? Replace Deadly Vices with Life-Giving Virtues Inbox: When a Virgin Marries a Non-Virgin Our listener is still a virgin but wants to marry someone who isn’t. Are there things to consider? Counselor Geremy Keeton weighs in with hope and practical advice.


Are Revivals Real?: Episode 795

Insight on recent campus revivals, plus the gospel in light of CRT and racial unity, and when your spouse seems spiritually stunted. Featured musical artist: Jeremy Rosado Roundtable: Understanding Mass Revivals Earlier this year, we saw spiritual revivals happen at college campuses around the country. There was both excitement and skepticism around these much-publicized events, leaving many asking about the nature of revival as well as its spiritual impact and implications. Two pastors join us this week to explain the biblical interpretation of revival as well as what true revival looks like, plus lessons learned from various revivals throughout history. 8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Faith This Year Culture: The Gospel and Racial Unity For years, Monique Duson was an advocate of critical race theory (CRT); as a black woman from south central Los Angeles, it seemed like the natural fit. But when she was challenged to look at CRT through the lens of the gospel, Monique changed her tune. While she agrees that CRT raises some necessary questions, she feels most of the assumptions and conclusions presented by CRT run far afield from truth. Monique challenges Christians to approach racial unity from a posture of biblical grace, recognizing what is already ours in Christ. Listen in for a fascinating discussion from a leading thinker in this space. Featured Article: Beyond Racial Division: A Conversation With Sociologist George Yancey Featured Website: Center for Biblical Unity Featured Resource: Boundless Guides to Marrying Well Featured Video: Monique Duson’s Lighthouse Voices Event Inbox: When You Question Your Spouse’s Christian Walk What can a believer do when his or her spouse professes Christ, but isn’t evidencing the Fruit of the Spirit in their life? Pastor Mark Bates weighs in.


What Is Grace?: Episode 794

Pastors discuss the meaning of grace, plus decluttering and cleaning tips from a professional organizer, and should we fast to discern God’s will? Featured musical artist: Daniel Bashta Roundtable: A Practical Understanding of God’s Grace Christians love talking about God’s grace — but what does grace really mean for our everyday lives? Is it about salvation? Forgiveness? Just getting through the day? Two pastors discuss some of the misconceptions Christians have about grace, why a biblical understanding of grace is unique, and how grace can empower us to live the Christian life. Culture: Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Spring is typically the season when we clean out our clutter, tidy up, and get more organized — or at least we say we will. Professional organizer Jaimi Stewart joins us with practical tips for bringing your good intentions to life. She’ll tackle everything from closets to tech to papers to your wardrobe. Get ready to toss, file and give away! Featured Article: The Spiritual Practice of Spring Cleaning Featured Website: The Simple Sort Inbox: Fasting to Find God’s Will Our listener has some big decisions coming up and has been told fasting can help as she prays for God’s direction. How can she practically approach this? Pastor Mark Bates weighs in.


Identity Check: Episode 793

When your identity is in the wrong things, plus unique advice for Hispanic young adults, and concerns about Christians and romantic entertainment. Featured musical artist: Covenant Worship Roundtable: The Identity Traps of Work, Relationships and Hobbies We all struggle with giving something we value too much influence over us. Whether it’s our career, a relationship or a favorite hobby, anything we love can become a competitor with God for our time and affection. How can we find our identity in who God says we are instead of relying on people, experiences or acclaim to declare our worth? Our guests share their identity traps, how they put them in their proper place, and why they’re learning to find joy in Christ. Culture: Reaching the Hispanic Community for Christ Esteban Porras grew up in church, watching his dad preach and seeing many in his community and beyond come to Christ. But as a young adult, he had to travel his own faith journey, and it was influenced by his cultural context growing up in Costa Rica. He recently got married, had a baby and moved to the United States to continue Christian ministry to the Hispanic community here. As an integral part of the Enfoque a la Familia team, Esteban has his finger on the pulse of faith and family among Hispanics worldwide. In this interview, he talks about what trends he’s seeing among Spanish-speaking young adults, dating advice for them as they navigate unique family contexts, and how God is uniquely growing the faith of those in the Hispanic community. Link to Enfoque a la Familia Inbox: Romantic Entertainment and the Christian Who doesn’t love a good love story? In light of that, is it a wise or unwise thing for Christians to watch romantic movies and TV? Is enjoying them a sign that we’re not being careful to guard our hearts? Lisa Anderson weighs in.


Prayer for the Common Christian: Episode 792

Learning to pray, plus thoughts on sexual purity before marriage, and what to do when singleness feels like suffering. Featured musical artist: David Baloche Roundtable: How to Pray in a Meaningful Way Some people seem to pray with ease, while others struggle with it. Are there “good” prayers and ways to pray? Our guests discuss some of their challenges with prayer, how they’ve learned to pray, and what it means to be honest with God. If you find prayer a difficult discipline, you’ll be encouraged by this conversation. Culture: Sexual Purity in Preparation for Marriage If you grew up in the church, you may have been taught (or at least assumed) that a discussion around purity was about not having sex before marriage. But instead of a list of don’ts, what if it’s something deeper and ultimately freeing? Tovares Grey is back to discuss ideas around biblical sexuality that are helpful in preparing for a godly marriage. As the founder of Godly Dating 101, he’ll share misconceptions he had about sex, sin and temptation; why we should trust God with our sexuality, and how God redeems sexual brokenness in those who want to be healed. Godly Dating 101: Discover the Truth About Relationships in a World That Constantly Lies Inbox: Suffering in Singleness? Our listener is struggling to see singleness as a gift. While the Bible says it’s an honorable calling, what do you do when it feels more like suffering? Lisa Anderson weighs in.


Long-Distance Dating: Episode 791

Successfully dating long-distance, plus becoming a master communicator, and is it OK to keep finances separate in marriage? Featured musical artist: Kerrie Roberts Roundtable: Living Through a Long-Distance Relationship Long-distance dating can be exciting, but it’s not without its pitfalls. To help those working through long-distance relational dynamics, we brought in guests who’ve walked that journey to engagement and marriage. They’ll share some of the challenges they had to overcome, what God taught them in that season, and what you need to be aware of if you pursue a relationship across states, time zones or even continents. Culture: Improve Your Communication Skills Despite technology that keeps us incredibly connected and reachable, record numbers of young adults feel isolated and lonely. Are real relationships, conversations and connections a thing of the past? Dr. Heather Holleman is a professor at Penn State who joins us this week to offer practical wisdom on improving your communication skills by looking others in the eye, staying attuned to them, avoiding toxic conversations, and learning to listen well. The Six Conversations: Pathways to Connecting in an Age of Isolation and Incivility Inbox: His and Hers Finances? Her friend recently met a guy online, but the relationship is already revealing some red flags. In particular, he has said that if they eventually get married they should each have their own bank accounts, and their assets would always be kept separate in case of divorce. Is this biblical? Should our listener provide counsel to her friend? Counselor Tim Sanford weighs in.


Sibling Love: Episode 790

Having a good relationship with your siblings, plus understanding your conflict style, and finding hope after losing a parent. Featured musical artist: David Dunn Roundtable: Getting Along With Your Siblings Your siblings will always be part of your story, even when you’re an adult. Learning to love and understand them can be a challenge, whether because of age, gender, personality or experience. This week’s guests discuss some of the challenges they’ve overcome in their sibling relationships, plus how the dynamics have changed with age and life stage, and how to have hope if a sibling relationship is strained or distant. Culture: What’s Your Conflict Style? Conflict is an inevitable part of life, but everyone handles it differently. To offer practical understanding for managing conflict, Dr. Danny Huerta shares five common conflict styles. He helps us determine our style, the pitfalls of each, and how we can do conflict better by understanding our tendencies. Sharing practical examples from his own relationships, Danny gives us the tools to turn conflict into a positive part of loving others. Link to Counseling Services Conflict Styles Quiz: Which Conflict Style Do You Have? Inbox: Finding Healing After Losing a Parent Five years ago, Lisa’s mom died after a long battle with dementia. Losing a parent is one of the most difficult things to experience, but healing is possible with God’s help and peace. Lisa offers a few insights that will help you or someone you know walk through the pain of personal loss and grief.


Are You a Lifelong Learner?: Episode 789

Keeping yourself motivated to learn, plus navigating mental health issues and dating, and some of Lisa’s favorite Scriptures. Featured musical artist: Aaron Shust Roundtable: How to Love Learning Whether you’re still in school or have long since graduated, you should always strive to grow and try new things. But where do you get started? Our guests share their journeys with learning, including why getting outside your comfort zone is a good thing, finding opportunities to learn new things, and if they had to try something new, what would it be? Culture: Mental Health Struggles and Dating Many have written to us wondering if their mental health struggles might keep them from ever entering the dating pool. To bring some clarity on what’s needed to be ready to date, we invited Dr. Danny Huerta to the conversation. He’ll share the most common mental health struggles, how to know if you’re healthy enough to date, and when mental health issues are a red flag. Link to Counseling Services What is Mental Health and Why Is It Important for Your Family? Inbox: Lisa’s Favorite Scriptures Have you ever wondered what Lisa Anderson’s favorite Bible verses are and why? She answers that very question this week.


Seasons of Life: Episode 788

Appreciating different seasons of life, plus lessons from the American story, and is embryo freezing OK for Christians? Featured musical artist: Mosaic MSC Roundtable: Navigating Life’s Varied Seasons Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Fresh starts, new life, longer days. To help us anticipate it, we talk about what we’re most looking forward to in this colorful season. We also discuss the changing seasons of life including job changes, big moves, and when friendships come and go. Culture: How We Learn From History Many have a cynical view of where things are in America. But one of the best ways to engage the culture may be as simple as learning where we came from. Tim Goeglein is passionate about American history, working in Washington, DC as a policy liaison and government operative. Tim talks us through the lessons from history we’d do well to learn, plus insight on election exhaustion and how to put Christ above politics. Receive the book "Toward a More Perfect Union: The Moral and Cultural Case for Teaching the Great American Story" for your donation of any amount! Inbox: How Should Christians Discuss Embryo Freezing? She doesn’t think embryo freezing is a good idea, but knows others who think it’s OK, especially when considering future family planning. Is it morally right or wrong? Our friend and medical expert David Davis weighs in.


The Faith of Elisabeth Elliot: Episode 787

A proper perspective on influencers, plus an insider’s look at Elisabeth Elliot, and helping a friend in an unplanned pregnancy. Featured musical artist: Nathan Tasker Roundtable: Admiring or Idolizing an Influencer? We all have that person we admire or enjoy following on social media and beyond — the star athlete, actor or musician, famous pastor/theologian, or popular influencer. While we may have good reason to look up to a person for their wisdom, talent or accomplishments, at what point does admiring someone cross a line over into idolatry? Our guests discuss people they admire and why, how to keep perspective, and why the blueprint for our lives has to come from somewhere other than the people around us — no matter how amazing they are. Culture: Elisabeth Elliot on the Heart of God If you ask for the names of the most influential Christian women of the past century, the name Elisabeth Elliot is usually one of the first names mentioned. Missionary, author, speaker, teacher: Elisabeth was a pioneer in Christian service and discipleship. Kathy Reeg is the president of the Elisabeth Elliot Foundation, an organization dedicated to preserving Elisabeth’s legacy and making her writings and wisdom available for the next generation. Kathy shares insider insight into Elisabeth’s giftings and passions, what we can learn from Elisabeth’s life, and a sneak peek at a previously unpublished and recently discovered book of Elisabeth’s titled “Heart of God.” Heart of God: 31 Days to Discover God’s Love for You The Elisabeth Elliot Foundation Timeline of Elisabeth Elliot’s Life Inbox: Helping a Friend Through an Unplanned Pregnancy She’s asking a very important but sensitive question: What are some dos and don’ts for supporting an unmarried friend who is now unexpectedly pregnant? Also, are there any recommended resources for me as I navigate this season with her? Our friend Robyn Chambers weighs in. See Life Video Series Valuing Life from the Start Option Ultrasound Support Your Local Pro-Life Pregnancy Medical Clinic Alternatives to Abortion: Pregnancy Resource Centers Hopeful Choice: What is a Pregnancy Help Center?


Cross-Cultural Dating: Episode 786

Advice for dating someone from a different culture, plus finding godly and gifted pastors, and do mental health issues make marriage off-limits? The Focused Pastor Featured musical artist: Danen Kane Roundtable: Cultural Differences in Dating What are some things you should know when dating someone from a different cultural background? To help answer this question and address some dos and don’ts for the process, our panelists are ready to speak the truth. With personal experience in making cross-cultural relationships work, they’ll share their own stories of meeting and falling in love, the most common barriers they had to overcome, and why an open mind and an appreciation for healthy differences makes marriage even richer. Culture: What Makes a Good Pastor? Josh Zeichik’s job is to support, equip and encourage pastors. In this role, he rubs shoulders with seasoned pastors, new pastors, visionary pastors, and pastors just trying to stay afloat in a world of increasingly challenging ministry. Josh tells us the signs of a healthy pastor, plus the red flags you’ll find flying around those who probably shouldn’t be leading a church. He’ll also share how to best get to know and support your pastor, and what you should expect from a shepherd leader. Inbox: Do Mental Health Issues Mean I Shouldn’t Marry? She’s very much aware that the Bible says, “Those who marry will face many troubles in this life.” So does that mean that with her mental health challenges she should steer clear of marriage and avoid throwing fuel on the fire? Counselor Tim Sanford weighs in. Link to Counseling Service


Moving Somewhere New: Episode 785

Tips for relocating to a new city, plus more from Debra Fileta on healthy habits, and should you be a bridesmaid when there are red flags? Featured musical artist: Ginny Owens Roundtable: Adjusting to Life in a New Place Relocating to a new city or state can be one of life’s most daunting yet exciting opportunities. To truly build community in a new place takes time, patience and intention. Listen in this week as we discuss the struggle to settle in, how to make friends in a new place, and fun ways to discover the best your new hometown has to offer. Culture: Need a Life Tune-Up? (Part 2) We’re more than a month into the new year, so maybe you’ve strayed a bit from your well-intentioned goals and resolutions. Fear not: To get back on track, we brought in our counselor and friend Debra Fileta to discuss how to press the “reset” button and establish healthy habits in multiple life spheres. In part two of our discussion, she’ll address taking your unhealthy thoughts captive, dealing with feelings of discouragement, and finding healing from emotional baggage. True Love Dates Inbox: Can I Support Her as a Bridesmaid? A friend recently asked her to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding, but our listener sees red flags in the relationship. Is it best to stand up for her as a friend — or decline out of principle? Lisa Anderson weighs in.


Single on Valentine’s Day: Episode 784

Enjoying Valentine’s Day as a single, plus Debra Fileta on healthy habits, and recovering from an ambiguous breakup. Featured musical artist: James Peden Roundtable: Valentine’s Day Won’t Kill You Valentine’s Day when you’re single can feel lonely and “less than,” but it doesn’t need to be a day wasted. With a little creativity, the day can still be meaningful and fun, even if you don’t have a date lined up. Our guests (all single!) discuss ways to avoid mental ruts and self-pity on Valentine’s Day, how to make the most of the holiday, and their idea of an ideal Valentine’s Day date. Find True Love on Valentine’s Day Culture: Need a Life Tune-Up? We’re more than a month into the new year, so maybe you’ve strayed a bit from your well-intentioned goals and resolutions. Fear not: To get back on track, we brought in our counselor and friend Debra Fileta to discuss how to press the “reset” button and establish healthy habits in multiple life spheres. In part one of our discussion, she’ll discuss wanting to change, starting with a pause, owning your faults, and why life is not a one-man show. Inbox: Remind Me Why We’re Breaking Up? She recently went through a breakup where there was a lack of clarity from the guy. He claims that he was attracted to her but the romance in their relationship was lacking. Now she’s wondering how important romance actually is for marriage. Counselor Jenny Coffey weighs in.


Creative Ways to Grow With God: Episode 783

Getting closer to God solo and with others, plus Nick and Chelsea Hurst’s tips on marriage-minded dating, and discussing marriage with your parents. Featured musical artist: Ellie Holcomb Roundtable: You, God, and Others Getting closer to God doesn’t happen by accident — you must make it a priority and have supportive friends who’ll spur you on in your faith. To offer practical ideas for growing in your walk with Jesus, our roundtable panelists share practices that have helped them personally, and discuss why community is critical to our spiritual growth. Culture: Marriage-Minded Dating Nick and Chelsea Hurst’s love story started through a DM on Twitter. After meeting in person, they quickly got to know one another, fell in love, and felt God’s call to get married. But they still had things to work through as their relationship progressed. In this conversation, Nick and Chelsea address working through communication problems, handling secrets, and how to know if you’re spiritually compatible with your significant other. Marriage Minded: 10 Ways to Know If You’ve Found the One Inbox: Talking Marriage With Your Parents Her boyfriend recently had a conversation with her dad about proposing to her. However, she’s not in the best place financially, and doesn’t feel comfortable discussing marriage with her parents. What can she do? Counselor Joannie DeBrito weighs in.


Celebrating 15 Years of “The Boundless Show”: Episode 782

Celebrating 15 Years of “The Boundless Show”: Episode 782 The podcast turns 15 years old, plus founder Steve Watters on how the show started, and Lisa Anderson recounts several favorite episode moments Featured musical artist: Liz Vice Roundtable: Happy 15th Birthday to “The Boundless Show”! Exactly 15 years ago today, on January 26, 2008, the first episode of “The Boundless Show” went live. We appreciate the ways you, the listener, have supported this podcast and made this special anniversary possible. To celebrate what God has done, we’re recapping some amazing memories and moments from the show. Join Lisa as she takes a look back at the show through the years. Culture: “The Boundless Show’s” Origin Story Steve and Candice Watters started in 1998 as a “webzine” to help Christian young adults live out their faith. In this special interview, Steve joins Lisa to share how Boundless went from being an online magazine to also becoming a weekly podcast. He tells us how the podcast got started, why Lisa was chosen as the host, and gives advice to listeners on following Jesus today. Inbox: Lisa’s Favorite Show Moments After 15 years of hosting “The Boundless Show,” we thought it would be fun to ask Lisa what some of her favorite moments have been throughout the show’s history. If you’ve ever wondered, this is your chance to find out. Episode 52: Fighting Against Sex Trafficking Episode 80: I Love Bill Gaither! Episode 254: All in the Family Episode 242: Randy Alcorn Interview Episode 288: Who is Lisa Anderson? Episode 341: Live From Pursuit Episode 385: Laurie Polich Short Interview Episode 386: Francis & Lisa Chan Interview Episode 549: How to Handle Conflict Well Episode 550: Tony Evans Interview - Part 1 Episode 551: Tony Evans Interview - Part 2 Episode 771: Why Church Matters (Part 1) Episode 772: Why Church Matters (Part 2)