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Collectors Hangout Podcast is the recorded Hangout On Air (HOA) show that brings together collectors, sellers, artisans, and appraisers. Our aim is to help collectors find pieces to add to their collection, help sellers to connect to a larger audience of potential buyers, and help all to have a better appreciation for pieces by guest hosting appraisers and artisans on a regular basis.


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Collectors Hangout Podcast is the recorded Hangout On Air (HOA) show that brings together collectors, sellers, artisans, and appraisers. Our aim is to help collectors find pieces to add to their collection, help sellers to connect to a larger audience of potential buyers, and help all to have a better appreciation for pieces by guest hosting appraisers and artisans on a regular basis.






Toy Collecting and Photography with Dave Magana | Collectors Hangout Podcast, Episode 043

The toy photography community is a thriving and very inviting group of individuals that welcome toy collectors that are interested in photographing toys. One such member of this community is our guest this week, Dave Magana. In this podcast only episode, Dave and I discuss his creative process, how he got started in collecting and how the television shows of his youth have inspired him. Dave gives some recommendations on how to keep a healthy work life balance that allows for a creative...


Cosplay with the Dark Dagger aka Alexander Williams | Collectors Hangout Episode 042

As an experiment, in this episode, I'm not going to do that as I am specifically looking from feedback of you our listeners. Write in to my personal email address at and let me know what you thoughts on this or any other episode. What do you like, dislike, want to see changed, I'm open to your suggestions. And now for you to critique, my interview with Alexander Williams from Toronto Canada! Photos from our conversation The song...


Watch and Clock Collecting with Mike Hattem | Collectors Hangout Podcast, Episode 041

I had the sincerely honor and pleasure to sit down with Mike Hattem of Tic Tec Clock & Watch Repair in Eastern North Carolina to discuss watch and clock collecting, as well as repair. Mike and his wife were gracious in allowing me to, not only visit Mike's repair shop, but also to see their personal horological collection! We had intended to livestream this episode, but unfortunately the technology wouldn't allow for and so this is only a podcast episode. Don't worry thought, I was granted...


80’s Toys with the Transformer twins, Dave and Steve Mapes | Collectors Hangout Podcast, Episode 040

The picture above is just a tease for all the 80's toys that Dave and Steve Mapes own. This is Steve's third time being on Collectors Hangout, and Dave's second time. We haven't converted the recorded livestreams of those episodes yet, but you can find the videos here: Transformer Collections | A Collectors Hangout Special - Episode: 9 Transformer Collections | A Collectors Hangout Special Episode 22 If you'd like to watch the entire episode on 80's Toys, you can do so below, or enjoy...


Fez-o-rama with Jason Rodgers | Collectors Hangout Podcast, Episode 039

For those of you watching or listening to this episode between May 23rd and June 30th, 2016 you'll want to pay attention during the entire episode. This is especially the case if you are looking to get your hands on any of the fezzes that Jason is selling at or if you're going to Phoenix Comicon 2016 - he does something very special! When it comes to hats the fez is a unique and interesting piece of headwear. Jason Rodgers is the guest in this...


Game of Thrones Collectibles with Phill Mathis | Collectors Hangout Episode 37

5/14/2016 When Phill jumped aboard a cruise ship he didn't realize that he'd be meeting his partner and little did he know that his partner would be so encouraging surrounding Phill's passion for collecting pieces from the show Game of Thrones! Not only do they both have a love for the fantastically successful HBO show, but they also both enjoy science fiction, especially Star Wars and Star Trek. During my conversation with Phill we discuss all of what...


Mason Jars and Uranium Glass with Travis Owens | Collectors Hangout Podcast Episode 036

This episode I sit down Travis Owens out of the Syracuse, New York area. Travis is the man behind the camera for a Youtube channel that he and his wife, Jamie have, called The Society Gurl. Along with his love for videography, Travis has made a name for himself in the programming world. He got his start working for first in the Tribal sector and has since work for such companies as Unity Health System, CBORD and Bausch and Lomb. Travis also oversaw an entire platform rewrite for the...


Collectors Hangout Podcast, Episode 035 – Lesley aka BringTheMaeham

We had a great time talking with the Lesley aka BringTheMaeHam. Lesley goes into detail about her love for cosplay, geeking out on the Walking Dead and creating custom vinyl toys that her customers have commissioned. She details her creative process and the unique tools she uses to make her awesome creations. She shows us her first vinyl toy creation and shares a story, that up until now, very few people knew about her! To reach Lesley find her here: Instagram (best way to reach her)...


Collectors Hangout Podcast, Episode 034 – The Art of Valium

In this episode Joe and the team at Sedona Antiques and Jewelry showcase some beautiful artwork and music memorabilia. This show is a slightly different format and shorter than past episodes. We are simply experimenting with this shorter format centered around collectibles and antiques for sale by a specific seller. Let us know if you like this format and if you'd like to see other sellers have similar showcases. This show is very visually driven, but you can enjoy the photos of the pieces...


Collectors Hangout Podcast, Episode 033 – Sedona Antiques and Jewelry

During this show we speak with Joe Napolitani of Sedona Antiques and Jewelry and Marco Saverino of Forever Sedona Trading Company. Joe and Marco have some great businesses in the Sedona area, helping both sellers of collectibles and collectors connect around beautiful high-end and historical pieces. From a Mayan god face, to some historical Hollywood photos by Donald Biddle Keyes, we discuss it. Mayan god face (jade bead) Photos by Donald Biddle Keyes


Collectors Hangout Podcast, Episode 005

In this episode we start off talking with Peter Palmiotti about some original artwork he had for sale at the time of our live show. We then go into other eBay auctions that were running and Joe Napolitani joins us as well. Original artwork by Peter Palmiotti and Michele Witchipoo 2:55 Peter Palmiotti’s youtube channel: Peter's Facebook page: You can also find more of...


Collectors Hangout Podcast, Episode 004 – James Bond and GI Joe Collectibles

In this episode, I do the entire show while having a horrible cough. Luckily I was able to mute before almost all coughing fits but you'll still be able to hear some coughs slip through. The time stamps here are from the original video which can be found here: Episode 4 (only use these time stamps as a rough guide as you listen so you can see the screen captures I did of the collectibles referenced) 3:55-7:00 James Bond 1/6 Collectible Action Figure 7:01-8:14 S.T. Dupont James Bond 007...