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What matters to youth, what matters to you. The news and current affairs show on SYN 90.7FM.






Maribyrnong's traffic pollution, Postie injuries and Diamonds science!

On this week's episode on Panorama we discuss the recent increase in postie injuries, Maribyrnong's air pollution due to trucks and how diamonds come to be so close to the surface when they are made hundreds of kilometres deep underground. 00:50: Headlines 03:16: Postie Injury 04:03: Maribyrnong's air pollution 07:50: Science with Sura! 12:28: Panotainment! See for privacy information.


Lifeblood's call for help, Bonza, Matilda's Win and finally Aliens

On this week's episode, we discuss Bonza's new flights, Matildas win against Canda, Lifeblood's call for donations and US Congress's hearings on Aliens! 01:36: Headlines 03:02: Bonza 06:29: Matlidas 13:26: Lifeblood 18:52: Science with Sura! 28:00: Panotainment! See for privacy information.


Gravitational Waves with Professor Eric Thrane

Join Sura as she talks through the latest scientific discoveries in the world of Gravitational waves physics and how pulsars helped in advancing the science. See for privacy information.


Abortion Pill Access, Threads app and Underground Warming

On this week's episode, we discuss the app Threads, an interview with Professor Danielle Mazza on Abortion Pill access and rising underground temperatures' impacts on urban structures in Science with Sura! Headlines 02:45: Abortion Pill Acess and interview with Professor Danielle Mazza 15:07: Threads App 25:10: Science with Sura! See for privacy information.


Are the Kids Okay? - Interview with Dr Quentin Maire

A new survey has found that more and more young people on the cusp of adulthood are reporting poor mental health and uncertainty about the future. Panorama Co-Producer and Reporter, Tayla Oates, spoke with Dr. Quentin Maire live in the studio about the Life Patterns research project. See for privacy information.


The Australia National Electric Vehicle Strategy - Part 2

In the long-awaited Part 2 of this explainer series, Panorama reporter and co-producer Vince Trease spoke to CarSales Editor, Terry Martin, about the National Electric Vehicle Strategy. See for privacy information.


The Australian National Electric Vehicle Strategy - Part 1

Panorama Reporter and Co-Producer, Vince Trease, reports on the National Electric Vehicle Strategy - which is part of the Australian Government's Powering Australia plan to improve affordability, create jobs, and reduce emissions, providing a nationally consistent framework to get Australia's road transport sector on a pathway to net zero emissions. Listen in for Part 2 next week! See for privacy information.


Second Stitch - Exploring the Social Enterprise

Second Stitch is a social enterprise empowering women from diverse backgrounds economically and socially through textiles. This week, we sent Panorama reporter, Tayla Oates, to the Brunswick studio to meet the women and learn more about the enterprise…. See for privacy information.


John Wick 4 - Film Review

Panorama's film experts, Nick Sarlos-Welsh and Max Taylor, attended an advanced screening of John Wick 4. Hear what they thought of the newest blockbuster! See for privacy information.


National Day of Climate Action

Panorama Reporter, Asyiqin Sanif, attended the Climate Action Rally on the National Day of Climate Action - 17th of March 2023. Where crowds of student protestors gathered across Australia to stand up for the injustices against our climate. The event was held by NUS National Union of Students, NUS Education Department and Uni Students for Climate Justice. Asyiqin Sanif, spoke with the attendees and organisers of the Melbourne protests. See for privacy information.


The Importance of Conserving our World Heritage-listed Sites

Panorama Reporter, Zoe Blochlinger, dives into a court battle that has begun over whether a company can extract water for bottling near a World Heritage-listed national park on the Gold Coast. See for privacy information.


Remote Areas Lose Access to Tele-Healthcare

Panorama Reporter, Ruby Littler, discusses how during the Covid-19 Pandemic, telehealth became a common practice in the medical industry and those in regional areas realised they could now access health care that had presiously been too far. As restrictions ease and the medical industry returns to face to face, those in regional areas are beginning to lose their access to healthcare. See for privacy information.


Travis Scott and Project HEAL

In the studio, Gemma joins hosts Nick and Mherhean to discuss the latest developments in the Travis Scott ASTROWORLD travesty from November last year. See for privacy information.


Panorama 2021 climate reporting wrap

Reporter Benay Ozdemir reflects on the stories produced by Panorama reporters over the year on climate change. See for privacy information.


Proposed law-reform for victims of violent crime

Reporter Mimi Hoffman talks to Eileen Culleton, the founder of a national campaign for law-reform for the crime of murder with sexual assault. Eileen started the campaign after Jonathan Bakewell, the man who in 1988 raped and murdered her sister, was granted parole. Mimi also speaks to Greg Barns, the national criminal justice spokesmen for the Australian Lawyers Alliance, about the law reform. See for privacy information.


Remembering Movember

At a time when we are opening up post lockdowns, there is still concern on the mental health of men. Reporter Lynton Martin looks back on a month in which Movember shone a light on men's mental health. Guests: Dr Zac Seidler, Movember Director of Mental Health Training Reporter: Lynton Martin See for privacy information.


The Earth's Black Box: Tasmania project to track where we went wrong on climate change

Like an aeroplane's black box, various collaborators have come together to give Earth's its own. Located in Tasmania, it is designed to survive climate catastrophe, in the hopes that it can inform those who recover it where it all went wrong. Guests: Henry Curchod, Glue Society; Francesca Smith, young climate change activist Reporter: Mimi Hoffmann See for privacy information.


Hospitality's labour shortage

The hospitality industry is facing a major labour shortage at the busiest season for the year. What does the shortage mean for workers now and in the long term? Guests: Aaron Khoo, hospitality worker; Jeff Borland, Professor of Labour Economics at The University of Melbourne Reporter: Lilian Bernhardt See for privacy information.


Vaccinating the Pacific

As some Australians look to get booster shots, many populations in our neighbouring Pacific have not reached key milestones. Reporter Emile Pavlich caught up with research fellow Alexandre Dayant from the foreign affairs think-tank, the Lowy Institute, to find out more. See for privacy information.


A look into the government's new anti-troll laws

Reporter Mimi Hoffman caught up with various experts to discuss the anti-troll laws that are to be introduced to parliament early next year. In introducing these laws Prime Minister Scott Morrison has focused on the idea of lessening the prevalence of online trolling, but it seems the legislation largely deals with issues of defamation. See for privacy information.