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Every week we follow along with what happened in a random year of the 1990s, reminiscing about everything that made the decade so memorable. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Every week we follow along with what happened in a random year of the 1990s, reminiscing about everything that made the decade so memorable. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


Edmond, OK


Every week we follow along with what happened in a random year of the 1990s, reminiscing about everything that made the decade so memorable. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.




Special Episode

We reunite after a year and a half to do some 90s music trivia Connor got for Christmas. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


Series Finale

Our final episode is brought to you by the man who created the intro we've used for nearly each episode, Eric Muir! You can find him on Upwork and he also has a band called GUITARFIRE100, check out his work! Being our finale episode, this one is a bit longer than all the others. We get a little repetitive toward the end but I think that's because we knew that as soon as we hit the stop button, it would be over. Thanks for being Stuck in the 90s with us! Hosted on Acast. See...


Episode 14 - Kevin Smith

This week's episode takes a fond look back at Kevin Smith's four 90s movies, and we briefly discuss his peculiar choice in attire. Why his iteration of "fuck you money" is backwards hats, hockey jerseys, and jorts, we may never know. Oh and March Dino Madness is down to the final round! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


Episode 13 - ;)

We're not giving anything away. Enjoy the show! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


Episode 12 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of the more memorable movies of the 90s and it almost didn't get made! This week we take a fond look back at it, from the insane costumes to the great theme song and some other things in between. March Dino Madness is so intense right now. SO INTENSE. Some dinos have met their bitter end, and some trudge on into our round of 8. Which ones went where? You'll have to listen to find out! This week's episode is brought to you by winners, and the absolute fact...


Episode 11 - Super Metroid!

Super Metroid was a really cool game, and we take a good look at it this week and fondly discuss how dope Samus Aran is. So dope. Did you know that there were YTV pogs? We didn't either and it's upsetting. Oh yeah, and the results are in for March Dino Madness. Connor was upset for a while then not upset at all but then a bit upset again. This tournament is a roller coaster of emotion. This week's episode is brought to you by the 80's horror movie podcast Neon Brainiacs. Check their show out...


Episode 10 - Pop Punk

This week's show is brought to you by chalk boards. They suck. Our spotlight shone bright on punk in the 90s with a focus on our favourite pop punk band of the decade, Blink-182. Thoroughly good shit. We also discuss Google's latest fun little creation, Google Maps Mario. It's fun. Oh, and there's this March Dino Madness thing we've been doing. Dive into this episode because round 1 is complete and there are some STUNNERS in there! We (Connor) may refer to you all as "monsters" a bunch of...


Episode 9 - The Lost Episode

Episode 9 is brought to you by Connor's 2009 Macbook Pro, which he has managed to not hit with a hammer despite a feverish desire to do so. It's also (but actually) brought to you by the slap bass from Seinfeld. This one is so nice we recorded it twice! That's not really true. Rush Hour 4 is apparently a thing. The sun is finally setting on the Warped Tour. The reboot of Reboot is real. The Game Genie has a long and storied history. There are many 90s dinosaurs and they're in a March Madness...


Episode 8 - The Winter Olympics

This week's episode is brought to you by how absolutely terrible touchscreens were in the 90s. Seriously. They were so flippin' bad we don't understand why people even bought them. TERRIBLE. We finally get back to music and talk a bit about Radiohead, a band which neither of us really understand. Remember the Jerky Boys? One of us does! Tune in to find out who. Dinosaurs are also very much on our minds, and we also take a good look into the Winter Olympics of the 90s! We're at least 60% sure...


Episode 7 - ¡Yo Quiero Podcast!

Episode 7 comes in mild, hot, fire, or verde! The Taco Bell dog has a pretty interesting history, and that's all we have to say about that (except we say much more in the episode). This week also touches on our plans for an all-90s dinosaur March Madness style bracket. If that doesn't get you excited WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE? Stuck in the 90s is brought to you by television show characters who go through traumatic events one episode and seem entirely unfazed the next. Remarkable. Wanna be a...


Episode 6 - Super Mario 3

This week focuses on one of our favourite games, Super Mario 3! Listen in as we fondly remember this all-time classic and Connor confuses Super Mario World and Super Mario All-Stars. More on that next week. We also learned that Sabrina the Teenage Witch is getting a gritty reboot. Seriously. Remember Chicken Tonight? If you don't, this week's sponsorship segment may help...or make you hungry. Sponsor an episode for $10 and we'll give you a plug on the show! Drop us a line at...


Episode 5 - AOL, Street Fighter, and HitClips

This episode dives into those pesky AOL cds and how they came to populate the counter of every corner store in the world during the 90s. We also discuss the glory that was Street Fighter and how it caused the fighting game genre to explode. Finally we set our sights on HitClips, a truly mind-boggling product that may or may not be from the 1990s. UNBELIEVABLE. Sponsor an episode for $10 and we'll give you a plug during the show! Drop us a line at for more...


Episode 4 - ALL the Super Bowls!

This week covers all the Super Bowls in the 1990s. Come with us on this shitshow journey while we fondly remember why we try to forget the Buffalo Bills' glory years. Ugh. Ice Cube once had a good day, and we get to the bottom of when that probably was. This week's episode is brought to you by a classic commercial for Butterfinger, the world's best chocolate bar regardless of what Chris may tell you. Wanna sponsor an episode and hear us plug your wares? Drop us a line at...


S3 Episode 3 - Pogs and Bubble Tape

Episode 3 covers our favourite 90s passtime, Pogs! We give you the potential origin stories, discuss what Pogs we own(ed), and get into a glorious list of the 10 most rare and sought after Pogs on the planet. There are dozens of people who still collect 'em! Were you a fan of Bubble Tape? We definitely were. It was gum in the form of tape, a utilitarian way to enjoy a chewy delight. This week's cosponsors are Ben Savage and Rider Strong (the names, not the people). They're seriously cool...


S3 Episode 2 - Tonya Harding SPOILER ALERT

SPOILER FLIPPIN' ALERT We discuss Tonya Harding in this episode, hold off on this one if you have no idea about how that all unfolded and plan on seeing "I, Tonya". We also talk about prime numbers and sitting in the smoking section! Have two things ever been less related? You'll have to tune in to find out. Sponsor an episode for a crisp $10 bill, hit us up at for details. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


S3 Episode 1 - ABC's TGIF

Welcome to season 3 of Stuck in the 90s! We're bidding a fond farewell to the show format of yesteryear by mixing it up this season. What exactly will it look like moving forward, you ask? We'd love to tell you but we don't really know ourselves. Here's what we do know: Each episode will focus on a topic or two (or three maybe?) that holds relevance to the 90s. We'll be able to do a deeper dive on interesting people/places/things, which we think it will keep the show fresh for many nostalgic...


Episode 52 - December 25-31, 1997

The final episode of season 2 is available for your downloading pleasure. We recorded this right before Christmas, so keep that in mind. This week covers all the usual fun stuff, but we also announced some exciting news regarding the format of the show. Season 3 is going to be our best yet (we hope)! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


Episode 51 - December 17-24, 1990

This week's news is really rough. We've got a murder, we've got a drug villa, we've got teenage Christmas wishlists, and we've got RACEHORSES ON COCAINE! We go through our usual movies and music segments, and Connor explains why he can't get into Christmas music while Chris explains why he can. We also discuss the 92 Sears toy catalogue and the meaning of "I smell burnt toast". SERIOUSLY THOUGH. HORSES. ON. COCAINE. Wanna sponsor an episode for $10? Drop us a line at...


Episode 50 - December 10-16, 1999

This week's news involves Y2K, a Russian submarine,, and more! We also discuss some movies and some musics. The spotlight is a fond look back to the Toys R Us 1996 Christmas flyer and the episode is brought to you by a fine local dining establishment. We're writing these notes quickly because we were almost done editing the episode when the whole file froze and was lost to the sands of time. The episode was edited AGAIN and no computers were thrown out of second story windows,...


Episode 48 and 49 - November 26 December 9, 1993

Welcome back! We cover nearly two full weeks of news this episode, gotta make up for lost time. Some of the news is sad, some is upbeat, and there's a story about how some high school kids dug up the body of a soldier from the War of 1812. It's weird. Connor tells the story of how he watched Adam Sandler play basketball. It's pretty neat. Chris then gets into why he thinks there isn't any good new Christmas music being made, and it's a pretty compelling argument. Last but not least, this...