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A comedy podcast to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes.

A comedy podcast to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes.


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A comedy podcast to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes.






Local World News with Shane Torres and Graham Kay

Shane Torres and Graham Kay came over and we sifted through some local news together. In the attempt to steer away from the doom that is world news, we stumbled upon a triumphant story about Rocky the Raccoon and his handler. All I have to say is, don't be afraid of the raccoon in the bar! For More Ari: For More Shane: For More Graham: And subscribe to his youtube to be the first to know when his...


#486 I'm Here to Tell You About Mushrooms with Mat Edgar

How was your Shroomfets? Mat Edgar came over to talk about his Shroomfest and also all the others we've spent together! It's a good one. Subscribe to You Be Trippin'! Get tickets to see Ari & Big Jay in Las Vegas September 21st - one night only! For more Ari: For more Mat: The Music: Woody Smalls - Planet Shrooms Dave Matthews Band - I did it Missing Persons - Walking in LA Stargazer - Siouxsie Sioux and the...


#485 Escape Tapes with Big Jay Oakerson

Out on the fire escape with Big Jay Oakerson on a New York summer night. This is an interesting one everybody. Big Jay Oakerson came to sit with me on the fire escape of my old studio and we talked mostly about how we feel about people looking into our windows from the street. I say if you leave your blinds open it's fair game. Get tickets to see Ari & Big Jay in Las Vegas September 21st - one night only! For more Ari: For more Big Jay:...


#484 Cookies Crumble But They Don't Fall Down with Mike Cannon & Brendan Sagalow

Mike Cannon and Brendan Sagalow are on the pod this week talking about Cannon's new crowd work special "Huge Mistake." He took 150mg of edibles and then went on stage and talked to the crowd at New York Comedy Club. The only reason Brendan is on was because I forgot he was on not that long ago... Stay tuned at the end of the episode to hear our new stand-up catchphrases. For More Ari: YouTubeInstagram Patreon Merch For more Mike Cannon: Upcoming Shows Instagram Twitter For more Brendan...


#483 Tuesdays with Ari's with Mark Normand and Joe List

Mark Normand, Joe List, Chuck, Schiavone, and I all piled in a questionable SUV (It wasn't an SUV) to drive to the new Soul Jole's to do a show. As you know Mark Normand and Joe List have a popular podcast called Tuesdays with Stories! I wanted to insert myself in their podcast so I made them talk to me all the way to Soul Joel's about sexual terms, bad smells and slang. It's a fun one. For more Ari: Subscribe on YouTube Instagram - @arishaffir Patreon Cool merch & more For more Joe...


#482 Backyard Blues with Steve Rannazzisi and Nick Youssef

Nick Youssef and I went over to Steve Rannazzisi's new house to hang out by the pool and eat our weight in BBQ. We were going to talk about tough breakups in the pool but the day was so nice it got away from us, so we decided to shoot the shit at sunset and talk about Nick's upcoming special instead. Man how nice it would be to have a backyard like Steve's. Check it out on For More Ari: Subscribe on YouTube Instagram - @arishaffir Patreon Cool merch & more For...


#481 Fame Whores with Kyle Dunnigan and Juston McKinney

The hilarious Kyle Dunnigan came over to do a podcast and brought his equally funny friend Juston McKinney. We pretty much just shot the shit and talked about anything and everything, from New movies to celebrities, close calls, and the infamous slap. For More Ari: Subscribe on YouTube Instagram - @arishaffir Patreon Cool merch & more For more Kyle Dunnigan: Instagram: @kyledunnigan1 Twitter: @kyledunnigan YouTube Patreon Official Website For more Juston McKinney: Instagram:...


#480 Nomad with Xylia Buros

Xylia Buros is a nomad. For the last 6 years, she has been a citizen of the world, traveling from country to country at her own whim. I’m really jealous. I met her in Rolf Potts’s writing class in Paris. So we sat in her Montmartre apartment rental and talked about the nomad lifestyle. She has some great tips on how to make it happen, and some insights into the hurdles she’s had to deal with, and the fun at the end of any of the troubles that make it totally worth it. She really made me want...


#479 Bitches Be Trippin with Brendan Sagalow

Brendan came over to be on my patreon but we were having way too much fun to keep this content from the public. Smoking weed and talking about bitches, what more could you ask for? Head to to watch the rest of the episode if you don't already subscribe. If you do, thanks for being a Patron and allowing me to push the limits! For More Ari: Subscribe on YouTube Instagram - @arishaffir Patreon Cool merch & more For More Brendan: Upcoming Shows: Calendar - Brendan...


#478 Stabbing at a Bodega with Ryan Long and Chris O'Connor

Ryan Long and Chris O'Connor came over to talk about this crazy story about a bodega owner stabbing a guy to death. Was it self-defense? That's what his lawyers are saying, but apparently, you're not allowed to stab someone if they attack you at your own bodega. Video of the stabbing from the New York Post is on For More Ari: Subscribe on YouTube Instagram - @arishaffir Patreon Cool merch & more For More Chris O’Connor: Get tickets to see Chris July 22-23 in...


#477 Trading Louis for Luis with Louis C.K., Joe List, and Kerryn Feehan

This is a spite-cast! We did this exact podcast about a month ago but the only difference this time, we swapped out Luis Gomez and swapped Louis C.K in. Louis, Joe List, Kerryn Feehan, and I talk about Joe and Louis' new movie, out now! Called 4th of July. I saw it and man, it's a good one. Head to and find it in a theater in your town, it's gonna be all over but for a limited time only so go check it out. Subscribe on YouTube Instagram - @arishaffir Patreon Cool merch &...


#476 Influenzer with Noel Leon

Hot Girl Noel Leon came to the studio to talk to me about what it was like working as an "Influencer." When she told me that was what she did for a living I was appalled, however now Noel is focused more on comedy and less on influencing people, so we were able to have a really good conversation about how awful it is. For More Ari: Subscribe on YouTube Instagram - @arishaffir Patreon Cool merch & more For More Noel: Follow Noel on Instagram: @noelleoninsta Check out A Very...


#475 Swingers on a Plane with Anthony Devito

Comedian Anthony Devito who once attended a swingers party and I sat on a plane and talked about Kansas City’s least known underbelly of fat people hook ups. KC is known for their third rate barbecue and second rate jazz but they’re actually number one in multiple sex partners among people who should have no sex partners. This is not the first podcast I’ve done on a plane. There was one a long time ago I did with Joe Rogan. But this is the first one I did with video. It’s wild what you can...


#474 Tip Your Bartender with Caitlin Peluffo & Colum Tyrrell

Immigrant bartender comedian Colum Tyrrell and former bartender turned current gullible comic Caitlin Peluffo met me in the studio and had some fun talking about the ins and outs of being behind the bar. The bartender is the most important front-line worker in the nation and the backbone of our society. And these two were some of the worst in this important field of work. Please, tip your bartender For more Ari Shaffir: Special Taping June 11-12 in New York: Ari Shaffir: Jew For all...


#473 Festival of Hustlers with Ali Siddiq

Former hustler and current standup Ali Siddiq talks with a man who rarely hustles but still does tons of standup Ari Shaffir to talk about all the lessons life gives you. One guy slung dope, the other is one. It's a great conversation from Austin, Texas that brought two cultures together. That taught two peoples about each other. It's a lesson in communication. The boyz realized that words mean different things to different people. But they also realize how similar they were in their...


#472 Malcolm Xtra Large with Reggie Conquest

Comedian Reggie Conquest converted to Islam over the pandemic. He talks to no religion former Jew current jerk comedian Ari Shaffir about how it happened. Reggie read the autobiography of Malcolm X (who would have turned 97 last week) and gained an interest in religion because of what he read in the book. Reggie knows very little about Islam but he does know what he’s going through as a new convert and that’s what we got into here. Also, Reggie is a big boy so that’s where the title comes...


#471 2022 State Of The Union with Dave Smith

Dave Smith joins me to have our annual (except last year) what’s up with America. We covered everything. From the new baby exterminator laws to the current President, to the media’s attack on Joe Rogan, to the crime wave (of which I’m responsible for some) to homelessness, to Elon Musk, to the war in Ukraine. Dave gives an honest and non-biased rundown of all the topics facing America and Americans today. Dave Smith is on a constant quest for freedom and Ari Shaffir is giving him a platform....


#470 Stealing from Bobby Kelly with Joe List, Luis J. Gomez, and Kerryn Feehan

Joe List, Luis Gomez, and Keryn Feehan join me on my rooftop for a wild all-over-the-place conversation that started with friendship and ended in a love child for which 23 states wouldn’t allow early termination. These are 4 of the dumbest people you know . For real. List is probably the smartest because he knows how to spell the word Movie. Luis is obviously the dumbest. And all joking aside Ari is the smartest because of the heritage and also those people value education so even though I...


#469 Father Figure with Chris Distefano

Serial inside blaster and now father and comedian Chris Distefano talks to me about what it’s like to be a father. Chris was about as honest (and funny) as anyone I’ve ever talked to about this stuff. He admitted to the negatives and told me about the positives. Very funny and interesting conversation! Chris is for real a hilarious standup comedian and he’s got a new Netflix special out today called Speshy Weshy. He named it that because he’s less mature than his daughter. Check him out...


#468 In Plane Sight with Mike Cannon

Delta Clear applicant and standup comedian Mike Cannon met up with me at the St Louis Lambert International airport to discuss today’s hot button topic in a discussion you could only be at if you passed a rigorous screening process handled by top industry professionals. Now, I’m not really sure if the St Louis Airport is international. Actually, it would surprise me if any country has a direct flight to St Louis. What if St Louis had a ton of Cambodians on the QT. And there was one 18 hour...