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Some of America's best comedians, writers and performers come together for conversation.




Why Is There MAGA? / News February 21, 2024 #1522

David does The News.


Republican Men Terrified Of Strong Black Women/ News February 19, 2024 #1521

David does The News


Why Fani Willis Will Destroy Trump/ News February 16, 2024 #1520

David does The News


House Republicans' Big Quit/ News February 15, 2024 #1519

David does The News. 🎙️The Big Quit: David examines the mass exodus of GOP politicians from Congress, the diminishing power of committee chairs, and the impact on our legislative process. He then shines a light on the tragic gun violence overshadowing the Kansas City Chiefs' parade, questioning America's relationship with firearms. The episode also tackles Uber's profit at the expense of drivers, Disneyland's labor struggles, and Japan's economic woes as a stark warning for the U.S. Amidst this, David challenges the Great Replacement Theory, advocating for a humane and economically sound embrace of migrants. This episode is a clarion call for leadership that educates and uplifts, urging listeners to see beyond fear and prejudice. Share with friends for a dose of reality and subscribe for more of David Feldman's unfiltered insights. 🗣️ Quotes from David Feldman "Power always flows to the top, and it leaves any organization sclerotic, out of touch, and unable to adapt." "That's not disciplined messaging. That's oxygen deprivation." "Being immoral is inefficient." "Leadership is education. Not accepting the stupidity of the american people." "We should be getting down on our hands and knees and thanking God for these migrants."


Trump's Illegal Not Migrants/ News February 14, 2024 #1518

🎙️ David does The News. 💬 Show Notes David tackles America's border crisis, the Republican party's white male noise machine, and the historic vote to impeach a sitting cabinet official. David dissects the GOP's strategy of blame-shifting and obstruction: Tom Suozzi's victory in a bellwether district flipping George Santos's seat red to blue. Plus, a deep dive into the true legality of America's immigration policies, the role of ICE, and the deathly implications of Trump's return to power. 🗳️ Episode Chapters (00:00) Poll: Does America have room for these migrants? (03:22) House Republicans' futile attempts at governance (07:45) The impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas and the GOP's blame game (15:30) The significance of Suozzi flipping George Santos' red seat blue (18:15) The Republican party's allegiance to white male noise and tax cuts for the rich (22:07) The crisis of greed in New York City (26:35) The hypocrisy of Republican Mazi Pilip's stance on immigration (31:50) The call to abolish ICE and uphold international law (37:02) The Valentine's Day card from Donald Trump to Melania (39:15) The House's one-vote majority in the impeachment of Mayorkas (42:00) The foreign aid supplemental and the need for single subject bills (47:50) Inflation rates, the Federal Reserve, and greedflation (52:10) Final thoughts and poll results: America's room for migrants 📢 Signal over noise: Why the impeachment of Mayorkas is just a smokescreen, and how Tom Suozzi's win sends a clear message to the GOP. From the legality of immigration to the future of ICE, this episode is a must-listen for those seeking truth amidst the chaos. Share with friends to amplify the signal, and don't forget to subscribe for more insights from David Feldman.


Putin Next Chairman Of The Republican Party/News February 13, 2024 #1517

David does The News. 💬 Show Notes As the Senate preps a hefty national security bill, Speaker Mike Johnson plays the obstructionist, echoing Trump's command to keep the border issue alive for political gain. We question, is Putin the GOP's shadow chairman? T 📋 Episode Chapters (00:00) Republicans are willing to let the migrant problem fester (09:35) The California primaries for Senate are March 5, and early voting has begun (11:43) President Biden tells Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza (18:42) A week ago today, a DC Circuit court said Trump lacked immunity, yesterday he appealed that ruling to the Supreme Court (24:56) Voters in New York's third district decide today on who will replace George Santos


Trump Likely Stays On Ballot/ News February 9, 2024 #1516

David does The News. 💬 Show Notes In this episode of the David Feldman Show, the stain that just won't wash out—Donald Trump. The Supreme Court hints at keeping Trump on the ballot. On Wall Street, Uber's financial turnaround poses serious questions about the destructive power of venture capital, while Tucker Carlson's cozying up to Putin in a controversial interview leaves us questioning the state of journalism. The Department of Justice's decision not to prosecute Biden over mishandling classified documents. The grim reality of Gaza's impact on Biden's chances for reelection. 📋 Episode Chapters (00:00) It looks like our Supreme Court is going to keep Donald Trump on the ballot (00:45) Uber turned a profit for the first time in its 15 year history (02:30) Tucker Carlson Interviews Putin who Tucker has been rooting for ever since Putin invaded Ukraine (14:04) If Joe Biden loses in November, it will be because of Gaza (25:53) The Supreme Court hears arguments on whether to disqualify Donald Trump over January 6th (38:59) Judge Arthur Engorin is considering fine against Donald Trump in civil fraud trial (52:31) You're not allowed to build on Mar A Lago, like Grant's tomb it's an historic preservation site so it's only worth $30 million (55:27) Rudy Giuliani says Donald Trump owes him $2 million for election lawsuits (01:02:20) Donald Trump and the Republicans insist migrants are bringing fentanyl into our country (01:12:55) Mike Johnson kills border bill because Trump needs migrant "crisis" (01:22:04) Next Tuesday, New Yorkers go to the polls in a special election to pick successor for George Santos (01:24:07) Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence act expired on December 31 and now the fight is on over how much privacy Americans deserve (01:31:02) Lauren Boebert slapped her husband Jayson Bobert with a restraining order (01:41:24) Trump supporters are ignorant (01:51:54) David Feldman blasts Trump supporters who say the economy sucks under Biden (01:59:10) Please share this with your friends. That's the best way to help


Republicans Threaten Biden with Civil War/ News February 5, 2024 #1515

David does The News.


Why Republicans Are So Stupid/ News February 2, 2024 #1514

David does The News.


The Head Of The National Rifle Association Is Terrified Of Guns/News January 31, 2024 #1513

David does The News.


Lauren Boebert Is Finished/ News January 28, 2024 #1512

David does The News.


Trump Just Killed The Border Bill/ News January 26, 2024 #1511

David does The News.


Trump Takes New Hampshire/ News January 24, 2024 #1510

David does The News.


Trump's Cognitive Decline Worsens/ News January 21, 2024 #1509

David does The News.


Mike Johnson's Days Are Numbered/ News January 19, 2024 #1508

David does The News.


Iowa Republicans Vote Against Iowa/ News January 16, 2024 #1507

David does The News.


Trump Endorsed By Mobster/ News January 14, 2024 #1506

David does The News.


Trump's Poll Numbers Make No Sense/ News January 12, 2023 #1505

David does The News.


Lauren Boebert Investigated By Police/ News January 9, 2023 #1504

David does The News.


Trump Already Screaming Voter Fraud/ News January 6, 2024 #1503

David does The News.