Wil and Charlie take time out from TOFOP to chat with various guests instead of each other.


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Wil and Charlie take time out from TOFOP to chat with various guests instead of each other.




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FOFOP 421 — Livestreaming A Haircut (with Sam Petersen)

Wil Anderson catches up with Confessions podcast host, Sam Peterson. The Melbourne producer, writer and director shares his take on Nandos, Tik Tok, and John Howard. #HowardtheCoward Hear Sam Peterson's podcast, Confessions: Or check the website: FOFOP is moving to the TOFOP feed — two shows in one feed. Follow TOFOP to stay up to date with new FOFOP episodes. See for privacy information.


FOFOP 420 — Saucy Secrets (with Jana Hocking)

Dating columnist and broadcast maven Jana Hocking reveals the process behind her Saucy Secrets Instagram project. Also: find out how NOT to pick up by stalking someone in Kmart and why meeting the old-fashioned way might still be best. Follow Jana Hocking on Instagram: See for privacy information.


FOFOP 419 — 800 Metre Football Field (with Michael Chamberlin)

Chambo returns and realises he only catches up with Charlie on podcasts. He also talks about the research that has gone into his new MICF show, Michael Chamberlin's Completely Incomplete History Of Australian Rules and whether or not being comedian is like being a pro wrestler. Buy tickets to his show here: See for privacy information.


FOFOP 418 — A Dog Walks Into A Bar (with Justin Hamilton)

Award-winning comedian, Justin Hamilton catches up with Wil to discuss the (literal) oldest joke in the book, why John Wick is the best superhero movie, and recommendations for the best new TV to stream. See Wil Anderson live: See Justin Hamilton live: See for privacy information.


FOFOP 417 - The Footy (with Broden Kelly)

Charlie is joined by Aunty Donna's Broden Kelly to talk about his new footy podcast, The Footy. Listen to The Footy wth Broden Kelly: See for privacy information.


FOFOP 416 — The Video Store: Bad Movie Recommendations (with Guy Davis)

Charlie and Guy discuss the emotional scarring and embarrassment they carry from curating the right movie at the wrong time, featuring: Beverly Hills Cop 2 The Burning Bram Stoker's Dracula The Elephant Man The Dark Crystal Can't Stop The Music Follow Guy Davis on twitter: Listen to Four Finger Discount: See for privacy information.


FOFOP 415 — Not In Love With Pamela Anderson (with Monty Dimond)

Charlie and Katie 'Monty' Dimond kick around the important stuff — is it fair J.Lo has a six-pack and Ben Affleck has let himself go? Why do men and women split up into packs at parties? And what does Warwick Capper have to do with Charlie's sexual awakening? Listen to Show and Tell with Monty Dimond: See for privacy information.


FOFOP 414 — "My Entire Career Is On The Line Every Night" (with Osher Günsberg)

Osher Günsberg is back and he's brought a melodica. He chats with Charlie about the challenges of #dadlife and managing jealousy, why it's still worthwhile to be aware of political bubbles, and Osher shares his fears about creating an improvided satirical news comedy show. Listen to Dadpod: Get tickets to Osher's comedy show: MELBOURNE: SYDNEY: See for privacy information.


FOFOP 413 — The Gospel According To Fascinator (with Johnny Mackay)

The music biz — from satanic backward messages to joking about working with the people who worked on remixing The Beatles. Charlie digs into it from all sides with Children Collide frontman Johnny Mackay, who now also goes under the moniker, Lord Fascinator. The musician explains why he's had over 100 members in his band, the future of writing music with AI, and how he actually ended up working with the people who remixed The Beatles. Find Johnny on insta: Lord Fascinator: See for privacy information.


FOFOP 412 — The Giant (with Ben McLeay)

Charlie calls in Ben McLeay to ask some big questions about a mysterious giant and a missing Tik Tok star. Check out Ben's podcast Boonta Vista: See for privacy information.


FOFOP 411 - The Video Store: Late To The Party (with Guy Davis)

Charlie Clausen and Guy Davis share the unmissable movies they just so happened to miss, including what it was like to finally watch them long after they'd exited the zeitgeist. Hear more of Guy Davis on Four Finger Discount: Movies discussed: Labyrinth: Event Horizon: The Shining: Dirty Dancing: Goonies: The Boondock Saints: See for privacy information.


FOFOP 410 — Sex With Ghosts (with Sammy P)

Comedian and podcaster, Sam Peterson describes the anatomy of a perfect Reddit Confession, including how to spot signs of bullshit. Wil is accused of stealing a joke. #IAmPagliacci Listen to Confessions: Listen to Nature or Nurture: See for privacy information.


FOFOP 409 — Homunculus (with Claire Tonti)

Artist and podcaster Claire Tonti sits down with Charlie Clausen to talk about re-discovering her passion for singing after childbirth and how that led to the release of her debut album. Follow Claire on instagram: Claire's website (watch the film clip): See for privacy information.


Best of 2022 - Ben Russell, Cam Knight, Matt Braunger & Michael Chamberlin

Over the Summer, we're sharing some of the best bits of 2022's season of FOFOP. Enjoy excerpts from episodes with Ben Russell, Cam Knight, Matt Braunger & Michael Chamberlin See for privacy information.


Best of 2022 - Claire Tonti, Gareth Reynolds, Osher Günsberg & Dave Anthony

Over the Summer, we're sharing some of the best bits of 2022's season of FOFOP. Enjoy excerpts from episodes with Claire Tonti, Gareth Reynolds, Osher Günsberg & Dave Anthony See for privacy information.


Best of 2022 - Justin Hamilton, Broden Kelly, Ben Lee & Guy Davis

Over the Summer, we're sharing some of the best bits of 2022's season of FOFOP. Enjoy excerpts from episodes with Justin Hamilton, Broden Kelly, Ben Lee & Guy Davis. See for privacy information.


Best of 2022 - Cam & Alexei, Sam Petersen & James Fosdike

Over the Summer, we're sharing some of the best bits of 2022's season of FOFOP. Enjoy excerpts from episodes with Cameron James & Alexei Toliopoulos, Sam Petersen & James Fosdike. See for privacy information.


FOFOP 408 - Hollywood Dust (with Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer)

The creators of Colin from Accounts (Binge) join Charlie for the final FOFOP of 2022. See for privacy information.


FOFOP 407 - We Are Doug (with Matt Braunger)

Wil chats with US comedian Matt Braunger about the name 'Doug', finding your voice, and the truth about what comedians can no longer say on stage (spoiler: they can say anything they want). Watch Matt's new special, Doug - See for privacy information.