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Laugh Out Loud is your radio and web destination for Canadian comedy. From the famous to the newly found, you are guaranteed to laugh out loud. Every week, host Ali Hassan crosses the country and cruises the Web to bring you what's new and hot in Canadian comedy from stand-up to sketch to musical comedy and beyond.


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Laugh Out Loud is your radio and web destination for Canadian comedy. From the famous to the newly found, you are guaranteed to laugh out loud. Every week, host Ali Hassan crosses the country and cruises the Web to bring you what's new and hot in Canadian comedy from stand-up to sketch to musical comedy and beyond.








A comedic lesson in history and reconciliation.

Recorded in 2022 at the Shenkman Arts Centre in Ottawa, Don Kelly explains reconciliation - at Ali's expense. And from the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Julie Kim reminds you not to judge other mothers for their child-rearing choices.


When mom sits you down to have “the talk”, timing is everything!

Recorded live at Punch Lines Comedy Club in Saint John, New Brunswick, Bree Parsons describes the magic of her Newfoundland family, and Clifton Cremo worries his grandma is a little TOO concerned about his health.


Jokes with an ode to the French, the English and Hong Kong...all in one place.

From the 905 Comedy Festival, George Westerholm describes his career, with a little help from the audience! And from Hecklers Comedy Club, Charlie Demers shares his love for his mother-in-law. That’s right – love! It happens!


Who knew that the board game Clue could be so contentious!

From a live show in Saint John, New Brunswick, Dan Hendricken tackles his comedy like his to-do lists. And from Parry Sound, Ontario, Courtney Gilmour shares some lessons in self-worth!


Your childhood diary? Approach with caution!

From Accent on Toronto, Gavin Crawford takes aim at Toronto. And Lethbridge. And pretty much all of Canada. He even questions CBC Radio! Well, the nerve of some people!


Sometimes the best advice can come from a witch's mother.

Live from Lake Country BC, Ryan Short tells us how to make the most of a speech impediment - and Emily Bilton shares how she learned a most valuable life lesson from Mom. No - not her mom - Sabrina the Teenage Witch's Mom.


Make fun of Millennials all you want - but you may need them some day!

Recorded in October 2021 with a small but dedicated audience at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Noor Kidwai says sure, Millennials might not be perfect - but the blame may lie with the parents! And Craig Fay delivers some messages to his old bosses. An older, but classic set from Lara Rae starts off the show.


When you're looking for a Rolex in the outhouse, you may have hit rock bottom.

Lisa Baker shares the secret to losing weight - and putting it on if you're so inclined. And Pat Thornton talks about the value of sticking to your convictions - even if those convictions are related to sparkling watermelon water. Recorded in 2019 at the YYC Comedy Festival in Calgary.


Remember Don Cherry? Oh, you will!

From the Halifax Comedy Festival, Matt Wright offers an entirely new perspective on athletes’ salaries., And from the 905 Comedy Festival, Tim Rabnett defends why he and his wife are not having children.


What's scarier, a clown or an arctic hare?

From the Icebreakers Comedy Festival, we shine our spotlight on Rob Pue. Rob shares a few golden stories, including one that aims to remind future parents that not everything their child creates is going to be magical.


Whether you love cats or hate 'em, be it resolved that humans are a nuisance to them.

From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Bobby Warrener and Leonard Chan talk about the love they've reluctantly given to their cats... and their parents. And Cassie Cao teaches a socially distanced audience about how safe a safe word can be.


One shouldn't profile people, but this is serious business: You're getting ice cream!

Comedian Rhiannon Archer doesn't have a 'favourite' child, but if you listen closely, you'll hear which one is getting some extra hugs at night. And Tim Nutt reflects nostalgically on the time he almost had a protest march outside his home.


Millennials aren't afraid of Revenue Canada!

Recorded at Accent on Toronto, Michael McCreary challenges Canada Revenue scammers on knowing their audience. And from the Icebreakers Comedy Festival in 2020, Martha Chaves goes deep into the trials and tribulations that take place in the mind of a germaphobe.


Dishonesty is the best policy. Wait - is that how the saying goes?

From Hecklers Comedy Club in Victoria, comedian Erica Sigurdson reminds you that honesty has no place in a relationship! And from the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Ian Sirota adds that it also has no place with your children!


Laugh Out Loud Introduces: This Is That

This Is That is a current affairs program that doesn't just talk about the issues, it fabricates them. Nothing is off limits - if it's relevant to Canadians, we'll find out the "This" and the "That" of the story. Each week, hosts Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring introduce you to the voices and stories that give this country character in this 100% improvised, satirical send-up of public radio. More episodes are available at:


Comedian James Mullinger celebrates 10 years of living in his adopted home of Canada

James Mullinger takes us through the hilarious bumps, stumbles, and joys en route to officially becoming a Canadian citizen at Punch Lines Comedy Club in Saint John. Zoom shows, drive-ins, boxes of wine, visits to Sobeys and Prince Harry - it's all here in a special, extended set.


When your face says “I’m rich” but your voice says “my face is lying."

Myles Anderson struggles to explain that he’s not rich, despite a face that suggests otherwise. And Vicky Mullaley talks about her dangerous addiction to a mini chocolates.


David Pryde’s preoccupation with prepositions.

David Pryde takes you on a journey with prepositions. Or is it ALONG a journey THROUGH prepositions? IN prepositions? BETWEEN? Anyway, it's a ton of fun!


The popularity of online reviews… for nature?

Live from Punch Lines Comedy Club in Saint John, New Brunswick, Sam Bartol tells us about the life and times of Theodore Tugboat. And why do Canadians always narrate their activities?


Being a 30-year-old woman in the 1700’s suckkkkked

From the Icebreakers Comedy Festival, Dylan Gott shares how he was fooled into attending Christian Camp. And from Hecklers in Victoria, Randee Neumeyer talks about her bed wetting. It went on longer than you think.