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TBTL is a daily show hosted by two longtime friends goofing their way through the world the best they can. Join Luke Burbank and Andrew Walsh as they cover the most important topics of the day, from 25 year-old film reviews to whether or not Andrew’s neighbors are secretly using his garbage bins.


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TBTL is a daily show hosted by two longtime friends goofing their way through the world the best they can. Join Luke Burbank and Andrew Walsh as they cover the most important topics of the day, from 25 year-old film reviews to whether or not Andrew’s neighbors are secretly using his garbage bins.




#4146 Scent Of A Burbank

Luke is worried that he’s using too much cologne but nobody will tell him. He and Andrew are also testing some new video software that is solidifying Andrew’s status as Mole Man Basement Dweller. And Luke wants to be a movie director again.


#4145 Soup Me For What?

Andrew’s been living in the basement as he and Genevieve try to nurse a sick cat back to health. He and Luke also trade notes on their experiences with Lipton Cup of Soup.


#4144 Warts Happening To Me?

Luke and Andrew honor President’s Day by comparing their traumatic trips to the dermatologist’s office as kids. Plus, Luke finally stopped by the meatball shop he and Andrew have been talking about, and he has a full review.


#4143 Penance Race

Luke and Andrew get ready for the weekend by trading notes on how they confessed their sins as kids. Then they open up the ol’ PO box to share some of the amazing gifts sent in by listeners.


#4142 A Mute Point

A writer in The Atlantic offers a modest proposal regarding airplane luggage bins -- namely, getting rid of them altogether. Luke and Andrew debate the pros and cons. They also talk doormats, mute buttons, and the contagious nature of throat-clearing. (Photo by Kyle McCarthy)


#4141 Third Wave Mulletism

Luke shares some breaking Valentine’s Day news that is (*checks notes*) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Andrew shares the most romantic thing Genevieve has ever said to him. And Luke did some old-fashioned shoe-leather journalism to get to the bottom of a Reba McEntire meme that’s making the rounds.


#4140 [Extreme Billy Corgan Voice] The World Is An Oyster

Jon Stewart returned to the Daily Show last night, and Luke took notes. Meanwhile, Andrew is groggy coming off of a podcasting marathon that nobody asked for.


#4139 The No Sneeze Diet

Luke and Andrew discuss what’s at the top of everyone’s mind this morning: dental floss, Q-tips, and Lena Dunham. Then they talk about the commercials that caught their attention most during yesterday’s Super Bowl broadcast.


#4138 You Got Yourself A Stewart

Luke and Andrew preview a few of the commercials that will be airing during the Super Bowl, including a stand-out performance by everyone’s favorite Star Fleet Commander.


#4137 Gymmers Never Quit

After months of preparation and procrastination, Andrew finally made a phone call yesterday that might change his life forever. Or not. Plus, Luke has been poking around some cinematic rumors and theories involving Bill Walton, Chewbacca, and Steve Buscemi.


#4136 What Happens In Reno Stays In Vegas

Andrew discovers a very surprising voicemail waiting for Luke on the TBTL phone line. Plus, Luke solved the mystery of unexplained toll charges on his “Good2Go” account, but as far as Andrew is concerned, the real adventure is just beginning.


#4135 Splooch The Bandit

Luke shares the details of how he has to prepare for an upcoming medical procedure, and it’s more involved than he thought. He and Andrew also discuss the life and times of one Rick Moranis. (Oh, he’s hilarious, dog.)


#4134 Rick The Regular And DJ Orderly

Luke went to a Slick Rick concert last night and has many details to share, including some very confusing audience instructions from DJ Chaos. He and Andrew also hear from the Australian girl who heroically battled a snake to save her pet. And they announce the details of this year’s Valen-Tens Card Exchange.


#4133 You Candlemas Anything Anymore

Luke tries to explain Groundhog Day to Andrew. Then they discuss the surprising amount of sexual content in a theater production Luke attended (with family) yesterday. Plus, is “bubble water” a thing? Maybe not. But they certainly both thought it was.


#4132 The Noshing Class

Luke’s dad tries to remove an owl (?) nest from Luke’s studio during the show, and that’s not even his biggest distraction today. They also try to discuss lights, uplights, and how window curtains are connected to wealth and class. Then the show basically goes off the rails.


#4131 Purée Against The Machine

Luke and Andrew are up-in-arms over a New York Times article on “tiny living” that totally misses the mark. They also mark the end of a short but special era in TBTL’s numbering scheme, and they debate whether Sunday is truly the first day of the week.


#4130 A Man Needs A Rubbermaid

Andrew has to say goodbye to an object that has been by his side for years. Too many years, he now realizes. And Luke recounts his adventures trying to give away a refrigerator this weekend.


#4129 Coin Air

Luke met a Secret Service dog wearing camo this weekend, raising the question, why does a dog have to wear camo in Las Vegas? He also learned that his dad doesn’t know the difference between Wayne Newton and Lil Wayne.


#4128 Long Day’s Ginoor Into Night

Luke and Andrew enjoy a surprise visit from Genevieve, who found herself in an interesting pull-tab situation recently. Plus, Andrew wonders if his performance on a local podcast was so bad they had to scrap the whole thing.


#4127 Booze News You Can’t Use

Andrew noticed something peculiar in a book he’s reading, and the discovery is causing him shame. Plus, a story about a “plane farter” is the epitome of bunk journalism. And Luke has a new favorite show, but Andrew’s worried it’ll make him cringe.