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Dennis Prager is one of the most respected and influential thinkers, writers, and speakers in America. Each day, he tackles topics of politics, faith, and culture with ease and expertise. His motto is, "I prefer clarity to agreement.” He is deeply passionate about preserving America, the West, and the Judeo-Christian value system. You can also watch Dennis Prager on Salem News Channel


Van Nuys, CA


Dennis Prager is one of the most respected and influential thinkers, writers, and speakers in America. Each day, he tackles topics of politics, faith, and culture with ease and expertise. His motto is, "I prefer clarity to agreement.” He is deeply passionate about preserving America, the West, and the Judeo-Christian value system. You can also watch Dennis Prager on Salem News Channel






Puberty Blockers

World Athletics on Thursday announced its decision to exclude transgender female athletes who have been through male puberty from world rankings competitions. Why are there so many unhappy young Americans? They have been deprived of religion and patriotism and bombarded with wokeness, substances, and social media. Dennis talks with Julie Hartman, of “Timeless” and “Dennis and Julie,” about how PragerU has changed her life. Issues raised include: we need to educate young people and why...


Going Soviet

The pending farce indictment of Donald Trump confirms a recent Prager revelation: the distance between American leftism and Soviet communism is not all that wide. Dennis explains… a Colorado city wants to limit number of gas stations. They’re trying to save the planet. Los Angeles Unified School District announces schools will remain closed for third day amid teacher strike. Dennis analyzes an LA Times editorial: Bills intended to shame and scare transgender students are despicable. Ryan...


Of Two Minds

Dennis reflects on difficult times in which we live. On the hand, things looks bleak, especially when so much suffering is so unnecessary. On the other hand, we are blessed to live in this country at this time. When in history is life not a struggle between good and evil?... Dennis talks to Elijah Nixey-Paton, PragerFORCE Member in the United Kingdom. How many women consider themselves to be attractive? Or are almost all women hypercritical of the way they look? If so, why? Dennis has...


Praise Unworthy

Were you overpraised or underpraised as a child? What impact did either scenario have on your life? Dennis has stories. So do callers. The San Jose Sharks went full woke last week to celebrate “gender diversity.” Why is a hockey team concerned with “gender diversity?” The team’s goalie rebels. Not surprisingly, he’s religious. Despite what you might assume, the Bible is preoccupied with the ethical treatment of animals. In fact, the ethical treatment of animals begins with the Bible. Thanks...


Dennis & Julie: Bibles and Pianos

Julie and Dennis dissect the question: at what age do you become who you are? Do you feel like an imposter? When “finding yourself” ...who you want to be is more significant than who you are. You are what you do. Do good people think they are good people? Parents are great, but to be an adult you need to separate from them... having healthy adults in your life is crucial ... role models and mentors. Where have all the mentors gone? The addict isn't who they are until they're sober....



The DA of NYC Alvin Bragg has made a mockery of justice in his farcical pursuit of former President Trump… Dennis talks to Aldo Buttazzoni, new PragerU personality. He’s the new “man of the street” for PragerU. He’s also featured with Amala in the new PragerU ad on Fox. Our major cities are destroying themselves. Should we feel sorry for them? Certainly, we should feel sorry for those who didn’t vote for the destructive incompetents who run these cities… Mark Levin makes a stirring defense...


Believe Children

The Lt. Gov. of MN wants us to believe everything children tell us as fact, especially about their sexual identity. What do kids need parents for?... The Biden Administration is making gender issues one of its highest priorities. Southern border? Not so much. If you've had therapy, did it help you become happier? If so, why? If not, why not? Callers have stories. Dennis has theories. Dennis talks with Stan Alger a PragerFORCE Member at Loyola Marymount University. Per usual, callers set the...


The End of Time

Time Magazine celebrates its 100th anniversary. It’s a long way from its glory days. Now it’s just another Leftist mouthpiece… Yet another race hoax. This time in Sacramento. The hoax phenomena proves how little racism there is in America… Dennis talks to Eyal Carlin, Commissioner of North America for the Israel Ministry of Tourism. That is what the left does: shout “fire” in the crowded theatre of life. They do it over and over: global warming, systemic racism, transphobia — whatever. Green...



In Joe Biden’s (and the Democratic Party’s) twisted worldview, the bad people are the ones who want to stop kids from being swallowed up by transgenderism. The Pope strongly disagrees with the President… Is vaping as bad as smoking? Do all women get sexually harassed sometime during their lives? What is the best response to harassment? Callers have stories. Stanford Law has gone full Yale. Law students shout down a conservative judge. The law school’s reputation is being ripped to shreds by...


Leftism Makes You Sick

According to numerous studies, young liberal girls are suffering serious mental issues. Why? For the answers look left… A British medical journal says US doctors are rushing kids into transgender therapies… Dennis talks to Alexa Weisbond, senior at California Lutheran U and PragerFORCE Member. What has happened to live customer service? It barely exists anymore. Dennis relates his own experience. Callers chime in. Did going to college change your child? Did they become more liberal, more...


SVB Goes Boom

Silicon Valley Bank, the favorite bank of the tech set, went boom over the weekend. They were preoccupied with the wrong green. They lost track of their fiscal responsibility to their shareholders and depositors. The Feds have decided to bail them out. Will it bail out all the other banks that may fail or the next few weeks? Dennis talks to Christian Toto, conservative media critic and host of Hollywood in Toto podcast. The topic is last night’s Academy Awards… Dennis talks to CJ Pearson,...


Dennis & Julie: Inner Space

Julie reviews with Dennis some of the biggest questions she pondered while reading The Rational Bible. While striving to know God is a noble pursuit… knowing God is not what matters most… knowing what God wants is. If you think people are basically good, you will be a less happy person. Exploring outer space is fantastic... equally fantastic is exploring inner space. Ignorance is not bliss... it may be bliss temporarily, but not over a lifetime. It is true that faith without works is dead......


Budget Busting

Biden’s budget follows the simple Democratic Party formula: more money, more government, more debt. Somehow this is supposed to improve the economy. Meanwhile, our tax rates now equal or are greater than those of Western Europe... Who is more ungrateful? Colin Kaepernick or Ilan Omar? Tough call… Idris Elba doesn’t get the obsession with skin color. The Tenth Commandment is the only “thought commandment.” Dennis explains why the other nine commandments rests on it. Of all thoughts, envy is...


Moving Right

Amala Ekpunobi, PragerU personality and host of the podcast Unapologetic sits in for Dennis… Amala tells her fascinating personal story; how she moved from the left to the right… A Minnesota judge says a biological male can compete against women in powerlifting… The goal of a young person (everybody, really) should be to get closer to the truth. Reparations have become a big issue again. This is baffling. Reparations will solve nothing, even if you could figure out way to distribute it (you...


Dragon Teeth

Julie Hartman sits in for Dennis. Arguably the most consequential topic of our time – our relations with China. Monday Xi Jinping bluntly rebuked the US, saying that there’s a Washington led campaign to suppress China: “Western countries – led by the US – have implemented all round containment, encirclement, and suppression against us, bringing unprecedentedly severe challenges to our country’s development.” Julie examines the growing conflict. 21 states have legalized recreational marijuana...


Tucker Brings It

The “it” is the truth about January 6. Whatever it was, it was not a “deadly insurrection” as the legacy media so carefully described it… Truth is not a left-wing value. It never has been. Another detransitioner explains how should get pulled into the cult of transgenderism… Dennis resumes his discussion of what really happened on January 6… Dennis talks to Lindsay Ronning, a PragerU Kids homeschooling mom. She’s homeschooling six kids and using PragerU material. You can despair about the...


Dennis & Julie: Science and Religion

Dennis and Julie continue the discussion of great people and delve into belief. Belief in science is not a replacement for religion, and belief in religion is not a rejection of science. This is the one-year anniversary episode of Dennis & Julie. Do you invite bad people into your life? Dennis’ four requirements a great person must be… courageous, pursue truth, have no need to be loved, and be an outlier. Julie’s three requirements a great person must be … principled, have a higher set of...



Michael Knowles, Daily Wire podcaster, and host of the PragerU Book Club, called for the end of transgenderism. For this he was accused by Media Matters and various other leftists of calling for the genocide of all transgendered. It’s just another attempt to smear a conservative with a lie… Want to make a better world? Start by telling the truth… A judge in Minnesota says a male-who-thinks-he’s-a-woman powerlifter should be able to compete against women. The great Heather Mac Donald...


Crime Pays

NYC has agreed to pay George Floyd “protestors” millions in compensation for “rough” police treatment during the 2020 riots. The message to cops: go easy on leftist protestors… It’s very difficult to believe anything public health officials tell us. They lied to us repeatedly during lockdowns. Why should we believe them now? If you recognize that human beings are inherently flawed creatures and therefore need rules both legal and spiritual to enforce good behavior, will that make you a...


At Risk

Kids who identify as a different sex suffer more depression than their heterosexual peers, according to the CDC… Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins Medical School exposes ten major Covid myths. The damage these myths (lies) have wrought on our society (and the world) is untold. There is a split among conservatives as to whether we should be sending funds to Ukraine and supporting President Biden’s policies. Callers weigh in. Dennis talks to David Prager, Chief Development Officer for PragerU....