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Download This Show is your weekly guide to the world of media, culture, and technology. From social media to gadgets, streaming services to privacy issues. Each week Marc Fennell and a team of people far smarter than him (his words, not ours) take a fun deep dive into how technology is reshaping our lives.


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Download This Show is your weekly guide to the world of media, culture, and technology. From social media to gadgets, streaming services to privacy issues. Each week Marc Fennell and a team of people far smarter than him (his words, not ours) take a fun deep dive into how technology is reshaping our lives.






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Swipe Left, Swipe Right

This past week, the government and dating apps have come together to work out ways of making online hooking ups, I mean romance a bit safer. Plus getting medication and primary care over the web. What are the benefits and pitfalls?


Is ChatGPT worth the hype?

It talks like a human. It writes like a human. It can create poems, resumes, Shakespearean text. It has comedy troupes and university examiners scratching their head. What is the big deal about ChatGPT? Plus, is 2023 the year AI becomes unavoidable? Guests Guests Meg Coffey, Managing Director at Coffey Natasha Gillezeau, product manager at Flux Finance


How 2022 changed technology (and us)

Its been a year of devastating hacks, billionaires buying things they might regret, and a roller coaster of news. What were the biggest tech news stories, the strangest products of the year 2022. And how different will our world look next year? Guests Alice Clarke, freelance technology journalist Peter Marks, software developer at Access Informatics


Elon Musk wants to put a chip in your brain

It was one of the world’s most trafficked exchanges for cryptocurrencies, and now it’s in tatters. What does the FTX scandal mean for the future of digital currencies? And, what would it take for you to put a computer chip in your brain? Elon Musk wants to know. Plus, a US police unit just had invested in killer robots. Is this the future of policing? Guests Meg Coffey, managing director of digital agency Coffey and Tea Reinhardt Sosin, co-host of the Tech 4 evil podcast


Who's afraid of artificial intelligence?

A Taylor Swift concert has triggered an antitrust lawsuit into the largest online ticketing agency in the world. Could this be the end of the much maligned booking fee? Plus, Pong turns 50. Why the the video game is more relevant than ever at its half century. And, how an online tool has crafted a mysterious horror story. Guests Natasha Gillezeau, product manager at Flux Finance Josh Taylor, reporter at Guardian Australia


A whole nation in the metaverse

Tuvalu, a low-lying Pacific nation, is set to become the world’s first-ever digitised nation in response to climate inaction. But what does this mean exactly, and can it even be done? Plus, Donald Trump’s Twitter profile, banned for inciting violence, has been reinstated. What does this say about the future of the now-controversial social media platform? And, Deliveroo is no longer. Is the seemingly sudden demise of the food delivery app a sign of an evolving culture, or just an...


Does it ever pay to pay a hacker?

As Australia's private health data is leaked onto the dark web, the government is proposing to make it illegal to pay ransoms to hackers. But with stakes so high, could paying criminals ever be justified? And as Musk's Twitter fiasco enters another chaotic week, are we witnessing the last days of the tweet? Guests Claire Reilly, Principal Producer at CNET Peter Marks, software developer with Access Informatics


Musk's Twitter mayhem continues

The social media platform Twitter has always been characterised by its speed and immediacy but in the last seven days it’s set a breakneck record for changes. What is actually going on? Plus can the tech industry keep moving when one of its biggest manufacturers is in COVID lockdown? And we say goodbye to a dearly beloved piece of technology. Guests Josh Taylor, Reporter at the Guardian Australia


Welcome to Elon Musk's Twitter

The ultra rich man behind Tesla has assumed control of Twitter with a promise that it can no longer be a "Free-for-All Hellscape". Is he really the man to deliver on such a promise? Plus, Facebook may be about to play a game of chicken with Canada and New Zealand. And the Medibank hack of user data is worse than was initially thought. What does it mean for customers? Guests Manal al-Sharif, author and presenter of the Tech4evil podcast Associate Professor Michael Cowling, Information and...


Is your medical information in the hands of hackers?

The hack of Medibank customer data may be one of the most alarming personal data compromises in recent Australian history. What are the implications? And, just how good is TikTok at stopping misleading information? Plus, instead of protesting in the streets - should people be protesting in zoom meetings? Guests Seamus Byrne, Head of Content at Byteside Alice Clarke, freelance technology journalist


Has Alex Jones lost the Infowars?

Alex Jones must pay Sandy Hook families nearly $1 billion for hoax claims made on his conspiracy news service Infowars. Will it help to deconstruct one of the most potent engines of misinformation in the history of media? And what is the point of going to work in an office if you’re just going to spend the day on video calls? Experts discuss. Guests Natasha Gillezeau, Product manager at Flux Finance Peter Marks, National technology editor at Access Informatics


A European dream: One wire for all your devices

New EU legislation means there’s a good chance you can get rid of a bunch of wires for charging a certain phone. Will it translate to Australia? Also, would you pay not to be tracked by advertisers online? And we discuss model laws that could control the 'wild west' of facial recognition in Australia.


Would you sell the rights to your face?

Explore the latest in technology, social media, consumer electronics, digital culture and more.


What is the Future of the Australian Election?

Australia is famous for doing elections well, from the wholesome school hall set ups, to the much loved democracy sausage and of course scrutineering from the AEC - - its a pretty well oiled machine. But with technological advancements in e-voting, perhaps it's time we re-think how elections are run to make them more efficient and convenient. This week we discuss electronic voting to online misinformation, counting machines to social media blackouts. Can we have convenience and our sausage...


A Little Known Election with Big Consequences for the Internet

First up, how and why has TikTok become Google for Gen Z? Plus, how an upcoming election at the UN could determine the future of the internet, the latest on Elon Musk's painful courtship with twitter and don't look up, NASA is about to go head to head with an asteroid.


Can Apple still impress us?

When the big mobile phone manufacturers release a new phone, as Apple did this week, have we reached the limit of what we can expect? Plus, big tech hits back at the federal government's localisation requirements for data storage. Does it matter where our data lives? And our panel has a go at redesigning MyGov. Guests Manal al-Sharif, author and presenter of the Tech4evil podcast Josh Taylor, reporter at Guardian Australia


Would you trust a robot with your mental health?

Cambridge research has found that a 60cm-tall humanoid called Nao helped children open up about feelings. Is there something in this for adults?


When will Australia ban petrol cars?

An unconventional piece of proposed technology that will change the accent of people in call centres has opened up a can of worms for where our prejudices and expectations lie ... and it's messy. And will there ever be a day when petrol fuelled vehicles are banned in Australia? One US state has already set a date.


Influencing influencers to stop misinformation

TikTok has announced new steps to ensure influencers understand the rules around paid political ads. Could this be a model for countering misinformation? Plus, a social media giant has been accused of recording every single letter you type on your keyboard And Google wins in the High Court. Guest Seamus Byrne, Head of Content at Byteside


Gold medal gamers: Is the Commonwealth Games ready for esports?

A trial took place at the Commonwealth Games last weekend to see whether esports could join traditional sports like swimming and athletics. Should they be included? Plus, Elon Musk is cashing in on shares as he gears up for a legal war with social media giant Twitter. And why a robot from the team behind Facebook is critiquing the company that created it. Guests Alice Clarke, freelance technology journalist Kunal Kalro, founder and CEO of Eugene Labs