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Located at the intersection of Philadelphia and food, the Jawn Appetit podcast is a fun, informative - and sometimes, irreverent - look at the local restaurant scene without the pretentiousness that you might find elsewhere. Each week, we'll give you our takes on the hottest establishments in Philly and tell you where you can find the best eats in (and around) the City of Brotherly Love.




Located at the intersection of Philadelphia and food, the Jawn Appetit podcast is a fun, informative - and sometimes, irreverent - look at the local restaurant scene without the pretentiousness that you might find elsewhere. Each week, we'll give you our takes on the hottest establishments in Philly and tell you where you can find the best eats in (and around) the City of Brotherly Love.






Jawn Appetit - Episode 189 - Harp and Crown

Have we finally settled the debate on Philly's best cheesesteak? Of course not, but we do celebrate John's Roast Pork winning a well-deserved award. Speaking of awards, we give props to three Philly restaurants making the NY Times Top 50 list.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 188 - Gran Caffe L'Aquila / Bite For The Fight Recap

After a long hiatus, the Jawn Appetit crew is back... on this episode, Chanell and Roy give you their thoughts on Gran Caffe L'Aquila, and recap one of their favorite events of the year in Bite For The Fight. And, yet again, some members of the team are upset that Top Chef has passed over Philly once again.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 187 - El Vez

El Vez is a lively happy hour spot, but it also has great food and should be on your hit list if you're in the Midtown Village area. We also spend part of the episode debating whether or not hot peppers belong on a cheesesteak, and explain why all restaurants should have an online ordering option.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 186 - Bite For The Fight Preview

Richard Massi, President of the Fight on Makenna Foundation, joins us to preview the third annual Bite For The Fight Food Festival, whose goal is to raise funds for families facing pediatric cancer.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 185 - Bing Bing Dim Sum Revisited

It's been a couple of years since we've been to Bing Bing Dim Sum, so we decided to run it back, and we're glad we did. We also debated whether or not restaurants should require vaccinations for entry.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 184 - Nimit Indian Palace

On this edition of the podcast, we give love to a Northern Indian restaurant that held us down during the pandemic. We also lament the loss of to-go cocktails, and debate what restaurant dress codes really mean.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 183 - Restaurant Hit List

We're back, better than ever, and we're running down the list of restaurants that we'd like to check out now that the world is opening back up. We also get you up-to-date on the latest openings and closings at The Borgata, and judge folks who are ordering weird things during the pandemic.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 182 - Hattie B's / Big Bob Gibson

Our Goldbelly journey continues with Nashville Hot Chicken from Hattie B's and BBQ from Big Bob Gibson... great options given the fact that the world isn't as open as many of us would like. We also tell you what you do when you're in an argument with someone who's loud AND wrong.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 181 - Barbera's Seafood Market / White House Subs

The local restaurant scene is slowly getting back to and so are we! After apologizing for a far-too-long hiatus, the Jawn Appetit crew shows some love to two great spots in Atlantic City and celebrates the return of East Passyunk Restaurant Week.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 180 - Amy's Omelette House

A lot of us don't think about breakfast when it comes to takeout, but we shouldn't... especially not with a place like Amy's Omelette House nearby. If you're jonesing for some great waffles and pancakes, or if you just want some shrimp and grits with a side of homefries, we'll tell you why Amy's should be on your list of best morning spots.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 179 - Black Restaurant Week 2020

On a special edition of Jawn Appetit, we're joined by Falayn Ferrell, co-founder and managing partner of Black Restaurant Week. She pulls up a seat at the table to tell us the origins of the event that's generated millions of dollars in revenue and awareness for African-American owned restaurants across the nation.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 178 - The Borgata: Old Homestead/Izakaya

On this episode of Jawn Appetit, we take you on a socially-distanced staycation to see how the Borgata is doing dining during a pandemic. And we also debate America's best pizzas and wonder how the amazing Pizzeria Beddia ranked so low on The Daily Meal's list.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 177 - Center City Restaurant Week, Fall 2020

For the first time ever, Center City Restaurant Week comes with takeout options. So even if you're not inclined to dine inside the newly re-opened dining rooms across the area, you can still enjoy some of the best food Philly has to offer.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 176 - Goldbelly

Many of us are traveling much less these days, but thanks to Goldbelly, you can get a taste of America delivered to your home. We run down some of the items we've enjoyed from Goldbelly, and we celebrate a taste of normal with the return of Center City Restaurant Week.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 175 - Giuseppe Market / Samuels and Sons

On this edition of Jawn Appetit, we tell you how to get restaurant quality seafood delivered to your door. We also debate the merits of cheesesteak-flavored potato chips, and explain how Emmy Squared is taking their pizza party to the roof.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 174 - K'Far

Private clubs are now public, restaurants are now markets, and we're seeing the Philadelphia food scene adapt to what will likely be the new normal. In this episode of Jawn Appetit, we also shine a spotlight on K'Far, an all-day Israeli cafe that offers some of the best breakfast in the city.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 173 - All Black Everything

Back and better than ever, this edition of the Jawn Appetit podcast is dedicated to showcasing many of the black restaurants, cafes, chefs and creatives in the Philadelphia area. Later in the show, we give a special shout out to Maya Moore, and we add our voices to the chorus of Hamilton supporters.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 172 - Meenal Lele, Lil Mixins

On a special edition of Jawn Appetit, Meenal Lele of Lil Mixins joins us to discuss early allergen introduction as we close out National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month. We also discuss the potential of virtual dining experiences, and we tell you were to get some of the best to-go cocktails in the city.


Jawn Appetit - Episode 171 - The Pizza Show

During the quarantine, people have been eating - and making - pizza more than ever before... on this edition of Jawn Appetit, we'll discuss some of the best pizza you can order online, get shipped nationwide, or make at home!


Jawn Appetit - Episode 170 - Mother's Day 2020

As usual, Philadelphia is well represented on this year's list of James Beard Award finalists. But before the award show comes Mother's Day, and we'll give you the skinny on some of the best brunch and dinner options for that special mother and/or grandmother in your life...