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AWAYE! presents a diverse and vibrant Aboriginal arts and culture from across Australia and the best from Indigenous radio broadcasters around the world.

AWAYE! presents a diverse and vibrant Aboriginal arts and culture from across Australia and the best from Indigenous radio broadcasters around the world.


Melbourne, VIC


AWAYE! presents a diverse and vibrant Aboriginal arts and culture from across Australia and the best from Indigenous radio broadcasters around the world.




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Deepening the conversation and what 'ngarraanga' means

If you could listen to country, what would you hear?


Monumental lies and the metaphors of black deaths in custody

As monuments to slavers and genocidal kings are torn down overseas here in Australia we are again having a national conversation about the dissonance between public history and the lived experience - and collective memory - of Indigenous people.


Tracking the ancestors and the spirit of Mudburra

We follow a survey team along a pathway from the far south coast of New South Wales into the Snowy Mountains untrodden for generations and learn some Mudburra language with singer-songwriter Eleanor Dixon, who hails from the homeland community of Marlinja.


Can we hope for racial equality in the new normal?

The killing of George Floyd has provoked outrage across the globe but can that righteous anger bring about structural change and heal a broken system? Nyikina woman Sam Cook shares her thoughts from Los Angeles. And we revisit the history-making Mabo decision, 28 years on.


Blak poetry renaissance

In the second part of our special on the blak poetry renaissance we feature the work of Evelyn Araluen, Joel Davison, Lorna Munro, Kirli Saunders and Elizabeth Walker from the new anthology Fire Front, curated by Alison Whittaker.


Kinchela's traumatic legacy and Allan Clarke brings us The Word

50 years ago this month the notorious Kinchela Boys Home closed its gates forever but the former training farm leaves a harrowing legacy. Also, we get The Word from investigative journalist Allan Clarke who reports from the Atlantic coast of south-western France.


The epic story of the Maralinga Tjarutja and The Word from Los Angeles

For the Maralinga Tjarutja people who were forcibly moved off their lands in the 1950s the British nuclear tests are just one disaster that befell them. Also, in our first international episode of The Word we hear from expat Nyikina woman Sam Cook who lives and works in Los Angeles County.


A haunting relic of scientific racism

In the French city of Lyon we find a strange ethnographic object - which can only be described as a curiosity of the Western imagination.


This story's right, this story's true

In an excerpt from the audiobook of his memoir Tell Me Why, Archie Roach recounts one of the most vivid and happiest memories of his early life and we get The Word from Katherine where social distancing is having some unintended but positive consequences.


Blak poetry renaissance and The Word from Townsville

A new anthology captures the spirit and creativity that's firing the renaissance in First Nations poetry right now. Edited by Alison Whittaker, Fire Front features some of the most articulate voices in the country. And we get The Word from Townsville with ABC features reporter Dwayne Wyles.


The Word from Kununurra and stories that offend your mother

Molly Hunt was about to move interstate to take up a dream job - then COVID-19 got in the way. And at the outset of her career as an award-winning playwright Nakkiah Lui explains her golden rule when it comes to theatremaking.


The warrior poet bullied into silence and The Word from Cape Barren Island

Ellen van Neerven shares a deeply personal story about finding your voice - the subtext of their new award-winning poetry collection Throat. And storyteller Jim Everett brings us The Word from Cape Barren Island, a remote community in Bass Strait.


A unique landmark in Australian poetry and The Word from Alice Springs

Charmaine Papertalk Green reads from her award-winning poetry collection Nganajungu Yagu and shares what she regards as some of the greatest lines ever written. Also we hear about a new series of coronavirus podcasts in Yolngu Matha and health researcher Joel Liddle brings us The Word from Alice Springs.


Making art in a public health emergency and the word from Yarrabah

As the pandemic threatens vulnerable communities we check the pulse of the Indigenous art sector and in the first instalment of The Word we hear from artist and mayoral candidate Elverina Johnson on the impact of the emergency in her community of Yarrabah.


The harrowing life story of Archie Roach

From Took The Children Away to Weeping in the Forest, his lyrics tell a part of the story but in his extraordinary memoir the singer-songwriter goes where he didn't dare before and in the 150th episode of Word Up ABC broadcaster Maree Yoelu shares more of her language - Batjamalh.


Indigenous-led dialogues at the Biennale of Sydney and reviving Nyul Nyul

The 22nd Biennale of Sydney, also known as NIRIN, is on — and it’s Indigenous-led.


One discordant note and an academic look at Aboriginal humour with Angelina Hurley

Two years ago we took you behind the 1938 Day of Mourning Protest with the descendants of some of the first generation of political activists — people like the indefatigable Pearl Gibbs, the gumleaf-playing preacher Tom Foster and the Wiradjuri matriarch Louisa Ingram —this week we’ve dived into the archives to share it with you again.


Love Rights and Kwini language revival

We track the long history of black participation in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and head to Kwini country for Word Up.


Nardi Simpson adds yet another string to her bow and an intercultural love story

Singer-songwriter, and budding playwright Nardi Simpson has tried her hand at new music composition, and the fraught and funny story of intercultural love in the new play Black Ties.


A 'faboriginal' new game show and the High Court's question of Indigenous aliens

Steven Oliver hosts NITV's Faboriginal and Eddie Synot dissects the High Court majority ruling which found Indigenous people can not be deported from Australia.