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Ride Bikes Radio with db & Brian Dallas is a show about bicycles for everyone else. Bicycles for commuting, for exercise, for fun!. Perfect compliment to bicycles is beer, and we will be discussing that as well.


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Ride Bikes Radio with db & Brian Dallas is a show about bicycles for everyone else. Bicycles for commuting, for exercise, for fun!. Perfect compliment to bicycles is beer, and we will be discussing that as well.



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db Sucks at Mail

Big show for you this week! Ride with GPS vs. Strava vs. Apple watch vs. a ton of nerd stuff (at the end) vs. Booze vs. Cannabis vs. Covid vs. Motivation. I mentioned it's a big show, right? If you haven't listened to RBR 63, now would be a good time to get caught up. Y'all might know that I have a blog, but did you know I also post recipes? Heck, I even posted about craft NA beer recently. Comments are open if you want to chime in or ask a question!


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Faster than OJ Through an Airport

Ride Bikes Radio is back! Since it has been a minute, we catch up. Then, straight into Brian's plans for the next 12+ months of riding to celebrate the anniversary of his birth in 2024. Let's just say he has a lot of miles and feet of elevation planned, and we get to join him on his journey getting ready. Speaking of, here is a copy of his Retul report. Comments are open and we are looking for feedback on pretty much everything! You can also email that feedback in to feedback at rbr and we'll get it. We talked about the emergency SOS feature on iPhone getting used in Maui, OJ jumping things in an airport and the absolutely gorgeous Specialized S-Works Tarmac sl8. Finally, the latest show under the White Roof is The Hollywood Car Show featuring Fireball Tim. It's a really great show and we think there are a few of you that might dig it!


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The Juiced Rip Racer

One more quick one before Brian comes back. A little information about the Juiced Rip Racer that's in my garage, some Arizona heat struggles and a pass through the Strava Club. And, Brian's back for the next episode for sure with all of his updates!


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Welcome Back to Ride Bikes Radio

Sure, I know I said I was going to be keeping this going, back in 2021. Clearly that failed, so let's try again! This episode will be the first of 2 for July. Brian will be making a triumphant return very soon and we have a lot of cool stuff planned over the course of the next year. This is just a shorty with a fleet update and giving me a new show to put on the new host and show off on the new website. Comments are open. You know the rest! For those of you that are looking for a new podcast to listen to, I would like to recommend The Hollywood Car Show! Fireball Tim and I talking about movie cars, movies, diecast cars and cool art/car shows. First episode up now, new episodes weekly!


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Welcome to 2021

Starting off, finally, in 2021 with a new episode. A quick catch up with my riding and bike projects, followed by a pass through the Strava club and some housekeeping.


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Ride Bikes Radio 59: #RideEveryDay

A quick and short show for you guys this week. It's not that we haven't recorded anything, because we have. There is a zoom video on the Stupid Facebook page and, well, another thing in the bin. You see, the last show we recorded was completely scrambled by the process I used to use to make the show. So, no Brian this time, instead you get me talking about #RideEveryDay for May, an update on the Gravity and, like we like to do, a trip through the Strava Club. I owe you a few links: My chain ring SE Speedster Tires Pedals BikesDirect Gravity 29er SS Did you smash all of your records in May? Post that to instagram and tag @RideBikesRadio so we can spread the awesome! Thanks for bugging us for a show! We noticed, we also notice when you share! That helps more than you know. If you don't think we are worthy, by all means, let us know by emailing feedback at ride bikes radio dot com.


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Ride Bikes Radio 56: #bringzimaback

#bringzimaback Back for 2020! Getting caught up on bike repairs, riding, or not, changes to lifestyle, news and, of course, beer. Here are the links you guys are looking for. The Game Changers on Netflix about plant based diets. Danny MacAskill's Gymnasium in case you missed this. Strava Reindeer Kids in Finland ride in sub zero temps White Claw Factory near my house. We have a lot of stuff planned for 2020 and hope you stick around and tell your friends!


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Ride Bikes Radio 55: Sometimes I take Awkward Selfies

A little bit about me, a little bit more about me, and I really hate changing tires/tubes. If you are following along in the RBR Chat, you'll see that I have already corrected this, but boy was it frustrating! The other frustration is actually switching to clipless. I come clean as to why I haven't and Brian schools me on getting set up. Bike and Beer news we think you will like: Oskar Blues supports Can'd Aid Ducati Electric Bike? Denver snow plows hit the bike lanes The coolest helmet ever! Boulder Beer scaling back Scotch - A Golden Dream Skipping beer for Scotch (see above) and making a pass through the Strava Club.


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Ride Bikes Radio 54: Always a Big Game

Big show this week. BIG Show! I talk about the new bike, Brian helps with mechanical disc brakes and Mongoose releases a new bike that we do not hate. Welcome to Ride Bikes Radio. Starting off with stuff to add, or not, to your water bottle before moving on to new bike stuff and news. db's new bike - The Gravity SS 29er, which I'm digging quite a bit. You can expect a complete review to be coming. Mongoose Envoy The SeatyGo Wahoo Acquires Speedplay Pedals The Analog Motion eBike Flick Chat for the show - use code ridebikesradio to get right in!


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Ride Bikes Radio 53: Bike was in the Shed

Brian kicking ass with his riding, a whole bunch of news and Brian updates us on a whole bunch of stuff! Before we get into that, let's get the links out of the way. Pirelli tires for your bikeHacking Zwift? Great American Rail Trail Specialized joins global climate strikeCravenSpeed Gemini Phone Mount Brian had a great customer service experience with Wahoo after his computer's screen had some issues. Always nice to hear this kind of thing! We have a new chat room that is show specific. We think it's pretty rad and hope you guys will give it a try! Click over to Flickapp.com to install the app on your mobile device. Once there, use the code ridebikesradio to get in and start chatting!


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Ride Bikes Radio 52: It's the Zima of 2019

BIG week! Brian being basic after clocking serious miles this week (and number 3 in elevation) and me still amazed at how much you guys can ride! Playing the Strava Club home game is always fun. Besides that, we talked about a few other things: Wahoo Element Radar IntegrationEpisode 2 Cincinnati FD using bikesGiddyUp! Film Tour In other news, we will have stickers very soon (for reals) and other merch will be coming. We are trying to go beyond coffee mugs and shirts and will keep you guys posted for sure!


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Ride Bikes Radio 51: In Therapy Forever

Finally able to get Brian back! Besides catching up and discussing goals and riding bikes, like we like to do, we also make a pass through the Strava Club. Besides that stuff, a little talk about riding with strangers, Wahoo cycling computers vs. using the phone. You can click this link for Wahoo refurbed! The biggest take away, I think, is having a bunch of routes you can pick from to keep you on the pedals! I am in the process of getting some RBR branded stuff ready for you guys. Stickers, for sure, are coming very very soon! More as they become available, keep an eye on the socials and here for details! Token to be removed later: GHi32zosFFVKhSDzbilu


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Ride Bikes Radio 50: Let's Try this Again

How about we take a few minutes to talk about bikes? First up, we have Strava breaking with with ReLive, or ReLive breaking up with Strava? Read these and let us know what you think: From ReLive From Strava Besides that, I am suffering from N+1 so bad right now it is not even funny. Go ahead and check out the latest bike that I covet and will probably have in my stable before the end of the year. I know it's not from an LBS, but it fits in my budget and in what I am trying to do with it. What else do you recommend that does not cost $1K or more? Comments are open! Go nuts! Finally, a pass thru the Strava Club and a little beer talk. Play along with the home game via the Untappd app. Your patience is appreciated. I know you guys like this show. Hell, I like this show. Life gets in the way sometimes and everyone just runs out of time. That said, like I said, I really like this show and will be trying my damnedest to keep up making 2 new shows a month. Who's with me?!?!


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Fred Called Us Out

Fred Called Us out Catching up! I understand it's been a while, but weather in Arizona has sucked and I bought a freaking house! Apologies for the delay, but I do promise we will be getting back to it! Links: The most ridiculous comments opposing bike lanes Don't Confront MotoristsSnooty Peloton Images A quick pass through the Strava Club and beer as you expect, plus a minor detour into a bottle of wine; a 1979 Opus One. It was amazing and I acquired it upon the passing of my grandparents. You can read more about that on my blog. And do not forget about White Roof Radio. If you like a good car show, I think this one is pretty amazing. If you like MINI Coopers, you get a double bonus because it's all we really talk about it. And, that show makes this one happen, so thanks to them! I have made some changes to the site. Nothing earth shattering, but when you see it, it's not just you. Comments are open BTW!


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Ride Bikes Radio 48: I Am Becoming Old People

Ride Bikes Radio 48 - I Am Becoming Old People First show of 2019 and we are talking about folding bicycles, a kick ass LBS experience, the Specialized recall and electric bikes. Besides all of that, a few listener shout-outs and we are looking for some specific feedback to start the new year. Specialized RecallStrava ClubRad Stop Ride ShopElectric Bike Lawshttp://peopleforbikes.org/our-work/e-bikes/policies-and-laws/Richard Wezensky Ok, so, how did you find out about Ride Bikes Radio? Did you come from White Roof Radio or find us another way? And, with Episode 50 coming up soon, what do you guys think about a live show? Either Facebook Live or something else like that? Comments are open below, time to sound off!


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Ride Bikes Radio 47: Brian Drinks Mimosa

For the last show of 2018 (probably), we manage a little extra show for you this week! Brian lays down the knowledge about all things bicycle when it comes to my bike, bike history and even with Performance Bicycle. Also, we spend some time talking about Brian's job, which sounds really cool. If you want to hear more, check out the GHT Overland Podcast where he was recently a guest. Very cool! Oh, and check out what happens when you take a Walmart MTB in the dirt over at Seth's Bike Hacks YouTube channel We hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season! We will talk to you again in 2019! Happy riding!


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Review: Specialized 2018 Diverge e5 Sport

A few minutes of me talking about the new bike and how awesome it is! You can read more about it at specialized.com. The way it handles, the way it feels, how comfortable it is. Oh, and did I mention it's FAST!?!?! And it's loud, but I'm coming to terms with it. Stick around for Episode 46 when Brian and I take a deeper look at this bike and I'm able to ask questions. Plus beer!


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Ride Bikes Radio 45: Stolen Bikes and Beer

For those of you that aren't playing the home game, I did, in fact, have 2 bicycles stolen out of my garage. I tell the story plus show you a couple that are in contention for my new daily driver. They both tick the budget box and 1 ticks all the boxes! Specialized Allez Specialized Diverge e5 If you missed the high speed run on the Salt Flats on our Facebook page, you can check it out here. And, Brian throws down with some amazing beers, and 1 bad one!


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Ride Bikes Radio 44: Really Fast on a Bike

Starting off talking about really fast bikes on the Salt, Brian getting to ride bikes in a super rad location, you guys killing it (again) in the Stava Club and finishing with beer! When we say really fast on a bike, we mean almost 184MPH! Read the story over at Cycling Weekly and be sure to check out Project Speed on Facebook for videos, more information about the bike and more information about the run. You can also check out their website at http://theprojectspeed.com/. Congrats to Denise and her team for slaughtering the old record!


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Ride Bikes Radio 43: 150 Percent

Excuse the extra background noise. Brian's normal mic was still in a box. Oh, yea, we get Brian this week, fresh from his move to North Bend, Washington. He catches us up on the move, what he gets to ride and him doing some paying forward. Plus, you guys killin' it in the Strava Club! Hoping to get Danyelle back on soon for a full update on her triathon experience. Spoiler alert: She didn't drown! And we talk a little bit about beer, like we like to do.