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Weekly podcast from public radio’s award-winning program Humankind

Weekly podcast from public radio’s award-winning program Humankind


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Weekly podcast from public radio’s award-winning program Humankind




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Listeners, Pt2

There’s a kind of mystery in sitting calmly, patiently, attentively and tuning into someone else’s personal story – their experience and life journey. In this special program, we hear the reflective insights of people who listen for a living: physicians, counselors and clergy.


Healing the Wounds of War with Steven Stratford

Vietnam veteran Steven Stratford tells the story of his post-traumatic descent into addiction and how, finally in jail, he realized he would have to “replace bad memories with good memories” by returning to Vietnam to help civilians.


New Jersey Food Bank

We hear the moving story of Kathleen DiChiara, suburban housewife who became very concerned about human hunger in the 1970s. This motivated her to start collecting food at church, and eventually other sites, and then to organize distribution to people in the nearby inner city.


Listeners, Pt1

There’s a kind of mystery in sitting calmly, patiently, attentively and tuning into someone else’s personal story – their experience and life journey. In this documentary, we hear the insights of people who, in a sense, listen for a living: physicians, counselors, clergy and others. What does it mean to set aside one’s own agenda […]


Constant Emergency, Pt2

As we grope for a “new normal”, has humanity reached a kind of turning point? It feels that way — in the wake of the Covid pandemic, intensifying impacts of climate change, the war in Ukraine, mounting threats to our democracy, repeated mass shootings and so much more. In this second part of our documentary, […]


Constant Emergency Pt1

Have we entered an age of unrelenting chaos? As we grope for a “new normal”, has humanity reached a kind of turning point? In this timely audio documentary, you’ll hear inspiring stories of survivors. We also listen to health care providers, clergy and others who offer specific guidance to help people navigate these choppy waters. […]


What the Research Shows

Health care chaplaincy has increasingly been a subject of evidence-based research. In this episode of the podcast, we review findings of some recent studies by the American Cancer Society, the Mayo Clinic, Pew and other sources. Two leading researchers offer their perspectives.


Barely Getting By Pt2

In a country as wealthy as the United States, “working poor” should be a contradiction in terms. But tens of millions of Americans fall into that category — affecting a growing population of children.


Chuck Collins – Common Good

The heir to the Oscar Mayer fortune, Chuck Collins, examines income inequality, sustainable local economies and his personal journey in a provocative new book, “Born on Third Base.”


First Responders

From firefighters to police officers to the Red Cross and many others, First Responders play an essential role in protecting public safety and helping people cope with emergencies. In this segment, we consider the work of providers of disaster spiritual care. These folks look after both survivors of tragedies and the responders, who are sometimes reeling […]


Katie Davis

Journalist, mentor, gardener, camp counselor and community activist Katie Davis has undertaken a one-woman campaign to save kids in her inner city neighborhood of Washington, DC.


Tajae Gaynor

Youth leader Tajae Gaynor of the Bronx has dedicated his life to conflict resolution and school mediation activities after he witnessed the senseless stabbing of a friend.


Compassionate Presence

Perhaps more than any other trait in a spiritual caregiver, recipients of care yearn for the attention of an open-hearted person who can bear witness to their challenges. But what does it mean to bring that presence into an encounter with someone who may be up against adversity? We explore this powerful realm in a […]


Journey for Recovery

Cancer patients confront their fears, real and imagined; and a scientific look at the mind/body connection.

The Social Brain

Daniel Goleman is a former New York Times science reporter specializing in how brain function affects the way we feel and perceive life, particularly how people develop different levels of empathy.


Connections That Heal

For many nurses, the one-to-one relationship with a patient is the essence of their service. This episode of The Spiritual Care Podcast considers how connections can uplift the patient being cared for, as well as nurses – who spend more time with patients than other medical professionals. It also can help to sustain and revitalize nurses, who […]


Inner Calm for Stressed Schools

Few institutions can be as stressful as today’s public schools—both for teachers and students. So what happens when a suburban Boston high school introduces relaxation training into academic life? A look at how some public schools have integrated stress management techniques to help teachers and students, with Herbert Benson.


Breaking the Cycle

The stories of people in recovery from alcoholism, who had to work through denial and sometimes harsh consequences on the road to sobriety, which can present its own ongoing emotional challenges.


Pastoral Services to Members of the Military

We explore the duties and challenges of military chaplains from two nations: Britain and Canada. Ian Wheatley, recorded at the Defence Ministry in Westminster, London, serves as Chaplain of the Fleet of the Royal Navy in the United Kingdom. Next, we visit with Padre Guy Chapdelaine, a soft-spoken Canadian who currently serves as Chaplain General […]


Home Cooking

We explore the significant benefits of home-cooked meals, including improved family dynamics, greater likelihood of healthy ingredients, lower costs, reduced carbon footprint and taking time together to appreciate the food we receive.