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Scary Stories for the Soul is a podcast of scary stories based on real life hauntings, folklore, and the people who have been touched by the supernatural, demonic, and down right creepy.


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Scary Stories for the Soul is a podcast of scary stories based on real life hauntings, folklore, and the people who have been touched by the supernatural, demonic, and down right creepy.




Episode 54: Scary Stories for the Soul presents “The Chair Game”

Games are never just games, we already know that. But Robin and Christine are about to learn that lesson the hard way when they insist on playing “The Chair Game,” a supposedly haunted game form their childhoods.


Episode 53: Lets play a game

Hide and seek, tag, and cooties, all staples of our childhood, right? But did you know that some of your favorite childhood games could be hiding something dark and scary in their histories?? Let’s talk about it!


Episode 52: Agnes Sampson, the Involuntary Witch

Agnes Sampson is one of the most well-known women who was murdered during the Scottish Witch trails, and yet there is so much of her story we don’t know. Let’s talk about the Agnes Sampson, the involuntary witch of Scotland. Please visit The Witches of Scotland’s website to learn more about their campaign for Justice.


Episode 51: Scary Stories for the Soul presents “Xochi and La Lechuza”

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Here’s an original short story “Xochi and La Lechuza.” We also spend some time listening to some real La Lechuza encounters from Reddit users online!


Episode 50: Halloween Special - La Lechuza de la Noche (La Lechuza of the Night)

Not all owls give us warm and fuzzy feelings, like the one from the Tootsie Pop commercial’s, or even Hedwig from the Harry Potter books. Some owls incite fear into the hearts of those who hear it’s call. This episode we soar into the legend of La Lechuza, the shapeshifting owl witch of Latin and Hispanic American folklore.


Episode 49: Halloween Special-Marie Laveaux, The Witch Queen of New Orleans

Marie Laveau is the most popular and powerful Voodoo practitioner in American history. Let’s explore the life of the woman commonly referred to as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.


Episode 48: Halloween Special - Baba Yaga of the Iron Teeth

Week 1 of our special Halloween series is about Baba Yaga, the child-eating Crone of Slavic folklore! But is she more than just a hungry witch searching for her next meal? Let’s talk about Baba Yaga’s place in folklore, and how she aides people in their journeys of self actualization.


Episode 47: Mirror, mirror, on the wall

We’re so used to looking at ourselves in a mirror, that we never question whether that’s OUR reflection staring back at us. But could that be someone, or some thing, else in the mirror? Let’s talk about mirrors and their ghostly connection to the world of the dead!


Episode 46: The Sinking of the Titanic

The Titanic was a modern marvel meant to be unsinkable, until it met its watery grave at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean. This episode we talk about the lead up to Titanic’s sinking, the men and women who did what they could to save the souls aboard, and the subsequent aftermath of such a tragic demise.


Episode 45: The Third Man Effect

Has someone ever saved your life but when you turned to thank them, you were completely alone? This week we explore the phenomena known as the Third Man Effect, and how it has changed lives all over the world. We also hear the story of a man who was saved by a mysterious force and changed forever.


Episode 44: Folie a Deux

On today’s episode we dive into the true story of sisters Christine and Lea Papin, and what led them to commit one of Frances most heinous murders to date. Disclaimer: This episode mentions instances of sexual abuse, as well as graphic violence.


Episode 43: The Padilla Family Curse

Some people inherit familial traits, while others inherit family curses. Let’s discuss some of the most famous generational curses in folklore. We’ll also meet Maribel Padilla, who inherited something sinister after her absent mothers death.


Episode 42: Of Love and Ouija Boards

How far would you go to speak to the ones who you have loved and lost? Let’s explore the endearing story of Bess Houdini, and her search for her husband in the afterlife. And let’s hear about someone who would do anything to talk to her beloved just one last time.


Episode 41: Lighthouses and their Ghosts

Lighthouses are more than just beacons for lost ships, they’re also beacons for lost souls and hold more than their fair share of secrets and deaths.


Episode 40: Will-o’-the-wisp

Will-o’-the-Wisps have been known to both enchant and entrap unsuspecting nature lovers all around the world. This episode we’ll learn about those pesky wisps and about a woman who found herself trapped in the woods with them.


Episode 39: Baby Beverly and the Changeling

Changelings are curious and dangerous creatures, capable of switching out your loved ones for one of their own without you even knowing. Let us teach you how to detect and defeat a Changeling before it’s too late.


Special Re-release: Practical Paul and the fairy ring featuring Casey Hills

The story of Practical Paul and his misadventures with the fairy ring as told by voice actor Casey Hills.


Episode 37: A Very Krampus Christmas!

What better way to celebrate Christmas than by learning about Krampus, Santa’s more terrifying companion. Krampus punishes naughty kids with more than just coal, a lesson that a particularly naughty child named Avery learns when he’s visited by the Yule demon.


Episode 36: Practical Paul and the fairy ring

Fairy rings are portals to the world of fairies. Transporting yourself seems like a wonderful idea, but it’s very much not. Dreadful consequences await those who enter or disturb fairy rings. Consequences that a man named Paul, Practical Paul to his friends, discovers during a trip to a County Mayo, Ireland.


Episode 35: Annie’s Night at the Winchester Mystery House

Welcome all to the Winchester Mystery House! Here you’ll learn about the elusive and withdrawn Sarah Winchester who at the behest of a medium and the spirits who visited her, built a house for spirits to reside in. You’ll also hear a story about a young woman named Annie who set out to prove to her friends that she wasn’t as tame and afraid as they thought, but little did she know that there are some things we should be afraid of.