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Weekly Drum and Bass Podcast showcasing some of the best new and unreleased Liquid Drum and Bass tunes from top labels such as Hospital Records, Shogun Audio, Spearhead Recordings, Fokuz Recordings, Liquicity, and more!


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Weekly Drum and Bass Podcast showcasing some of the best new and unreleased Liquid Drum and Bass tunes from top labels such as Hospital Records, Shogun Audio, Spearhead Recordings, Fokuz Recordings, Liquicity, and more!






Episode 297 - 'Light Spirits'

This week we have new music on Goldfat, Fokuz, Hospital, Spearhead, Galacy, Kos.Mos.Music, Lunar Records, and more! Tracklist: Pyxis & Alpha Rhythm – In a Lifetime [Forthcoming Headsbass] Monika & Phoebe Freya – Suited Me [Forthcoming Spearhead] Pyxis – Into the Light [Goldfat] Kind Fiction – Departure [Forthcoming Four Corners Music] Dan Guidance & Fishy – Spirits [Portal Recordings] Minos – Craving [Relik] Exult and Shadows – Broken Promises [Forthcoming Rebel Music] Degs x Hoax – Outlow [Hospital] SiLi – Railways [Forthcoming Galacy] Estan K – Triggered [PROT3KT] Kelle – MKAD [Forthcoming Kos.Mos.Music] Operator Unknown – Outlier [Forthcoming Fokuz] SundayGrooves – Something [Celsius] Oversight – What If [Influenza] Curricula – Incense After Rain [Lunar Records] CELO – Summer Blues [Interstellar Audio]


Episode 296 - 'Planetary Dayfall'

This week we're coming at you live from Alpha's new studio with new music on Celsius, Fokuz, Kos.Mos.Music, Interstellar Audio, 170+, Glitch Audio, and more! Tracklist: Nelver – Dayfall [Forthcoming Celsius] Alpha Rhythm – Saturn [Fokuz] Moniks – Lost [Forthcoming 170+] Hymix & Rly – Know [Citrus] Rift – Everything [Forthcoming Fokuz] Alpha Rhythm – Earth [Fokuz] Curricula – Inside Out [Forthcoming Fokuz] Bago – Tokyo [Glitch Audio] Alpha Rhythm & IYRE – Mercury [Fokuz] Kelle – No Horizon [Forthcoming Kos.Mos.Music] Minos – Yarn [Relik] Rafau Etamski – All Gone [Forthcoming Celsius] Heymac – Tundra ft. Skallagrim [Interstellar Audio] Alpha Rhythm, Villem & Leo Wood – Venus [Fokuz] Viator – Searchin’ [170+] Conspiracy – Trust [Forthcoming Fokuz] Sereni7 – Lightwire [Interstellar Audio] Alpha Rhythm & Natus – Mars [Fokuz]


Episode 295 - 'Memories of Neptune'

We're blasting off all the way to Neptune today, plus new music on Four Corners Music, Shogun Audio, Fokuz Recordings, Influenza Media, Galacy, Interstellar Audio, and more! Tracklist: Alpha Rhythm & Maykors – Neptune ft. Gemma Rose [Forthcoming Fokuz] Easty – Names [Four Corners Music] Oversight – Waiting for You [Influenza] Stimpy – Do The Riddim [Forthcoming Celsius] DJ Marky – Hugs ft. Tyke & Daddy Earl [Shogun] Simple Souls, Link & Jimmy Danger – Blue Note Swing [Four Corners Music] Retrospekt – Memories [Fokuz] Curricula – Tired of the Excuses [Forthcoming Fokuz] Easy – Thinking Back [Influenza] Rift – Distance [Forthcoming Four Corners Music] Shaun Surveillance – It’s Never Enough [Four Corners Music] Sub:liminal & SOLR – A Moment in Time [Galacy] Heymac & Beatmool – Folding Mountain [Interstellar Audio] Rezilient – Voyage Through the Void [Fokuz] CITRA – Field of Tears [Influenza]


Episode 294 - 'Fading Afterthought'

This week we have heavy hitters on Rebel Music, Fokuz Recordings, and Four Corners Music, Hospital Records, Glitch Audio, and more! Tracklist: Alpha Rhythm – Uranus [Forthcoming Fokuz] Whychek – We Lose [Rebel Music] Rift – Be There [Forthcoming Four Corners] Rezilient – Fading Sunlight [Fokuz] DTB – Close to Heaven [DNBB] Omen – Is This Real [DNBB] Flint & Figure – Stormy Nights ft. Maevery [Galacy] Motiv – Afterthought [Fokuz] Majestim – Nothing Left [Glitch Audio] Duophonix – What We Could Be [Forthcoming Celsius] Evasion – True Intentions [Forthcoming Fokuz] Evasion – I Need You [Forthcoming Fokuz] Jay Dubz – Comedown Sunrises [Flight Pattern] Sereni7 – Nocturnal [Interstellar Audio] Degs x NCT – Malkia [Hospital] Blean – Westfield [Celsius]


Episode 293 - 'Eloquent Mirage'

This week we've got another planet for you, plus new music on Fokuz, Goldfat, Celsius, Portal Recordings, Glitch Audio, Kos.Mos.Music, and more! Tracklist: Alpha Rhythm & IYRE – Mercury [Forthcoming Fokuz] Stimpy – Feel This Way [Forthcoming Celsius] SundayGrooves – Raindrops [Forthcoming Celsius] Sevin – Tilt [Forthcoming Fokuz] Low:r & Surreal – Mirage [Forthcoming Galacy] Al Pack – Miami Vice [Celsius] Dan Guidance & Fishy – False Awakening [Forthcoming Portal Recordings] Majestim – Eloquence [Forthcoming Glitch Audio] Rift – Pressure [Forthcoming Four Corners Music] Estan K – The Triangle [T3K] IAMDOOMED – Bionic {T3K] Electrosoul System – Warped ID [Kos.Mos.Music] Curricula – Sleep Cycle [Forthcoming Fokuz] Mitekiss – Wrists of Paper [Forthcoming Goldfat] Anthony Kasper & Bank – Far Away [Forthcoming Fokuz]


Episode 292 - 'Dreams of Mars'

This week we have more music from Alpha's forthcoming album, plus heavy hitters on Four Corners, Rebel Music, T3K, Fokuz, Celsius, and more! Tracklist: Alpha Rhythm & Natus – Mars [Forthcoming Fokuz] Alpha Rhythm – Jupiter [Forthcoming Fokuz] Rift – Juno [Forthcoming Four Corners Music] Whychek – Precipice ft. Joy Alarm [Forthcoming Rebel Music] Walk:r – Close To You [Spearhead] Rezilient – Spiral [Forthcoming Fokuz] Oversight – Almost Perfect [Interstellar Audio] SundayGrooves – A Dream Within A Dream [Forthcoming Celsius] Subrix – April Vibes [Celsius] Duophonix – Dreaming City [Forthcoming Celsius] Lian Feldd – No Force [Fokuz] Koax – Silent [Four Corners Music] Estan K – The Oddyssey [T3K] Decon – Sunbeam [Jazzsticks] Retrospekt – Infatuation [Fokuz] NonRev – Out of the Rain [ETERNALSOUL]


Episode 291 - 'Pure Hearts'

We're kicking off 2024 with a bang with new music on Shogun Audio, Spearhead, Hospital Records, Fokuz Recordings, Four Corners Music, and more! Tracklist: Alpha Rhythm – Earth [Forthcoming Fokuz] Alpha Rhythm – Saturn [Forthcoming Fokuz] DJ Marky – Buzzy Bunch ft. GEST [Shogun] Monrroe – Black Dahlia [Shogun] GEST – Get Defeat ft. Sparkz [Shogun] Unglued & Duskee – Minimalism [Hospital] Koax – Steadfast [Four Corners] NUEX – Purify [Fourseason] Walk:r – Neptune [Forthcoming Spearhead] Lian Feldd – Mystery & Fascination [Fokuz] Anile - Allergens (Bop Remix) VIP [] Evasion – No Matter How [Forthcoming Fokuz] Liquefaction – In My Heart [DNBB] Inigma and Sorn – Broken ft. Jax [Forthcoming Fokuz] Whychek – Opia ft. Rebecca Jo Roberts [Forthcoming Rebel Music] Fortunecookie20 – Burn Again [Forthcoming Four Corners]


Episode 290 - 'Top 23 Songs of 2023'

Join Alpha Rhythm as we count down his top 23 tunes of 2023!!!! Tracklist: 23. Keeno – Courage [Keeno Music] 22. Eddy Don’t Sail – Beautiful Dreamer [Fokuz] 21. Visionobi – More to Life ft. Etherwood [Soulvent] 20. CITRA – You Are Loved [Celsius] 19. Edlan & Dustkey – Melting Hearts ft. Elia Noel [Liquicity] 18. Kr33per – Dream of the End [DNBB] 17. CRSV & GoodArd – One Day [C Recordings] 16. Reburf – Indigo [Fokuz] 15. Echomatics – Midnight Zone [170+] 14. Gemma Rose x External Subway – Don’t Suffocate Me [Fokuz] 13. Natus – Lonely Star [Goldfat] 12. Lian Feldd – As Above, So Below [Fokuz] 11. Qumulus & Leniz – Lullaby [Fokuz] 10. Nelver & Rezilient – Frozen [Galacy] 9. Maykors – You Don’t Belong Here [Four Corners Music] 8. Geostatic & Scurrow – Worth Fighting For [Celsius] 7. Warm Roller and pyxis – Always [Celsius] 6. Leniz – Mizpah (SiLi Remix) [Differential] 5. Geety – Envision [Celsius] 4. Robert Manos and Bigchoc – Memories [Fokuz] 3. London Elektricity – Born to Synthesise ft. Liane Carrol (Bop x Subwave Remix) [Hospital] 2. Inigma – New Moon [Fokuz] 1. Archangel – The Witching Hour [Fokuz]


Episode 289 - 'False Utopia'

We're here with our last (regular) podcast of the year, featuring music on Galacy, Hospital, Spearhead, Shogun, Fokuz, 170+, DNBB, Onward Music, and more! Tracklist: Phloem - Utopia [Galacy] Oversight - Red Moon [Jazzsticks] Amen Brothers - False [Celsius] Monika - Back to the Studio [Spearhead] Kings of the Rollers - Original Bad Boy [Hospital] Dunk - Synth Pop [170+] Pola & Bryson & IYAMAH - Too Shy [Shogun] GLXY - Detached [Shogun] Noppo - Closer [Galacy] Liquefaction - We Rise [DNBB] TS - Invisible [C Recordings] Inigma - Focus ft. Oktae [Forthcoming Fokuz] Lian Feldd - As Above, So Below [Fokuz] CPH - Faded Through [Onward Music] Neuron - Go [Celsius] Blean - Sunset Bay [Celsius] United Souls - Changing Tides [Influenza]


Episode 288 - 'Evening Breeze'

This week we have loads of new music on Fokuz & Celsius, plus music on Liquicity, Shogun Audio, Rebel Music, Goldfat, and more! Tracklist: Edlan & Dustkey – Melting Hearts ft. Ella Noel [Liquicity] Reburf – Sold My Soul [Fokuz] Archangel – Evening Sun [Fokuz] Motiv – Drawn Together [Fokuz] Liquefaction – Night Trail [DNBB] Subrix – Captivate [Interstellar Audio] Neuron – Breeze of Wind [Celsius] Fluidity – Minotaur VIP [Fokuz] Lian Feldd – Can I Take Your Order [Fokuz] GLXY – Love, Chaos [Shogun] Outer Bass & Alpha Rhythm – Asteroidea [Forthcoming Celsius] Inigma – Beneath the Surface [Forthcoming Fokuz] Hymix & Rly – Chimera [Forthcoming Fokuz] Evasion – Playing Games [Fokuz] Section – Still Waiting ft. Outsider [Rebel Music] Kray – Beyond the Horizon [Forthcoming Goldfat] Amen Brothers – It’s True [Forthcoming Celsius]


Episode 287 - 'Venus Awakening'

This week we have new music from my new album "The Planets", plus more new music on Fokuz, Celsius, Influenza, DNBB, Liquid Flow, Interstellar Audio, and more! Tracklist: Alpha Rhythm, Villem & Leo Wood – Venus [Forthcoming Fokuz] Inigma – Uncharted [Forthcoming Fokuz] Tilal – Awakening [Interstellar Audio] Twelve Step Audio – No Matter [Interstellar Audio] Dan Guidance – Suspension [Forthcoming Portal Records] Oversight – Let You Down [Forthcoming Influenza] Outer Bass – It’s Always Sunny in Outer Space [Forthcoming Celsius] Monika – Radio People [Spearhead] Blean – Falling Down [Forthcoming Celsius] Easy – Almost Blue [Forthcoming Infleunza] Ben Vibrant – I Need You [DNBB] Wez Walker – The Dark Passenger [Forthcoming Influenza] Sunny Crimea & Soul FX – Shadows (Random Movement Remix) [Flight Pattern] Shenji – Awakening [Liquid Flow] Echomatics – Not Again [Interstellar Audio] Mzcl – Promise Ring [DNBB] Anwius – Path [Interstellar Audio]


Episode 286 - 'Beautiful Desire'

This week we have a jam-packed podcast with new music on Fokuz, Shogun audio, Celsius Recordings, Onward Music, Galacy, 4 Jungle Records, and more! Tracklist: Fluidity – Girl You Know VIP [Fokuz] Aleyum – Saturday Superlative [Forthcoming Celsius] Simple Souls & Professor Funk – Inconceivably Beautiful [Fokuz] DJ Marky – Sliding Gliding ft. Dossa & Locuzzed [Shogun] Dan Guidance – Anything [Portal Recordings] 30Hz – Subconscious Journey [4 Jungle Records] Archangel – Life Indoors (Phaction Remix) [Fokuz] Qumulus – Breathe [Forthcoming Fokuz] Echomatics & Kambell – Take It Away [Interstellar Audio] Seathasky – Sprites [Forthcoming Celsius] BCee – Creed [Sun and Bass] Sulkr – Desire [DNBB] CPH – All I Know [Forthcoming Onward Music] Frameshift – Into Deep Slumber [Galacy] Nuex – Reflections [Forthcoming Four Season] Siloh & Speaker Louis – Let It Out [Fokuz] Eternal Echo – Mojave [Galacy]


Episode 285 - 'Jazz Talk'

This week we are keeping things nice and smooth with proper liquid funk from Shogun Audio, Celsius Recordings, Jazzsticks, Galacy, Flight Pattern, Goldfat, and more! Tracklist: GLXY – What it Seems ft. KSR [Shogun] Outer Bass – Pillow Talk [Forthcoming Celsius] Random Movement – Melon Rind [Galacy] Syncline and Auris – Weather the Storm [Jazzsticks] Oversight – Say Something [Forthcoming Influenza] Motiv – Sense of Flow [Forthcoming Fokuz] Simple Souls and Flotation – Rise Above [Fokuz] Aydn – Macchi [Forthcoming Goldfat] Sunny Crimea & Soul FX – Jazz Ting [Flight Pattern] Caeseum – I Know [Influenza] Marble Elephant – I Love You [Interstellar Audio] Wez Walker – At That Moment [Forthcoming Influenza] Dan Guidance – The Power of the Wind [Forthcoming Portal Recordings] Nymoz – Blowing Breeze [Interstellar Audio] Reburf – Indigo [Fokuz] Monrroe – Harsh Reality [Shogun] Qumulus – Moonlight [Galacy]


Podcast 284 - 'Lullaby Dimension'

This week we have loads of lush liquid on Fokuz Recordings, Galacy, Lunar Records, Portal Recordings, Spearhead Records, C Recordings, and more! Tracklist: Bop x Subwave – Higher Dimension VIP [Patreon] Wez Walker – The Woods [C Recordings] Qumulus & Leniz – Lullaby [Forthcoming Fokuz] Motiv – Illusions [Forthcoming Fokuz] Dan Guidance – Rocket Rider [Forthcoming Portal Recordings] Riya x Aperio x Loz Contreras – Keep You With Me [Galacy] Voitech & Dj DNS – Mirage [C Recordings] Neuron – Limited [Celsius] Archangel – Jubali [Forthcoming Fokuz] DPR – Hold You [Forthcoming Spearhead] CITRA – You Are Loved [Forthcoming Celsius] Mzcl – Without Me [Forthcoming DNBB] Phil Tangent – Corridor of Uncertainty [Forthcoming Lunar Records] ALB – Don’t Waste Time [Galacy] Aydn – Peyto [Forthcoming Goldfat]


Episode 283 - 'Hot Jolt'

This week we have some proper liquid vibes from the likes of Hospital, Sun and Bass, Celsius, Spearhead, Flight Pattern, DNBB, Influenza, and more! Tracklist: Fred V x Hybrid Minds x Lottie Jones – Faded Blue [Hospital] Art Twisted & Neinzge – Half Light [DNBB] Subrix – Hot Pavement [Influenza] BCee – In The Likeness Of You [Sun and Bass] Sunday Grooves – Soul Cake [Influenza] Durazz – Take Me On [DNBB] Manifold – Been And Gone [Forthcoming Celsius] Aleyum – Balkan Interlude [Celsius] Monika – Death Blinding [Forthcoming Spearhead] Subrix - Secret Location [Forthcoming Celsius] Echomatics – Jolt [170+] Sunny Crimea & Soul FX – Shadows [Forthcoming Flight Pattern] Monika & Akuratyde – Shape & Form [Fokuz] Fluidity – One Belief [Forthcoming Fokuz]


Episode 282 - 'Random Love'

This week we have some absolute bangers on Elevate Records, Fokuz, Goldfat, Galacy, Shogun, 170+, and more! Tracklist: T95 – Hush Hush ft. Dread MC, Pola & Bryson [Elevate Records] Archangel – Crazy Love [Forthcoming Fokuz] Dan Guidance – Souled Up [Flight Pattern] Alhox – Never Know [Fokuz] Decon & Basic – Ruthless [Jazzsticks] Qumulus – Brethren [Goldfat] Monika & Akuratyde – Never Come Through ft. Allay & JAX [Fokuz] Fluidity – All Night Long [Forthcoming Fokuz] Nevler & SiLi – Random Systems [Galacy] GEST – Brutalis [Shogun] Blipin – Obvious [Influenza] Kray & Lyndon Jarr – The Sunset Strip [Goldfat] Kleu & Subten – All I Need [Galacy] DJ Marky – Come Back [Shogun] Echomatics – Abyssal Plain [170+] Liquefaction – In Your Eyes [Forthcoming DNBB] Bop x meesh.r x TomInTheChamber – 4 Nothing [Hospital]


Episode 281 - 'Faded Changes'

This week we go into deep liquid territory with new music on Fokuz, Celsius, Differential, Headsbass, and Flight Pattern. Tracklist: Qumulus – If Only [Forthcoming Goldfat] Luciano – In The Shadows [Forthcoming Headsbass] Geety – Say Your Name [Celsius] Ben Rolo – Stasis ft. Kintsuku [Forthcoming Headsbass] Fluidity – Dream To Be Free [Forthcoming Fokuz] Archangel – The Witching Hour [Forthcoming Fokuz] Maykors – Internal Reflection [Celsius] Reburf – Repeat [Forthcoming Fokuz] Subrix – Old Tapes [Celsius] Lowr & Kit Rice – Faded (pyxis Remix) [Forthcoming Headsbass] Aleyum and InTake – Take It Slow [Forthcoming Celsius] Auris – Zwanenmeer [Differential] Manifold – Underwater [Forthcoming Celsius] Subkey – Changes [Fokuz] Dan Guidance – Are We Dreaming [Flight Pattern]


Episode 280 - 'Distant Home'

This week we have some heavy hitters on Fokuz, Spearhead, Four Corners, 170+, Headsbass, Celsius, and more! Tracklist: Monika & Akuratyde – House on Fire ft. Tali (VIP [Forthcoming Fokuz] Subwave – Mercury [Microfunk] The Vanguard Project – Everyday Is Stolen ft. DRS (Particle Remix) [Spearhead] Maykors & Stimpy – I Can Stop [Four Corners] Marble Elephant & Deadchef – Sunshine [Forthcoming Headsbass] Liquid Memoirs and Arkii – Holding Back [Celsius] Oversight – Remember the Past [Influenza] DJ Marky – Trip To The Stars ft. Makoto [Shogun] Archangel – Inferno [Forthcoming Fokuz] Nelver – Abstractions [Galacy] Monika & Akuratyde – Navigating Dreams [Forthcoming Fokuz] Jinbu – Distant ft. Verbivore [170+] Echomatics – Midnight Zone [Forthcoming 170+] Geety – Into the Moonlight (VIP) [Celsius] NeryVice – Home [Influenza] DPR & Witz – Little Time [Forthcoming Headsbass] Subrix – Rainy Days [Forthcoming Celsius]


Episode 279 - 'Eastern Lights'

This week we have a ton more music forthcoming on Celsius, plus more music on Fokuz, Shogun Audio, Rebel Music, Soulvent, Galacy, Four Corners Music, and more! Tracklist: Aleyum & Dan Guidance – Eudaimonia [Forthcoming Celsus] Liquid Memoirs and Arkii – Feeling Good [Forthcoming Celsius] Reburf – Lights [Forthcoming Fokuz] Maykors – My Everything [Four Corners] Dustkey & Styke – Is It So? [Galacy] Two Things – Still Alive [Onward Music] Mattirialism – All You Need [Soul Trader] Monika & Akuratyde – Minotaur [Forthcoming Celsius] DJ Marky – Wrong Hands ft. L-Side [Shogun] Aeron Aether & Aleyum – East of Eden [Headsbass] Marble Elephant – Midnight in Moscow [Sunny Moves] Lally – Generations [Soulvent] Monika & Akuratyde – All Eyes ft. Same Heselwood [Forthcoming Celsius] Bruises – Brooklyn Waltz [Rebel Music] Blean – Relapse in the Afterlife [Celsius]


Episode 278 - 'Broken Strings'

This week we have new music on Shogun Audio, Galacy, DNB, loads of new music on Celsius, plus a special treat from Bop, Alpha Rhythm, and crew! Tracklist: Monrroe – Afterthoughts ft. Ayelle [Shogun] CRSV & TS – Spiral [C Recordings] Alpha Rhythm x Bop x Shenji x Syglit x V8COLA x Monover x Outer Bass - Collective Unconscious [Patreon Exclusive] SOLR – Broken Minds [Galacy] Liquefaction – Strings of Life [DNBB] Caesium – I Want Your Love [Soul Trader] Maykors – For Nothing [Forthcoming Celsius] Blean – Reflect on Time [Celsius] Geety – Envision [Forthcoming Celsius] Setj – Foundation [Celsius] ETHR and Viewer – Unbound Love [Forthcoming Celsius] Blipin – Just U [Forthcoming Influenza] Bruises – Dexterity [Rebel Music] Ji Ben Gong – Feelin So High ft. Yasmenn (Silence Groove Remix) [DNBB] Reburf – This Way [Forthcoming Fokuz]