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Follow the European debt crisis in our ongoing collection of coverage from around the world.




#654: When The Boats Arrive

In 1980, thousands of Cuban refugees suddenly arrived in Miami and started looking for work. On today's show: What happened next. And what it tells us about the migration crisis in Europe today.


British Voters Closer Than Ever To Voting To Quit EU

Public opinion against the European Union is fueled by the region's debt and refugee crises and trade negotiations with the U.S. A referendum is planned for 2017, and many Britons say they want out.


U.S. considers Russian intentions, involvement in Syria

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioGWEN IFILL: Now we return to the root of whats forced millions from their homes: the conflict in Syria. With multiple factions and common enemies in play, the war has become even more complicated, as Russia now steps up its support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by moving additional military men and weaponry into Syria and expanding its base there. Meanwhile, Moscow is calling for greater coordination with the U.S. to fight a common enemy: the Islamic...


Friday News Roundup – International

Secretary of State Kerry says the U.S. is ready to hold military-to-military talks with Russia about Syria. Croatia becomes the latest flash point in the European migrant crisis. And Mexico presses Egypt for a full investigation into the recent killing of tourists. A panel of journalists joins guest host Susan Page for analysis of the week's top international news stories.


What it’s like to walk with the refugees and migrants

A migrant carries a child after crossing into Hungary from the border with Serbia near the village of Roszke on September 5, 2015. Photo by REUTERS/Marko Djurica Up from Syria, across Turkey and over the sea to Greece. Then Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary. Like a living organism, the flow of refugees from Syria plods and sweats its way north by northwest. When this massive body faces a barricade, it changes course, finding other, less resistant paths. When part of the border to Hungary was...

Syrian Refugee Crisis: N.H. Reacts

As migrants from Syria and other countries pour into Europe, President Obama says the United States will take ten thousand. And so Americans are... Daily call-in program from NHPR. N.H. News, policy, politics.

09-14-15 - Marketplace - Uncertain futures in oil

How, exactly, the Federal Reserve raises rates; the volatility of working in the oil industry; and the humanitarian crisis in Europe.


On the front lines of the refugee crisis, Hungarians worry about accepting newcomers

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioGWEN IFILL: European Union Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced new plans today to address the continents massive influx of migrants and refugees. They would require countries to absorb a share of 160,000 asylum seekers now flocking to Italy, Greece and Hungary, with mandatory quotas. Juncker also pushed for strengthening Europes border and Coast Guard, and he encouraged countries to allow asylum seekers to work. We will be talking to the...


World Response To The Accelerating Migrant Crisis In Europe

Germany pledges to take in a half-million refugees a year, Denmark is actively discouraging new arrivals, and the Obama administration considers U.S. options: A look at the global response to the accelerating migrant crisis in Europe.


News Wrap: Released from jail, Kim Davis attends rally

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioGWEN IFILL: The human drama engulfing Europe showed no sign of ending today. Instead, the divide deepened, between rich and poor nations, over how to handle the crisis. And there was new trouble in southern Hungary as throngs of people tried to cross from Serbia. We will have a report from the scene after the news summary. A county clerk in Kentucky was released today after five days in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples. The...


Refugees break through police at overflow camp in Hungary

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioGWEN IFILL: Hungarys government called in buses today to ferry crowds from its southern border with Serbia to a registration center, but that move did little to ease tensions, as the flood of migrants and refugees into Europe continued unabated. The NewsHours William Brangham reports tonight from that border region, in Roszke, Hungary WILLIAM BRANGHAM: For hundreds of people fleeing Syria and other parts of the Middle East, their journey had come to a halt...


Will 2016 candidates enter the migrant crisis debate?

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: Next: While many Americans enjoyed a day off today, those eying the White House or already working there used the occasion to speak to voters. Its a holiday that historically kicked off the race for the White House in the year before the election. But this Labor Day, with almost two dozen candidates already running hard, it was another day on the trail. Republican Scott Walker, who gained national headlines a few years ago by taking on...


Behind the dangerous trade of migrant smuggling

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioALISON STEWART, PBS NEWSHOUR WEEKEND ANCHOR: One way migrants get to and through Europe is with the help of smugglers who offer passage on rickety boats, by taxi and truck, and even by chartered aircraft, all for a price. A truck with 71 dead migrants found along an Austrian highway last week called attention to the dangers of smuggling. In the Libyan coastal city of Zuwara yesterday, 300 people protested the human trafficking and the rash of migrants dying...


News Wrap: Desperate migrants start to march toward Germany

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: The newest numbers out on the U.S. economy today pointed in opposite directions. On the one hand, job creation in August was the slowest its been in five months. The Labor Department reported employers added a net of 173,000 workers. At the same time, the unemployment rate, based on a separate survey, fell to its best place since early 2008, 5.1 percent. We will get some reaction and analysis later in the program. The reaction on Wall Street...


As Sweden offers shelter, Denmark tries to discourage refugees

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: A week away from an emergency summit to discuss the refugee crisis, the countries of the European Union remain deeply divided over how to handle it. Sweden, the nation which has taken in the most refugees in relation to its population size, is calling for every E.U. nation to take its fair share and to be more civilized. But its neighbor Denmark has just introduced new welfare benefit restrictions aimed at discouraging asylum-seekers from...


Clinton: I should have had two email accounts

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: We will get analysis of the European migrant crisis from Mark Shields and Michael Gerson in a moment, but, first, a look at the latest political divides here at home. Its the issue thats loomed over Hillary Clintons campaign: her use of a private e-mail system as secretary of state. And, today, it dominated her interview with NBCs Andrea Mitchell. HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, Democratic Presidential Candidate: My personal e-mail use was fully...


Shields and Gerson on refugee crisis responsibility, Trump’s GOP pledge

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: And thats the cue to turn to the analysis of Shields and Gerson. Thats syndicated columnist Mark Shields and Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson. David Brooks is away. Welcome, gentlemen. So we have just been listening to a little bit of the politics of the week, Mark. Hillary Clinton, important interview she had today, a lot of questions about the e-mail server. She said that she wished she had done it differently. She said it wasnt the...


Political: The "Let's Get All Smug About That Kentucky Clerk" Edition

Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the continuing controversy over Hillary Clinton's emails, the European refugee crisis, and a Kentucky clerk's defiant stand against marriage equality. Slate's Political Gabfest is sponsored by CVS Health, working to save thousands of lives, one pill at a time, with industry leading programs that help people stay on their medication as prescribed. Visit to learn more. CVS Health, where Health is Everything. And by SAP. SAP...


News Wrap: Former Clinton staffer to plead the 5th before House

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioGWEN IFILL: The desperation only deepened today for thousands of people trying to make the journey from the Middle East across Eastern Europe to Germany. Crowds fought with police in Hungary as charges and countercharges flew between European leaders in Brussels. We will have a full report after the news summary. JUDY WOODRUFF: Donald Trump today ruled out a third-party or independent bid for the White House if he doesnt win the Republican presidential...


09-03-15 Mid-Day Update: The refugee crisis in Europe

Global interest rates, wages for low-income Americans, and the humanitarian crisis in Europe.