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Anyone who tells you women don’t need financial advice specifically for them is wrong. Women, whether they’re the caretakers, the breadwinners, or both, face a unique set of financial challenges. That’s where HerMoney comes in. In her frank, often funny, but always compassionate way, Jean Chatzky takes every audience of women through the steps they need to take today to live comfortably (and worry-free) tomorrow, offering the latest research, expert tips and personal advice.


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Anyone who tells you women don’t need financial advice specifically for them is wrong. Women, whether they’re the caretakers, the breadwinners, or both, face a unique set of financial challenges. That’s where HerMoney comes in. In her frank, often funny, but always compassionate way, Jean Chatzky takes every audience of women through the steps they need to take today to live comfortably (and worry-free) tomorrow, offering the latest research, expert tips and personal advice.




Ep 364: Quit: When Walking Away Is The Best Thing

Many of us grew up hearing, “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” But when it comes to a toxic job or bad investment, quitting can be the absolute best choice — as long as you do it right. Former professional poker player Annie Duke built her career on knowing when to hold and when to fold. She joins us to talk about why it’s so crucial for us to be able to cut our losses, and how we can make that decision with confidence. In Mailbag, we discuss the best ways to stash our savings.


Bonus Mailbag #41: Your Tax Filing Questions, Answered

Tax day is just around the corner, and we’ve got tax expert Robbin Caruso here to answer all of your biggest questions. We hear from one listener who’s wondering whether state stimulus checks count as taxable income, and another who isn’t sure if she needs to pay quarterly taxes. We also tackle questions about changing your filing status on your W-4, and tax strategies to keep in mind when using a 529 college savings plan.


Ep 363: The Money Reset You Need

Since the start of the pandemic, a record number of people have undergone a “great money reset” — they’ve quit their jobs, changed careers, retired early, or started new businesses. So, how do we make these changes happen financially? CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger joins us to break down how you can do your own great money reset by analyzing your money, curbing your spending, and throwing financial assumptions out the window. In Mailbag, we answer questions about estate planning...


Bonus: Lessons Learned from the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

We all assume that our money is safe in our bank accounts, but what happens when it’s not? Peter Polson, CEO of budgeting spreadsheet company Tiller Money — which had almost all of its funds stored at Silicon Valley Bank — joins us to talk about his experience navigating the recent crisis. Plus, he shares the top lessons individuals should take from the bank’s failure, including ways we can all better protect ourselves from financial instability.


Ep 362: Life's Biggest Money Regrets (And How To Avoid Them)

Have you ever thought about what you might regret at the end of your life? What if there was a way to know what those regrets are right now? Hospice doctor Jordan Grumet has heard firsthand from his patients about what they wish they’d done differently, and he’s published those insights in his book, “Taking Stock.” Jordan joins us to talk about how we can all achieve a fulfilling and regret-free life, and how we can use money as a tool to help us get there. In Mailbag, we answer questions...


Bonus Mailbag #40: How to Prepare for Pet Expenses

Pets are a part of our families — but they can also be expensive. That’s why we’re here to answer all your questions about budgeting for your furry friends, and we’ve got a pet expert on board to help us. Rob Jackson is the founder and “Chief Pet Protector” at Healthy Paws, a pet insurance plan, and he’s also the creator of the Healthy Paws Foundation. Rob and Jean tackle questions about how to determine a pet’s temperament before you adopt, whether you should set aside savings in advance...


Ep 361: Money Moves for Gen Z

In this episode, we’re tackling personal finance for Gen Z, a generation that’s new to the working world and getting ready to shake up the economy. Gen Z financial adovocate Taylor Price joins us to break down the biggest money challenges facing her generation (hello, crypto and FOMO), and she also shares her tips for gaining financial knowledge and independence. In Mailbag, we answer questions about investing in crypto and the best way to pay for a car. In Thrive, how to invest in your...


Ep 360: Why You Should Talk About Money With Your Friends

No, money conversations aren’t always easy — but they are always important. On this week’s episode we’re talking about all things friendship and money — which are two very complicated topics that get even more complicated when we throw them together. Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni, co-hosts of the Frugal Friends Podcast, break down how we can talk money with our BFFs, and why we should be doing more of it. In mailbag, we cover backdoor Roths and RMDs, and in Thrive, how to sell your stuff for...


Bonus: Essential Tax Tips for 2023

We’re officially in the middle of tax season, and this year's filing deadline of Tuesday, April 18th will be here before we know it. Tax expert and CPA Robbin Caruso of Prager Metis International joins us to discuss the biggest changes to the tax code over the past year, the most common mistakes she sees people make on their returns, and strategies to make your tax prep as successful and stress-free as possible.


Ep 359: Resilience, Determination, Grit: Lessons from a Paralympic Athlete

We’re joined by an expert in hard work and endurance — Paralympian Oksana Masters, who has competed (and won) against the best of the best in rowing, cross-country skiing, cycling, and the biathlon. The 17-time Paralympic medalist shares her journey to becoming one of the world’s leading athletes, the obstacles she’s encountered along the way, and her advice for how all of us can build resilience in our own careers. In Mailbag, we read a note from an audiologist on the importance of hearing...


Ep 358: The Psychology Behind Our Shopping Habits

The phrase “limited time only” lights up our brains and causes us to spend money when we otherwise wouldn’t. That’s because we can’t stand to lose out on a good deal — even when it risks our budgets. Marketing and psychology expert Dr. Mindy Weinstein breaks down the science behind our impulse purchases and the marketing tactics that businesses use to open our wallets. Listen to learn how to resist buying into the latest trends — and how to use marketing to your own advantage. In Mailbag, we...


Ep 357: How Couples Can Fight Fairly About Money

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so we’re bringing you a special episode about money and relationships. Specifically, we’re tackling how and why couples argue about money. Couples therapist Elizabeth Earnshaw stops by to give us her insight on how couples can talk through conflicts and achieve their financial milestones together. In Mailbag, we answer questions about separate versus joint financial accounts in a relationship, and how couples can get on the same page about...


Ep 356: Is America’s Workaholism Really Cured?

Post pandemic, many of us have taken a hard look at our jobs and realized that the relationship wasn’t exactly healthy. As a result, we’ve fought for some amazing changes, including higher salaries and greater flexibility. But how do we make those changes last in the midst of layoffs and an upcoming recession? Journalist Helaine takes us through the past, present, and future of work in America, and how we can keep pushing for workers’ rights. In Mailbag, we tackle questions on thrifty...


Ep 355: Why a Recession Shouldn’t Hold Back Your Career

It’s becoming more and more likely that a recession will hit sometime this year. For some, that might mean pay cuts, hiring freezes, or layoffs. How can you continue to develop your career during a less forgiving job market? Lauren McGoodwin, founder of career building site Career Contessa, joins us to discuss how to tell whether your company is struggling in the current economy, how to prepare if you suspect layoffs are coming, and what steps to take to make your job search successful. In...


Ep 354: Protecting Your Finances in a Divorce

Divorce is complicated enough, but inflation and rising interest rates have made the process even more expensive. And given that women are more likely than men to struggle financially post-divorce, we have to be more strategic about protecting our money. Divorce attorney Lisa Zeiderman joins us to discuss everything we need to know about divorce in 2023, from prenups to spousal support. In Mailbag, we hear from a listener who wants to declutter her house. In Thrive, 4 things to know about...


Ep 353: How to Protect Your Mental and Physical Health at Work

We dive into all things women’s health — from periods to abortions to menopause — and why we need to talk about it at work. Joining us is Joy Altimare, the Chief Revenue Officer of healthcare provider EHE Health. We get real about how much paid parental leave you should ask for, how companies should support employees who need abortions, why burnout is a women’s issue, and more. In Mailbag, we talk about alternatives to 529s and how to break out of a cycle of debt. In Thrive, 4 healthcare...


Ep 352: Everything You Need to Know About the 2023 Economy

2022 was an economic rollercoaster. With stocks down, interest rates up, and inflation still hitting our wallets, where do we go from here? Award-winning economist Diane Swonk joins us to share her top financial takeaways from 2022 and her predictions for the new year. In Mailbag, we hear from a listener who contributes to her boyfriend’s mortgage, but doesn’t share official ownership of his house. In Thrive, how to get your finances organized in the new year. HerMoney wants to hear from...


Ep 351: Diversity, Inclusion, and the Future of Tech With Ellen Pao

A decade ago, Ellen Pao sparked the #MeToo movement in the tech industry when she filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins. Since then, she’s worked to make tech a better place for women and people of color. Hear Ellen reflect on the industry's progress with diversity, why meritocracy in the workplace is a harmful myth, and how companies and employees in any field can make their workplaces more inclusive. In Mailbag, we hear from a listener whose...


Ep 350: Lines Around The Block: The Most Popular Cookie For 27 Years

Levain cookies are some of the most sought-after treats in the country today, and if you haven’t stood in a line around the block to get them fresh out of the oven in New York City, chances are you’ve had them shipped to your door. This week we’re sitting down with founders Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald, who started Levain Bakery 27 years ago. They tell us about their journey, their product, and what it looks like to run and grow a successful bakery. We know you'll love their sweet story as...


Bonus: Holiday Tipping 101

The holiday season is an amazing opportunity to show gratitude to all of the important people in your life. That's one reason why it can be a great time to bump up your tipping to the people who provide services that you depend on every day. But who do you tip? How much do you give for different services? Is it better to tip through cash, card, or even Venmo? And should we be tipping more because of inflation? Barbara Sloan, founder of Tipped Finance, weighs in on all. Take our annual...