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The Human Action Podcast features in-depth interviews on current topics in economics through an Austro-libertarian lens.

The Human Action Podcast features in-depth interviews on current topics in economics through an Austro-libertarian lens.


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The Human Action Podcast features in-depth interviews on current topics in economics through an Austro-libertarian lens.








Can We Fix the Economy?

Jeff and Bob record a special Thanksgiving episode for Money Talk 1010 AM on what it really takes to fix the US economy. Mark Thornton on the coming economic crisis: Listen to Jeff on Money Talk 1010 every Thursday at 9:00am ET:


Will the FTX Scandal Bring Down "Crypto"?

Jeff and Bob discuss whether the FTX scandal will be used to justify new "crypto" regulations or even the creation of a central bank digital currency. Caitlin Long and Sam Bankman-Fried debating leveraging Bitcoin: Mises on circulation credit vs. commodity credit: President of the Minneapolis Fed Neel Kashkari on CBDCs:


Daniel McCarthy Dissects the Midterm Election

Daniel McCarthy joins Jeff and Bob to consider the deep unseriousness of American politics and electorate. Willmoore Kendall's The Conservative Affirmation:

The Socio-Politics of the Midterms

Jeff joins Chris Casey of WindRock Wealth Management for a deep analysis of next week's punishing midterm elections.

Words as Weapons

Criticisms of hapless Senate candidate John Fetterman are labeled "ableist," while Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter is deemed fascist. Jeff and Bob take a hard look at the linguistic battlefield and the corruption of language as an institution. Jeff's paper on language, "Evolution or Corruption?": George Orwell's essay "Politics and the English Language": Ken Smith's Junk English: Bryan Caplan on "Privilege":

The Need for Beauty in Economics

Free Markets are often criticized for producing ugly, dystopian, consumer-driven landscapes, but is this true? Jeff explains how we need more than intellectual appeal to advance the cause of liberty—we need an appeal to beauty. Watch other talks from our 40th Anniversary Celebration:

Bernanke's Sordid Nobel Prize

Dr. Bob Murphy and Jeff Deist discuss the nauseating elevation of former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke to Nobel Prize winner.

Toby Baxendale on the Coming Financial Repression

UK entrepreneur and founder of the Cobden Centre Toby Baxendale joins Bob to discuss meeting Hayek, the history of economists supporting 100% reserve banking, and the tools central banks and governments will use to enact "financial repression."

The Economics of War

Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute joins Jeff and Bob to discuss the economic and political ramifications of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline sabotage. Read "The Economics of War" from Human Action: Read a study Bob co-authored on Europe's energy crisis:

Daniel McCarthy on the Libertarian and Conservative Divide

Daniel McCarthy, editor of Modern Age, joins Jeff to consider the state of modern conservatism, modern libertarianism, and whether they can or cannot find common ground. Watch Daniel's talk at the LSC 2022: Read The Conservative Affirmation:

The Queen Is Dead, Democracy Is Dying

With Queen Elizabeth II lying in state at Westminster Hall, hereditary monarchies are under attack as archaic & absurd. Has mass democracy in the West done any better? Ryan McMaken joins Jeff and Bob to discuss. Read Ryan's Article on Monarchs: Read Hoppe's Democracy:


Inflation Kills

Bob and Jeff unravel the corrosive and nonsensical policy of "inflationism," and consider its deep cultural effects. Read Jeff's talk from the recent Ron Paul Institute conference:


Biden's Post-Persuasion America

Journalist Jordan Schachtel joins the show to discuss Biden's escalating rhetoric against what he terms "ultra-MAGA" semi-fascists. Is America finally past any pretense of democracy?


Clifton Duncan on the College Question

Clifton Duncan joins the show to discuss Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness plan, along with the broader question of whether college and student loans are still worthwhile for young people. Jeff's Article, "Is College Worth It?":


Dave Smith on the End of Political Pretense

Comic Dave Smith joins Jeff and Bob for a compelling look at the poisonous political landscape in post-goodwill America.

Why Federal Agencies Go Rogue

The IRS plans to hire 87,000 new armed agents, while an FBI raid on Trump–the administration's open political rival–draws allegations of corruption. Economists and political scientists, from Mises to Robert Higgs to James Burnham to public choice scholars, explain why mission creep and abuse by state agencies is the rule rather than the exception. Jonathan Turley on Trump being disqualified from office: Mises on the managerial state: James Burnham's...


The Politicization of Economics

Has economics fallen to politics? Court economists like Paul Krugman–we might call them "regime economists"–represent a profession in big trouble. Jeff and Bob discuss. Michael Tanner, "PIketty Gets it Wrong": Bob Murphy on the economics establishment vs. Judy Shelton: Jeff Deist on Nancy McLean's unprofessional attacks: Bob's article with Phillip Magness on Piketty:


What You Can Do

Jeff Deist and Connor Mortell host an AMA during Mises University 2022 on the topic of "What You Can Do." Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 30 July 2022.


Connor Boyack & the Case for Revisionist History

Connor Boyack, author of the new Tuttle Twins book America's History: 1215-1776, joins the show to make the Rothbardian case for de-bamboozling history. America’s History: A Tuttle Twins Series of Stories: Rothbard on Historical Revisionism:


The Economics of National Divorce

Lots of Americans now openly discuss the idea of National Divorce, focusing on the political, cultural, and social divisions in America. But what about the economics? How would issues like debt, entitlements, and defense be addressed if the US split into two or more new political entities? senior editor and economist Ryan McMaken joins Jeff to discuss. Listen to Hoppe on centralization and secession: