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Getting In: A College Coach Conversation


Planning for college? Tune into Getting In: A College Coach Conversation for tips, techniques, and insider perspectives. Hosted by Elizabeth Heaton, a former admissions officer at the University of Pennsylvania, and featuring her fellow admissions and college finance experts from Bright Horizons College Coach, the show shares what colleges are really looking for and how to highlight your hard-won achievements for the best chance at success. New episodes air every Thursday at 4 PM Eastern Time, 1 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety channel.


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Planning for college? Tune into Getting In: A College Coach Conversation for tips, techniques, and insider perspectives. Hosted by Elizabeth Heaton, a former admissions officer at the University of Pennsylvania, and featuring her fellow admissions and college finance experts from Bright Horizons College Coach, the show shares what colleges are really looking for and how to highlight your hard-won achievements for the best chance at success. New episodes air every Thursday at 4 PM Eastern Time, 1 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety channel.






Getting In: A College Coach Conversation - May 25th, 2023



European Universities Consortium; Military Education Benefits

Interested in learning more about earning your college degree in Europe? On this episode, our host, Beth Heaton, interviews Ioana Benea (Bocconi University) and Juan Carlos Ruiz (Brussels School of Governance) about the European Universities Consortium (EUC). The EUC is a group of eight universities throughout Europe whose goal is to promote internationalization of higher education and provide educational opportunities in Europe to non-Europeans. Each member university offers programs taught entirely in English so they provide realistic opportunities for any English speaker. Additionally, since May is Military Appreciation Month, our college finance expert Laurie Peltier joins us to discuss the GI Bill and maximizing military benefits.


Teaching & Architecture Pathways; Teens & Financial Independence

For students who are career minded, we have another Pathways episode. Are you considering being a teacher? College Coach admissions consultants Kara Courtois (a former elementary and high school teacher) and Brian Swann (former program director for the Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching at Hamline University) join us to talk about the ins and outs of the profession. We also have something for future architects! College Coach admissions consultant Kyra Tyler and her husband, Scott Whitebone, architect at HED and graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology, will discuss various architecture career pathways. They’ll touch on architecture, interior architecture, and landscape architecture, as well as degree and licensure nuances. Finally, College Coach finance consultant Chrissy Foran will give some tips for your teen to achieve financial independence.


Healthcare Career Pathways; Finance Options for Nursing Education

It’s Nurses’ Week! So, to honor nurses, we’ll discuss careers in the healthcare field, from physical therapy to, yes, nursing, with a little information about athletic training thrown in. We’ll share information about pathways to those careers as well as financial assistance for nurses in the form of loan forgiveness and scholarships.


The IB Program; What to Do after You’ve Committed to a College

What do colleges think of the International Baccalaureate program? Is it a good option for high school students to pursue? Tune in to this week’s show when we talk with Marie Vivas, Senior Development Manager of the International Baccalaureate organization. We’ll also discuss how to get ready to pay for college now that you’ve committed to enroll.


Choosing Letter of Recommendation Writers; Listener Questions

If you’re a high school junior, now is the time to decide which teacher(s) to ask to write your recommendation letter(s). We’ll be discussing what to consider when you make that choice. In addition, we’ll respond to questions from listeners. Anything related to college admissions or paying for college is fair game, so tune in to hear as many answers as we can fit in during our show.


2023 Outcomes; Building a College List; What to Know about Loans

Admission decisions are out! What happened? We talk about this year’s admission landscape, giving high school seniors some of the context of the admit, waitlist, and deny decisions they’ve received from colleges. We’ll also help high school juniors choose colleges for their application list in a balanced and thoughtful way. We’ll also discuss what parents and students need to know when considering using loans to pay for colleges.


The Benefits of Attending Community College

This week we’re talking all things community college. We’ll hear about the financial and academic benefits of starting at a two-year college, things to think about if you’re a transfer student, and how dual enrollment programs work. We’ll also talk to a current community college student and a staff member to hear about their experiences on campus.


Summer Plans for High School Students; Creating Your Own Project

Even though it still feels like winter, it’s time to start planning for summer! From getting a job or taking a class to pursuing an internship or working on applications, summer offers a unique opportunity to focus on your interests for a few months. And don’t forget about saving any earnings to help pay for college. We’ll discuss all of this and more in today’s show. We’ll also welcome a current student to share how she created her own project while still in high school.


Admission Tips for Students with Physical Or Learning Differences

This week’s show is for students with physical or learning differences. Sasha Manus, who has CP and uses a service dog, will join the show to share advice on navigating college with a physical disability. We’ll also offer application and admissions tips for students with learning differences and discuss financial aid for students with physical and learning differences.


Appealing and Negotiating Financial Aid; Standardized Testing

Tis the season for financial and merit aid packages, which are landing in students’ emails and mailboxes right now. We’ll be discussing the difference between appealing for more financial aid and negotiating for more merit aid and offering tips on how to go about each. We’re also talking all things standardized testing in today’s show, from the state of testing today to the new digital SAT.


Getting Started on College Essays; Planning to Pay for College

Calling all juniors: it’s time to get started! Too early to think about essay writing? Of course not! Too early to think about how to pay for college? No way! With the heart of the college process right around the corner, we’re sharing advice to help students get started on essays and parents to get started on their financial plans. And in a second essay-related segment, we’ll look at essays centered on a trauma and talk through both when to proceed with what can be a tricky topic and how much to disclose.


Academic, Social, and Finance Advice for Middle School Students

College prep does not begin in middle school, but these years offer students a chance to explore their interests and develop some skills that will help them be more successful in high school. We’ll talk through the academic, social, and personal opportunities available to middle school students. We’ll also offer suggestions for helping your middle school students learn more about personal finance topics and to take on some of their own fiscal responsibility.


How To Transfer; Education Tax Breaks; Listener Q&A

Does your student want to transfer? We’ll break down the basics of the process. We also have information on education tax breaks just in time for tax season, and we’ll answer your college finance and admissions questions in our listener Q&A.


Decoding Financial Aid Awards; Becoming a Vet; College Visits

Financial aid award notifications are coming—are you ready? (Is anyone?) We have insights on how to understand these often confusing documents to determine what exactly you’ll pay, what discounts you’re receiving, and what debt you’ll be expected to take on. In other segments, our own Serena Frisina shares what she loves about visiting colleges, and a veterinarian joins the show to tell us about her journey to her current career.


College Coach Team Together Again: The Latest Admissions Trends

Twice a year the College Coach team comes together for professional development and team building, and it’s our favorite time of the year! This year we’re bringing the podcast along for the ride, as Beth, Ian, and Sally sit down in the same room to host the podcast. We’ll give you a peak into our conversations and what we’ve learned at our most recent meeting.


Eight Years of Getting In!

Co-hosts Sally Ganga and Ian Fisher and regular guest Shannon Vasconcelos join today’s anniversary show celebrating eight years of weekly Getting In podcasts. We’ll discuss some of the big changes we’ve seen in our time hosting the show, and some of the things that have remained the same. Tune in and celebrate with us—we’re still sharing helpful tips and information alongside some pretend cake and champagne!


CSU Overview & Updates; State Teacher Loan Forgiveness Programs

The first half of today’s show is all about the Cal State University system. We’ll provide an overview of options, updates on new programs, and important things to know related to admissions. Then we’ll welcome two alums from the system to share their own experiences at CSUs. In our final segment, we’ll cover state teacher loan forgiveness programs—a must listen for anyone working as a teacher.


Education Debt Management Tips; Conservatory Student; UX Designer

Ever wonder what a conservatory education is all about? We’re welcoming a current conservatory student to the show to share! We’ll also hear from BHCC’s own Nick Mayernik about the path to his current position as our UX designer. Finally, we’ll share tips for education debt management.


Inside the Review Process; How to Get a Job; College Saving Goals

Curious about what happens to your app once it’s in the hands of the admissions office? One of our former admissions officers, a veteran of four different admissions offices, will share more on the process. New year, new you? Or maybe just a new college savings plan. We have ideas! Finally, most college students have their sights set on a job post-graduation. We’re welcoming the former head of global recruitment for Bank of America to the show to share his tips for starting the process while you’re still in college.