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Welcome to the DE4Live podcast, where we will be talking all things Drew Estate hosted by Dirty Fabien himself! Listen in for Drew Estate news, cigar reviews, pairings, interviews and everything related to the Subculture. Whether you are new to the cigar lifestyle or a lifelong Drew Diplomat, this show is for you! For more about Drew Estate check out and follow us on social media! #de4l


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Welcome to the DE4Live podcast, where we will be talking all things Drew Estate hosted by Dirty Fabien himself! Listen in for Drew Estate news, cigar reviews, pairings, interviews and everything related to the Subculture. Whether you are new to the cigar lifestyle or a lifelong Drew Diplomat, this show is for you! For more about Drew Estate check out and follow us on social media! #de4l




DE4Live Episode 57: Join La Coalicion with Jon Huber!

On this very special episode of DE4Live, we are joined by Jon Huber, founder of Crowned Heads cigar and talking all things La Coalicion, the collaboration cigar between DE and Crowned Heads! Find out all about Jon Huber's history in the cigar industry and how he and Master Blender Willy Herrera came together to work on some very special blends that will be hitting shelves soon! Also, find out if Dirty Fabien and Executive Producer Joe made the very special fantasy football trade on...


DE4Live Episode 56: Everything is bigger in Texas with DE Ryan Rayford

Loyal Listeners, on the latest DE4Live, Dirty Fabien is live from Texas with our man on the scene, Drew Estate's own Ryan "LP" Rayford! This musical episode is dedicated to Ryan's love of the LP and his all time favorites hits and some amazing stories from Dirty Fabien himself. Prepare for epic rants on #ThatsPuckedUp and how the trade between Executive Producer Joe and Dirty Fabien's fantasy football teams are progressing.


DE4Live Episode 55: Fantasy Football and Kentucky Fire Cured

Loyal Listeners, fall is here and with it comes tailgating, football and of course a fine Kentucky Fire Cured cigar. Tune in this week on DE4Live to here Dirty Fabien and Executive Producer Joe talking about their favorite fantasy football players and strategy. Also this week we have 2 special winners on #ThatsPuckedUp so you better listen to see if your question was selected!


DE4Live Episode 54: Blind Cigar Reviews with BlindMansPuff

On the latest DE4Live, Dirty Fabien is live from the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival with special guests, Emmett and Zane from and the legend Rich Lai! The team is given a secretive blind review assignment, can they figure out which unbanded robustos are a Liga Privada No. 9, Undercrown Maduro and Factory Smokes Maduro? Tune in to hear the results!


DE4Live Episode 53: Live from Connecticut Barn Smoker with CigarProp!

Loyal Listeners, we are back from the 5th annual Connecticut Barn Smoker with an epic episode featuring Mr. CigarProp himself, Kevin Shahan. Kevin is on a quest to attend all 5 of the Drew Estate Barn Smokers this year, learn more about his story and CigarProp! Also, stay tuned for some major rants in our #ThatsPuckedUp! What a way to kick off Season 3 of DE4Live!


DE4Live Episode 52: Dirty Fabien Talks Kuba Arte and the ACID Challenge

Loyal DE4Live Listeners, tune in because Dirty Fabien has all the info on the latest Drew Estate release to hit the shelves of your local retailers, yes the ACID Kuba Arte. Learn more about the project and how the artists were selected. Then, to help usher it in, we discuss the latest trend taking social media by storm, the ACID Challenge. Dirty Fabien and Executive Producer Joe call a couple of listeners out!


DE4LIVE Episode 51: Pennsylvania Barn Smoker Recap and Exciting Additions

Listeners, loyal listeners, we are back from the PA Barn Smoker, well Dirty Fabien is back from the Barn Smoker so tune in to his HOT take. Executive Producer Joe a.k.a. Just Ed has some exciting news about a new addition to the DE family! Finally, tune into #ThatsPuckedUp for some great questions and find out who is the lucky winner!


DE4Live Episode 50: #DEIPCPR Recap Celebrating ACID 20

Loyal listeners of DE4Live we are back from #DEIPCPR and we have stories to tell, but first, we are smoking the celebratory launch and one of the hottest releases at the show, ACID 20. Listen to our adventures in Las Vegas and the epic journey we made to the desert. Finally, we have an epic rant on #ThatsPuckedUp involving ice cream thievery and some hard-hitting questions from our listening audience.


DE4Live Episode 49: Learning the Secrets Behind Boveda's Humidification with Rob Gagner

Today on DE4Live, we have a special guest, live at Boveda headquarters Dirty Fabien is joined by Rob Gagner from Boveda and host of the Box Press podcast! Discover the secrets behind Boveda's history and their amazing humidification system. We also delve into Rob's past life staring death in the eye. Not only that, hear some first take reviews on some of Drew Estate's IPCPR releases including Frenchies and Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty Toro! This show can't be missed!


DE4Live Episode 48: A Sneak Preview of #DEIPCPR Releases and Breaking News!

Well DE4Live listeners, you asked and we listened! Today we are breaking major news on DE4Live and rewarding our loyal listeners with something only for them! First up, DE4Live listeners get an exclusive coupon code from our new sponsor and on top of that Dirty Fabien announces a brand new release people have been dying to see come back. You better turn up the dial, grab your headphones or blast it over the bluetooth speaker because you can't miss this show!


DE4Live Episode 47: Explore the World of Barn Smoker 2.0

Welcome back loyal DE4Live listeners and join us as Dirty Fabien and Executive Producer Joe walk you through what's new at Barn Smoker 2.0. We recap the entire Florida Barn Smoker event by going through the brand new swag each attendee receives, what is going on at each of the brand activations and a sneak peak into the VIP dinner! Be sure to tune in if you want to find out what Barn Smoker 2.0 is all about. Also, on #ThatsPuckedUp we have 2 epic rants from our hosts!


DE4Live Episode 46: Rocking Out at Vintage Cigars

Prepare yourselves for an epic podcast as Dirty Fabien invades New England and hangs with the crew from Vintage Cigars in Rhode Island. Learn about this amazing shop and the crazy ice cream filled Drew Estate event they threw welcoming Dirty Fabien and Willy Herrera. Finally, find out who was a winner this week on #ThatsPuckedUp. You need to tune in today and be sure to email questions to if you want to win your own hand painted puck from Subculture Studios!


De4Live Episode 45: Live with Master Blender Willy Herrera and Nick Libretti of JR Cigars

On the latest episode of DE4Live, we are kicking off Herrera Esteli month with Master Blender Willy Herrera and Nick Libretti of JR Cigars. Learn the latest news and tasting notes of all the recently released cigars in the Herrera Esteli line. Prepare to listen to some epic rants on #ThatsPuckedUp and be sure to email your questions to for a chance to win a handpainted puck from Subculture Studios!


De4Live Episode 44: Pedro goes Hollywood

On the latest episode of DE4Live, we have a special guest Pedro "Hollywood" Gomez! He has a big project coming up and wants to give everyone a sneak peak at what's coming so tune in today! Also, find out who won this weeks puck by submitting questions to on #ThatsPuckedUp


DE4Live Episode 43: Dirty Fabien Steals the #DEIPCPR Cigar List

Well loyal listeners... this may be our last episode because Dirty Fabien has gone and done it... he stole a box full of the 2019 #DEIPCPR cigars and information! He spoils every upcoming release and let's you know in depth what he things. We might not have a podcast after this episode so you need to TUNE IN now!


De4Live Episode 42: Dirty Fabien has a special ACID Plush and Croqueta Pairing

On the newest episode of De4Live, Dirty Fabien and Executive Producer Joe a.k.a. Just Ed are smoking the recently announced ACID Plush and Croqueta in a very special pairing an cigar review segment. Kicking off #ACID20 in a big way, they are pairing these cigars with a special treat you can only get once a year. In addition, they share some stories with their first experiences with ACID cigars and answer some hard hitting questions in #ThatsPuckedUp!


DE4Live Episode 41: Smoking Liga Privada Unico Pork Beli in Chicago

This week on DE4Live, join Dirty Fabien live on location in Chicago with a whole crew as they enjoy the Liga Privada Unico Pork Beli, a rare subculture only produced for Habano Cigars. Find out the origins of Drew Estate Ben and how he started in the Cigar Industry and pick up some DJ-ing tips from the man, DJ Eli himself! Finally, tune in to some chilling rants and hard hitting questions on #ThatsPuckedUp!


DE4Live Episode 40: Pairing Fast Food Burgers and Fast Smokes

On the newest episode of DE4Live, we are taking on the ultimate foodie challenge of pairing Drew Estate Value Tin Cigars with 4 mystery burgers from a variety of fast food chains. Will the Kentucky Fire Cured Sweet Ponies win out as the best pairing, or perhaps the Ambrosia Clove Tikis will sneak into the top slot? Tune in and find out our thoughts on the ultimate burger and cigar pairing! Let's see who is going home this week with a puck in our #ThatsPuckedUp segment, and next week it could...


DE4Live Episode 39: The DE4Live Big Game Show!

On this episode of DE4Live, join Dirty Fabien and Executive Producer Joe aka Just Ed as they recap the Big Game! First, we recap the results of the #TeamUndercrown challenge between Drew Estate Kyle, Matt 'N The Hat and Nasty Nick Laramie with exciting results. Next see what Fabien and Joe thought about the Big Game as they celebrate February and Drew Estate 4x32 Tin Month! Finally on #ThatsPuckedUp we get some hard hitting questions. Tune in NOW!


DE4Live Episode 38: Top 5 Cigars of 2018 and A #TeamUndercrownChallenge Contest

Wow, it's that time again for the annual DE4Live Top Cigars of 2018, this time we are featuring a panel of nuts including Drew Estate's own Kyle Davis, Matt N' The Hat and Nasty Nick Laramie. Find out their favorite cigars of last year but more importantly it's time to take sides. Each has taken their own Undercrown for the Undercrown Challenge, so pick your team and post your favorite Undercrown using #TeamUCShade, #TeamUCMaduro or #TeamUCSunGrown for a chance at an awesome prize. Be sure...