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Former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett and a panel of comedians, actors, journalists, and some of the many famous Friends of the Pod appear before a live audience to break down the week’s biggest news. Quizzes! Impressions! Shouting at cable news clips! And everyone’s favorite: nuanced discussion. New episodes every Saturday.

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett and a panel of comedians, actors, journalists, and some of the many famous Friends of the Pod appear before a live audience to break down the week’s biggest news. Quizzes! Impressions! Shouting at cable news clips! And everyone’s favorite: nuanced discussion. New episodes every Saturday.


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Former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett and a panel of comedians, actors, journalists, and some of the many famous Friends of the Pod appear before a live audience to break down the week’s biggest news. Quizzes! Impressions! Shouting at cable news clips! And everyone’s favorite: nuanced discussion. New episodes every Saturday.




Three Antisemites is a Crowd

It’s a December to remember as Lovett or Leave It returns to Los Angeles’s beautiful Dynasty Typewriter and we celebrate Christmas with a new slate of “traditional” holiday rom-coms. Margaret Cho and Moshe Kasher gather 'round for a very special Hanukah-inspired edition of Gay News: Gay Jews. A "normal" Republican voter (Andrea Savage) stops by to explain how to have it both ways on Trump. Spoiler alert: it’s delusion! Danielle Schneider and Crooked's own Ryan Wallerson pit the Real...


Lovett or Leave It Presents: Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Lovett is currently asleep under a big pile of coats on the guest bed, but we here at Lovett or Leave It have prepared you a sumptuous feast of favorite segments, hand-selected by all the non-Lovett members of the LOLI universe. Join producers Brian Semel and Kendra James, associate producer Malcolm Whitfield, head writer Halle Kiefer, managing video producer Narineh Melkonian, and producer/editor Zuri Irvin as they share moments from this year’s Pride Show, our tour in Pennsylvania, and...


It’s a Crypto Polycule Friendsgiving, Charlie Brown!

The whole Lovett Or Leave It family welcomes you and your hot dish to this year’s first-ever crypto polycule Friendsgiving! Byron Bowers and Diallo Riddle help Lovett put the “bit” in Bitcoin, while Stacey Abrams (Ashley Nicole Black) flies in on her way to a much-needed vacation. We conclusively decide who is the most annoying Thanksgiving guest, and end the show with a wholesome turn of the Gratitude Wheel. Because we’ll all have plenty to rant about. For a closed-captioned version of...


Not With a Wave but a Whimper

Lovett or Leave It survives the red wave that never was after this week’s midterms, and celebrates the only way we know how: gorgeous gay mayhem. Matt Rogers channels this era’s two greatest villains, Donald Trump and Lydia Tár. Abbott Elementary’s Lisa Ann Walter reminds the world: yes, she was in that, too. Unspooled’s Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson see if our audience has the 411 on AFI’s Top 100 movies. Anne Helen Petersen helps you put in the work, and our dais of stars welcomes these...


Democracy or Else

Midterms are making the kids squirm at this, our last Lovett Or Leave It before we see you next Tuesday at the polls. Larry Wilmore looks at Biden’s closing message, while Rainn Wilson screams for your dollars on behalf of the Democrats. A newly-motivated post-Dobbs voter (Kiran Deol) promises Lovett she’ll vote, provided she is actually real and not his hope-fueled fever dream, while Josh Gondelman offers heartfelt pep talks to the despondent, the lonely, and the zebrafish. And we end the...


Hershel Walker’s aBOOOOOrtions

Lovett or Leave It turns L.A.’s Dynasty Typewriter into a Halloween spooktacular during the only week of the year when we don’t mind hearing boos. Lovett inadvertently summons Ivana Trump (Lizzy Cooperman) and you will not believe what’s been going on under that golf course. Tig Notaro stops by to decide which classic movie monster has a limp wrist to go with those sharp fangs and neck bolts. It’s all treats, no tricks when Ed Helms crowns the king of Halloween candy. Kevin Avery and Lizzy...


High on Grassley

It’s the devil you know AND the devil you don’t when Lovett or Leave It welcomes Lucy and Danny DeVito to L.A.‘s wonderful Dynasty Typewriter theater. Planned Parenthood’s Jodi Hicks stops by to break down how California can be a guide to other states in the fight for reproductive rights. Chris Fleming and Ellington Wells try to tell the difference between Senator Chuck Grassley and a glitching AI, while the Rant Wheel takes mice, TikTok, and leaf blowers to task. Ellington Wells:...


Brotherly Love in a Sandwich Town (Live from Philly!)

The (cheese)stakes are high when Lovett or Leave It fills Philadelphia’s Fillmore Theater with a night of gorgeous gay mayhem. Your future PA Governor Josh Shapiro sits down to discuss the “ugh” in Doug Mastriano. State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta talks about building a queer coalition of anyone who wants to keep their rights in Pennsylvania. Taylor Swift’s publicist (Gill McGuire) stops by with some shocking intel about the pop star, and Jared Goldstein shares the Gay News with yinz. We close out...


Old Bay v. Pumpkin Spice (Live from Baltimore!)

Lovett Or Leave It takes the stage at Goucher College and enjoys a little bit o’ Baltimore (okay, more specifically, Towson, Maryland). The Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri looks back at the incredible women who girl bossed, gaslit, and gobbled sailors whole throughout history. Reporter Dave Weigel leads us up the mountain that is the midterms. Halle and Brian are forced to chose between the flavor of the city and the flavor of the season, and the Rant Wheel spins at the touch of Edgar...


The Eyes Were Made For Crying (Live from Pittsburgh!)

Lovett or Leave It hits the road to Pittsburgh’s Roxian Theatre. Lovett and the Second Lady of Pennsylvania Gisele Barreto Fetterman take Dr. Oz to the pound. Pittsburgh’s own Damon Young hands out the Nobel Prize for Posting, and joins Lovett in doling out the advice yinz need. And the Rant Wheel spins next to the beautiful Ohio River, powered by vacations, nuclear weapons and, of course, Lovett’s take on the Bros takes. For a closed-captioned version of this episode, click here. For a...


Forbidden Flute

Lovett Or Leave It likes it hot with the arrival of Blonde’s own Marilyn Monroe (Kel Cripe) to Los Angeles’ Dynasty Typewriter theater. Stephen Merchant and Josh Barro debate whether the U.K. should Truss Liz. Demi Adejuyigbe uncovers whether politician tattoos are only skin deep. Will Rollins, currently running in California’s 41 district, ponders the Venn Diagram of Palm Springs’ vibrant gay community and its even more vibrant senior community, and the Rant Wheel returns to reveal the...


She NyQuil Be Loved

Lovett or Leave It finds a way to have yet another excellent show at Los Angeles’ gorgeous Dynasty Typewriter theater. Dare We Say’s Alycia Pascual-Peña and Yasmine Hamady yums our yucks in the Ickuation Room. Mitra Jouhari and Brian Bahe find themselves caught between the Rock Hall and a hot place while staring down the midterms. Jeff Goldblum (Gianmarco Soresi) is dispatched by the FDA to stop Lovett from eating TikTok’s latest creation, and we end the show with takes so hot, they’ll cook...


Lovett or Grieve It

Cover the mirrors and don your kippah, it’s time to sit shiva for Lilibit. Grab some nosh and swap stories of Her Highness with Senator Bernie Sanders (James Adomian). Enjoy the dulcet tones of the very real bagpiper playing Hava Nagila as Brandon Kyle Goodman and Sam Pancake pay homage to Her Majesty’s famously sharp sense of humor with some Gay News. If you drop your coat on the bed with all the coats, just avoid MyPillow’s own Mike Lindell (also James Adomian), who got an invite as well....


Death Becomes Her Majesty

Lovett or Leave It is dead. Long live Lovett or Leave It! The show makes its triumphant return to Dynasty Typewriter. Author and Dem strategist Lis Smith stops by to break down just how much Mayor Pete can’t stand Lovett. Andrew Farmer and Marcella Arguello ready themselves for the Emmys, while Trump’s personal injury lawyer (Alyssa Limperis) takes the FBI to task for putting those slippery folders all over the floor of Mar-a-Lago. , Plus Emily Heller brings a heatwave-inspired edition of...


You Got Your Hot Takes In My Rant Wheel! I Got My Rant Wheel In Your Hot Takes!

For a closed-captioned version of this episode, click here. For a transcript of this episode, please email and include the name of the podcast.


Lunch It or Leave It: Best of Food

Open wide, because Lovett Or Leave It is serving up a hot, fresh best-of episode with all our favorite food-obsessed segments of the past year. Ashley Ray, Alice Wetterlund, and Max Silvestri give us the hot dish on the best holiday foods. Nancy Pelosi (Michaela Watkins) spent hours making this beautiful democracy for you; the least you can do is taste it. Shalewa Sharp and Lovett bemoan the cookies that have come and gone, while Lindsay Adams and Marcy Jarreau try not to turn green after...


Lovett in Wonderland

Depressed by the prospect of turning 40 and losing his youthful optimism about politics, Lovett chases Pundit into Wonderland in this week’s fully scripted, extremely experimental episode of Lovett or Leave It. America’s Cheshire Cat Kyrsten Sinema (Kylie Brakeman) gets Lovett even more lost, while CerberusXM demands ad reads… from Hades! Lovett plays court jester to Red Queen Kamala Harris (Allison Reese), and attempts to answer the Neoliberal Riddles of The Sphinx. Nancy Pelosi the...


Filibustin’ Makes Me Feel Good

It’s the dog days of summer and Lovett or Leave It is unleashed on L.A.’s Dynasty Typewriter theater. Salem resident Elizabeth Johnson Jr. (Kara Klenk) takes a stand against witch hunts. Lovett sends the Choco Taco off to the great freezer section in the sky with an audience game that asks, “Do the youth know?” The Filibuster (Yoni Lotan) begs us to plan ahead and kick him the hell out of Congress now. Lovett and Nori Reed say goodbye to Nichelle Nichols, and hello to new TV firsts, while...


Introducing Dare We Say

Join Josie Totah, Alycia Pascual Peña, and Yasmine Hamady – three young actresses, disruptors, and best friends as they navigate the issues that affect our lives; from hookup culture and social media to structural racism and LGBTQ+ rights. They won’t shy away from diving deep into controversial topics, even turning to their elders – actors, activists, comedians, experts, politicians, 26 year olds – to try to understand the world their generation was handed. Catch a new episode of Crooked's...


Private Jets, Public Frets

Nancy Pelosi might be trotting the globe, but Lovett or Leave It is home sweet home at Dynasty Typewriter. There’s no such thing flying as flying too close to the sun when Luenell buys a ticket to the celebrity private jet scandal. President Biden’s personal physician (Vinny Thomas) diagnoses us with a bad case of hustle culture. Crooked’s own Dr. Imani Walker offers her words of wisdom to our audience, and our guests pass the Rant Wheel with flying colors. For a closed-captioned version...