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Ep 12: Last Goodbyes & New Beginnings

Finale Episode of Season One of Starship Aleria! The crew of the Aleria are dealing with the tragic fallout of a recent disaster. While some crew members are struggling to say goodbye to old relationships, the unique circumstances opens the door for unexpected new ones. The post Ep 12: Last Goodbyes & New Beginnings appeared first on Starship Aleria.



Cadet Meisha is beyond hyped to finally get her chance of flying a shuttle! Through her hard work and determination, along with putting in overtime with her commanding officer, Meisha finally secured a once in a lifetime opportunity! While she manages her excitement to fly her own ship, she also has to deal with her […] The post EP 11: ONE AND DONE appeared first on Starship Aleria.


Ep 10: The Workout

Cadet Marshall Stagg is once again offered relationship advice by his friends Dondo and Dirk, despite his insistence that everything is going fine with his clingy girlfriend Maria. Marshall eventually decides though that perhaps spending a little time apart from Maria could help out, and decides to go check out the Aleria’s gym. There he […] The post Ep 10: The Workout appeared first on Starship Aleria.


Ep 9: Third Chances

Scarlett is very busy and stressing out trying to keep up to date with the shuttle schedule on the Aleria. She notices that one of the dropships is running late, a situation which could potentially set back the Aleria’s next destination ETA. However, she soon finds out the reason behind the dropship’s delayed landing is due […] The post Ep 9: Third Chances appeared first on Starship Aleria.


Ep 8: Safety First

Dondo runs across Ron who is on the upmost of important missions… to get ice cream! The two finally come clean about ditching their old ways of womanizing with as many chicks as possible, and have seemed to settle down with just one special lady. The two agree that going steady could be more advantageous […] The post Ep 8: Safety First appeared first on Starship Aleria.


Ep 7: Double Trouble

Dirk Hardoff is excited to get to his naughty rendezvous with Rachel, who promised a special surprise for him. Though he thought he was ready for anything, Dirk never could have imagined the sexy revelation that Rachel had in store for him. Along with the help of her young assistant Alexandra, Rachel gives Dirk a […] The post Ep 7: Double Trouble appeared first on Starship Aleria.


Ep 6: Multitasking

Cadet Pilot Meisha is struggling to balance her personal life on board the Aleria with her training duties. While she greatly desires to prove herself as a talented pilot, her romantic affairs with crewmate Dondo has caused her performance to slip. Meanwhile Dondo and Ron are concerned over their best friend Marshall’s involvement with his […] The post Ep 6: Multitasking appeared first on Starship Aleria.


Ep 5: The Shortcut

Cadets Stella and Meisha meet up in the cafeteria to talk about how their first week on board the Aleria is going. While Stella is being worked non-stop, Meisha is yearning for when she can actually do her job as a shuttle pilot instead of being stuck practicing. The ladies are interrupted by Dondo, who […] The post Ep 5: The Shortcut appeared first on Starship Aleria.


Ep 4: Physical Exam

It’s the day after the Welcoming Ceremony for all the newcomers on board the Aleria, and Cadet Ron Stiff is waiting for his physical exam. Though suffering from a massive hangover from the crazy night before, he finds himself in the very capable hands of Dr. Julia Polaris. Dr. Polaris is in charge of conducting […] The post Ep 4: Physical Exam appeared first on Starship Aleria.


Ep 3: Welcoming Party

It’s time for the official welcoming party for all new cadets on the Aleria! Newcomers to the ship Marshall, Dondo, and Dirk meet up and check out their fellow crew mates during the ceremony. Marshall decides to leave the party early, but gets quite the welcoming surprise from one of the female officers who insists […] The post Ep 3: Welcoming Party appeared first on Starship Aleria.


Ep 2: Blast Off!

New cadet Marshall Stagg is getting ready to begin his journey on the Aleria after graduating from the Star Corps Academy! Marshall has mixed feelings about starting this new chapter in his life, he’s excited to finally begin his career, yet can’t help but feel like his heart isn’t completely in it. Marshall’s best friends […] The post Ep 2: Blast Off! appeared first on Starship Aleria.


Ep 1: The Pre-Launch Blow Down

The Premiere Episode of Starship Aleria! In Episode One: The Pre-Launch Blow Down, new cadet Dirk Hardoff finds his way to the Aleria to start his very first assignment on a starship! Dirk meets up with Jessica Kilpec, an HR Representative of the Aleria who helps welcome him on board. Things don’t go quite […] The post Ep 1: The Pre-Launch Blow Down appeared first on Starship Aleria.


Listen Up Cadets – A Message from Captain Lockett

Listen Up Cadets! Captain Lockett has an important message to announce to all new listeners of Starship Aleria. Click here to listen on iTunes! The post Listen Up Cadets – A Message from Captain Lockett appeared first on Starship Aleria.



Starship Aleria Season One, coming soon! Starship Aleria: A new original sci-fi audio drama series following the fun and feisty crew of the Aleria. Follow along as the intergalactic vessel Aleria travels the galaxy exploring far off planets, all the while the crew members inside take time to explore each other. Relationships form, romances blossom, […] The post Trailer appeared first on Starship Aleria.