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Ron's Amazing stories is a weekly podcast which presents truly amazing tales. These will range from dramatic readings to old time radio. We also have interviews with authors, radio personalities and even sports legends.

Ron's Amazing stories is a weekly podcast which presents truly amazing tales. These will range from dramatic readings to old time radio. We also have interviews with authors, radio personalities and even sports legends.


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Ron's Amazing stories is a weekly podcast which presents truly amazing tales. These will range from dramatic readings to old time radio. We also have interviews with authors, radio personalities and even sports legends.








RAS #519 - The Roads Must Roll

On this time we review the audiobook Ready Player One, have a story about a helpful green mist, and a ghost boy who haunts a child’s bedroom. Then we will listen to a science fiction story from Robert A. Heinlein titled The Roads Must Roll. We’ll end the show with a story about Halley’s Comet passing in 1910. So grab your favorite beverage and press that play button. Featured Story - The Roads Must Roll Our featured story is titled The Roads Must Roll and was originally published in the June...


RAS #518 - After A Few Words

On this time I guess you can say that this is our official Thanksgiving Day show. While it might be light on gobbler content since most of this show is... well normal amazing stuff. We have a review of Robert Jordan's Eye Of The World, two science fiction stories, and a Bigfoot adventure. Then we end the show with a tribute to the men and women of Plymouth Rock. So grab a turkey sandwich and enjoy the show. Featured Story - After A Few Words We have a story today that is... well.. different...


RAS #517 - The Dead Amongst Us

On this time we return to the home of Sylvia Shults for a brand new Ghost Stories With Sylvia. Sylvia shares stories about the living being visited by the dead, or in some cases it is the other way around. Joe Sauer from Illinois tells us a story about a stay in his father’s house that led to an interesting conflict with a former owner. Also, we review an audiobook written by R.A. Salvatore titled The Highwayman. About Sylvia Shults: Sylvia is a Librarian, Author, and Ghost Hunter. She has...


RAS #516 - The Gunfighter

On : First I want to thank everyone that sent me notes of condolences and encouragement for me and my brother. I am sad to report that on Thursday, November 4th, 2021 my brother James Allen Thompson passed away. He was a good man and will be missed. Thank you all for your support. The podcast today is a simple one. I need time off to deal with family issues and arrangements as you could guess. So for today, we will fill the whole hour with a story that my brother would love. It comes from...


RAS #515 - The One For Jim

On we have a replay of sorts. What is nice is that with the exception of a crazy Five Minute Mystery all of our stories came from you guys. We have two from Scotland and one from India. The featured story comes from my brother Jim. He visited the show in December of 2017 to tell us the story of his visit to a mysterious chapel in Scotland. From fairies to a scary woman in red, I think you are going to like this one. This podcast is dedicated to my brother Jim. Featured Story - Rosslyn Chapel...


RAS #514 - Days Of The Dead

On Sylvia Shults is with us for a special Ghost Stories With Sylvia. We will discuss and listen to her new book Days Of The Dead: A Year of True Ghost Stories. We have a listener tale called My Night Job Is Haunted that may sound scary, but is actually rather neat. I will review and preview a favorite book of mine, Dune by Frank Herbert. So lots of books this time. Sit back, grab a drink, and press that play button. About Sylvia Shults: Sylvia is a Librarian, Author, and Ghost Hunter. She...


RAS #513 - The Signal Man

On this time we are full of spooky goodness! We have a brand new original Five Minute Mystery starring The British Guy! We review a Heathcliff Lennox mystery titled The Curse of Braeburn Castle. We will hear two listener tales that take us to a creepy hospital encounter and a Halloween night in a graveyard. Our featured story is the ghostly tale titled The Signal Man. Then we end the show with an original ghost story written by 11-year-old Amelia Allison. Featured Story - The Signal Man Our...


RAS #512 - Month Of Spooky 2021 Week II

On and week two of the Month Of Spooky 2021, we are doing something different, but I think you are in for some fun. Slyvia Shults is with us and she isn’t going to be telling us ghost stories. What we will be doing is to listen to the OTR classic, The Thing On The Fourble Board. It’s quite terrifying, and I think that you’ll agree once you have heard it. Featured Story - The Thing On The Fourble Board An oil rig worker discovers an invisible creature of unknown origins living beneath the...


RAS #511 - Whence Came You

On we begin The Month Of Spooky 2021. We have so much to get to this month that “it” will make your head spin! (And On In A Linda Blair kind of way!) I just mean we have a lot of stuff. This month we will have a Ghost Story With Sylvia that will focus on a prankster ghost boy. Then Sylvia and I will sit down and listen to our classic Halloween story, The Thing On The Fourble Board. We have some of the best stories ever from you guys that should curl toes. And on today’s show, we debut one of...


RAS #510 - Oxychloride X

This is the last week before we begin the Month Of Spooky 2021. However, on this time we do some scary stuff. So, you're not going to be able to prepare for the spookiness. What we have are some really creepy stories from you guys to get the season going! Also, we have a story from Lights Out! that's not spooky, but probably means the end of the world. What are we going to do? Well, press that play button to find out. Featured Story - Oxychloride X Our featured story comes from the OTR...


RAS #509 - Hardhats, Hurricanes and Heroes

On this time we have something pretty cool. Rey Peyton is a longtime friend of the show and we have two stories submitted by him to share. The first is a brand new one titled Hardhats, Hurricanes and Heroes. The second is one that he submitted in 2015 titled Toy Soldiers. Also, we have a brand new These Are Your Stories segment where I take a look at your reactions to past stories. We have a lot on this show so please press that play button and enjoy! Featured Story - Hardhats, Hurricanes,...


RAS #508 - The Boy In The Basement

On this week we pretty much dedicate the entire show to one story, The Boy In The Basement. It was written by Sylvia Shults and is in fact her true encounter with Christopher, who just happens to be a spirit. This is a rare look at the behind-the-scenes of ghost hunting and even more amazing her ongoing relationship with Chris. Something that almost never happens. Also, on the show, we have a brand new story from you guys, and of course all of the other stuff you have come to enjoy on the...


RAS #507 - More Of Your Stories

On this time we have lots of stories. In total, we have twelve of them. They range from an alien visitor to a zip line angel, and a poltergeist encounter to a trumpet-playing ghost. I have wanted to do this for a very long time and today is the day. A complete show of tales sent in by you for you. So please grab a beverage and enjoy the show. Featured Story - These Are Your Stories Featured on this podcast is a showcase of your stories. All of the stories on this show were sent in by you for...


RAS #506 - No Contact

On this time we have A classic science fiction story from the golden age of radio. It asks the question, “What is really out there?” Also, we hear a story from returning listener Chad Campbell and his encounter with the Civil War ghost of Utica. Then we have a brand new Johnny Is It True - New Mexico edition. So press that play button and enjoy the show. Featured Story - No Contact Our featured story this time comes from the world of Dimension X. What awaits us out in space? Surely there are...


RAS #505 - And It Comes Out Here

On we have what we think is an odd show with good stuff. I have a story for you that almost made this week's podcast impossible, a shadow story that I almost couldn’t tell you, and a classic science fiction story that claims to be about time travel, but it really isn’t. That one I will leave to your imagination. So if any of that interests you press that play button and enjoy the show! Featured Story - And It Comes Out Here Our featured story this time is a bit quirky to be sure. It’s...


RAS #504 - Sub-Basement

On this time the show theme is the dinosaur, but in retrospect, that might be pushing it just a bit. In the end, you will have to decide if it was a fitting theme or not. On the program today we have stories from you guys, a classic from the OTR series Lights Out! and we end with a brand new Not So Important Times In History where we head to Mons, Belgium in the year 1914. Did Angels really defeat the Germans there? Listen to this podcast to find out. Featured Story - Sub-Basement Our...


RAS #503 - Ray Bradbury Day

On we celebrate Raymond Bradbury, author, poet, scriptwriter, and of course hero to anyone who has read one of his books. Ray was born on August 20th and this would have been his 101st birthday. I have tried to make him part of the show and I think you will enjoy the result. We have three stories from you guys, and an adaptation of probably his most famous work, The Martian Chronicles. Ray Bradbury was a prolific and influential author with a career that spanned decades. From his first...


RAS #502 - The 1904 Olympics

On today it is one of those shows where you are going to hear a lot of stuff. We have no less than 12 different tales that range from ghost stories, to science fiction, to a memorial tale and even a brand new Johnny Is It True. We will even visit the 1904 olympiad. So sit back, enjoy, because I think you're in for something completely different. Featured Story - The 1904 Olympics Well as you know these past two weeks we have been watching the 2020 Olympics from Japan. Something that I have...


RAS #501 - Rocket Ship

On we have a pretty odd collection of tales that range from strange music that has no source, to a haunting train whistle, and then a presence that really loves its pink shed. Our featured story comes from the OTR series Light’s Out. Now, I’ll bet you think it is going to be horror. You would be wrong! It is a science fiction classic titled Rocket Ship. So press that play button and enjoy the show. Featured Story - Rocket Ship Our featured story comes from the classic OTR series Lights out....


RAS #500 - The 500th Episode

Well, this is the 500th episode of . What can I say about this week's show? Of course, other than to thank you for allowing me to bring these to you each week. If you would have told me in 2011 that I would still be making podcasts in 2021 I would have said that I highly doubt it. However, here we are and there are so many people to thank for making this all happen. On this show, we play another round of Ghost Story Throwdown with Sylvia Shults. If you don’t remember the last one, they’re a...