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A weekly show about the fun and challenges of being a dad. Support this podcast:





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#383 - Teenage Driver

Jason has a new driver and there are a lot of stories to tell about how bad adults are at the rules. Motorcycles are hot, what a thrill, but bikes don’t need helmets. Kids are spending small amounts, but it’s adding up. Randy keeps the streak going with some late soccer updates. --- Support this podcast:


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#382 - Locking the School

Blank beats Jason, and Jason pivots to manage the money with the PTO moms. Kids can’t get their stuff but Randy isn’t doing anything about it. Rates went down but then phones and trucks brought them back up. The schools are locked but the doors are propped open anyways. Nurturing women are cutting bones, and it's fine, on average. --- Support this podcast:


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#381 - Spring is ruined

Randy gains a new perspective from within the soccer pitch. Jason explains the purpose of the power and persistence of bullying while Randy resorts simply to punching. Fealty is pledged to anachronistic knaves while animals remain absolutely brutal. Randy coaxes Jason’s opinions on the hot topic of controversial books. --- Support this podcast:


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#380 - Nashville's Polly Darton

Randy and Jason rudely scoff at other dads. Road bikes are garbage, while Dutch bikes are the comfort that everyone needs. Jason buys lawn signs and finds the local politics amazing. Randy is dismayed by the overturned proposal. Jason reassures the write-in that we aren't going anywhere. --- Support this podcast:


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#379 - Strongly Worded Letter

Randy and Jason are skeptical, while someone's looking for a payday. Jason dives into Randy's family meeting and is shocked at the priorities. Randy wants to buy one of everything, as long as it's in color and electric. Jason needs to understand why iMessage is the way it is but Randy will still give everyone a sticker, especially for 40-minute showers. --- Support this podcast:


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#378 - Fix My Printer

Randy and Jason aren't good at Valentine’s day but are at least self aware about it and trying to do better. There's a chip getting in the way of Randy saving money on Printer ink. Meanwhile influencers are making huge money on hydration and the girls are wearing half shirts. Randy and Jason discuss all the wrong approaches about shaving, what to wear, how to smell, and how to chew, for boys and girls. --- Support this podcast:


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#377 - Sanitation Theater

Randy attempts camp registration, will he get a spot? What about all this physical education, can our kids walk our way out of this so they can learn some life skills, like how to clean Airpods? Or is that what the robot is for? it's awful tall. Will Jason's car survive the Polar Vortex, and are the long underwear really necessary? How high can a jet fly and how come it can't catch a balloon? --- Support this podcast:


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#376 - Mental Fortitude

Jason embraces the thing he hates. Randy suggests being objective is important on committees. Jason has some self-introspection now that his name is on the ballot. In the end, what do we do with the war chest? What about the half-kid? Dr. Voice makes a return as does the kid being tossed from years ago. --- Support this podcast:


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#375 - Jerry Blue Jeans

Randy and Jason explore this phase of life, and why using the right brain is still helpful. Everyone's ungrateful and keeps destroying the kitchen, yet we will still take them skiing. We are getting pretentious about our experiences though. Randy proposes a new revenue stream, Jason is skeptical, but willing to look, it's just that it's unclear where the x-rays will come from. Yes, when doing math, the units and work matter. What does consent mean when it comes to China, and our two year olds? --- Support this podcast:


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#374 - Whorled Wide Spider Web

Jason's back at it with the AI (Hope you are enjoying the episode art) with weird Dall-e crowd-sourced images after Randy Shows him the amazing sub Reddit. But there are no more single-digit kids so it's on to the Grandkids. Some more deep AI talk while we raise 1,000s of virtual kids and teach them all calculus at age 8. Randy's got some shenanigans going on at the food pantry, but he's not in a Lexus, and no one's judging anyone! Public electricians' salaries are available and there are six million of them. Nevertheless, Randy has to run the Ski-Club for free and everyone lets him take their kids, but the school is concerned. --- Support this podcast:


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#373 - The Neural Network Thing

Jason loses his mind playing with ChatGPT and Randy introduces Jason to the nightmares of Dall-E! Spoiler alert! There's a World Cup recap, who watched and who was busy playing tackle basketball! Randy asks Jason who are the Americans and what are their plans for the holidays. --- Support this podcast:


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#372 - Very High Brow

The Teens can't communicate so clearly but they can clearly consume YouTube shorts! How do kids for core memories if they aren't involved, and Jason realizes he's being way too harsh and should just shaddup! A few good relationships is all it takes while addicted to Geometry Dash. Kurgesagt drops a new video and the views render Jason speachless, and Randy is ok with all of it. --- Support this podcast:


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#371 - Imposter Syndrome

Randy and Jason want to make sure that you woman isn't dealing with a man child. So make your bed like Admiral McRaven says to do. Also, if you have a speed interview, show up, like most of the kids do. Yet, we all lack executive function and weird quirks which is why we would like the kids to interact with others! Should we get some DBD Cast Noggin Boss? --- Support this podcast:


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#370 - Sell Your Son Out

It's time for Christmas shopping, at least for the old people, and boy do they have oddities. Randy tips off the opposing teams so he takes things private. They both are deep in the weeds of YouTube and want to understand the meta. All the while Jason is very distracted by Sam Pilgrim and the wooden wheels --- Support this podcast:


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#369 - Tasty Treat Season

Randy approves of stuffing wrappers back in the bag, even peanut shells. Jason's helmet was a success, the rest of the costume not so much, no hair was lost at least. Randy is looking for ways to measure fitness but can't predict the time between the beeps. A 100 mile run or over 48 Soccer league? There are insights of the family game night dynamic while Randy fixes the printer. --- Support this podcast:


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#367 - Frog March

Randy has to carpool but provides the snacks to all the soccer teams beforehand. Jason “Ok boomers” himself but has the fixes for society. Is it something we are doing wrong, or just the natural course of changing times? Surly boys, drunk kids, executive function, clouds of baby powder, taunting teenagers are all related. --- Support this podcast:


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#365 - Deja Vouey

Randy gets Covid, finally, and improves his time. Jason has a weight loss plan. Are people just giving up and lazy and Why are they looking back and not forward? Jason wants to be content, but feels like a fat slob. Everyone can do something! Randy has a new hobby filming … you guessed it… soccer games. --- Support this podcast:


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#366 - Marmalo

In case someone needs to be reminded today ... Suicide is bad, just awful and no solution for anything in any situation, call 988 and talk to someone. Covid catches up with Randy at long last, and he is seizing the downtime to buy cameras and record all the soccer. Jason commentates a game for the listeners and just won’t stop even after repeatedly saying he would. While there is not much too say, there are always productivity tips and advice on how to run an endowment. --- Support this podcast:


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#364 - Very Hard to Start

Jason’s in over his head with costumes and lawn mowers. There’s too many projects and Randy suggests management. Everyone doesn’t need to be super psyched but Randy will record the games anyways and enjoy the process. Randy is doing some grocery math while Jason underestimates the kids, and overestimates himself at the same time. --- Support this podcast:


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#363 – Clown Shoes

Jason standing up for TBOY ! While Randy offers to wear a thong while taking us on a bug detour. We celebrate our kids ability to … tie their shoes. Jason goes to scout camp and actually thinks the tents aren’t so bad, and the kids are impressive. Thirty-five miles on the Northville Placid Trail […] --- Support this podcast: