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Gavin and Hannibal are best friends since Kindergarten who really love The Sopranos. Join them as they recap all 86 classic episodes in order, on a weekly podcast which salutes and celebrates the greatest TV drama of all time.


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Gavin and Hannibal are best friends since Kindergarten who really love The Sopranos. Join them as they recap all 86 classic episodes in order, on a weekly podcast which salutes and celebrates the greatest TV drama of all time.




The Many Saints of Newark Review

Did we like? Did we not? What stood out? What did we want? All these questions will be answered.


The Many Saints of Newark Trailer Review

The trailer for the Sopranos movie has dropped! Gavin and Hannibal do their thing.


Bonus - Our Favorite Lines

Gavin and Hannibal share their all time favorite lines of Sopranos dialogue, in a special bonus episode of ‘The Sopranos Show!’ Going season by season, your hosts break down the reasons for their picks, and relive some of the series’ greatest moments.


S6B:E21 - Made In America

The series finale of The Sopranos keeps things pretty simple... until it doesn’t. Gavin and Hannibal (and Maureen Van Zandt) explain what they think did or did not happen in the diner and why. Though ‘Made in America’ is the final episode of The Sopranos, this is probably not the final episode of ‘The Sopranos Show.’ There’s a movie coming in September 2020 after all! Until then, Don’t Stop-


S6B:E20 - The Blue Comet

Gavin and Hannibal agree that ‘The Blue Comet’ truly is the ‘ultimate penultimate’ Sopranos story. Your hosts discuss the deeply troubling yet decisive showdown between Tony and Melfi, Baccala’s operatic and unforgettable final scene, and the many ways in which the episode perfectly positions all characters to play (or not play), a unique and impactful role in the series finale.


S6B:E19 - The Second Coming

With just a couple episodes until the end of the series, things are getting emotionally apocalyptic on The Sopranos. Gavin and Hannibal talk Livia callbacks, gut wrenching suicide attempts, and the guilty pleasures of watching a well earned curb stomping. ‘The Second Coming’ dramatically ups the stakes for the final season, with Gandolfini and Iler in particular, delivering deeply moving performances.


S6B:E18 - Kennedy and Heidi

With ‘Kennedy and Heidi,’ the makers of The Sopranos pull off one of the most shocking and memorable major character death scenes ever devised for television. Gavin and Hannibal explain what makes the scene in question quintessential ‘David Chase,’ and how the episode as a whole offers rich insight into the Tony and Christopher dynamic (especially as it relates to Adriana), as well as the fully justifiable reasons for AJ’s descent into true despair.


S6B:E17 - Walk Like A Man

Writer Terence Winter directs his first and only episode of ‘The Sopranos,’ further proving why he’s one of the series’ greatest storytellers. Gavin and Hannibal consider ‘Walk Like a Man’ to be yet another masterful final season episode. The highly emotional Melfi session, the arcs of Chris and A.J, and J.T. Dolan’s climactic scene, are just a few of the memorable and surprising highlights.


S6B:E16 - Chasing It

As far as Gavin and Hannibal are concerned, this is maybe the weirdest episode of The Sopranos ever. Not bad... just weird. Your hosts explain how odd it is that the filmmakers for one episode only, decided to go fully handheld with the camera, resulting in lens and composition choices that are pretty jarring. Plus, Tony suddenly is a frothing at the mouth, out of control, degenerate gambler? Though ‘Chasing It’ definitely has its strengths, it’s not hard to see why it’s the least loved chapter of Season 6B.


S6B:E15 - Remember When

This is the second Season 6B episode in a row that makes use of a single, overriding, theme to an all encompassing and ultimately tragic effect. ‘Remember When’ is about the pain of the past. Gavin and Hannibal note how that theme is woven into the arc of Junior’s ill-fated new friendship, as well as Tony and Paulie’s trip to Miami, and down memory lane.


S6B:E14 - Stage 5

Gavin and Hannibal bid a fond farewell to Johnny Sack in their discussion of the magnificent ‘Stage 5.’ Your hosts agree that everything about this episode works: from Vincent Curatola’s beautiful performance, to the surprisingly consequential fallout of the ‘Cleaver’ screening, to the story’s thematic statements on the downsides of being a leader. ‘Stage 5’ is another great script from Terence Winter, with high levels of comedy and drama, providing a prime example of ‘The Sopranos’ doing what it does best.


S6B:E13 - Soprano Home Movies

Gavin and Hannibal arrive at the beginning of the end! ‘Soprano Home Movies’ is one of the greats, blending flashbacks, callbacks, bad karaoke, and the most unexpected fist fight of all time, from a script that would make Edward Albee proud. Your hosts examine the ways in which Livia manages to haunt this episode, and the events that compel Tony to take what is arguably his darkest act of vengeance yet.


S6A:E12 - Kaisha

Once you realize what the title of this episode references, it’s hard not to see it as the funniest title of the series. Gavin and Hannibal wrap up Season 6A with a discussion that touches upon the successes and failures of the season overall, the plausibility of AJ’s new romance, and why Tony’s “every day is a gift” philosophy is difficult to maintain when one is part of the mob.


S6A:E11 - Cold Stones

‘Cold Stones’ is a fitting penultimate chapter for Season 6A which is both great, and at times, not so great. Gavin and Hannibal explain what makes the traditional late season main character death not all that surprising, and dig into the intriguing subtext of Carmela’s Paris trip. Your hosts also discuss Phil’s terrifying wife, Tony ‘back in black,’ and the right and wrong time to point out production goofs.


S6A:E10 - Moe n' Joe

Moe n’ Joe has Gavin n’ Hannibal confused about a couple things... like the meaning of the title itself, or what Jim sees in Vito. Still, the episode has its high points: Chris’ sole scene is hilarious, Melfi does a great job leading Tony to an important epiphany about Janice, and a snowy murder towards the end channels ‘Fargo’ in all the right ways. Your hosts also discuss the latest news out of ‘Newark.’


S6A:E9 - The Ride

There are many rides in ‘The Ride,’ both literal and metaphorical. Gavin and Hannibal examine Chris’ reasons for falling off the wagon yet again, Tony’s war against boredom, and the events that push Paulie to look deep into himself as never before. Plus Gavin explains why he now views this episode more favorably than he did in the past, and your hosts discuss why many fans (themselves included) tend to have issues with Season 6A.


S6A:E8 - Johnny Cakes

Your hosts have mixed feelings about ‘Johnny Cakes.’ On one hand it contains profound and powerful scenes that rank amongst the series’ best. On the other hand, are several scenes so cliche ridden and implausible, they’re unintentionally hilarious. Gavin and Hannibal discuss the unsavory nature of Julianna Skiff, AJ’s sad and misguided attempts to live up to the family name, and how Jim could ever question whether or not Vito wants the tall stack.


S6A:E7 - Luxury Lounge

Gavin and Hannibal agree that ‘Luxury Lounge’ ranks very high on the ‘funniest Sopranos episodes’ list. It makes hilarious use of cameos (‘Sir Ben’ Kingsley, ‘Betty’ Bacall) to lampoon Hollywood culture, and does a great job updating dilemmas previously established in Seasons 2 & 4. Plus, Gavin points out that Tony, for the first time, correctly deploys the Ojibwe saying, and Hannibal defends his love of Charmaine Bucco from unjust attacks!


S6A:E6 - Live Free or Die

Gavin and Hannibal can’t quite figure out how a Chase-Winter-Green-Burgess script directed by Tim Van Patten, winds up being one of the more mediocre Sopranos episodes, but they have some theories. Though ‘Live Free or Die’ just never quite comes together, your hosts single out the quality moments of humor that keep it entertaining.


S6A:E5 - Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request...

In honor of this nuptially inclined episode, Gavin and Hannibal grapple with the age old question; when is it ok for a grown man to cry? From Johnny Sack’s tears, to Vito’s outing, to Tony’s fear of being thought weak, mob society’s rigid definition of masculinity presents major dilemmas for the main men of “Mr. and Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request...” Your hosts also explain why they agree with Johnny when he calls the Feds “heartless pricks,” and decode the thought process that leads Tony to make an example of Perry.