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Trek is Best with a Friend! A podcast where a die-hard Trek fan and a rookie watch the original Star Trek series (and beyond!) together. Join them for laughter, discussion, and boundless adventure through the Trek universe, episode-by-episode!

Trek is Best with a Friend! A podcast where a die-hard Trek fan and a rookie watch the original Star Trek series (and beyond!) together. Join them for laughter, discussion, and boundless adventure through the Trek universe, episode-by-episode!


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Trek is Best with a Friend! A podcast where a die-hard Trek fan and a rookie watch the original Star Trek series (and beyond!) together. Join them for laughter, discussion, and boundless adventure through the Trek universe, episode-by-episode!




"The Counter-clock Incident"

The LAST episode of the Animated series! It's also the LAST episode of classic Trek TV that Josh will be watching for the first time, and the second entire show that we've watched together for this podcast. And it ends on a great note! The Enterprise travels into a backwards universe where stars cast shadow instead of light, everyone is growing younger, and we do a look back on the series and talk about how much we look forward to Trek RETURNING to the animated style.


"How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth?"

100 EPISODES!!! As TG1T crosses the century mark, we're on the brink of finishing the Animated Series. To commemorate, we try out Red Shirt cologne and discuss its Carpe Diem philosophy, the Enterprise crew encounters the Mayan snake-god of Kukulkan, and we ponder how successful this series has been at balancing its children audience and the larger, real-life themes that are so much a part of all Trek.



Bones...what the f*ck did you do now?! This week, Bones may have killed a lot of people, Josh has a bone to pick with a Christmas Movie classic, and we cast the Enterprise crew as gangsters, complete with what their nicknames would be. We have fun!!!


"The Practical Joker"

KIRK IS A JERK! The Enterprise keeps pulling wacky, zany, practical jokes on its crew, Ira remembers watching this episode when he was only three or four years old, we debate who on the Enterprise can take a joke, and we both do a deep dive on what we watched as kids that really left an impression on us.



In which a dude can split his body into multiple parts! This week, we look ahead to the fast-approaching end of this animated show and what lies beyond...the movies...we decide the Arex is massively underappreciated, and...that, though our titular character doesn't make any sense, this episode was still pretty fun. At least it had a dungeon!


"The Pirates of Orion"

That episode when you learn that "Orion" is pronounced like "Oreo" with an "n" on the end! Who knew?! Ira tries to convince Josh to watch The Room, we decide that the new word for "cool" is "coke," and we take a quick tour of the dope stories from childhood including Masters of the Universe and Lion King.


"The Jihad"

Earthquakes! Convertibles! Lava! Loc'd up dudes! This is the episode that has it all! Josh feels like Miles O'Brien is being wasted on the Enterprise and airs out his feelings on Riker, we absolutely fall in love with this episode's self-confessed 'coward,' and Kirk *gets* hit on for once. This episode grew on us the more we talked about it!


"The Eye of the Beholder"

The Enterprise crew are the newest exhibit in an alien zoo! We talk about Bill Shatner's joy over any time the script calls for miming out forcefields, cover anxiety over taking a big plunge in life, and we decide we love snailephants.


"The Slaver Weapon"

Larry Niven meets Trek! The Enterprise crew must deal with the fearsome Kzinti and the powerful Slavers, Josh and Ira decide what our favorite Trek characters want for Christmas, and they share the own greatest holiday gifts they've ever received.


"The Ambergris Element"

Trek gets wet this week! We dive into a water world under siege from earthquakes and disease, talk about how great a voice Deforest Kelley has, and Josh--being the rhythm man that he is--realizes he can't get down without a beat.


"The Time Trap"

Forget ion trails; just follow the trail of sandwiches. Ira hits a personal milestone this episode, we cast a new ensign on the ship that doesn't know how to handle Kirk's crazy commands, and the boys decide their version of the Enterprise would have eject buttons all over the ship for easy garbage disposal.


"The Terratin Incident"

Welcome to Trek Tours! Our stop today involves getting really, really small, reveling in the show delivering on the promise of animation doing things that live-action can't, and discussing the stress level of a canary in a coal mine.


"Mudd's Passion"

Harry Mudd is BACK with a love potion! Josh confesses his undying affection for this rapscallion of a con-man, we appreciate the show getting off the ship, and we veer off into sharing our love for Wallace & Gromit.


"Once Upon a Planet"

Bones completely forgets that he hated the Shore Leave planet the first time they visited it (they're back), the Enterprise loses gravity for the first time in history which Josh is super psyched about, and we go down memory lane on how long we've been working together. This episode is a sleeper great one!


"The Magicks of Megas-Tu"

...and then Kirk had a drink with the Devil. Literally, the Devil. Easily one of the wackiest episodes of Star Trek, this episode features Spock drawing pentagrams on the floor doing magic, too many mid-sized sedans to count, and we discuss that bitch-ass Edmund from Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


"The Infinite Vulcan"

There is a GIANT Spock out there in the universe somewhere! Josh shares about listening to TG1T out in the wild, we get surprisingly deep casting each of the Enterprise crew as plants . . . and the entire episode turns out to be about plants!!!


"The Survivor"

A shifting squid-man is loose on the Enterprise, we lament how often we're stuck on the ship in the show thus far, Josh realizes he's digging Arex, and Josh and Ira cast the Animated Series crew as superheroes with superpowers and a group catch-phrase.


"More Tribbles, More Troubles"

Josh finally reveals his obsession with The Shawshank Redemption, he's horrified by the glommer straight-up eating a tribble, we revel in the space battles and consider how Star Wars changed the game, and we discuss the power of knowing what kind of show you're making, which the Animated Series does!


"The Lorelei Signal"

No diggity, no doubt indeed! For some reason, Kirk, Spock and the boys can't figure out how to swim out of a filling pool, the animated show takes a (sexist?) page from the Original series, and ya boys are digging the artwork style of the show.


"One of Our Planets is Missing"

Josh didn't expect to like the animated series as much as he does, the boys cast the Enterprise crew as wrestlers with signature moves and catchphrases, and DeForest Kelley laments that while everyone else got ripped in animation...he just got older.