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You've found the longest running plastic surgery show in the USA! New York plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Perry brings 3 decades of surgical experience to this podcast. Informative, entertaining, and a little off-beat, "What's Your Wrinkle" has been a mainstay of New York radio since 2005. Listen and learn about American's favorite topic - no…not baseball…not sex…but cosmetic surgery and your appearance.


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You've found the longest running plastic surgery show in the USA! New York plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Perry brings 3 decades of surgical experience to this podcast. Informative, entertaining, and a little off-beat, "What's Your Wrinkle" has been a mainstay of New York radio since 2005. Listen and learn about American's favorite topic - no…not baseball…not sex…but cosmetic surgery and your appearance.




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The truth about aesthetician's procedures. 1/6/24 WOR show

Aestheticians in New York City are charging as much as $1800 for various "procedures" - facials, micro needling, and facial massage. Is this fraud or is this the future of beauty? On this show, we look into whether aesthetician's procedures are useful or useless.


In search of the optimal breast size. WOR 12/31/23 show

B, C or D cup? That is the question! Literally - asked by patients, plastic surgeons, and the public. And now science has answered that question, and so many more. On this podcast, we ask the pithy questions - what is the best lipstick color? Should the top or bottom of the breast be larger, and...how big should breasts really be? Listen to this podcast, with the return of my cohost, Susan Warner.


Cosmetic Surgery before a wedding - a timeline. WOR show 12/23/23

The big day is approaching - perhaps your or your child's wedding is in just a few months and you want to look great for the photographs. You might be considering a facelift...or wrinkle filler, or a laser procedure...and you are unsure how much time you'll need to recover completely before the big day. On this podcast we discuss the time course you'll need. We also spoke about the jaded history of thread lifting - those barbed sutures keep resurfacing...


The Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

Nose reshaping - known technically as "rhinoplasty" - is my favorite procedure. It is a challenging surgery, with the highest rate of requiring a revision of all cosmetic surgery procedures. That's because of the sometimes unpredictable tissue response - cartilage can warp, bone can regrow... and that adds up to a 15% redo rate. Hyaluronic acid filler has been used to perform nonsurgical rhinoplasties and now it has been used to correct imperfections after rhinoplasty. On this show, we discuss the nonsurgical rhinoplasty. We also had an extensive discussion about my NightThyme skincare product.


How plastic surgeons fix "Ozempic Face" - WOR show 12/9/23

The new weight loss drugs, headlined by Ozempic, are so effective that the weight just pours off people's bodies. But with rapid weight loss, skin cannot shrink fast enough, and so jowls, hanging neck skin, and sunken in cheeks are common. I fix "Ozempic Face" with fillers, Ulthera and yes - fat injections. Listen to the podcast to hear how I fix Ozempic Face.


Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

The eyelids age before the rest of the face. Even 40 year olds often undergo eyelid lifting procedures and certainly virtually everyone over the age of 50 has some extra skin and fat of the eyelids. Blepharoplasties, as they are known, are extremely effective procedures that can rapidly rejuvenate the eyelids. On this show, we discuss eyelid surgery - the risks, the benefits, and what other procedures might be needed along with the eyelid lift.


How plastic surgeons make larger chins

There are only 8000 surgical chin augmentations each year in the USA. But hundreds of thousands of additional people have nonsurgical chin augmentations with hyaluronic acid or other fillers. On this program, we discuss what the ideal chin should look like. We also discuss second facelifts and how second procedures can fix problems created with the first lift.


Lower eyelid rejuvenation

Bags of the lower eyelids are hard to hide with makeup. Fat from around the eyes protrudes as we age. Surgery is the best solution, but there's a new hyaluronic acid product that can fill the lower lid grooves. On this show, we discuss rejuvenating the lower eyelids - from surgery to that new filler, to the direct excision of lower eyelid/upper cheek "festoons". Tune in.


Facelifts in 2023

Facelifts have been performed for over 100 years. The results are continually improving and the procedure has become safer and safer. On this show, we discuss how facelifts are not necessarily brow lifts, checklifts, or necklifts - rather, they are individualized procedures depending on the exact issue the patient has.


Nonphysicians injecting Botox. Beware!

There were over 8 million Botox injections in the USA last year. But you'd be surprised to learn that many, if not most, were not injected by plastic surgeons. And many weren't even injected by physicians. We discuss the dangerous rise in non physicians injecting Botox and fillers in this episode. We also discussed how plastic surgeons remove moles and get the best possible scars.


Microdermabrasion for skin health. WOR show 9/30/23

Clean skin is essential for healthy skin. Clean skin starts with daily washing and exfoliation with a washcloth or fruit acids. For the cleanest skin, microdermabrasion every few weeks exfoliates and suctions out pores. But microdermabrasion has other benefits - it allows active ingredients like retinoids and vitamin C to better penetrate skin. On this show, Dr. Perry discusses the benefit of microdermabrasion, as an integral part of a skincare program.


Why Plastic Surgeons make the best scars. WOR show 9/16/23

Many different doctors can remove moles or skin cancers. But plastic surgeons simply do it best. Plastic surgeons have many techniques and tricks available to them that other doctors can not or do not know how to utilize. On today's show, we discuss the techniques that plastic surgeons use to give you the best scar possible after having something removed.


The most popular procedures in plastic surgery. WOR show 8/26/23

Each year the American Society of Plastic Surgeons release statistics for cosmetic surgery performed by their members. Tonight, we discuss last year's most popular procedures and - my favorite - the procedures that are losing popularity. Listen in.


Seeing Red - using lasers to remove red marks. WOR show 8/19/23

Capillaries are red blood vessels. They can be visible on the face or legs. They can group as angiomas and can be numerous in rosacea. The YAG laser treats them on the face and body and strong salt water solution is useful for leg spider veins. On this show, we discuss red marks and their treatment.


Overdone plastic surgery - it takes two to tango. WOR 8/12/23 show

So many women, particularly younger women, overdo plastic surgery. Giant lips, cheeks that look like they contain golf balls, eyebrows halfway up the forehead... the list goes on. It takes a willing plastic surgeon and a requesting patient to get these bizarre results. The internet and "influencers" are responsible for this phenomenon. On today's show, we dissect why people want to look so different...


Breast Reduction surgery. WOR 8/5/23 show

Breast reductions are one of the more common procedures in plastic surgery. Not only is there a cosmetic improvement, but neck and back pain, rashes around the breasts, and bra straps that dig into the shoulders are common issues in women with excessively large breasts. On today's show, we discuss breast reduction surgery .


Total Body MRI for detecting early disease. WOR show 7/22/23

The next generation physical exam includes MRI visualization of every organ in the body. On this show, Dr. Perry discussed the Prenuvo total body MRI that he recently underwent with radiologist Dr. Sean London. Dr. Perry also discussed eyelid rejuvenation surgery, known as a blepharoplasty. Tune in.


Plastic surgery to look like Barbie? WOR show 7/15/23

64 years ago, the first Barbie doll was made with unrealistic anatomic proportions. With the release of the new Barbie movie, some plastic surgeons are helping women look like Barbie. This violates basic teachings in plastic surgery and feeds into body dysmorphic disorder, a psychiatric disorder where people will never be satisfied with their image. On this show, we explore the bizarre phenomenon of trying to look like a doll with a 19 inch waist! Tune in.


The Cure for Dark Circles Under Eyes. WOR show 7/1/23

So many people are plagued with both dark circles under their eyes and visible eyelid grooves. On this show, cohost Susan Warner and I discuss when skincare, peels, lasers, or eyelid lifts are the cure for this problem. And with the introduction of the new filler -Restylane Eyelight - specifically made for underage grooves, we're entering a new era of treatment. Listen in.


Plastic surgeons are masters of mole removal. WOR show 6/24/23

Everyone has about 25 moles. Most are benign and hidden. But moles on the face can be the focus of attention - not in a good way! And some moles can develop into melanomas. On this show, we discuss why plastic surgeons are the best type of doctor to remove moles and skin cancers - particularly on the face.