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New and classic music from artists around the world. Indie artists in the Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Bluegrass and anything else that pleases my ear and hopefully yours.


Roxbury, NY


New and classic music from artists around the world. Indie artists in the Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Bluegrass and anything else that pleases my ear and hopefully yours.




Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 488

Molly Tuttle/A Little Lost/but i'd rather be with you Dean Rochester/My Princess Becomes his Queen/single The Barbaloots/Johnny Appleseed/Possum Came To Town Michael Johnathon/Rain/Legacy Emily Ortego/Talking To The Moon/Love Drought The Lucky Valentines/Why/Horses Molly Mason & Jay Ungar/Lorena/Civil War Classics Chip Taylor, Goran Grini/In My New Beautiful World/Ny to Norway & Back - Songs from the Lock Down Natalie Merchant/The Village Green Preservation Society/Rarities...


Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 487

Turtle Grenade/Turn, Turn, Turn/Put Down That Weapon Flash Company/And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda/Put Down That Weapon Sam Baker/Baseball/Mercy Dan Bern/Ticketout/Ivan's Barber Shop Lucky Valentine/Lines/ Horses Michael & Nell /Queen For A Day/Welcome Home Last Chance/Dreams For Sale/Summer Again Last Chance/Two Women/Summer Again Michael & Nell /Election Year Rag/Welcome Home Becky Bowe /Cosmic Heart/single Carla Ulbrich/Put On a Mask/single Ashley & Simpson/Little Liza...


Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 486

Scott Cook/Fellas, Get Out the Way/Further Down the Line Josie Bello/Have Purpose Live Long/Have Purpose Live Long Byrd And Street/Sweet Magnolias/Love Circles 'Round Lori McKenna/The Dream/The Balladeer Byrd And Street/The Pull Of The Earth/Love Circles 'Round Joe Purdy/This American/Eagle Rock Fire Everest Rising/Chasing Ghosts/Chasing Ghosts Rich Krueger/True Love/The Troth Sessions Marion Halliday.If Statues Could Speak.Rings Around Saturn GregTrooper.So French/Between a House &...


Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 485

Alicia Viani/Tomten Farm/Alicia Viani Angel Baribeau /Going Home/ For Those I Love(d) Pharis & Jason Romero/World Stops Turning/Bet On Love Scott Cook/Further Down The Line/Further Down The Line Tret Fure/Across The Room/(Single) Joe Purdy, Amber Rubarth/This Old Guitar (Full Version)/American Folk (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Judy Collins & Jonas Fjeld/Mountain Girl/Winter Stories Malcolm MacWatt/The Widow And The Cruel Sea/SKAIL Dave "Hedgehog" Mason/Snowflakes/single Blue...


Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 484

Emily West/Blue Sky (feat. Keith Urban)/Blue Sky (feat. Keith Urban) - Single Midnight Shine/Misguided Woman (Bonus Track)/James Bay Everest Rising/Wondering/New Home Found Ben Rounds/I Really Don't Care/On The Jukebox Ben Bedford/Moon And March End/The Hermit's Spyglass Joe Iadanza/Rainbow Shine/Common Man Bruce T. Carroll/ If You're Still There/Finding you Suzanne Vega/ World before columbus /Nine Objects of Desire Ghosthorse/Return the Black Hills/ksa Vincent Cross/Albert W....


Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 483

Danny Schmidt/Black & Blue/Black & Blue Jess Jocoy/Somebody Somewhere/Such A Long Way Buffy Sainte-Marie/Now That The Buffalo's Gone/Greatest Folksingers of the 'Sixties Matthew Robins/Quarantina (a Covid-19 fairytale) / Voices on a Theme of Isolation Cej/No Man's Land/ Adobe Road Fretland/Garden /Fretland Graham Bramblett/Stickers/The Great Inbetween Andy Baker/Skywriter/North Country Sky Charm of Finches/Big God /single Ronny Cox/Bus To Baltimore/ Live At The Kitchen Sink Jenny...


Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 482

Tony Patience/Man of Constant Sorrow/single Kevin Slick/Agitate! /(What Did Frederick Douglass Say?) Andy Baker/Fall To Pieces/North Country Sky Vincent Cross/Red Haired Mary Corcoran/The Life & Times Of James "The Rooster" Corcoran Rich Krueger/Think What You Will/Nowthen Old-Time Pharmaceuticals/Lullaby Of The Sky/Roots & Honey Sharon Goldman/Woody and Marjorie/single Skinner & T'witch/Working from Home/The Lockdown Sessions 2020 Justin Moses/Fall Like Rain/Fall Like Rain Boone...


Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 481

Bill Scorzari/It All Matters/Now I'm Free Mamie Minch/Black Dog/Razorburn Blues Midnight Shine/N’dodemuk/James Bay Midnight Shine/James Bay /James Bay Emma's Revolution/Rock Me Ocean/Revolution Now The Okee Dokee Brothers/If You Want a Song/Songs for Singin' - Disc 1 Abby Lappen/Feels Like a Summer Breeze/A Family Album: Generations of Music and Miracles Roni Stoneman/Lonesome Road Blues/Classic Banjo from Smithsonian Folkways Gathering Time/Shenandoah/Red Apples And Gold Eric...


Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 480

Mike Glick/Let's Build A Wall Around Jesus/Alternative Facts & Other White Lies Alec Lytle & Them Rounders/The Mountain/The Remains Of Sunday John McCutcheon/Hallelujah Morning/Cabin Fever: Songs from the Quarantine Victoria Langford/Psalm/Victoria John & Sheila Ludgate /Daily Dose Of Nightly News/single Anne Sumner/Pain/Lockdown Recordings Nina Ricci/On the Banks of the Ohio/Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute (singles) For Lua/ In Their Minds /Single Barbara Jo Kammer/Springfield...


Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 479

Brant Miller/No Interest In That/Roots, Rhymes & Branches Julie And John Pennell/Keep On Walkin'/Keep On Walkin' Doc Watson & Gaither Carlton/The Blue Ridge Mountains/Doc Watson & Gaither Carlton El McMeen/El Capitan/Strike Up The Band Craig Bickhardt/Troubled Shores/Easy Fires Victoria Langford/Be A Dragon/Victoria Adrian Sutherland/Politician Man/Politician Man Mike Glick/We Poor Are Strong/Alternative Facts & Other White Lies Rachel Garlin /Capture Me/Mondegreens Ashley &...


Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 478

Jeffrey Martin/What We're Marching Toward/One Go Around John McCutcheon/The Night That John Prine Died/Cabin Fever: Songs from the Quarantine John Prine/Dear Abby/Sweet Revenge Danny Schmidt/2020 Vision/2020 Vision The Greenbriar Boys/Cabin In Glory Land/Big Apple Bluegrass Gordon Thomas Ward /The Ghost Of Hugh Thompson/Eiderdown Heathcote Hill /All I remember is You/Heathcote Hill Teddy Thompson/It's Not Easy/Heartbreaker Please Doc Watson & Gaither Carlton/He's Coming to Us...


Special Mostly Folk interview with Ellis Delaney

Ellis Delaney/Ordinary Love/Ordinary Love Ellis Delaney/Start where You Are/Ordinary Love Ellis Delaney/You Got this/Ordinary Love Ellis Delaney/I Think About You/Ordinary Love Ellis Delaney/Pie For Breakfast/Ordinary Love Ellis Delaney/Bird on a Wire/Ordinary Love Ellis Delaney/Now Is the Time/Ordinary Love Ellis Delaney/Happy Life/Ordinary Love Ellis Delaney/Paper Wings/Ordinary Love Ellis Delaney/The Finest Adventure/Ordinary Love Ellis Delaney/Somebody Misses You/Ordinary...


Mostly Folk Special Podcast with Barry Oreck on WIOX radio

An interview with Barry Oreck on The Catskills Cafe Barry Oreck/We Fit Together/We Fit Together Barry Oreck/No Place To Run/We Fit Together Barry Oreck/A Simple Song/We Fit Together Barry Oreck/Geezer In The Weeds/We Fit Together Barry Oreck/A 60's Hippie's Psychedelic Nightmare/We Fit Together Barry Oreck/Glory Land/Barry Oreck See for privacy and opt-out information. Support the show (


Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 477

Anne Sumner/Anywhere with you/Lockdown Recordings Everest Rising/Garden In My Mind/Chasing Ghosts Ellis Delaney/Bird on a Wire/Ordinary Love Midnight Shine/Heart of Gold (Cover)/High Road Leslie Nuchow /I Want You to Want Me/Balm for Gilead Tiokasin Ghosthorse/Sunrise Moon/Somewhere in There Andrew Cole And The Bravo Hops/Sparrow Fly/Sparrow Fly Paul Simon/American Tune unfinished demo/Rarities From Paul Simon Nina Ricci/On the Banks of the Ohio/Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute...


Moslty Folk Podcast Episode 476

Indigo Girls/Look Long/Look Long Crowes Pasture/Catch The Wind/Edge Of America Judy Kass/Saving You /Single Cooker John/The Water Is Wide/Path To Nothing Gretchen Peters/The Night You Wrote That Song/The Night You Wrote That Song: The Songs of Mickey Newbury Le Ren/ Love Can't Be The Only Reason/Single Dave Mason/Robin_Redbreast/Single Tiokasin Ghosthorse/Land of My Fathers/Somewhere in There Vi Wickam and Paul Anastasio/Maddie's Waltz/Swinging at the Savoy Saro Lynch-Thomason &...


Mostly Folk Special Episode with Valerie Smith

This interview includes a surprise guest phone call from Julie Gold, Grammy winning writer of From a Distance" Valerie SmithWhere I Used To Have a HeartThe Human Condition Valerie SmithJust As Long As You Love MeThe Human Condition Valerie Smith with Claire Lynch and Irene KelleyFrom a Distance (MP3 FORMAT)From a Distance (MP3 FORMAT) Valerie SmithTalking To Daddy Talking to Daddy Valerie Smith If Ever We Should Meet AgainThe Human Condition See for privacy and...


Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 475

Christopher Elliott/No Dumber/Sorry State Skinner and T'witch/Skinner & T'witch - Singing On My Doorstep/Single Lazer Lloyd/Riverside/Tomorrow Never Comes Valerie Smith/ I'm Not Lisa/The Human Condition Joe Crookston/Impermanent Things/Joe Crookston 2015 Terri Hendrix/Drive/Who is Ann? Leslie Mendelson/ Medication /If You Can't Say Anything Nice... Danny Schmidt/2020 Vision/2020 Vision Clare Kelly/Skinning Apples /Single Dave Mason/Sunday Afternoon Outdoors/Single The Nell and Jim...


Mostly Folk Special Episode with Carla Ulbrich

This episode took place on The Catskill's Cafe on WIOX radio Carla Ulbrich10 out of 10 Covid Humor Songs Carla UlbrichThings That I Trust More Than YouThe LOUD Album Carla UlbrichAt the Dollar StoreThe LOUD Album Carla UlbrichYou Are the SaltThe LOUD Album Carla UlbrichStupefied By Maladies Defying DiagnosisThe LOUD Album Carla Ulbrichgerms germs germsCovid Humor Songs Carla UlbrichFat ElvisThe LOUD Album Carla UlbrichTake Me Out To the Overpriced BallgameThe LOUD Album Carla...


Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 474

Julian Taylor/The Ridge /The Ridge The Okee Dokee Brothers/Hope Machine/Songs for Singin' - Disc 1 Steve Harris feat Valerie Smith/I Sing Your Song/single Anne Sumner/Fire On The Mountain/Beacon Eliza Meyer/Aragon Mill/Hello Stranger Ken Dunn/King High Tide/Ashes In The Morning Lara Herscovitch/Sailing to Newfoundland/Highway Philosophers Ellis Delaney/Ordinary Love/Ordinary Love Lucinda Williams/Shadows & Doubts /Good Souls Better Angels Joe Nolan/River/Drifters Joel Rafael/One...


Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 473

Butch Zito/Tomorrow Is A Long Time /Three Chords And The Truth Trip McCool/We Fish For Dreams/Hang Me Out To Dry Tara MacLean & Catherine MacLellan/This Storm/This Storm Barry Oreck/No Place To Run/We Fit Together Cornell Kinderknecht/New Day/ Into Stillness Watkins Family Hour/The Cure/Brother Sister Billy Strings/Taking Water/Home Rich /The One You Love-Rich Krueger/The Troth Sessions Dean Rochester/The Quilt/single Crys Matthews & Heather Mae/Six Feet Apart/digital...