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On this podcast focused on health and human longevity, Dr. Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD, FACC, and Steve Reiter examine the latest scientific research, technology, and biohacks to uncover the truth about the human body’s potential for extending both life and health span well past what most people accept as biological facts.


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On this podcast focused on health and human longevity, Dr. Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD, FACC, and Steve Reiter examine the latest scientific research, technology, and biohacks to uncover the truth about the human body’s potential for extending both life and health span well past what most people accept as biological facts.





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Unlocking Intimacy and Skin Rejuvenation: The Power of CO2 Lift Technology - Episode 235

Welcome to the Gladden Longevity Podcast! In this episode, Host Steve Reiter and Dr. Jeffrey Gladden are joined by special guest Lana Kerr to delve into the fascinating world of skin rejuvenation, sexual wellness, and the latest innovations in addressing aging-related issues in both men and women. In a recent episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast, Lana Kerr, CEO of Lumisque, discussed the transformative potential of CO2LiftV, the first clinically proven gel delivery system for carboxytherapy in vaginal rejuvenation. She highlighted its benefits, including increased lubrication and sensitivity, contributing to women's confidence and well-being. Lana explained how CO2LiftV's innovative gel delivery stimulates blood flow and collagen production, improving vaginal tissue health. She also emphasized its non-invasive nature and provided actionable takeaways, such as addressing clitoral atrophy and making informed decisions about rejuvenation treatments. Overall, Lana Kerr's insights underscored the empowering possibilities for women's holistic rejuvenation. As the episode concludes, they express excitement about potential future celebrations and further developments in the field. So, stay tuned as we uncover the latest advancements in longevity and sexual wellness on the Gladden Longevity Podcast! Steve says he has never heard of treatment. (00:46) It’s a podcast about rejuvenating your skin and sex life. (1:12) Steve shares experiences from his weekend and places he visited. (2:23) Dr. Gladden welcomes Lana to the program. (3:25) Dr. Gladden wants to know how CO2 is therapeutic. (5:10) Tricking the body with high levels of CO2 to bring in more oxygen. (6:00) Closing diabetic ulcers in as little as eight days. (8:20) Lana explains how the gel is used. (10:38) Dr. Gladden asks Lana if the treatment has an impact on people dealing with extra body weight. (12:37) Women who used the Co2 lift showed significant improvement in arousal, desire, orgasm, and lubrication . (14:37) Getting hormones balanced is good, but the treatment could be a good add-on. (18:05) Some women do not like to talk about their sexual health. (20:30) Tests already going on for a solution for men. (23:15) Dr. Gladden wants to know if the men reported any difference in the quality of their orgasms. (26:18) Dr. Gladden asks Lana how the gel application works and the peeling time. (28:17) Lana is happy to offer a discount code for Gladden audiences. (30:20) A man will never have sex with a flaccid penis but many women are having sex with a flaccid clitoris. (32:20) With Mimio you can get the metabolic benefit of a thirty hour fast. (34:15) Dr. Gladden wants to know what keeps Lana up at night? (36:35) Dr. Gladden questions Lana about what she would like to celebrate a year from now? (38:13) Lana shares what her mum told her about the secret to a long marriage. (40:06) Use the code ‘podcast10’ to get 10% off your supplements at the Gladden Longevity Store To know more about Lana: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Youtube


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Biohacking Boundaries: Redefining Wellness in the Digital Age - Episode 234

Welcome to the Gladden Longevity podcast, and in this episode, Dr. Gladden speaks with Claudia von Boeselager. Claudia von Boeselager, a Longevity & Peak Performance Coach, dedicated over ten years to researching, training, and interviewing global experts, biohackers, and athletes. She biohacked her biological age to be 15 years younger, holds 3 Master's degrees, and began her career in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs. Claudia scaled a venture-backed start-up, becoming a serial entrepreneur, investor, and speaker. A mother of two, she enjoys biohacking gadgets and sports like kickboxing and scuba diving and is known for her killer guacamole. Claudia von Boeselager discusses optimizing health for longevity and peak performance in the podcast. She highlights the potential of personalized medicine to prevent and reverse diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer's. Claudia emphasizes the importance of saying no to non-aligning commitments to create space for meaningful opportunities. These insights underscore the significance of proactive health management and intentional lifestyle choices for overall well-being. Welcomes listeners to the podcast. (00:06) Dr. Gladden introduces Claudia. (1:17) Claudia shares about her educational background. (2:32) Dr. Gladden asks Claudia what drove her to the conceptualization of optimizing her life. (4:15) Dr. Gladden talks about how Claudia seems to have addressed the life energy cycle in her journey. (6:35) Claudia notes that cultivating self-love is hard for some people. (8:22) Anything that riggers you is actually an opportunity to heal that part of yourself. (10:34) Not feeling safe is like feeling isolated. (13:15) If you have a lot of trauma, you have to do some shadow work. (16:44) It is important to make time for yourself. (19:20) Living young for a lifetime. (21:41) Claudia asks Dr. Gladden about his favorite patient story. (23:47) Claudia is looking at leveraging AI and various data points in what she does. (26:26) Claudia speaks about how changing her routine helped her improve her health. (30:25) Claudia says she has to reprioritize with things shaping up for her. (34:55) Dr. Gladden wants to know what Claudia would be doing differently in two to five years. (37:33) Claudia intends to impact more people and quicker. (40:12) Claudia would love a shift in thought and for people to realize there is another way. (42:20) Claudia mentions some of her daily routines to keep healthy. (45:32) To know more about Claudia: Email: Website: Instagram: (@longevityandlifestyle) LinkedIn: (@Claudia Von Boeselager) Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: TikTok: Use the code ‘podcast10’ to get 10% off your supplements at the Gladden Longevity Store


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Trailblazing Resilience: The Art of Endurance with an Adventurer - Episode 233

Welcome to another episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Charlie Engle. Charlie Engle is a writer, runner, and recovering addict known for his humorous and adventurous approach to serious challenges. Despite conquering feats like running across deserts and swimming with crocodiles, his daily battle with addiction is his greatest challenge, maintained since July 23rd, 1992. Engle has harnessed his addictive nature for positive pursuits, with running at the core of his vitality. It forms the foundation for his goals, mental sharpness, and a connection to diverse cultures. In 2016, he penned his memoir, "RUNNING MAN," reflecting on his life's journey. Describing himself as an "addict who runs" and a "runner who writes," Engle highlights the intertwined aspects of his life. In this podcast, Charlie Engle delves into topics like addiction and recovery, adventure sports, filmmaking, writing a book, experiences in prison, and psychedelic therapies. The key discussion points emphasize the transformative power of taking action in response to life's challenges, the importance of giving back for sustained recovery, and the often overlooked role of hydration in overall wellness and longevity. Engle provides actionable takeaways, urging listeners to create a hydration plan, focus on immediate goals, and prioritize sleep. This episode offers practical insights into life's journeys, resilience, and steps for enhancing health and mindset. Charlie has such an interesting story. (1:02) Dr. Gladden discloses that he was introduced to Charlie by Chris Rhodes. (2:09) Charlie speaks about growing up in North Carolina. (3:39) Charlie gave birth to his first son at twenty-nine years old. (6:38) Charlie mentions that he has been a runner in high school and through his addictive years. (8:40) Charlie speaks about learning from a mentor and dealing with trauma. (11:20) Charlie details his journey from trauma and addiction to safety. (13:50) Charlie recollects how he learned service from his first mentor and sponsor. (17:31) From sobriety to top TV producer and athlete. (20:40) Filmmaker seeks quiet success and inspires sobriety. (21:09) Becoming truly present while running long distances. (23:30) Charlie got a new hip some months back. (26:20) Charlie reveals that he has an infra-red sauna in his house. (28:43) Dr. Gladden seems interested in testing Charlie to see where he is given all the running he does. (32:11) Charlie describes how he intends to run through the Arabian desert. (36:54) Charlie lists the process and steps he intends to take to run across the desert and climb Everest. (40:00) There is no better feeling in the world to be at the start of something you are not sure you can do. (44:10) Charlie is a coach to a lot of people. (47:35) There is not only one way to find a path to better health. (50:38) Charlie said he is not angry with his mother for how she mothered him. (54:35) Charlie says he has a good mentor who encourages him to improve. (59:44) Charlie wants to remain curious as he grows older. (1:03:235) Mental health issues are non-denominational. (1:07:43) Charlie opens up about his personal life and how his wife’s health keeps him awake at night. (1:10:06) Charlie and his wife read to each other every night. (1:13:26) Longevity is a by-product of being young today. (01:16:22) To know more about Charlie: IG: @charlieengle ( FB: @Charlie Engle ( Use the code ‘podcast10’ to get 10% off your supplements at the Gladden Longevity Store.”


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National Kidney Month - Episode 232

Welcome to the Gladden Longevity Podcast, where hosts Steve Reiter and Dr. Jeffrey Gladden explore cutting-edge research, insights, and advice on longevity, health, and human performance. In this episode, titled "Protecting Vulnerable Kidneys," Dr. Gladden delves into his personal journey with kidney health. He emphasizes the importance of kidney function and offers practical tips for maintaining and enhancing it. From the role of nutrition and supplements to advancements in medical procedures, this episode provides valuable insights into kidney health and detoxification. Tune in for a comprehensive discussion on key strategies to support kidney function and overall longevity, just in time for National Kidney Month in March. Another session of Q & A with Dr. Gladden. (0:38) Dr. Gladden speaks of how bacteria attacked his kidneys. (1:45) People of African descent tend to have more muscle mass. (2:50) Dr. Gladden mentions some markers of kidney function. (4:13) Steve asks what Dr. Gladden has done or is doing to deal with kidney damage. (7:15) Dr. Gladden shares his observation about how our mind responds to a kind of physiology. (9:29) What Dr. Gladden focuses on to healing and caring for his kidneys. (11:25) When you eat protein all the time, you are activating mTOR. (13:11) Over ninety percent of the amino acid goes into building protein. (15:37) Going for surgery to have a bypass is traumatic for the kidney. (18:35) You must be careful with imaging procedures if you have kidney issues. (21:05) They review how AI helps predict kidney failure and who is at risk. (24:45) Vigorous exercise where you sweat is really good. (26:20) If you have bad kidneys, what you want to do is take care of your blood vessels. (28:15) Food actually modulates genetic expression. (30:45) There is no one diet for everybody. (32:30) Mindless eating increases calorie intake. (35:25) Dr. Gladden highlights the usefulness of spirulina and chlorella. (38:40) Dr. Gladden loves interacting with listeners. (40:00) Use the code ‘podcast10’ to get 10% off your supplements at the Gladden Longevity Store. Visit our website,, for more information on this episode and other episodes. Follow us on social media! Instagram: @gladdenlongevitypodcast Twitter: @GLPodcast_ Facebook: @GladdenLongevityPodcast For more information on our practice or how to become a client, visit: Call us: 972-310-8916 Or email us:


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The Ageless Alchemists: Mastering Biohacking for Maximum Lifespan - Episode 231

Welcome to the Gladden Longevity Podcast! In this episode, Dr. Jeffrey Gladden is joined by Melanie Avalon. In this episode, Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and health influencer Melanie Avalon engage in a thought-provoking conversation about intermittent fasting, biohacking, and the world of supplements. They delve into the potential benefits and drawbacks of various diets, share insights on personalized dietary approaches, and explore the fascinating realm of biohacking. With a focus on longevity and living a vibrant life, they also discuss the innovative products and supplements they are involved with, offering a glimpse into the cutting-edge developments in the health and wellness space. From discussions on meal timing to the future of health technology, this episode is packed with valuable insights and engaging dialogue. The podcast discusses biohacking for everyone, integrating wine into a healthy lifestyle, and the significance of clean supplements. Topics include finding personalized biohacks, intermittent fasting, optimizing sleep, and using clean supplements. So tune in and join us as we uncover how to live young for a lifetime on Gladden Longevity! Dr. Gladden talks about what was shared in this podcast with Melanie Avalon. (0:55) Melanie thanks Dr. Gladden for having her. (2:03) Melanie recounts how her diet changes affected other things other than weight loss. (3:07) Melanie talks about how she saw changes in inflammation. (5:06) Dr. Gladden explains how spermadine is used to get the benefit of fasting. (7:41) Melanie highlights how she saw results with a low-carb diet. (10:22) People who skip breakfast also had a thirty percent increase in mortality. (14:13) Melanie gives an example of an interview she had about a high-protein diet. (17:11) An article about people eating one meal a day had a higher mortality. (21:42) You need to get into the testing mode to know what works for you. (24:52) From Melanie’s perspective, every issue she has to deal with is an opportunity to learn about a particular thing. (27:46) Dr. Gladden thanks Melanie for the conversion. (34:59) Melanie looks forward to people having more access to the benefits of AI. (39:20) Dr. Gladden says he is not anti-alcohol. (43:10) Melanie professes her love for cryo-therapy. ( 45:22) It is wonderful to do what you love. (48:18) Use the code ‘podcast10’ to get 10% off your supplements at the Gladden Longevity Store. To know more about Melanie: · Websites: · Instagram: @melanieavalon · X: @melanieavalon · Facebook: · Facebook Groups: o IF Biohackers: Intermittent Fasting + Real Foods + Life ( o Lumen, Biosense & CGMs: Carbs, Fat, Ketones & Blood Sugar ( ) o Clean Beauty And Safe Skincare With Melanie Avalon ( Affiliate Link/Code: Get 10% OFF with code melanieavalon


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How to Detox: Intracellular Health Secrets - Episode 230

Welcome to the Gladden Longevity podcast, and in this episode, Dr. Gladden speaks with Jeff Lioon. Jeff, born into the health industry with family ties to Douglas Laboratories, initially pursued a corporate career. After finding himself unfulfilled, he embarked on a transformative journey, including working with Ayahuasca in the Amazon. Dissatisfied with the corporate world's impact on his well-being, he left his job, explored carnivore diets, and mastered animal processing in Hawaii. Realizing his true calling in health, he returned to Austin to join his father in promoting Oligoscan technology for understanding mineral deficiency root causes. Jeff's journey reflects a shift from corporate life to holistic health pursuit. In this episode, Jeff, born into the health industry, shared his journey from corporate burnout to holistic wellness. Inspired by Ayahuasca's experiences, he left his NYC job and spent a transformative year exploring, then immersed in carnivore living. Realizing his true purpose, he joined his father in promoting Oligoscan technology. His story highlights a quest for holistic health, emphasizing the impact of lifestyle choices, nutrition, and spiritual well-being. The episodes promote sweating for detox, avoiding processed foods, and recognizing the spiritual dimension in overall health. Tune in as they discuss detoxification pathways, the benefits of sauna usage, the importance of a nutrient-rich diet, and so much more. So grab your headphones and get ready to embark on an enriching and insightful journey with the Gladden Longevity podcast. Dr. Gladden says the conversation with Jeff was a fascinating one. (00:55) In quantum thinking, all things are possible. (3:26) Dr. Gladden asked Jeff to share how he got into the health space. (5:22) Jeff shares that he wanted to see how the world works. (7:18) Dr. Gladden reveals how he went to Case Western, among other options. (9:45) Steve asks Jeff what biomagnetism is all about. (11:44) Dr Gladden asked Jeff to talk about oligoscan. (14:30) When people go on crash diets, they get toxic and feel pretty terrible because they are releasing toxins into the bloodstream. (16:57) Jeff recollects the first time he scanned himself using a technology his dad brought home. (19:10) Dr. Gladden mentions using oligoscan at a Radfest meeting earlier. (22:17) Jeff gives an example of a patient with high antimony due to drinking from plastic regularly. (24:30) Jeff believes the sauna is great and one of the excellent healing modalities. (27:51) Dr. Gladden asks Jeff about the number of elements they are currently testing. (30:40) Jeff notes that right now, most people have a magnesium deficiency. (34:10) Antiperspirant blocks the lymphatic system. (37:25) The body loves variety and nutrient density. (42:34) Jeff answers the question about what we will do differently in two to five from now. (45:56) Some toxins can get stuck into the structure of the body. (45:31) Dr. Gladden shares about Heliocare. (51:30) To know more about Jeff: Website: Instagram: @JeffLioon / @TheIntracellularPodcast Website: Affiliate Link/Code: Coupon Code: OLIGOSCAN10 Use the code ‘podcast10’ to get 10% off your supplements at the Gladden Longevity Store.


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Mushroom Magic: Unveiling the Power of Adaptogens for Longevity and Health - Episode 229

Welcome to the Gladden Longevity podcast; Dr. Gladden speaks with Mason Bresett in this episode. Mason is a naturopathic doctor (ND) with a strong background in mycology. Mason has experience using functional mushrooms in a clinical health and wellness setting. He has a full-time naturopathic practice in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. He gives conference talks internationally on functional and medicinal mushroom topics. He uses functional mushrooms daily to support his patients. He continues to provide a balance of historical and up-to-date mushroom research for health and wellness professionals. He is also actively engaged in multiple projects with universities, medical doctors, and functional oncologists, setting up research studies using mushroom extracts. Mason is the Chief Science Advisor at Real Mushrooms. In this podcast episode, the spotlight is on the myriad health benefits of mushrooms, packed with diverse, active compounds that position them as a nutritional powerhouse for immune support and overall well-being. The discussion delves into the role of dietary mushroom intake and extracts in promoting longevity and holistic health. Amidst the growing fascination with mushrooms, the episode advocates for separating truth from fiction. Actionable takeaways underscore mushrooms as a superfood with versatile applications, emphasizing the importance of the fungal part in determining functionality. The episode encourages easy integration of mushrooms into daily food choices, from coffee and smoothies to various recipes. Great conversation talking about mushrooms. (00:40) Steve talks about his key takeaways from the conversation. (1:11) Dr Gladden introduces Mason as a guest. (3:10) Mason says that mushrooms are an herb that hit a lot of targets. (5:00) Mushrooms, as an adaptogen, can help us adapt to the modern world. (7:01) Mason says most people should be eating mushrooms but with a more targeted approach. (9:10) Mushrooms can modulate the immune system. (11:42) Dr. Gladden wants to know how mushrooms help with stress and performance. (14:05) Mason explains that in using any herb, we must consider what research, transition, and history says. (17:09) Mason gives examples of how he uses mushrooms in his daily life. (20:45) To use mushrooms for health purposes, you may have to escalate the dose. (23:40) Amson started out working for a herb company. (26:14) Steve would love to grow some mushrooms that are easy to grow at home. (28:47) Steve has been a big fan of Mushroom for years and is happy to do a podcast about it. (32:20) Dr. Gladden asks Mason about the status of psychedelics in Canada. (35:40) Dr. Gladden asks Mason what keeps him up at night. (38:35) Mason dreams of becoming a bigger-scale farmer. (41:20) Mason consults with Real Mushrooms. (42:55) To know more about Mason: Email: Website: Facebook: @Real Mushrooms Instagram: @real_mushrooms Use the code ‘podcast10’ to get 10% off your supplements at the Gladden Longevity Store.


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The Fasting Phenomenon: Reimagining Longevity and Metabolic Mastery - Episode 228

Welcome to another episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Dr. Chris Rhodes, where we explore the latest advancements in health optimization, longevity, and human performance. Dr. Chris Rhodes is a biomedical engineer who specializes in biomimetic technology. He is passionate about studying the body's natural regenerative processes to find ways to code and recreate them. Dr. Chris Rhodes believes that the body has innate abilities to heal itself and that medical advancements can be made by understanding and replicating these processes. With a focus on mimicking the body's natural healing abilities, Dr. Chris Rhodes is dedicated to using his expertise to improve medical treatments and technologies. In this episode, hosts Steve Reiter and Dr. Jeffrey Gladden are joined by guest Dr. Chris Rhodes to dive deep into the science behind Mimeo 2, a biomimetic supplement designed to mimic the regenerative effects of fasting. The episode delves into the fascinating research behind Mimeo 2, its potential impact on cardiovascular and cognitive health, and the upcoming enhancements to its formulation. Stay tuned as we uncover this groundbreaking supplement's cutting-edge discoveries and practical implications and how it could revolutionize how we optimize our health and well-being. Steve Reiter notes that this is one of Dr. Gladden’s most talked about products. (2:19) Dr. Gladden shares what he was up to in the past week. (4:24) Dr. Chris Rhodes notes that your body already knows how to heal itself. (6:05) Chronic inflammation leads to major health issues. (08:36) You can get inflamed from one of the drivers of aging. (10:45) Dr. Chris Rhodes talks about molecules that can help accelerate the benefit of short-term fasting. (12:22) Fasting benefits cholesterol efflux and reduces inflammation. (14:14) Cholesterol level is the dominant driver of disease. (16:23) Dr. Gladden highlights what they do at Gladden Longevity to help those with dementia. (19:35) Dr. Chris Rhodes details how fasting switches on regenerative and recycling mechanisms. (22:46) There is a big problem in how we structure our food in Western society. Eating triggers an immune response, leading to inflammation. (25:25) Dr. Chris Rhodes shares the experience of a marathoner using Mimio. (28:00) Dr. Chris Rhodes notes how enhancing Mimeo formulation with increased bioactives will give people a better experience. (30:35) Dr. Chris Rhodes is Excited about the clinical study for a new formulation and is looking at Mimio for metabolic disorder. (34:14) Dr. Gladden questions Dr. Chris Rhodes if he will be looking at things that underlie the longevity measurement in his study. (37:35) Our body knows how to do everything. (39:45) Steve asks Dr. Gladden when he takes his Mimio. (42:03) According to Dr. Gladden, the key to a sharp brain is controlling neural inflammation (44:29) Dr. Chis Rhodes is looking forward to creating a new Mimio product from the dataset available. (46:38) Taking electrolytes before, during, and after exercise rejuvenates performance. (49:14) Dr. Chris Rhodes shares his favorite hobby. (51:05) Dr. Chris Rhodes discloses his favorite adventure. (53:33) Dr. Chris Rhodes is currently reading Ramping Your Brain. (55:40) Dr. Gladden discloses his preference for only working with people who inspire him. (57:27) To know more about Dr. Chris Rhodes: Website: Instagram: @mimiohealth Twitter: @mimiohealth LinkedIn: @mimiohealth Use the code ‘podcast10’ to get 10% off your supplements at the Gladden Longevity Store. Affiliate Link/Code: gladden10


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From DNA to Disease-Free: The Genomic Path to Preventative Medicine - Episode 227

Welcome to the Gladden Longevity podcast, and in this episode, Dr. Gladden speaks with Sharon Hausman: Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of IntellxxDNA. With over 25 years in integrative medicine, Dr. Hausman-Cohen co-authored publications on genomics and pioneered a clinical decision support tool. Designed to address gaps in medical practice, IntellxxDNA promotes true root-cause medicine. Dr. Hausman-Cohen's commitment to cognitive decline research is evident in its involvement in cutting-edge studies. Tune in for insights into genomics, medical mysteries, and the pursuit of longevity. For more resources, visit, featuring an exclusive conversation with Dr. Dale Bredesen on longevity. Welcome to Gladden Longevity, where health meets innovation! Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen, CMO of IntellxxDNA, highlighted three key points in the episode. First, she emphasized that DNA serves as a user manual, not a predetermined destiny. Understanding genetic variants is crucial for personalized health strategies. Second, the discussion distinguished between genes and SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), emphasizing the importance of specific variants. Third, Dr. Hausman-Cohen pointed out the abundance of supplements and foods available, noting that genomics enables a precise approach to health optimization. The key takeaway is that there's no universal path to longevity; personalized knowledge about one's genetics empowers individuals to optimize their health. Dr. Gladden introduces a guest who is a pioneer in the space of functional medicine. (00:50) Dr. Gladden embraces the concept of doing hard things to get into a higher flow state. (03:07) Nobody has perfect genetics. (6:35) Alicia tries to list what consumer tests are designed for databases and not so much for health. (10:12) Dr. Gladden reveals that he uses IntellexDNA for all his clients. (12:40) Direct-to-consumer tools may need more accuracy, especially for health and complex genetic information. (09:46) Transitioned from research to precision medical practice. (15:45) Alicia speaks about recognizing she could not do some practices by hand. (17:00) There are genes linked to brain inflammation.(20:53) Hormone receptors are super important for cognition. (24:30) Doing things that are absolutely demanding is essential for health. (27:50) When we attack inflammation and oxidative stress, it helps everyone. (30:17) People who have the lowest clotho have a higher chance of dying before seventy-five. (37:30) Genomics is not just for people having cognitive decline. (41:30) To work on improving your health you need to be working with a person that is looking at all the factors. (45:30) The game change is able to untangle people with pain or brain fog. (50:00) One thing that keeps Alicia up at night is how to get doctors excited so they do a little bit of learning for many rewards. (55:15) Alicia would love to be celebrating a people becoming healthier. (1:00:34) Use the code ‘podcast10’ to get 10% off your supplements at the Gladden Longevity Store. To know more about Sharon: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: Affiliate Link/Code: Go to to watch specific webinars on genomics including one on longevity but also to find a physician in your state who offers IntellxxDNA (if you are not already a patient of Dr Gladden's - who has been using IntellxxDNA for years).


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Future-Proof Your Health: How Predictive AI is Revolutionizing Preventive Care & Lifespan Expansion - Episode 226

Join hosts Steve Reiter and Dr. Jeffrey Gladden on another enlightening episode of Gladden Longevity! This episode delves into optimizing life energy, longevity, health, and human performance through insightful discussions on aging. The hosts tackle four compelling questions, exploring topics such as AI's potential in predicting pancreatic cancer, the importance of balancing anabolic and catabolic states for health, and the connection between sexual activity and cardiovascular health. They also discuss advanced cardiovascular treatments, societal factors affecting longevity, and Dr. Gladden's experiences with regenerative technologies. Tune in as they address a listener's query on balancing peptides and testosterone for longevity genetics, offering valuable insights into cutting-edge health strategies. If you want to have a conversation with Dr. Gladden click here. Use the code ‘podcast10’ to get 10% off your supplements at the Gladden Longevity Store Steve welcomes everyone to the Gladden Longevity podcast. (00:07) Listeners love the Q&A sessions. (00:45) Dr. Gladden shares how you can take a data set and draw conclusions from it. (1:56) Dr. Gladden notes that most cancers are diagnosed too late, but technology could help with early diagnosis. (3:05) Sick care does not really have a strategy. (05:43) If enough people raise their voices in congress, things start to shift. (7:28) Discussion a CNBC article about the two traits people who live long have in common. (9:32) Dr. Gladden speaks about a high degree of emotional awareness. (11:18) You can control your actions and inactions. (13:12) Being able to regulate ourselves in the psycho-emotional and the spiritual is really important. (15:12) Dr. Gladden mentions an IV infusion that is used to remove plaque from the heart. (17:22) Dr. Gladden exposes how atrial fibrillation can be worsened. (19:05) Redbull and some forms of alcohol make people disposed to atrial fibrillation. (21:00) They discussed what anyone who wants to push the heart needs to consider. (24:12) Get ten percent off your order of H2 Chill and H2 Energy. (26:44) How often should we use growth hormones? (28:35) If you are on that pedal of anabolic growth all the time, you have a higher incidence of cancer, and you don’t live as long. (30:53) Dr. Gladden says he does not take rapamycin every week. (33:40) Steve highlights that Dr. Gladden is his number one source of health information. (35:34) There are a lot of other ways to connect with people aside from sexual intercourse. (38:47) In these machines could provide circulation. (41:24) Dr. Gladden notes that he is very excited about rejuvenating our tissues and preventing them from getting sick in the first place. (43:23) As a listener, if you have something you want to know, feel free to share it with us. (45:40) Send message to if you intend to contact us with any questions about the podcast. (45:55)


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Quantum Healing Unveiled - Episode 225

Welcome to another episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and John Lieurance! Dr. John A. Lieurance, ND, DC, DABCN, is a seasoned author, physician, lecturer, and scientific advisor with a profound focus on vitality, longevity, and enhanced consciousness. Having battled severe illnesses like Lyme, EBV, and Mold illness, his personal journey led him to identify Melatonin as a core antioxidant supporting holistic health. Driven by the philosophy of "The three legs of a stool" — Vitality, Mind Mastery, and a Direct experience of God — he combines science and ancient wisdom to become the best version of himself. With degrees from Parker College of Chiropractic and St. Luke's School of Medicine, Dr. John has practiced Functional Neurology, Naturopathic medicine, and Regenerative Medicine for 25 years. As the founder of the Advanced Rejuvenation Center in Sarasota, Florida, he pioneers unique healing methods, exploring innovative approaches such as Melatonin, Methylene Blue, NAD+, and various delivery systems like suppositories and nasal sprays. His clinical expertise spans mold illness, Lyme disease, chronic viral infections, and regenerative therapies, making him a trailblazer in the healthcare world. In this episode, they discuss psycho-spiritual growth and psychedelics and share other interesting insights. Discussing mitochondrial health, sleep, melatonin, and more. (00:10) Dr. Gladden welcomes everyone to the special edition of the podcast. (1:50) Dr. Gladden welcomes John back to the podcast. (3:00) John explains that the ego is a much better servant than a master. (5:01) Our brains create reality, and thoughts aren't always true. (6:00) John shares his observation about how the bible has been changed and bastardized (8:45) The universe only knows abundance. (10:03) Dr. Gladden details healing trauma, unraveling the knot, and achieving transcendence. (11:28) Dr. Gladden reveals what he meditates and focuses on. (14:07) John recollects how amazing he felt just doing intense breathwork. (16:45) John observes that we have this drive to avoid fear. (19:05) Fear of annihilation is linked to the ego's survival. (22:25) John describes vitality, identity, and divinity. (24:26) I am a child of God and worthy to be loved. (26:25) Dr. Gladden reveals how film plots show a desire for freedom and liberation. (28:16) Breath work impacts fear sensors and behavior. (33:38) Breathwork is about opening a door and stepping on hurdles that have been on your way. (38:15) Embracing possibilities beyond binary thinking and fear. (40:05) Concern about AI takeover and its consequences. (43:45) Anti-technology and AI movement and their influence on the future. (47:09) We must be grateful for Earth's transient beauty and experiences and the ability to enjoy it daily. (49:44) Dr. Gladden thanked John for the show. (53:07) To know more about John: Dr. John Lieurance / 941.330.8553 (clinic phone #) / Regenerative Medicine Clinic - Advanced Rejuvenation Biohacking Supplement Company - MitoZen Scientific / Social Media: IG & Facebook Dr John Lieurance (@youroutofboxdoc) • Instagram photos and videos (20+) John Lieurance | Facebook Affiliate Link/Code: Use the code ‘podcast10’ to get 10% off your supplements at the Gladden Longevity Store.


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Dolphins Decoded: Unraveling Marine Mysteries for Human Health - Episode 224

Welcome to the Gladden Longevity podcast, and in this episode, Dr. Gladden speaks with Stephanie Venn Watson. Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson, CEO of Seraphina Therapeutics, is a veterinary epidemiologist and public health scientist. With a background in Animal Physiology, Veterinary Medicine, and Public Health, she leads Seraphina, known for its research on pentadecanoic acid (C15:0). Fatty15, a C15:0 supplement, offers three times more cellular benefits than omega-3s, promoting long-term health. Users report improved metabolism, reduced anxiety, and better sleep within six weeks. This podcast emphasizes the critical role of C15:0, an essential fatty acid, in maintaining physiological health. She highlights a concerning population-wide crisis of C15:0 deficiency resulting from reduced-fat diets and the preference for plant-based milk alternatives devoid of C15:0. This deficiency, developed over 40 years, contributes to chronic diseases. C15:0, targeting key aging hallmarks, proves beneficial for metabolic, heart, liver, and immune health, as well as mood regulation and improved sleep. Dr. Gladden notes that Stephanie is a fascinating person. (00:50) Dr. Gladden welcomed Stephanie to the show. (2:36) Stephanie talks about her previous work in combating different diseases. (4:45) Stephanie explains working with dolphins as a veterinarian. (6:57) What was it about dolphins that made them live longer with dementia? (9:44) Stephanie describes how measuring diet gave them a way to understand how diet affects the health of dolphins. (13:00) C15 was the number when measuring what was most import for dolphins. (15:20) C15 has been used for a long time. (17:53) Stephanie shares how C15 is an NPK activator. (19:57) C15 has potent anticancer activities, as identified in the lab. (22:20) Dr. Gladden asked if adding something else to C15 would make it work better. (24:40) C15 meets all the criteria to be called an essential fatty acid. (26:05) They discovered that C15 repairs the mitochondrial function. (29:10) Dr. Gladden explains osmotic stressing as discussed. (32:18) Stephanie gives an example of a trial that was just conducted using C15. (35:50) Discovery that fatty liver disease is actually a C15 deficiency syndrome. (38:24) Dr. Gladden says the conversation is a fascinating conversation. (40:50) Stephanies looks forward to measuring the C15 effect on red blood cells. (45:19) C15 deficiency may be the reason for some kind of cell death. (48:30) Use the code ‘podcast10’ to get 10% off your supplements at the Gladden Longevity Store To know more about Stephanie: Websites: Instagram: (@fatty15) Affiliate Link/Code:


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Elixir of Youth: The Deuterium Depletion Blueprint for Health and Longevity - Episode 223

Welcome to another episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Victor Sagalovsky! Meet Victor Sagalovsky, the co-founder and CEO of Litewater Scientific, a trailblazing company specializing in super deuterium-depleted light water. As a health optimization expert and product innovator, Victor is dedicated to researching, developing, and producing this unique water. His work is grounded in the Endogenous Radiation Damage Theory of Aging, exploring the impact of deuterium-depleted water on longevity. Victor's diverse background includes co-founding the first organic, gourmet raw food restaurant in North America, academic pursuits at Loyola University and the University of Hawaii, and expertise in chemistry, optical microscopy, and molecular biology. Beyond water, Victor is the author of "Gold: Catalyst of Radiant Health," delving into the medicinal benefits of gold, showcasing his proficiency in gold alchemy and ORME production. This podcast episode focuses on deuterium depletion and its impact on health through water choices. The discussion covers the existence of an optimal water type, its defining characteristics, and the overall importance of this choice. Listeners are encouraged to explore the transformative effects of altering water consumption habits, with detailed insights into the science of deuterium depletion and potential discussions on optimizing mitochondrial health. The episode concludes with actionable takeaways, guiding the audience to understand the intricacies of this process and offering strategies for improved well-being through informed water choices. This podcast discusses deuterium-depleted water. (00:27) Dr. Gladden asks Victor to talk about his journey. (2:00) Victor shares how he learned about deuterium-depleted water in 2004. (4:03) The discovery of deuterium catalyzed the atomic age. (05:36) Deuterium is harmful to humans. (7:50) Siberian researchers study centenarians' healthy lifestyle. (09:02) Deuterium is slowly increasing on the planet. (12:02) Victor talks about available testing and testing deuterium levels in the body through water. (14:07) Victor highlights how mice drinking deuterium water were infertile in the second generation. Older and sicker people notice benefits faster as they take deuterium-depleted water. (19:43) Dr. Gladden notes that deuterium-depleted water, in conjunction with other things, could help cure cancer. (22:59) Deuterium-depleted water helps lower stress before surgery. (25:47) Victor highlights the importance of getting the body swimming in the right pool. (28:05) Dr. Gladden notes that anything you do will get enhanced by depleting the deuterium in your body. (30:40) Dr. Gladden shares how high deuterium slows down energy production reactions. (33:10) Dr. Gladden wants to know how Victor takes deuterium-depleted light. (35:51) Victor is a big believer in marina plasma. (38:-07) Deuterium depletion through the ketogenic diet is explained briefly. (39:38) Dr. Gladden asks Victor to share how he got the water. (40:26) Victor is saying that there are testimonials of all kinds of diseases going away using deuterium-depleted water. (42:50) Deuterium is incompatible with human biology. (45:47) Victor says they are out of glass-bottled products. (49:14) Victor reveals that calls from other parts of the world keep him up at night. (51:52) Victor will be celebrating the opening of his US production facility in a year. (54:40) Dr. Gladden, thanks, Victor, for coming on the show. (56:21) To know more about Victor: Website: Instagram: (@drinklitewater) LinkedIn: (@Victor Sagalovsky) YouTube: (@litewaterscientific6055)


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Vibrational Vitality: A Journey into Energy Healing with David Wong - Episode 222

Welcome to another episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, who interviewed David Wong. David Wong, known as "The Frequency Expert," is a prominent figure in health technology, martial arts, and entrepreneurship. As the founder of Qi Life, he specializes in Qi Energy and Life Force science, aiming to empower individuals to achieve self-healing without medication. David's personal transformation began when he cured an incurable digestive disease in under 90 days using frequency and energy devices. Pioneering technologies like the Qi Coil™ and Frequency Method™, he blends ancient wisdom with modern science to explore longevity, anti-aging, fitness, beauty, happiness, and altered states of consciousness. Beyond his work, David practices qi gong, plays the piano, and continues his martial arts journey as a third-generation student of Bruce Lee. His mission is to help truth seekers improve incrementally daily, unlocking their full potential and elevating global resonance. Connect with David on his social platforms and explore his technologies at Explore the transformative impact of Qi Coils in anti-aging, biohacking, and spiritual growth. Learn how these energy and frequency technologies redefine aging, optimize personal performance, and enhance spiritual practices. The key takeaway: Change your frequency, change your destiny. Discover how we are only one frequency away from unlocking untold potentials with Qi Coils. Dr. Gladden welcomes David Wong. (1:53) David shares how he was raised. (3:18) David details his progression with breathing techniques. (05:57) David notes that our brain and nervous system need complex frequencies to work with them. (7:10) David shares how they have software with ten thousand frequencies. (09:20) David highlights that our DNA is actually sensitive to EMFs, cell phone radiation can harm DNA, and frequency matters. (11:50) Dr. Gladden asks David how he transitioned to quantum frequencies. (13:50) Dr. Gladden notes that David has brought PEMF with quantum frequencies to another level, which has real impact. (15:20) David plays the “remove negative energy” frequency. (17:56) Dr. Gldden notes that he could feel an energy coming through and resonating through his body. (18:27) David explains that using frequencies is stackable with many biohacking hacks. (20:55) David gives examples of how frequency and sounds are used to improve attention spans and moods in school. (22:35) David talks about working with a girl with autism and seeing improvement. (25:15) David highlights how he is improving student’s capacity to learn. (27:25) David speaks about how he has a different routine for different times. (29:40) You can actually emulate substances with frequencies. (30:35) David says some frequencies can give dopamine hits. (32:50) Dr. Gladden gives an example of a company that uses frequencies to mimic certain states. (37:25) David shares some of the frequencies he uses every day. (39:30) David gives examples of how using frequency brought luck with unexpected gains. (41:26) You will know you had enough if you feel your energy rising. (43:45) David gives the name of his book, called the Life of Chi to help people learn about energy. (45:39) David shares a discount code people can use - longevity10. (47:37) David shares what we will be doing differently three to five years from now. (50:39) David lists his top three hacks for living young for a lifetime. (53:20) To know more about David: Website: Instagram: (@davidwongmastery) Facebook: (@Qi Life Mastery) Twitter/X: (@QiLifeMastery) LinkedIn: (@David W.) YouTube: (@frequencyexpert) TikTok: (@qicoil) Affiliate Link/Code: Code:...


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Reclaiming the Table: Transforming Destructive Eating into a Symphony of Nourishment and Self-Care - Episode 221

Welcome to another episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, who interviewed Glenn Livingstone. Dr. Glenn Livingston, a seasoned psychologist and former CEO of a multi-million-dollar consulting firm serving Fortune 500 clients in the food industry, has a notable career selling $30,000,000 in marketing consulting services. His work and research have been featured in major publications and media outlets, including The New York Times, ABC, and WGN. Disenchanted with traditional psychology for weight-related issues, Dr. Livingston spent decades researching binging and overeating, drawing insights from his own journey to overcome obesity. In this podcast, Dr. Glenn Livingston offers effective strategies for overcoming chocolate cravings and managing various eating challenges while adhering to any diet. Key points include the role of cravings in a challenging food environment, the conquerable nature of cravings with a clear dietary philosophy, and the importance of understanding behavioral extinction. Actionable takeaways involve calming impulsive responses, starting with a simple, impactful rule and separating constructive from destructive food thoughts. Practical strategies, such as labeling destructive thoughts as a "Food Goblin," are discussed to make better choices during moments of temptation. Dr. Gladden introduces Glenn Livingston, a Ph.D. psychologist who has cracked the codes for dealing with cravings. (00:44) Glenn talks about growing up and his aspirations. (2:06) Dr. Gladden shares about unity in questions and division in prescribed answers. (04:35) Glenn's earlier decision is based on how the industry pays and the expenses. (06:51) Dr. Gladden highlights how his father was into financial planning. (8:25) Glenn says he measures his weight by body fat. (10:20) Packaging to sell is done across many industries. (13:40) Glenn speaks about his Grandfather's release from prison and how it affected him. (15:42) Glenn highlights an approach that involves severing the link between emotion and overeating. (18:37) Glenn says the alpha wolf was his highest self-asserting control. (21:09) Glenn believes character and identity trump willpower. (23:07) It is best to set goals that would trigger your identity function even when you are not in a good mood. (26:20) If you struggle with eating issues in the evening, make dinner plans in the morning. (28:57) Dr. Gladden notices that what Glenn went through has made him an excellent human being. (30:14) Glenn notes that it can take years to really face the pain of what you have gone through. (32:50) Glenn points out that Irregular nutrition causes the false perception of an emergency. (36:26) Glenn shares his book Diet Agnostic, focusing on nutrifying and plant-based preference. (38:17) Nutrient-dense does not mean you have every nutrient in every meal. (40:35) Dr. Gladden emphasizes eating small portions. (43:00) Dr. Gladden thanks Glenn for chatting with him. (45:55) Glenn responds to what he would be doing differently five years from now. (48:55) Dr. Gladden notes that a great challenge people have today is about getting good food (50:25) Glenn responds to Dr. Gladden's question. (52:45) Glenn shares what he would be celebrating in a year. (55:10) To know more about Glenn: Website: Instagram: (@defeatyourcravings) Facebook: (@Defeat Your Cravings) Twitter: (@DYCGlenn) LinkedIn: (@Dr. Glenn Livingston)


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Future of Forever: Crafting Lifelong Wellness with Genomic Insights, Nature's Bounty, and Personalized Health Journeys - Episode 220

Welcome to the Gladden Longevity podcast, where we uncover the latest insights in health optimization, longevity, and human performance. In this episode, our hosts, Steve Reiter and Dr. Jeffrey Gladden sit down with guest Brian Cornblatt. Dr. Brian S. Cornblatt, Chief Medical Officer at BioHarvest Sciences, is a seasoned researcher with a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Johns Hopkins. Overseeing product development and clinical trials, he pioneers novel formulations utilizing plant-based phytochemicals to combat inflammation. As the co-founder of International Nutrition Associates, he extends clinical trial-backed nutraceuticals globally. With a rich history in clinical research, Dr. Cornblatt's leadership spans Nutramax Laboratories and the Catholic Health Initiatives Center for Translational Research. His personal dedication, influenced by his parents' cancer battles, fuels a commitment to health promotion and cancer research, marking him as a distinguished figure in medical science. In this insightful podcast, the discussion delves into the intricate relationship between genetics and environmental exposures, emphasizing their profound impact on health and wellness. The spotlight is on the effective utilization of plant-derived phytonutrients, with a specific focus on the potency of metabolites, highlighting piceid resveratrol. Three key points underscore the importance of individual responsibility for health advocacy, the necessity of personal effort in maintaining health through sensible habits, and the significant role of nutrition in Western Medicine. Actionable takeaways include practical tips for healthier grocery shopping, the importance of targeted supplementation based on genomics tests, and the unique benefits of VINIA, a groundbreaking nutraceutical offering a holistic spectrum of health-promoting plant-based phytonutrients. Steve says BioHarvest Science is absolutely fascinating. (00:38) Dr. Gladden shares that there are many things happening in Gladden Longevity and that a podcast would be done soon to share details. (03:00) Brian said if someone told him he would be doing what he was doing today he wouldn’t believe. (04:20) There are people that are really passionate about making a significant impact for the planet. (06:39) Brian explains that before now people believe cancer was genetic but recent development has shown the real causes in that area. (9:00) Dr. Gladden mentions genes that increase the risk for breast and prostate in men and women. (11:09) Dr. Gladden ask Brian to talk a little bit about Sulforaphane. (13:29) Brian is convinced that he is protected from chemicals all around him. (16:30) If you are working on the root cause level you are reduced to treating symptoms. (19:40) Majority of diseases are not all diseases. (21:29) Brian highlights how some molecules given to mice can cause breast tumors. (24:39) Brian intends to take some of the worst food out there and make it healthy. (28:50) A lot of education goes into finding the right supplement. (31:25) As we get older our blood vessels may start to constrict, hindering us from getting oxygen to the far reaches of our brain. (37:44) Taking Vinia not only comes with longevity benefits but also other benefits. (41:09) No two Vinia users will get exactly the same results. (44:52) Dr. Gladden asks Brian to talk about his product. (47:40) Brian explains how every single compound has its own range. (53:10) Steven announces the discount code. (58:17) Brian shares a solution in the works that obliterates glioblastoma. (1:02:00) To make changes in your diet, start with one meal a day. (1:04:53) Brian disclose that he is an addict cold plunger. (1:07:05) The goal is a thirty year old body and a three hundred year old mind. (1:09:25) To know more about Brian: Bioharvest website: VINIA website: Brian’s email:


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Enhancing Male Performance: The "Big Shot," Hormones, and Regenerative Medicine Perspectives - Episode 219

Welcome to another episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Steve Reiter, whom Dr. Cory Torgerson joins! Meet Dr. Cory Torgerson: Canada's go-to expert for men's health, intimacy performance, and facial plastic surgery. Renowned from Toronto to the national stage, his exceptional skills and certified expertise make him a trailblazer. A graduate of the University of Toronto, Dr. Torgerson is not just a top-tier surgeon but a sought-after educator, sharing insights on men's health across North America. Catch him on Global News, The Marilyn Dennis Show, and E! Beauty Channel, transforming lives with excellence from his Toronto base. In this podcast, they explored the factors behind the rise in Erectile Dysfunction (ED) cases, including lifestyle choices and societal pressures. They emphasized the urgency of addressing ED for overall well-being and briefly explained The Big Shot's unique approach compared to traditional treatments. Actionable takeaways included preventive lifestyle choices, guidance on emotional well-being for ED patients, and strategies to address the condition's physical and psychological factors. Cory is a plastic surgeon and ED specialist. (00:38) Steve talks about hitting the weights. (2:46) Cory talks about how he goes into what he is doing. (4:12) Cory shares how his blood tests, except for low testosterone, show normal results. (05:13) Cory speaks about optimizing testosterone levels and how it has numerous health benefits. (07:40) Men need estrogen, and women need testosterone. (09:55) There are many psychological issues with erectile dysfunction. (11:40) Oxytocin is a magical longevity hormone and affects everything about you. (14:36) Cory shares what he read about sex as a feast for a woman, and the men are invited. (16:17) Men universally desire for enlarged genitals and safety innovations. (18:07) Dr. Gladden wants to know how the Big Shot works. (21:15). Dr. Gladden wants to know if Cory is adding volume to the penis. (23:20) Dr. Gladden asks if there are any side effects. (27:36) Cory reveals how it is a dissolvable product that can be fixed easily. (29:14) Dr. Gladden highlights the importance of nitric oxide, Mediterranean herbs, and the dangers of fluoride. (31:20) Dr. Gladden says helping men navigate trauma is important, too. (33:04) Steve wants to know the natural part Cory would recommend for men who want to get their testosterone up. (36:33) Cory mentions that using supplements can be risky due to a lack of regulation and potential impurities. (37:56) Cory thanks Dr. Gladden for the opportunity. (40:33) Cory thinks that regenerative medicine is going to be transformative in the next five to ten years. (42:54) Dr. Gladden says there is a research out of Harvard right now that has identified a molecule that will postpone menopause. (44:48) Cory looks forward to celebrating Dr. Gladden’s hundredth birthday. (46:57) Dr. Gladden looks forward to seeing Cory’s clinic. (48:48) To know more about Cory: Email: Website: Facebook: Instagram: TikTok: YouTube:


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Elixir of Age: Liz Parrish’s Deep Dive into Gene Therapy and Lifespan Leaps - Episode 218

Welcome to another episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, Steve Reiter, and today’s guest, Liz Parrish! Elizabeth Parrish is the Founder and CEO of BioViva, a company committed to extending healthy lifespans using cell technologies. Liz is a humanitarian, entrepreneur, innovator, podcaster, and a leading voice for genetic cures. As a strong proponent of progress and education for advancing regenerative medicine modalities, she serves as a motivational speaker to the public at large for the life sciences. She is actively involved in international educational media outreach. This podcast explores gene therapy's potential to combat age-related diseases, aiming for accessibility and affordability. We highlight the reversal of aging in lab animals and argue against regulatory delays, advocating for prompt access to life-saving interventions. Advancing anti-aging gene therapies saves lives, reduces healthcare costs, and minimizes human suffering. We stress the importance of public awareness and individuals' choice in adopting transformative medical approaches, challenging regulatory obstacles for a healthier future. Steve shares how he is enjoying the nice weather. (2:55) Dr. Gladden started doing infinity walking. (3:25) Liz talks about learning movement and swimming with her eyes closed. (05:11) Liz says what they look for are some genes that can capture some of their functions. (7:10) Dr. Gladden says it is doing something similar to Liz. (09:14) Liz shares how they chose genes and the type of results they are seeing. (12:00) Liz speaks about a company that does not treat patients but connects them to doctors. (15:00) Liz highlights how her son was diagnosed with diabetes. (16:08) Liz talks about how there is only one approved cell therapy in the United States. (16:56) Liz discusses about a gene that has already been used in non-human primates. (19:08) In 2015, Liz took some gene therapies to treat biological aging. (21:34) Liz describes the effects of the treatment on her telomeres (24:25). Positive impact of gene therapies on health. (25:07) The short telomeres are the most critical, and improving them can benefit health. (27:10) Liz did her gene therapy in Columbia. (30:29) Gene therapies in the US are expensive but cheaper in other places. (32:30) Atala creates a body on a chip for drug testing. (36:02) Dr. Gladden believes we could crack the code on many things faster by using AI as a tool. (38:35) Liz is pushing people towards understanding more about medical tourism. (40:35) Liz looks forward to seeing medical tourism overcome clinical trials. (45:10) Exercise is important for your whole body. (48:45) We live in the greatest time in human history. (50:50) To know more about Liz: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter/X: Email: Youtube:


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Green Goo and Psychedelics: Jodi Scott's Trailblazing Path in Plant-Based Medicine - Episode 217

In this episode, join us as we explore the visionary journey of Jodi Scott, a trailblazer in the health and wellness domain. With over two decades of experience, a Master's degree in Health Psychology, and expertise in Psychoneuroimmunology, Jodi, the CEO of Sierra Sage Herbs, shares her mission in reshaping human health. Together with her sister and mother, they've birthed revolutionary brands like Green Goo First Aid and the innovative Good Goo CBD line. Their commitment to plant-based product development, guided by a unique full-spectrum lipid extraction process, stands at the heart of their mission. Jodi's vision transcends boundaries, as seen in Sierra Sage Herbs' merger with Melodiol Global Health, signaling a move toward international expansion and alternative modalities. Join us for insights into Plant-Based Nutrition, bridging alternative medicine with mainstream wellness, sustainable business practices, and empowerment through alternative healing. Tune in for a transformative journey inspired by the wisdom of plant-powered living and alternative medicine. We are really devoted to helping you live young for a lifetime. (00:44) Dr. Gladden loved the conversation with Jodi. (2:10) Dr. Gladden speaks about how Jodie agreed to jump on the podcast and welcome Jodi to the show. (4:10) Jodi mentions how being intentional worked for her. (6:15) Jodi recollects how she started her first health psychology graduate program and progressed over time. (8:05) Jodi points out physicians were not taking statistics classes fifteen to twenty years ago. (10:05) Jodi introduces her idea of making the topic therapeutic with plants. (12:13) Jodi specifies her thought process of creating sustainable plant-based solutions for skincare. (14:39) Jodi highlights the process of making therapeutics from plants. (16:43) Jodi says when using plants, you can only use them in the same way the FDA uses them. (18:19) Dr. Gladden thinks ancient culture had insight into many plant-based solutions. (20:05) Jodi explains how her company is family-founded and explores medicinal plant compounds. (22:01) Jodi gives examples of using some of her plant-based first aid products. (24:40) Understanding skin's relationship to longevity and mind-body connection. (26:23) Dr. Gladden asks Jodi if they have any kind of sunscreen product. (28:19) Dr. Gladden congratulated Jodi for being the new CEO and asked her why she entered the recent merger. (31:04) Jodi mentions how Psilocybin has a significant impact on mental health. (33:35) Different mushrooms have different effects and different intensities. (35:55) Jodi responds to Dr. Gladden that her product doesn’t have cannabis. (38:16) Dr. Gladden questioned Jodi about any solutions available to help with gut health. (40:22) Jodi says prioritizing her health is important to her despite the many things she to do..(46:05) Jodi gives us an insight into the book she is writing, it’s focused on skin health from a holistic perspective. (48:10) To know more about Jodi: Websites: and Social Media: LinkedIn: (26) Jodi Scott | LinkedIn Instagram: (personal) (self wellness app) (green goo) Youtube: Affiliate Link/Code:


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From Tumors to Triumph: Pulse Shock Wave Therapy and the Power of Minerals - Episode 216

Welcome to another episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Ian Clark! Ian Clark, the CEO of Activation Products (Can) Inc., faced bankruptcy and a dire health prognosis at 46. Despite being given only 1000 days to live, he survived and established a successful raw supplement business in his basement. Within two years, the company reached hundreds of thousands of people. Now 65, Ian Clark's health surpasses his state at 25. Experiencing severe health issues in 2004, he delved into natural healing, founding Activation Products in 2007 with his family. For 16 years, the company has positively impacted countless lives globally, inspiring others to heal naturally. This episode talks about detoxification, longevity, air toxicity, and nano-razor blades. They also touch on satiation in the body, foundation health, and mindset. Dr. Gladden reveals how his earlier conversation with Ian helped him boost his immune system. (1:33) Steve notes the importance of sunlight in keeping good health. (3:27) Dr. Gladden says you can make improvements when you can decode your situation. (5:20) Ian shares how he was gradually getting worse by the day. (7:50) Ian recollects how he woke up, realizing that there must be people somewhere who know how to stay healthy naturally. (9:50) Ian talks about cleaning his diet. (12:14) Ian opens up about a spray bottle that kills infections. (14:45) Dr. Gladden wants to know why Ian persisted with a product despite the product's negative effects. (16:20) Ian notes how he found out his liver was messed up. (18:11) Ian points out how he did millions of sales. (21:55) Dr. Gladden mentions that our food is so nutrient-depleted. (23:30) Ian goes over some of the major improvements he witnessed. (26:20) Ian remembered how he healed a knee injury he had for a very long time. (28:45) Ian shows a picture of his knee after his first treatment. (31:20) Dr. Gladden wants to know how many sessions are enough. (35:25) You can do some things to tap into the body’s power to heal. (38:00) Ian talks about how he worked on his knees. (41:20) Every cell in the body needs iodine. (44:33) Ian differentiates between potassium iodide and iodine. (47:25) Dr. Gladden expresses willingness to get one of the activators. (50:35) Ian shares how his body is working perfectly, taking his formula. (58:00) Ian looks to have one million early adopters and innovators by 2028. (1:00:43) To know more about Ian: Social media: @activationproducts Instagram: @ianclarkactivated Website: Affiliate Link/Code: “Longevity07” for 20% off at