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Dr. Joseph S. Galati, hosts the weekly "Your Health First" broadcast on KTRH


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Dr. Joseph S. Galati, hosts the weekly "Your Health First" broadcast on KTRH




The Mediterranean Diet w/ Registered Dietician Lauren Mahesri

Dr. Galati is back in studio, and he dedicates tonight on The Mediterranean Diet. Registered Dietician Lauren Mahesri joins the program to define this diet and what it all includes. She also explains how we can adopt a healthier way to eat. Dr. Galati also wants to start panning for 2024 and illustrates the importance of knowing your personal dashboard.


Cirrhosis Secondary to Fatty Liver & Loneliness Affecting Your Health

Dr. Galati starts by sharing a story about a patient that has cirrhosis secondary to fatty liver. He also spends time chatting about a few articles he’s read on vaping among high school students and how loneliness is deadly to your health. Dr Galati focuses on the second article there and explains how to prevent this from happening.


TED Talk This Thursday & Planning for The Week Ahead

Dr. Galati is back after being off with the Astros playing on News Radio 740 KTRH. He talks about the disappointing loss not being able to win at home. He spends some time talking about a TED talk he’s been asked to participate in and the final days of Liver Cancer Awareness Month. Dr Galati also, as he’s done previously, urges you to plan for the week ahead in terms of what you eat.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Jackie DeAngelis’s Story

Dr. Galati starts the program talking about a deep tissue massage he had on Friday. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month Dr. Galati replays an interview we had with Jackie DeAngelis to share her story on breast cancer. He also talks about the feedback he received on last weeks show on heart disease in females with Stephanie Coulter.


Heart Disease w/ Dr. Stephanie Coulter

Dr. Galati is back in studio tonight to talk about heart disease. However, he starts by explaining the two lines he hears most from his patients. These are “let’s watch it” and “let’s keep an eye on it.” Dr. Stephanie Coulter of The Texas Heart Institute joins the program to talk all about heart disease in females.


Parsnips & The Book Outlive by Dr. Peter Attia

Dr. Galati talks about the root vegetable parsnip on the program tonight. He also tells us about the book Outlive, The Science and Art of Longevity and how your lifestyle decisions affect your health. Dr. Galati has a quick remembrance of 9/11 tomorrow and discusses peptic ulcer disease.


Instilling Health in Youth w/ Dr. Sudha Kodali

Dr. Galati and guest Dr. Sudha Kodali talk about youth health practices and the importance of having good health influences at an early age.


Hiking w/ Kathy Fenelon

Dr. Galati talks about hiking on the program tonight. He has his neighbor and fellow hiker Kathy Fenelon on to share her view on it. She also explains the importance of having your children and family do the activity together. Dr. Galati and Kathy Fenelon also discuss the free exercise aspect of hiking and the steps to ease into it.


Hepatitis C, E Bikes, & Sleep Deprivation

Dr. Galati starts the program offering us actional information on hepatitis C and the importance of being screened. He also discusses the initiative of Healthy People 2030, an article on aspirin, and the danger of e-bike collisions. Dr. Galati spends the rest of his time talking about sleep deprivation.


Philosophy of Life w/ Dan Ostrander & Cancer

Dr. Galati spend a little time chatting about last week show where we had a listener talk about his coronary calcium score. He also has his neighbor/friend Dan Ostrander join the program to discuss his philosophy on life. Dr. Galati spends the last segment talking about different cancers and the number of deaths associated with each.


Heart Scan Test & Cardiologist Dr. Mike Wilson

Dr. Galati is back in studio tonight and he starts by bringing up a few articles on artificial sweeteners and cancer. He also brings on listener Paul, to talk about a heart scan test he took. Cardiologist Dr. Mike Wilson also joins to speak on Paul’s story and different health test scores.


Heat, Stroke, & The Cost of Wellness w/ Chuck Garcia

Dr. Galati starts the program by talking about the heat, humidity, and the child hot car deaths. The article of the week to discuss is on stroke from exercising too hard. Chuck Garcia also joins the show to define the cost of wellness.


Happy Father’s Day & Liver Transplant w/ Dr. Ashish Saharia

On Father’s Day Dr. Galati explains what it is all about. Dr. Ashish Saharia of Houston Methodist joins the program to talks about liver transplant, the understanding or organ donation, and how rejuvenated organs are helping patients with transplants.


The Pill Mentality & Guest David Goldberg

Dr. Galati is back in studio tonight and starts by talking about the pill mentality. David Goldberg joins the program to discuss his approach to health. Dr. Galati and Goldberg also chat about the article, “Would Life Be Better if You Worked Less?”


Alcohol Related Liver Disease & Dr. Yu on Obesity

Dr. Galati starts the program by talking about alcohol related liver disease. He also gets into an article out of the Wall Street Journal, “The Health Tests You Need at Age 30, 40 and 50.” Dr. Galati is also joined by Doctoral Candidate Dr. Edward Yu to discuss his research at Harvard and obesity. We lastly talk about the celery juice craze.


Automated External Defibrillators & Sister/Nurse Celeste Zerbarini

Dr. Galati starts the program by comparing health issues to car issues. The weekly article he discusses today is about automated external defibrillators. Dr. Galati’s sister and nurse Celeste Zerbarini also joins to talk about everything she’s doing right now. We then talk about looking at our parents as a window into your own health future.


Five Recommendations of Optimal Heath

On the program tonight Dr. Galati talks about five items or recommendations of optimal heath. 1. Achieve weight control, 2. Don’t smoke, 3. Regular exercise, 4. Knowing your numbers, and 5. Avoid processed foods. Dr. Galati also replays a part of last week show with Dr. Joe Rogers and heart disease.


Heart & Liver Disease w/ Dr. Joe Rogers & Natalie Amante

Dr. Galati is back in the studio tonight with the Texas Heart Institute President Joe Rogers to talk about heart disease. Physician Assistant Natalie Amante also joins the show to discuss liver disease. We talk about cholesterol, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and the importance of knowing your numbers.


End-Stage & Food Stories

Dr. Galati opens by telling us the importance of putting your heath first and a story of an ICU patient. He also explains the end-stage of a disease and how shocking this is with some people. Dr. Galati goes on to talk about a Mediterranean diet, eating cereal before bed, and a few more random thoughts.


Liver Disease & ALT w/ Natalie Amante & Dr. Sunny Harpavat

Dr. Galati wants to talk a little more about liver disease on the program tonight. However, he starts with an article about childhood poisoning. Physician Assistant Natalie Amante and Dr. Sunny Harpavat of Texas Children's Hospital join the show to share some thoughts on their patients, liver disease, and ALT.